ᗽ Format Kindle Download ৶ Your Two-Year-Old: Terrible or Tender For Free ᙱ Kindle Ebook Author Louise Bates Ames ᛑ

ᗽ Format Kindle Download ৶ Your Two-Year-Old: Terrible or Tender For Free ᙱ Kindle Ebook Author Louise Bates Ames ᛑ ᗽ Format Kindle Download ৶ Your Two-Year-Old: Terrible or Tender For Free ᙱ Kindle Ebook Author Louise Bates Ames ᛑ chapter one ARE THOSE TWOS REALLY SO TERRIBLE Your Two year old Different in many ways from any other living human being And yet, because the individual boy or girl does develop to a large extent in a patterned, predictable way, there are many respects in which he or she will resemble every other Two year old Only you will fully and intimately know your own preschooler But because he will resemble others of his same age in so many ways, there is much we can tell you about Two year oldness in general that should provide something of a shortcut to your understanding and appreciation of that young person who is so uniquely your own The child of this age has come a long way when compared with his own Eighteen to Twenty one month old self We have described the Eighteen month old as walking along a one way street that all too often leads in the opposite direction from the one you had in mind He bumbles along in his own peculiar way and almost seems to think with his feet As one perceptive mother remarked of her own Eighteen month old, You program him just as if he were a computerhe is that predictable Predictable, perhaps, to others but not always to himself His abilities are still so rudimentary that his life holds all too many unhappy surprises He falls when he wants to stay upright Things slip from his hands when he wishes to hold them He lacks the words he needs to express his very rigorous and definite demands His lack of abilities all too often upsets him He is upset with himself and with his parents Life is by no means entirely smooth or happy Hence it may come as a pleasant relief to all concerned when the Eighteen to Twenty one month old boy or girl turns Two, and at least briefly things go to his liking and to your own The typical Two year old tends to be a rather gentle, friendly little person, much, much easier to live with than he was a mere few months ago One of the reasons for this is that life is easier for him now than it used to be To begin with, he is much sure of himself motor wise than he was just a few months ago Now he can walk and run and climb with rather admirable skill, so the world of movement is a comfortable one for him Now he can talk so much better than he could at Eighteen or Twenty one months Not only can he express his needs much better, but since Two is a somewhat relaxed, undemanding age, these needs are not so strong as they used to be This happy combinationless vigorous demands and a much better ability to express themmakes it easier for the child to get what he wants from the world Emotionally he seems calmer, surer, better balanced than he was Anger and disappointment are not as strongly felt as formerly, nor are they as strongly expressed He is happy much of the time He likes other people, and they, in turn, find him a delightful companion A few months earlier, the child seemed to favor an extensor posture If you tried to take him onto your lap, he would, as likely as not, straighten out and slide down Now, if you catch him in just the right mood, he may curl up and settle in, and talk to you or merely listen Two expresses affection warmly He enjoys you, and you enjoy him Gone is the difficult, demanding little boy or girl with whom you may have suffered just a few short months ago The age of Two usually provides a brief and welcome breathing space for a parent, coming as it does between the difficult, demanding time of Eighteen to Twenty one months and the even difficult and demanding age of Two and a half that is so soon to follow In fact, the year begins so gently that one is not at first aware of the hidden sources of dominating power that will be unleashed in its midstream You as a parent may not feel that you need a tremendous amount of help in living with this delightful little creature Our suggestion is, Enjoy any periods of calm, of equilibrium, of contentment, of comfort while they last, for in many children, especially during the preschool years, they tend to be rather short In these early years one finds that most harmonious stages, when the child seems to be in tune with Nature, comfortable with himself and happy with you, easy to deal with and to live with, tend to be rather brief The Terrible Twos is a phrase that has become a part of our culture This phrase is not entirely correct Any parent of a friendly, amenable Two year old is bound to consider it a definite exaggeration Yet, as your child moves on through this year that begins with his second birthday actually the third year of his life , you will discover, all too soon, what people are talking about The gentle age of Two is all too quickly followed by the age of Two and a half, when things are not so gentle Thus one should say accurately, The Gentle Twos It is not until Two and a half that many children do become rather terrible It is Two and a half, not Two itself, that gives this general age period such a very bad name It is as if the child could not function always on the positive side of life Stages, or ages, when things are fine and in good equilibrium, seem to need to break up and to be followed by stages when things are not so fine and equilibrium is not so steady We call this manner of growing interweaving see Figure 1 Good seems to need to interweave with bad equilibrium with disequilibrium The good, solid equilibrium of any early age seems to need to break up into disequilibrium before the child can reach a higher or mature stage of equilibrium, which again will be followed by disequilibrium But take heart As day follows night, so equilibrium will again return Almost invariably, as your Two year old matures, he reaches the not entirely comfortable stage of Two and a half And since it is at the stages of disequilibrium that the parent or other person who is taking care of the child needs most help, we shall write somewhat briefly of Two, and will give you all the help we can with Two and a half SPECIAL WARNING Rememberplease rememberthat every child not only has his own individualityeven identical twins differ from each other in many important waysbut each also has his own time schedule We describe here ways in which many typical children behave at Two and Two and a half years of age But please dont forget that your own child may quite normally be behind or ahead of this supposedly or less typical schedule Even though children have much in common, not every child hits every stage in exactly the same way or at exactly the same time Also, basic personality will have a strong influence on the way the childs body interprets the complexities of this age A very rigid little boy, for instance, may become even rigid and intractable as he moves from Two to Two and a half A gentle, tractable girl may only temporarily become a little hard to manage Your own handling of your child introduces still another variable Met head on with harsh, unrelenting demands, a Two and a half year old tends to become even rigid, oppositional, negative, and generally difficult than he might otherwise have been Met with skill and kindness, with good preschool techniques, with a little bit of humor, even a very demanding boy or girl may be willing and able to give in now and then If your own child continues gentle and easy to get on with right through the time that he is Two and a half, and does not reach the terrible Two and a half period until he is almost Three, dont be alarmed And if because by nature he is just naturally calm and adaptable, and because your own handling may be superb, he is not ever very terrible at any time during this third year, dont worry about that, either Dont worry about it, but dont credit all of this smoothness to your own handling His younger brother or sister, when he or she comes along, may be very different And if our description of Two and a half year old behavior makes that entire age period seem like a disaster area, it isnt necessarily so Even the Two and a half year old can be as delightful at times as any other preschooler He is often very lovable, engaging, enthusiastic, and appreciative It is interesting, though, that often the stubborn, aggressive side of the Two and a half year olds nature surfaces again when he becomes a teenagermoody, petulant, and all too ready to criticize you as a parent Fortunately, for all his rebelling, his stubborn opposition, even the Two and a half year old still believes that you, his parents, are all powerful and all wonderful The hints, techniques, and warnings that we are about to give you are meant to help you keep things on as smooth a track as possible so that you and your child can most fully enjoy each other while the complex and exquisite process of maturing is going on.Are two year olds really so terrible, or does the world have a slightly skewed view of this sometimes difficult, sometimes adorable lot Drs Ames and Ilg, recognized worldwide as authorities on child behavior and development, offer parents practical advice and enlightening psychological insights on children this age What are two year old girls and boys thinking and feeling How do they see others around them With humor and compassion, the authors describe the general characteristics of these complex toddlers their physical growth trends, their emotional and psychological maturation Also included are insights into how two year olds behave with family and other children, and advice on how to handle them, as well as tings to avoid Included in this book A two year olds view of the worldand himself Bath and dressing routines Sex differences Stories from real life A list of age appropriate toys and books A bibliography for parents Louise Bates Ames and her colleagues synthesize a lifetime of observation of children, consultation, and discussion with parents These books will help parents to better understand their children and will guide them through the fascinating and sometimes trying experiences of modern parenthood.Donald J Cohen, M.D., Director, Yale Child Study Center, Irving B Harris Professor of Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Psychology, Yale School of Medicine Your Two Year Old Terrible or Tender Kindle edition by Your year old Different in many ways from any other living human being And yet, because the individual boy girl does develop to a large extent patterned, predictable way, there are respects which he she will resemble every Only you fully and intimately know your own preschooler Louise Bates Ames Child Development Tracker olds enjoy playing alongside children, but usually keep themselves When conflicts arise, adults need step prevent aggression teach appropriate behaviors Ames Aug , This book tell how child may be acting at age of two half actually separates ages It gives advice on potential help along 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