崀 amazon indie პ The All-Day Fat-Burning Cookbook: Turbocharge Your Metabolism with More Than 125 Fast and Delicious Fat-Burning Meals Ҁ E-Pub Author Yuri Elkaim ः

崀 amazon indie პ The All-Day Fat-Burning Cookbook: Turbocharge Your Metabolism with More Than 125 Fast and Delicious Fat-Burning Meals  Ҁ E-Pub Author Yuri Elkaim ः 崀 amazon indie პ The All-Day Fat-Burning Cookbook: Turbocharge Your Metabolism with More Than 125 Fast and Delicious Fat-Burning Meals Ҁ E-Pub Author Yuri Elkaim ः Chapter 1All Day Fat Burning PrinciplesMAYBE YOU RE READING THIS BOOK because you ve followed my work for some time Perhaps you ve seen my videos on YouTube, or maybe you just loved The All Day Fat Burning Diet and are eager for amazing recipes that jibe with our proven 5 Day Food Cycling Formula Whatever the case, welcome Throughout this cookbook I ll share a number of success stories from readers of The All Day Fat Burning Diet the predecessor to this cookbook who have seen incredible health and weight loss breakthroughs following these principles I know they ll inspire you And before you jump ahead to the quick, fat burning, gourmet style recipes in this cookbook, I think it s important to lay the foundation of what makes this program so effective at helping you lose weight That s what we ll cover over the next few pages.Readers, Start Your Engines Welcome to the recipe centered sequel to The All Day Fat Burning Diet I know you re going to love the recipes I ve got in store for you in this cookbook But before we jump in, I think it makes sense to bring you up to speed on what all day fat burning is all about, especially if you didn t read The All Day Fat Burning Diet Once you know the philosophy behind what we re doing here, you ll be able to eat this way for life.After all, this is not a diet it s a way of living Once you understand it and try it, you ll see how easily it can become part of your daily fabric There are very few rules, no calories or points to worry about, and there s no deprivation With this approach, you get to eat like a champ and look and feel like one too In this chapter, we ll recap why we re fat, revisit how the All Day Fat Burning 5 Day Food Cycling Formula works, and explain how to use this cookbook so you get the most out of it I ll also answer some common questions about this program and its recipes.Kayla s TransformationI am not a good dieter at all I have always been skinny fat and have been able to eat pretty much whatever I wanted The past few years I have put on 10 to 15 ds each year and kept them on After hearing Yuri s podcast with Lewis Howes, I decided to buy Yuri s The All Day Fat Burning Diet.Despite being skinny fat, I was always unhappy with my body, even from an early age, and I wanted to change that My original goal was to lose 10 ds in 21 days, but when I lost 7 in the first week, I decided I needed a new goal My first 21 days ended on Super Bowl Sunday 2016 and, after a weekend of eating unhealthy food, I could not wait to get back to my healthy and delicious meals Going into my second 21 day cycle, I am aiming to lose 20 ds After reading The All Day Fat Burning Diet, I felt fully equipped to change my eating habits for life Thank you, Yuri Elkaim I am on my way to finally being happy with my body, which is the ultimate prize Recap Why We re Fat and the Secret to Burning Fat 24 7As I discussed in detail in The All Day Fat Burning Diet, the major reason we re fatter than ever before is because our body feels threatened by life s numerous stressors, including the foods we eat, the way we exercise, our lack of quality sleep, and our mental and emotional state When our body feels that its survival is at risk, it slows down its metabolism to conserve energy and store fat It s a hardwired, built in mechanism that comes with being human This trait helped us survive 100,000 years ago, but in today s world of excess food and endless stress, our primitive makeup doesn t stand a chance.To make this a little scientifically clear for you, most of the foods at our disposal nowadays think everything outside of fresh foods like vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, and healthy animal products create a cascade of inflammation inside our body As a way of protecting itself, our body s adrenal glands pump out cortisol to cool the inflammation However, since cortisol is a major stress hormone, its constant presence tells our brain that our body is out of balance and that its survival could be at stake it isn t really, but that s what our body believes As a result, our metabolism slows to a halt, fat burning stops, and the body buckles down as if getting ready to hibernate for the winter.Please understand that it s not just food that creates this stress response Anything that knocks your body out of homeostasis its state of balance on a consistent basis will lead to the same result Negative emotions, lack of sleep, too much exercise, the wrong foods, environmental toxins, and unhealthy gut bacteria are just a few of the culprits that stress our body And all of this, over time, wreaks havoc on your metabolism and puts most of your hormones out of whack That s why it s so tough to lose weight and keep it off.I want you to remember that unless you ve been eating fast food every single day and have no intention of moving your body on a regular basis, your inability to lose weight is not your fault.You ve picked up this cookbook not for my charming good looks or my quirky Canadian humor, but because you re committed to living healthy You want a body you can feel proud of Perhaps you want to be able to walk into your favorite clothing store, try on anything you like, and love what you see in the mirror Perhaps you want to feel sexier and confident in your own skin Or maybe you want to avoid going down the same diseased road as some of your family or friends who ve battled with their weight for far too long.Whatever your reason for losing weight, I believe that you ve done your best to eat relatively well and exercise regularly up until this point Maybe you ve slipped along the way, but it s okay we all have So if the weight still hasn t budged, then I m sure you can appreciate that burning fat is a little involved than eating less and exercising It requires eating clean foods and cycling them in a way that resonates with and honors your body s natural rhythms I firmly believe and have observed that if we can work with our body instead of against it, we ll have a much easier time losing weight and feeling our best.Sit Less and Stand MoreOne of the fat triggers I discussed in The All Day Fat Burning Diet was sedentarism too much sitting Here s one reason to get off your butt and spend time standing and moving around A 2009 study of 17,013 men and women between 18 and 90 years of age revealed that daily time spent sitting was associated with an elevated risk of all cause and cardiovascular disease mortality Basically, the you sit, the higher your risk of disease and early death And these results were independent of any extra physical activity levels and body mass index The results of this study remind us that losing weight and staying healthy don t just revolve around going to the gym a few times per week but rather reducing the amount of time we spend sitting.1 If you re deskbound, then set a timer to go off every 20 minutes to remind you to stand up, take a little walk or move around , and do some light stretches Or try alternating 30 minutes of standing with 30 minutes of sitting while at work It will pay off big time in the end.We are part of nature And just as everything in nature has a natural flow to it, so does our body The waves crashing on the beach, the changing of the seasons, the warming and cooling of the earth everything in life has an ebb and flow We shouldn t consider ourselves separate from this Our body is governed by circadian rhythms failing to honor them will be as catastrophic as a surfer who mistimes catching a 30 foot wave For instance, cortisol should be highest in the morning and lowest at night Melatonin, our sleep hormone, should be lowest in the morning and highest at night Growth hormone should be secreted in highest quantities during deep sleep, and on and on.When we eat and live in a way that disrupts these natural patterns, our health and waistline suffer Fat loss is an internal process largely determined by the health of your hormones and your body s natural rhythms If you don t support these inner workings, then no amount of calorie cutting, counting, or insane exercise will make any lasting difference Does that make sense Count Your BlessingsWe live in the most amazing time in history, with freedom, choices, and luxuries than ever before Yet most people are still miserable, which works against their chances of making favorable choices that will improve their health The good news is that taking just a few minutes each day to count your blessings and express gratitude for what s working well in your life goes a long way to improve your happiness, self esteem, and long term well being, according to research in the journal Applied Psychology Health and Well Being.2 And when you feel better, you make better decisions that support your ultimate goals Try writing one page in a journal each night about things you re grateful for, including your health, your family and friends, the roof over your head, the ability to read this book, and whatever else comes to mind There s so much to be thankful for, and when you truly feel that, stress melts away and happiness increases.The beauty of The All Day Fat Burning Cookbook and the original diet behind it is that it provides a realistic, proven, and sustainable framework for eating healthy and delicious foods that lower inflammation and stress in your body and honor your body s natural rhythms without making you feel deprived or requiring you to spend all of your time in the kitchen What you ll find in this cookbook are fat burning meals so fast and delicious you ll think they re bad for you And they ll all be organized for you in alignment with the 5 Day Food Cycling Formula that I laid out in the predecessor to this cookbook Following these recipes, within this proven food cycling framework, will turbocharge your metabolism, blast away ds, and help you enjoy food once again And remember, there s no counting calories, weighing your food, or any other unsustainable dietary rituals Just enjoy the recipes on the right days and you ll be fine.Revisiting the 5 Day Food Cycling FormulaIn The All Day Fat Burning Diet, I laid out a proven 5 day formula for cycling your calories and carbs to help reset your body s metabolism to lose up to 5 ds per week As a reminder, the reason for developing this method is that humans were most likely hardwired to do best with fluctuating periods of feast and famine And so it s a way of eating that resonates closely with our inherent metabolic makeup.Our Paleolithic ancestors did not have the luxury of refrigerators, 24 hour convenience stores, fast food, or coffee shops on every corner They lived and thrived in a slightly unpredictable environment where they might experience abundance on some days and scarcity on other days or times of the year Yet today, we ve been brainwashed to think that we need to be eating every few hours or else our metabolism will shut down That s simply nonsense, and I talk about the dangers of following this advice in The All Day Fat Burning Diet.Start Your Day with Lemon WaterSqueeze the juice of a lemon half into 500 milliliters of water about 2 cups and make that your first drink of the day upon waking Lemon has an alkalizing effect on your body, which helps to awaken your digestive system and flush out toxins that have built up overnight You ll also find that it helps you pass your first bowel movement of the day easily, which is great for keeping your gut clean and happy.Here, I want to quickly remind you of how my proprietary 5 Day Food Cycling Formula works, since you ll see the recipes in this book organized according to this system The best part is that it s a very natural and intuitive way of eating for which your body will thank you.The 5 days are as follows 1.Low Carb Day2.1 Day Feast3.1 Day Fast4.Regular Cal Day5.Low Cal DayTo follow the plan, simply follow the above sequence for 5 days, and then repeat Once you ve done this cycle once or twice, it will feel intuitive and natural Plus, it will help you tap into what your body really needs so that, over time, you can truly understand when you can eat and when you can and should eat less based on your body s hunger signals.We know that one of the only ways to extend life span and lose weight permanently is through frugal eating essentially, to eat less But no one likes doing that Eating less in many cases means depriving yourself and feeling hungry For most of us, that s not a sustainable way of living This 5 Day Food Cycling Formula allows you to tap into the health benefits of frugal eating without actually feeling like you re eating frugally Sure, there s a day of fasting every 5 days, which we won t concern ourselves with in this cookbook, but otherwise you ll be eating delicious foods that provide your body with a ton of nutrients, while helping to reset your body s out of whack hunger hormones so that you re not constantly needing to eat.Laurie s Food Freedom BreakthroughI have been on Weight Watchers for over 25 years and never made it to my goal weight I have lost and gained the same 20 ds for the last 5 years I didn t like counting calories or points or writing down my food But I loved the real food in this plan and have followed Yuri for a while now I can t believe I am eating so much great food The recipes are quick and easy to follow and to make I look ahead to the next day, premake my lunch, and get so many comments on how good my food smells and looks I have MS and leaky gut, so I have so much energy now This is my lifestyle now, and I am looking forward to losing all my 40 ds for life this time Thank you, Yuri, for all your help and motivation.I d like you to keep this 5 day plan in mind as you go through your days not in a fanatical way but rather as a reminder to be a little conscious of your food choices The good news is that simply following the recipes in this cookbook will keep you on track Here s a quick review of how the 5 Day Food Cycling Formula works.DAY 1 LOW CARB DAYGOAL less than 50 grams of net carbs on this day Avoid starchy carbs and fruit.Eat protein at each meal.Make fats your main energy source on this day.Eat unlimited amounts of fibrous veggies.Lose that stubborn weight while enjoying delicious food with this perfect companion to The All Day Fat Burning Diet. In The All Day Fat Burning Diet, renowned fitness expert and New York Times bestselling author Yuri Elkaim revealed the innovative way to reset and accelerate metabolism to burn fat 24 7 His 5 day food cycling method helps supercharge metabolic rate while significantly improving health Now, The All Day Fat Burning Cookbook makes following the plan a breeze, with quick and easy recipes that are presented according to the 5 day food cycling formula You will enjoy than 125 delicious gluten , dairy , and soy free recipes, including 5 minute, 5 ingredient Whipped Coconut Cream and Berries flavorful, 15 minute Beef and Rice with Spice and vegetarian BBQ Butternut Squash Steaks These satisfying recipes will help you stay lean and happy for life. 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