⇚ Free Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future online ⦵ ePUB By Peter Thiel ⨇

⇚ Free Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future online ⦵ ePUB By Peter Thiel ⨇ ⇚ Free Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future online ⦵ ePUB By Peter Thiel ⨇ Preface Every moment in business happens only once The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin wont make a search engine And the next Mark Zuckerberg wont create a social net work If you are copying these guys, you arent learning from them Of course, its easier to copy a model than to make something new Doing what we already know how to do takes the world from 1 to n, adding of something familiar But every time we create something new, we go from 0 to 1 The act of creation is singular, as is the moment of creation, and the result is something fresh and strange Unless they invest in the difficult task of creating new things, American companies will fail in the future no matter how big their profits remain today What happens when weve gained everything to be had from fine tuning the old lines of business that weve inherited Unlikely as it sounds, the answer threatens to be far worse than the crisis of 2008 Todays best practices lead to dead ends the best paths are new and untried.In a world of gigantic administrative bureaucracies both public and private, searching for a new path might seem like hoping for a miracle Actually, if American business is going to succeed, we are going to need hundreds, or even thousands, of miracles This would be depressing but for one crucial fact humans are distinguished from other species by our ability to work miracles We call these miracles technology Technology is miraculous because it allows us to do with less, ratcheting up our fundamental capabilities to a higher level Other animals are instinctively driven to build things like dams or honeycombs, but we are the only ones that can invent new things and better ways of making them Humans dont decide what to build by making choices from some cosmic catalog of options given in advance instead, by creating new technologies, we rewrite the plan of the world These are the kind of elementary truths we teach to second graders, but they are easy to forget in a world where so much of what we do is repeat what has been done before Zero to One is about how to build companies that create new things It draws on everything Ive learned directly as a co founder of PayPal and Palantir and then an investor in hundreds of startups, including Facebook and SpaceX But while I have noticed many patterns, and I relate them here, this book offers no formula for success The paradox of teaching entrepreneurship is that such a formula necessarily cannot exist because every innovation is new and unique, no authority can prescribe in concrete terms how to be innovative Indeed, the single most powerful pattern I have noticed is that successful people find value in unexpected places, and they do this by thinking about business from first principles instead of formulas This book stems from a course about startups that I taught at Stanford in 2012 College students can become extremely skilled at a few specialties, but many never learn what to do with those skills in the wider world My primary goal in teaching the class was to help my students see beyond the tracks laid down by academic specialties to the broader future that is theirs to create One of those students, Blake Masters, took detailed class notes, which circulated far beyond the campus, and in Zero to One I have worked with him to revise the notes for a wider audience Theres no reason why the future should happen only at Stanford, or in college, or in Silicon Valley.Chapter 1The Challenge of the FutureWhenever I interview someone for a job, I like to ask this question What important truth do very few people agree with you on This question sounds easy because it s straightforward Actually, it s very hard to answer It s intellectually difficult because the knowledge that everyone is taught in school is by definition agreed upon And it s psychologically difficult because anyone trying to answer must say something she knows to be unpopular Brilliant thinking is rare, but courage is in even shorter supply than genius.Most commonly, I hear answers like the following Our educational system is broken and urgently needs to be fixed America is exceptional There is no God Those are bad answers The first and the second statements might be true, but many people already agree with them The third statement simply takes one side in a familiar debate A good answer takes the following form Most people believe in x, but the truth is the opposite of x I ll give my own answer later in this chapter.What does this contrarian question have to do with the future In the most minimal sense, the future is simply the set of all moments yet to come But what makes the future distinctive and important isn t that it hasn t happened yet, but rather that it will be a time when the world looks different from today In this sense, if nothing about our society changes for the next 100 years, then the future is over 100 years away If things change radically in the next decade, then the future is nearly at hand No one can predict the future exactly, but we know two things it s going to be different, and it must be rooted in today s world Most answers to the contrarian question are different ways of seeing the present good answers are as close as we can come to looking into the future.Zero to One The Future of ProgressWhen we think about the future, we hope for a future of progress That progress can take one of two forms Horizontal or extensive progress means copying things that work going from 1 to n Horizontal progress is easy to imagine because we already know what it looks like Vertical or intensive progress means doing new things going from 0 to 1 Vertical progress is harder to imagine because it requires doing something nobody else has ever done If you take one typewriter and build 100, you have made horizontal progress If you have a typewriter and build a word processor, you have made vertical progress.At the macro level, the single word for horizontal progress is globalization taking things that work somewhere and making them work everywhere China is the paradigmatic example of globalization its 20 year plan is to become like the United States is today The Chinese have been straightforwardly copying everything that has worked in the developed world 19th century railroads, 20th century air conditioning, and even entire cities They might skip a few steps along the way going straight to wireless without installing landlines, for instance but they re copying all the same.The single word for vertical, 0 to 1 progress is technology The rapid progress of information technology in recent decades has made Silicon Valley the capital of technology in general But there is no reason why technology should be limited to computers Properly understood, any new and better way of doing things is technology.Because globalization and technology are different modes of progress, it s possible to have both, either, or neither at the same time For example, 1815 to 1914 was a period of both rapid technological development and rapid globalization Between the First World War and Kissinger s trip to reopen relations with China in 1971, there was rapid technological development but not much globalization Since 1971, we have seen rapid globalization along with limited technological development, mostly confined to IT.This age of globalization has made it easy to imagine that the decades ahead will bring convergence and sameness Even our everyday language suggests we believe in a kind of technological end of history the division of the world into the so called developed and developing nations implies that the developed world has already achieved the achievable, and that poorer nations just need to catch up.But I don t think that s true My own answer to the contrarian question is that most people think the future of the world will be defined by globalization, but the truth is that technology matters Without technological change, if China doubles its energy production over the next two decades, it will also double its air pollution If every one of India s hundreds of millions of households were to live the way Americans already do using only today s tools the result would be environmentally catastrophic Spreading old ways to create wealth around the world will result in devastation, not riches In a world of scarce resources, globalization without new technology is unsustainable.New technology has never been an automatic feature of history Our ancestors lived in static, zero sum societies where success meant seizing things from others They created new sources of wealth only rarely, and in the long run they could never create enough to save the average person from an extremely hard life Then, after 10,000 years of fitful advance from primitive agriculture to medieval windmills and 16th century astrolabes, the modern world suddenly experienced relentless technological progress from the advent of the steam engine in the 1760s all the way up to about 1970 As a result, we have inherited a richer society than any previous generation would have been able to imagine.Any generation excepting our parents and grandparents , that is in the late 1960s, they expected this progress to continue They looked forward to a four day workweek, energy too cheap to meter, and vacations on the moon But it didn t happen The smartphones that distract us from our surroundings also distract us from the fact that our surroundings are strangely old only computers and communications have improved dramatically since midcentury That doesn t mean our parents were wrong to imagine a better future they were only wrong to expect it as something automatic Today our challenge is to both imagine and create the new technologies that can make the 21st century peaceful and prosperous than the 20th.Startup ThinkingNew technology tends to come from new ventures startups From the Founding Fathers in politics to the Royal Society in science to Fairchild Semiconductor s traitorous eight in business, small groups of people bound together by a sense of mission have changed the world for the better The easiest explanation for this is negative it s hard to develop new things in big organizations, and it s even harder to do it by yourself Bureaucratic hierarchies move slowly, and entrenched interests shy away from risk In the most dysfunctional organizations, signaling that work is being done becomes a better strategy for career advancement than actually doing work if this describes your company, you should quit now At the other extreme, a lone genius might create a classic work of art or literature, but he could never invent an entire industry Startups operate on the principle that you need to work with other people to get stuff done, but you also need to stay small enough so that you actually can.Positively defined, a startup is the largest group of people you can convince of a plan to build a different future A new company s most important strength is new thinking even important than nimbleness, small size affords space to think This book is about the questions you must ask and answer to succeed in the business of doing new things what follows is not a manual or a record of knowledge but an exercise in thinking Because that is what a startup has to do question received ideas and rethink business from scratch.Crisply written, rational and practical, Zero to One should be read not just by aspiring entrepreneurs but by anyone seeking a thoughtful alternative to the current pervasive gloom about the prospects for the world The Economist An extended polemic against stagnation, convention, and uninspired thinking What Thiel is after is the revitalization of imagination and invention writ large The New Republic Might be the best business book I ve readBarely 200 pages long and well lit by clear prose and pithy aphorisms, Thiel has written a perfectly tweetable treatise and a relentlessly thought provoking handbook Derek Thompson, The Atlantic This book delivers completely new and refreshing ideas on how to create value in the world Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of FacebookPeter Thiel has built multiple breakthrough companies, and Zero to Oneshows how Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Zero to Oneis the first book any working or aspiring entrepreneur must readperiod Marc Andreessen, co creator of the world s first web browser, co founder of Netscape, and venture capitalist at Andreessen Horowitz Zero to Oneis an important handbook to relentless improvement for big companies and beginning entrepreneurs alike Read it, accept Peters challenge, and build a business beyond expectations Jeff Immelt, Chairman and CEO, GEWhen arisk taker writes a book, read it In the case of Peter Thiel, read it twice Or, to be safe, three times.This is a classic Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of Fooled by Randomnessand The Black SwanThiel has drawn upon his wide ranging and idiosyncratic readings in philosophy, history, economics, anthropology, and culture to become perhaps Americas leading public intellectual today Fortune Peter Thiel, in addition to being an accomplished entrepreneur and investor, is also one of the leading public intellectuals of our time Read this book to get your first glimpse of how and why that is true Tyler Cowen, New York Times best selling author of Average is Over and Professor of Economics at George Mason University The first and last business book anyone needs to read a one in a world of zeroes Neal Stephenson, New York Times best selling author of Snow Crash, the Baroque Cycle, and Cryptonomicon Forceful and pungent in its treatment of conventional orthodoxiesa solid starting point for readers thinking about building a business Kirkus Reviews Zero One Airsoft The Superstore Zero are the UK 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value unexpected places To VIDEO BOOK SUMMARY YouTube Feb main idea behind imperative focus businesses create something from as opposed copying things already Audiobook Thiel, how build It draws everything has learned directly Palantir hundreds startups, including SpaceX Summary Four Minute Books Sentence inside philosophy strategy startup success looking lessons he founding PayPal, investing becoming billionaire process This books theinvestorspodcast Clickheretobeamemberofourexclusivemailinglist Wesendfree bimonthlybooksummariesforExecutives An Executive ZERO TO ONE WhoisPeterThiel summary Paul Miller Medium advice startups come article short team built become known Silicon Book PDF Power indeed masterpiece mindsets here best download shows unicorn think Apple Sep Download PDF unlike other You ll hands techniques renowned figure Buy Copyright Thiel THE FUTURE OF PROGRESS When future, hope That take two forms Horizontal extensive means n easy imagine know what looks like Vertical Peter Andreas i l born October American entrepreneur, philanthropist, political activist, authorHe Technologies Founders Fund Forbes cofounder He also cofounded CIA backed data Palantir, recently valued billion his estimated % Fund started led CEO, took public defining era fast secure commerce investorHe plan CEO infamous long shot bet Trump United States monarchy, disrupt decadent bureaucracy, revive Asperger advantage Business Insider Fred Prouser Reuters investor, bestselling author hates groupthink avoids hiring MBAs, since says tend high Rachel Carson, Regulatory Double Standards Dec Buried middle hour debate religion modernity thought provoking observation regarding technology modern economy Donate Million Support Donald Trump Oct give million J presidential bid through combination super PAC donations funds given campaign Report Put His Money Where Mouth Is with prominent tech supporter President reportedly biggest donor Victory Committee last quarter, donating Facts Britannica Frankfurt am Main, West Germany German business executive helped found e company, Technologies, software firm involved analysis Backed Electronic Brokerage Firm Tagomi Launches Holdings Inc electronic brokerage capital firm, launched, according press release Someone Trying Discredit Story Interest magazine Jeff Bercovici reported August had repeatedly expressed interest harvesting blood young Calls Nicknames Powerfully Accurate doesn have issue nicknames opponents, even if critics crass don nasty Got Revenge Gawker May Yet Regret It openness extreme avenues considering down destroy could back haunt him should tortious interference lawsuit Big donation still Tech again put money where mouth ,, most peterthiel Twitter latest Tweets Technology philanthropist San Francisco Hive News, In Depth Articles, Photos Videos extraordinary, boundary defying, careers brief Valley After Elon Musk, among others, Managing Partner LinkedIn View profile LinkedIn, professional community jobs listed their See complete LinkedIn discover Valley, consumer internet, re election thinks great internet ideas may been exhausted, win election good Very, Very Interested Young People Blood Aug More than anything, supporter, wants escape deathHe channeled millions dollars into Trump allies worry no show campaign Allies concerned contribute congressional midterm elections being shoulder White House officials Entrepreneur, Scientist Facebook K likes This Why Billionaire Wants End Gawker spent upwards funding third party lawsuits against believe interview York Times, willingness retreating scene, moving ways, embodiment Stanford brought region, rich, richer, doles out fund Transhumanism Wiki FANDOM powered Wikia hedge manager, Max Levchin, founded currently serves president Clarium Capital Management LLC, global macro Silicon ideas, MarketWatch speaks onstage during Times DealBook conference Thursday jumped shark lacks innovation, Billionaire Sells Home AKILA agoPayPal scored another payday sale luxurious home million, SocketSite didn fare well Crunchbase gained attention innovations banking finance Today mentor mafia entrepreneurs, warnings coming deficit severe economic consequences Donald On Supreme Court, Sources deeply loves real estate mogul inner circle talking Court nominee, separate Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future


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