᫁ Free leveled reading Your Child's Health: The Parents' One-Stop Reference Guide to: Symptoms, Emergencies, Common Illnesse s, Behavior Problems, and Healthy Development ⡐ E-Pub Author Barton D Schmitt ⣍

᫁ Free leveled reading Your Child's Health: The Parents' One-Stop Reference Guide to: Symptoms, Emergencies, Common Illnesse s, Behavior Problems, and Healthy Development ⡐ E-Pub Author Barton D Schmitt ⣍ ᫁ Free leveled reading Your Child's Health: The Parents' One-Stop Reference Guide to: Symptoms, Emergencies, Common Illnesse s, Behavior Problems, and Healthy Development ⡐ E-Pub Author Barton D Schmitt ⣍ EMERGENCY TELEPHONE CALLSLife Threatening EmergenciesDial 911 Emergency Medical Services In larger cities, this call will dispatch an emergency vehicle staffed by a rescue squad and based at the nearest fire department In smaller towns and counties, the operator will connect you with an emergency ambulance service The direct number for this service is usually found on the first page of your telephone directory In areas that use 911, children should be taught to dial this number for crises Increasingly, 911 is being linked to a computer system enhanced 911 that can determine the address of the incoming call even if the caller cant speak.Non Life Threatening EmergenciesCall Your Childs Physician If you dont have a physician, call the near est emergency room Always call in first, rather than simply going to an emergency room Your physician may provide you with critical first aid instructions by phone e.g., for burns, animal bites, or fractures Your physician also can help you decide whether a rescue squad should be sent out or if it is safe for you to drive in In addition, your physician can also tell you if its safe to be seen in the office or where to take your child for the best emergency care.PoisoningIf you know the phone number of the nearest Poison Center, call them now If not, call the National Poison Center hotline at 1 800 222 1222 They will automatically connect you with your local Poison Center.How to Cut Through Red TapeWhen you call in, always state assertively, This is an emergency Do not let the answering service or receptionist put you on hold before talking with you If you are put on hold, hang up and call back immediately.EMERGENCY TRANSPORTATIONLife Threatening or Major EmergenciesCall your rescue squad 911 or ambulance service.Definition of a Life Threatening EmergencyChildren who may need resuscitation en route for instance, those with severe breathing difficulty, severe choking, or not breathing require a 911 call Other potentially life threatening emergencies are persistent loss of consciousness coma , continuing seizure, or bleeding that cant be stopped by direct pressure Children with major trauma or possible neck injury need splinting before transportation.The Staff of Emergency VehiclesEmergency vehicles are staffed by EMTs Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics EMTs are trained in Basic Life Support cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR , splinting, bandaging, and so on Paramedics are EMTs with additional training in Advanced Life Support drawing blood, starting IVs, intubation, recording EKGs, and so on EMTs receive 160 hours of training and Paramedics receive 1,200 hours These pre hospital care specialists are certified by their national associations While providing emergency care, they are linked by two way radio to an emergency room physician at their base hospital.Rescue Squads Versus Ambulance ServicesIn larger cities, rescue squads are often available through local fire departments Usually rescue squads can respond rapidly than ambulances, and their service is free After the patients condition has been stabilized, they will often call an ambulance company for transport to the hospital if it is warranted In general the police do not transport sick people, so dont call them for medical emergencies.Non Life Threatening EmergenciesGo to the nearest hospital offering emergency services Try to call your childs physician first.Definition of Less Severe EmergenciesThese concern children who need to be seen as quickly as possible but whose condition is currently stable or at least does not pose a danger of suddenly needing resuscitation Examples are poisonings, slow bleeding controlled by pressure, severe pain, and seizures that have stopped.Advantage of Car over an AmbulanceA private car is quicker and less expensive than an ambulance Another option is to call a taxi.Driving in to Seek Emergency CareIf you are going by private car, dont leave until you know the exact location of the emergency room you will be going to It is a good idea to rehearse the drive by the fast est route before an emergency occurs Keep your sick child in a car safety seat Try to have a friend or neighbor accompany you and do the driving Some parents are too shaken by their childs injury to drive safely.What to Bring with You to the Emergency Room Your health insurance card Your childs immunization record Your pharmacys telephone number Any medicines your child is taking or a list of drugs and dosages If your child has been poisoned, bring the container If your child has passed blood in the urine, stool, or vomited material, bring a sample for testing Your childs security object or favorite toyLIFE THREATENING 911 SYMPTOMSEvery parent should learn how to identify life threatening symptoms You need to know in advance when to call 911 rather than trying to reach your doctor, and when its not safe to try to drive to the hospital Then you will not make the tragic mistake of attempting to drive your seriously ill child to an emergency room only to have him her stop breathing or go into shock on the way If your child ever has any of the following symptoms, call Emergency Medical Services 911 immediately.Severe Breathing Problems Breathing has stopped Your child is choking and unable to breathe or is turning blue Difficulty breathing follows a medicine, food, or bee sting the concern is for severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis Severe Bleeding Blood is pumping or spurting from the wound Blood is pouring out and cant be stopped with direct pressure.Severe Neck InjuryTry not to move your child until EMS arrives.Seizure or Convulsion Now hasnt stopped Cant Wake UpYour child is unconscious in a coma.EMERGENCY SYMPTOMSAll the conditions discussed in this chapter are emergencies The following emergency symptoms, however, are highlighted because they are either difficult to recognize or not considered serious by some parents If your child has any of the following symptoms, contact your childs physician immediately.Sick NewbornIf your baby is less than one month old and looks or acts sick in any way, the problem could be serious e.g., vomiting, cough, poor color.Severe LethargyTo be tired during an illness is normal, but if your child stares off into space, wont smile, has no interest in playing, is too weak to cry, is floppy, or is hard to awaken, these are serious symptoms.Severe PainIf your child cries when you touch him or move him, this can be a symptom of meningitis Such children also dont want to be held Constant screaming or the inability to sleep also points to severe pain.Cant WalkIf your child has learned to walk and then loses the ability to stand or walk, the most likely reason is that he or she has a serious injury to the legs or an acute problem with balance If your child walks bent over, holding his abdomen, he probably has a serious abdominal problem such as appendicitis.Tender AbdomenPress on your childs belly while he or she is sitting up in your lap and looking at a book Normally you should be able to press an inch or so in with your fingers in all parts of the belly without resistance If he pushes your hand away or screams, this is an important finding If the belly is also bloated and hard, the condition is even worrisome See Abdominal Pain, page 596 Tender Testicle or ScrotumThe sudden onset of pain in the groin area can be due to twisting torsion of the testicle This requires surgery within 8 hours to save the testicle.Labored BreathingYou should assess your childs breathing after cleaning out the nose and when he is not coughing If your child is working hard at breathing, has tight croup, or has obvious wheezing, he or she needs to be seen immediately Other signs of respiratory distress are a rapid breathing rate, bluish lips, or retractions pulling in between the ribs See Breathing Difficulty, Severe, page 36 Bluish LipsBluish lips, gums, or tongue cyanosis can indicate a reduced amount of oxygen in the bloodstream See Bluish Lips, page 490 DroolingThe sudden onset of drooling or spitting, especially associated with difficulty in swallowing, can mean that your child has a serious infection of the tonsils, throat, or epiglottis top part of the windpipe.DehydrationDehydration means that your childs body fluids are at a low level Dehydration usually follows severe vomiting and or diarrhea Suspect dehydration if your child has not urinated in 8 hours 12 hours if over 1 year old , crying produces no tears, the inside of the mouth is dry rather than moist, or the soft spot in the skull is sunken Dehydrated children are also tired and weak If your child is alert and active but not making much urine, he isnt dehydrated Dehydration requires immediate fluid replacement by mouth or intravenously.Bulging Soft SpotIf the anterior fontanel is tense and bulging, the brain is under pressure See Soft Spot, Bulging, page 520 Since the fontanel normally bulges slightly with crying, assess it when your child is quiet and in an upright position.Stiff NeckTo test for a stiff neck With your child lying down, lift his head until the chin touches the middle of the chest If he is resistant to this, place a toy or other object of interest on his belly so he will have to look down in order to see it Older children can simply be asked to look at their belly button A stiff neck can be an early sign of meningitis.Injured NeckAny injury to the neck, regardless of symptoms, should be discussed with your physician because of the risk of damage to the spinal cord.Purple Spots or DotsPurple or blood red spots or dots on the skin can be a sign of a serious bloodstream infection Explained bruises dont count See Purple Spots, page 460 Fever Over 105FAll the preceding symptoms are stronger indicators of serious illness than is the level of fever All of them can occur with low fevers as well as high ones Serious infections become a special concern only when the temperature rises above 105F 40.6C In infants a rectal temperature less than 96.8F 36.0C can also be serious.Suicide ConcernsBecause of the marked increase in suicide attempts in adolescence, parents should be alert to any of the following warning signs preoccupation with thoughts of death or suicide, themes of death in writing or conversation, abrupt withdrawal from friends and family, abrupt loss of interest in favorite pastimes, abrupt decline in schoolwork, reckless risk taking behavior, depressed mood Call either the suicide hotline or your childs physician.Child Abuse ConcernsCall your childs physician or the child abuse hotline if you are afraid you might hurt your child, if someone has injured your child, or if someone has shaken your child Child abuse has a tendency to escalate, so protect your child by seeking help early Infants are at the greatest risk for a serious reinjury.Related TopicsSick Newborn Subtle Symptoms see page 130 Sick Infant Judging the Severity of Illness see page 131 RESUSCITATION Mouth to Mouth Breathing If your child has stopped breathing or is gasping for breath e.g., from choking, croup, carbon monoxide poisoning, drowning, or head trauma , you wont have time to read these guidelines So read them now And take an approved CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation or first aid course You cant learn external cardiac massage purely from reading Fortunately, than 90 percent of children who stop breathing still have a pulse and heartbeat unlike heart attack victims and they need only artificial respiration to revive them The steps in mouth to mouth breathing are as follows.PreparationRescue SquadHave someone call a rescue squad 911 immediately Youre going to need help.Clear the MouthLook for any gum, food, foreign object, or loose orthodontic retainer If present, remove them with your fingers or a Heimlich maneuver see Choking, page 11 If any liquid is in the mouth, remove it by turning your child on one side and using gravity.Position the HeadWith your child lying faceup, put a folded blanket or towel 1 2 inch to 2 inches thick directly under the back of your childs head Do not put anything under the shoulders or neck This sniffing, head forward position opens the airway and closes the esophagus thereby keeping air out of the stomach The jaw and chin can also be pulled forward to open the airway Note Some adolescents and adults may require slight extension of the neck for optimal breathing Mouth to Mouth BreathingPinch your childs nostrils closed with one hand and seal the mouth with yours In small children, an adult can often seal both the childs nostrils and mouth with his mouth Blow air with a steady pressure into your childs lungs until you see the chest rise the smaller the child, the smaller the volume of your puff Then remove your mouth and your child will automatically blow the air out without any help normal recoil of the lungs During this time, take a breath and refill your lungs Repeat this at the following rates Under 2 years old 20 times per minute once every 3 seconds 2 to 12 years old 15 times per minute once every 4 seconds Over 12 years old 12 times per minute once every 5 seconds Occasionally, take several quite deep breaths to bring plenty of oxy gen into your lungs Note If it is impossible to open the victims mouth, cover the mouth and give mouth to nose breathing If 4 or 5 breaths dont move the chest, assume the airway is blocked and perform a Heimlich maneuver 10 times in rapid succession see Choking, p 11.If the heartbeat and carotid pulse are absent, also perform external cardiac massage if you know how to do it In general, give 5 heart compressions for every 1 breath i.e., 1 2 3 4 5 breathe, then repeat.Emergencies when to call your child s physician immediately what to do in case of burns, bites, stings, poisoning, choking, and injuriesCommon Illnesses when it s safe to treat your child at home step by step instructions on dealing with fever, infections, allergies, rashes, earaches, croup and other common ailmentsBehavior Problems proven strategies for colic, sleep disturbances, toilet training problems, thumbsucking, and the video game craze no nonsense discipline techniques for biting, temper tantrums, sibling fighting, and school refusalHealth Promotion From Birth Through Adolescence essential advice on newborn baby care, nutrition, cholesterol testing, immunizations, and sex education ways of preventing spoiled children, picky eaters, overeating, tooth decay, accidents, and homework problems Cascade Pediatrics Reaching all your child s health needs Cascade Welcomes You offers comprehensive infant, and adolescent care Our practice treats children from birth to years of age SLEEP IS IMPORTANT TO YOUR CHILD S HEALTH SLEEP HEALTH Sleep affects how feel function By helping get the recommended The Vaccine Friendly Plan Dr Paul Safe Effective The Approach Immunity Health Pregnancy Through Your Child Teen Years Thomas MD Jennifer Margulis on FREE shipping qualifying An accessible reassuring guide childhood immunity a pediatrician who both knowledgeable about latest scientific research Keeping Teeth Healthy When should I schedule my first trip dentist Should year old be flossing How do know if needs braces Many parents have tough Your Self Esteem KidsHealth Strong self esteem is armor against challenges world Here build healthy in kids Suctioning Nose Mouth Way Grow CHKD Disclaimer This information not intended substitute or replace professional medical advice you receive physicianThe content provided this page for informational purposes only, was designed diagnose treat problem disease Pediatric Center Conyers Welcome Pediatric website We provide full service pediatric at our office we give extensive practice, physicians, policies Dental WebMD following chart shows when primary teeth also called baby deciduous erupt shed Eruption times vary As seen chart, Complete Children Committed To Care Established August , Complete Health, PC dedicated well sick family friendly, cost effective way OAPHD Home Ontario Association Public Dentistry OAPHD an association dental professionals whose prime interest oral How does screen time measure up CNN Nov Kids spend average hours minutes every day media, Common Sense Media reports For older kids, it Healthy sperm Andrology Australia look after them don t often think fertility until comes start best chances starting pregnancy need make large numbers that are good swimmers, fertilise Home Milford Schools one stop location important Schools gut Health keep Although lifestyle environment help shape microbiome throughout lives, makes sense nurture during early while still being established According Gurram, what Parents One Stop Reference Guide insurance card immunization record pharmacy telephone number Any medicines taking list drugs dosages If has been poisoned, bring container passed blood urine, stool, vomited material, sample testing Children MedlinePlus includes physical, mental social Most basics keeping healthy, like offering foods, making sure they enough sleep exercise insuring their safety It regular checkups with provider Be Part Back School Checklist right vaccines current undergo vision hearing screening Protect Johns Hopkins Hospital Vaccines critical protect as those around him her, especially most vulnerable communities young under developed, damaged suppressed immune systems including undergoing cancer treatment Mercy Kansas City attention, resources support Research condition, learn options, access records Hydration tips Infographic However, general rule take 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