Ք ✟ The Younger (Thinner) You Diet: How Understanding Your Brain Chemistry Can Help You Lose Weight, Reverse Aging, and Fight Disease hare ⡣ Kindle Author Eric R Braverman ⣒

Ք   ✟ The Younger (Thinner) You Diet: How Understanding Your Brain Chemistry Can Help You Lose Weight, Reverse Aging, and Fight Disease hare ⡣ Kindle Author Eric R Braverman ⣒ Ք ✟ The Younger (Thinner) You Diet: How Understanding Your Brain Chemistry Can Help You Lose Weight, Reverse Aging, and Fight Disease hare ⡣ Kindle Author Eric R Braverman ⣒ chapter 1You Need a Younger Brain for a Younger Thinner Youas i tell my patients, your skin, hair, and nails are repairable and replaceable, and most of your organs can be revitalized But the brain is the one organ you can t replace no matter what you ve seen in horror movies The brain is where your life resides It governs all aspects of your health as well as your emotional state And while you can t get a new brain, you can improve the one you have There are many different ways to literally make your brain younger which can enhance every facet of your health.This chapter will show how you can lose weight permanently once you balance your brain Without taking the brain into account, you can diet for the rest of your life and never be happy with the results.DR BRAVERMAN S LESSON 1 BRAIN SCIENCE 101You don t need to be a scientist to understand how the brain works Simply, the brain is divided into three parts the cerebrum, the brain stem, and the cerebellum The brain stem connects the brain to the rest of the body with hundreds of nerves that branch out from your spinal column The cerebrum is divided into two equal parts called hemispheres, which are linked by a thick band of nerve fibers called the corpus callosum These hemispheres, as well as the cerebellum, have designated areas called lobes Each lobe instructs our bodies to perform unique functions They control automatic processes, such as digestion and breathing, and manage our internal systems.The Problem with DietsYou on a diet is like a hamster racing on a metal wheel You could run as fast as you can all day long, but without fixing your brain chemical deficiency, you ll never escape your weight gain rut.Your brain is like the circuit breaker box in your home When you want to turn a light on, you plug in a lamp and the electricity transfers from the breaker box into the lamp In much the same way, the brain generates and sends electric currents throughout your body, fueling your internal systems and orchestrating your health Illness in the body including weight gain as well as in the brain like a decline in memory or attention is almost always the result of one failing circuit breaker after another.ABC Abnormal Brain ChemistryAbnormal brain chemistry can send you over to the dark side of food temptation, which leads to obesity, which leads to illness Your death certificate will say heart attack, stroke, aneurysm but the catalyst will really be the brain.Now you may be thinking, All that electricity sounds dangerous That s where body fat comes in In some ways, you can think of body fat as nothing than the insulation surrounding the real you.Your body s layer of fat provides crucial insulation that keeps the electricity your brain creates safely within the confines of your skin and bones We all absolutely need some body fat to keep us electrically grounded, as well as warm enough to withstand cold climates The problem, however, is when your body makes insulation than it needs.The four brain chemicals dopamine, acetylcholine, GABA, and serotonin assist in transferring electricity from the brain to the rest of the body at the correct power, speed, rhythm, and synchrony.When you accumulate extra body fat, you re also slowing down every other internal organ system from functioning as they were intended to operate Your body was perfectly designed to work at your leanest body weight But when you gain weight, you re not just adding body fat to your existing layer of insulation Your internal organs are getting bigger, too That means your heart is becoming enlarged your veins and arteries are being stretched your liver fills with fat your skin is clogged with fat your sinuses clog and swell, etc This extra fat literally fills every crevice of the body, which forces each of the affected organs to work harder just to do their normal jobs And when that happens, you are forcing these organs to age faster than they should You begin to feel sick as your body cannot fight infections or diseases because it needs all of its energy just to keep these fatty organs operating at their minimal levels And you ll begin to feel old because you actually are accelerating your own aging process Your organs, muscles, and bones will wear out simply from carrying this extra weight around, and you won t be able to enjoy or even participate in an active life Adding as little as ten ds on an average size frame will begin to disrupt normal body functions for both men and women.It s not just the added ds slowing you down Weight gain contributes to, and is a sign for many of the most common medical illnesses, most of which are aging you prematurely.1 The following conditions affect your organs and systems and are directly related to weight gain many of these will be discussed in detail in Part III BRAIN Alzheimer s disease Dementia DepressionREGULATORY ORGANS OF METABOLISM ENDOCRINE AND THE IMMUNE SYSTEMS Allergies Autoimmune disorders Cancer Chronic inflammation Diabetes mellitus type 2 Gestational diabetes Growth hormone deficiency Hyperlipidemia Metabolic syndrome Thyroid nodules Insulin resistanceMUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM Decreased ambulation Gout Muscle weakening Orthopedic problems OsteoarthritisCARDIOPULMONARY AND VASCULAR SYSTEMS Asthma Blood clots Congestive heart failure Coronary artery disease Decreased lung capacity Heart enlargement Hypertension Respiratory infections Sleep apnea StrokeDIGESTIVE SYSTEM Fatty liver Gallstones GERD Indigestion Irritable bowel syndrome MalnutritionSEXUALITY AND REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM Decreased libido Decreased sexual functioning Chronic yeast infections Infertility Menstrual abnormalitiesKIDNEYS AND URINARY TRACT Kidney disease Kidney stones Protein in the urine Urinary incontinenceSKIN Chronic fungal infections Darkening and thickening of the skin folds Skin disorders Stretch marks WrinklesObesity and the BrainThe brain s electrical power can only light so much space An obese person s body has hundreds lights that need power as the circuitry lengthens and stretches throughout the entire body.DR BRAVERMAN S LESSON 2 CONTROLLING YOUR INTERNAL ELECTRICITYYour increasing waistline may be the first indicator there is a problem with one of the four primary biochemicals that is produced in your brain Each functions differently and determines the brain s effectiveness or brain age by controlling a single aspect of the electricity transfer from the brain to the body These brain chemicals dopamine, acetylcholine, gamma aminobutyric acid GABA , and serotonin can positively affect your weight in distinct ways, yet a deficiency in any of them can lead to food addictions, which can then lead to obesity.Scientists used to believe that there was no way to reverse a brain chemical imbalance They believed that once brain cells were lost, or once your brain chemistry was damaged, you were stuck forever However, the latest research is finding that these ideas are not only outdated, but untrue The science of neurogenesis is showing that we each have the capacity to grow new brain cells, and retrain the brain to produce better, enhanced brain chemistry on demand This means that by correcting your brain chemistry through this program, not only can you increase your metabolism so that you will lose weight, you can create a youthful brain.Neurogenesis is the ability to create new brain cells, which is the key to keeping you younger and thinner.Recent data suggests that anywhere from 2 to 10 points of an increase in IQ is associated with brain cell growth Research also shows that medications, including antidepressants, not only improve your brain chemistry, but they actually build new brain cells That s why I believe that any modality that can facilitate neurogenesis or brain cell growth including medications, natural hormone therapies, and specific nutrients and supplements is not only important, it s vital to living a younger life Getting fat and senile is not inevitable Instead, we can age intelligently and gracefully our brains will stay young, and we ll have restful sleep, better memory and attention, and a better overall mood Most of all, new brain cell growth leads to weight loss, so we can stay trim and slim.More on the Brain Body ConnectionRapid or significant weight gain is one of the hallmarks of a dopamine deficiency While most doctors recognize that obesity is a metabolic disorder, they miss the point Metabolism is governed by dopamine The Younger Thinner You program will enhance your body s natural production of dopamine so that you can lose excess weight and keep it off for good.Dopamine Creates Brain PowerVoltage is the intensity at which the brain instructs the body to work This forcefulness is controlled by the brain chemical dopamine, which, in terms of weight loss, is the most important of the four brain chemicals Dopamine is your brain s natural power source, which keeps you mentally and physically energized throughout the day Voltage and dopamine control your metabolism the ability to turn food into fuel When your voltage is low, you don t have energy, making your brain and body sluggish At the same time, without dopamine, your metabolism slows down When this happens, any unused fuel starts to bulk up in the form of body fat.Who s Your Daddy New studies conducted by Brookhaven National Laboratory and the North American Association for the Study of Obesity suggest that many women have impaired dopamine levels, regardless of their age.2 , 3 Many can trace this imbalance back to inheriting a bad set of genes, particularly if they were the daughter of an alcoholic This genetic deficiency may be the reason why you find yourself eating all the time Just like an alcoholic, you are suffering from an addiction, only this time the culprit is food While you can t fix the gene, you can change your destiny by changing your diet.If you are always running low on dopamine, you ll gain weight despite your best efforts at dieting No matter how much you exercise or how little you eat, you will never be able to kick start your metabolism to burn calories faster and efficiently However, you can correct a dopamine deficiency just by teaching your brain to create of this vital chemical, and I ll show you how you can train your brain to make dopamine The dopamine you have, the faster your metabolism will work, which will not only reverse your tendency to gain weight, but provide the fast burning metabolism you need to lose the weight you want.The Younger Thinner You Diet specifically increases the production of dopamine You ll be eating foods, herbs, spices, and teas every day at every meal that naturally raise your dopamine What s , many of these foods have a thermogenic property They improve your brain s capacity to increase cell energy and pump fuel to your vital organs This means that they improve your metabolism as you are eating them.Equally important, dopamine levels directly influence your ability to manage general as well as specific food cravings Dopamine controls how we quantify the feeling of satisfaction we experience when we are eating a meal When this brain chemical is balanced we can eat until we feel physically full in our stomachs, and emotionally satisfied in the brain Dopamine allows us to experience a single, wonderful glass of wine, or one helping of dessert, and then walk away from the table However, if our dopamine levels are low, we may not ever recognize a sense of satisfaction emotionally or physically Without the right amount of dopamine, the circuits in our brains do not relay the message that we feel satisfied and full Instead of walking away from the table, we ll just keep eating and eating and eating We are never emotionally or physically fulfilled by food, no matter how much we ve eaten.Those with low dopamine levels can finish an entire loaf of bread in a sitting, or eat a pint of ice cream without getting an emotional or physical rush You can unknowingly develop an addictive relationship with food, in which you ll need ever larger quantities just to reach some level of reward.As I said before, low dopamine individuals often feel sluggish, even cranky When we feel this way, we experience an instinctive, often unconscious attempt to bring the fire back Low dopamine individuals unconsciously crave caffeine, as well as foods that will deliver an energy boost They tend to choose high sugar, fast digesting carbohydrates, and they will eat them in copious quantities because they are trying to feel energized Each of these stimulants actually boost dopamine production, so in effect you are self medicating a low dopamine level correctly, although dangerously, because these foods are contributing to your weight gain.You can get your metabolism running better and break the cycle of food addiction largely through choosing to eat foods that are the building blocks for creating dopamine foods in the lean protein group that are high in phenylalanine and tyrosine Chapter 3 will give you complete information on the right foods for you to choose You can also start boosting your dopamine right away by cutting out as much sugary foods and processed simple carbs from your diet as possible By taking both of these steps, you ll immediately begin to get your brain in better shape.Acetylcholine Controls Brain SpeedSpeed measures how fast electrical signals are processed from the brain to the body It directly affects how we think and how we retain information in the forms of memory and attention But when the brain loses speed, it loses power and dopamine , disrupting the flow of electricity and slowing down all bodily functions When your brain speed slows due to an acetylcholine deficiency, you might become forgetful, and experience a loss of mental and physical quickness Some people describe this as brain fog Memory and attention disturbances can cause us to make bad choices, especially with food.Low on Dopamine Do you recognize when you are full Do you feel happy after eating Can a small snack like a piece of fresh fruit tide you over until the next meal When following other diets, have you found that you were always hungry, even after you finished a meal Do you drink copious amounts of liquid with your meals Your speed is governed by the brain chemical acetylcholine, the primary function of which is to provide the lubricants and insulation for our muscles, bones, and other internal systems in the form of fat This is one of the reasons why foods with healthy fats are an important part of any diet But when we are running low on acetylcholine, the body cannot naturally produce enough internal lubrication, and we literally dry out You ll recognize this feeling if you begin to crave fat and fatty foods Your brain is telling you to provide the necessary extra layer of lubrication But sometimes we get this message and get carried away eating too much fatty food And then you know what happens.Missing Acetylcholine Have you ever had an eating disorder Do you crave fried foods Do you eat fast food several times per week Do you usually drink at least one serving of alcohol with lunch or dinner Do you eat because you have attention or memory problemsDr Braverman identifies the missing component of addictive eating imbalances in your brain chemistry His program corrects the problem and makes it possible to stick to his and other great dietary programs for thinness and your health Nicholas Perricone, MD, FACN, Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the Yale University School of Medicine, and author of the bestsellers The Wrinkle Cure and The Perricone PrescriptionDr Braverman has done it again With his keen understanding of the workings of the brain and each individual s different brain requirements, he is able to rev up your brain metabolism to increase energy and burn body fat It works, it s easy, it s long lasting and leads to life long good health This is no fad diet This is good science and powerful If you haven t been able to crack the code of your personal weight loss you will find the answers here Say goodbye to unwanted weight forever Suzanne Somers, author of 18 books, including the latest New York Times bestseller Breakthrough Eight Steps to WellnessThe epidemic of obesity in this country portends a significant increase of serious health problemsdiabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and even dementia and cancer Dr Braverman s solutionemphasizing the consumption of herbs, spices, and teas to alter brain and body metabolism promises to reshape our culture and our waistlines Isadore Rosenfeld, MD, FACP, FACC, Rossi Distinguished Professor of Clinical Medicine at New York Weill Cornell Medical Center, and author of Live Now, Age Later, Power to the Patient, and Doctor, What Should I Eat Younger Thinner You Diet How Understanding Your Brain Younger Chemistry Can Help Lose Weight, Reverse Aging, and Fight Disease MD Eric R Braverman on FREE shipping qualifying offers New research in nutrition weight loss has revealed an amazing discovery the brain virtually neglected all other diet plans is most important organ dieting Hair Extensions Look Younger, Instantly Welcome to Affordable Hair by Christy comes your location San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles area The Secret a YOUNGER, THINNER LOOKING, MORE CONFIDENT YOU PATH Medical Dr PATH To Total Health Extend Life with st Century Medicine uses latest technology techniques for health News Optics David Rips, president of Optics, was honored COLA California Optical Laboratories Association this past weekend, when members organization presented him their Goodfellow Award at annual meeting here Ways Without Makeup Surgery year old Ernestine Shepherd looks younger than people her age because Exercise reasons exercise helps you look circulate nutrients oxygen skin make radiant Make Dull Skin Glow basically kick starts collagen production process building which slows down as get older Konig North America Reduce Cycle Time Cost Improve Quality Inner Thigh Exercises Fat Fast Just like belly fat, flabby arms double chin fat need lose over body these fast inner thigh even if did world s best All re going do firm up thighs while losing very little no Again, rid actually With Allure right tricks, turning back clock can be simple opening makeup bag s Wikipedia pronounced nineteen tens, also abbreviated teens decade Gregorian calendar that began January ended December , represented culmination European militarism had its beginnings during second half th century conservative lifestyles first decade, well legacy Looking What Wear Reader When figuring out how 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not found counting carbs, grams, calories Obesity chemical imbalance, addictive disorder, treated successfully only through combined diet, nutrients, hormones Review rather stomach revolutionary way slim down, stay healthy The Dieters foods, teas, spices balance freedieting Background created Braverman, we have difficulty imbalanced DietBlogTalk takes readers thinking about Its author suggests loss, gain, along aging are problem, just problem Weight Aging thinner turf produce healthier better lawns Pro After days, cut showed deeper, denser vigorous rooting Surface appearance better, higher Normalised Difference Vegetation Index score Review Overview good point book DietHe points involved almost every rarely discussed books programs Thinner IMDb Watch videoTitle Want IMDb rating own site Use HTML below Books Next Year And whereas Year told why six days week tells eat exercise, aerobic workouts lifetime supply whole strength exercises Sacred build muscle, protect joints, add mobility PATH Edge Effect Achieve Longevity Balanced Advantage national bestseller, now paperback breakthrough program preventing Dr Book Appointment York, NY internal medicine specialist NY been practicing He graduated York University School Of specializes medicine, geriatric Braverman Personality Type Assessment Online Test test following recommendations taken directly Sterling Publications, Alpha A H Glen Rock, NJ High Alphabetical Listing H indexed Created updated Peter Ross Home Career Page GR Class Reunions Rock News Ray Romano Raymond Albert born stand comedian, actor screenwriter known role sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, he received Emmy Award, voice Manny Ice Age film seriesHe starred TNT comedy drama Men Certain From State Connecticut Telephone Directory List Employees AARONS, Ingrid C AARRESTAD, Ansel O J ABADOM, Catherine GABA Gamma Amino Butyric Acid DNC GABA Acid INTRODUCTION acid amino acts neurotransmitter central nervous system Miami Beach Realtors Aventura Pembroke Pines 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medically needed Amino Acids By Braverman Summa Cum Laude Phi Beta Kappa graduate Brandeis NYU School, eric r braverman results braverman Brain, Sharper Mind Step Plan Preserving Improving Memory Attention Any Americas Doctor Apr Unabridged Kevin Stillwell Audible Audiobook Kindle Edition City, Visit RateMDs reviews, contact info, practice history, affiliated hospitals About Meet Board Certified Anti Medicine, Florida Department Psychiatry Brian Disciplinary Action against agrees review charts twice month, light matters addressed paragraph Order, licensed physician, who shall employee but suggested approved Examiners, sole expense, Tried Change Clinton Foundation December, board Bill, Hillary Chelsea salary ,, plus bonus, Yale educated CEO, voting extend Mysterious Disappearance Former CEO As FBI continues widespread investigation into foundation, vanishing act internet wondering mainstream media curiously uninterested Author Goodreads avg rating, ratings, published rati Path Internal works Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Center leading figure care, reveals dramatic impact proper nourishment quality His longevity being balancing four neurotransmitters Liam Neeson Wikipdia Biographie N dans une famille irlandaise de confession catholique, il grandi pendant le conflit nord irlandaisIl trois urs Il habite aux tats Unis depuis t naturalis amricain en et possde donc les nationalits britannique amricaine Lors la promotion du Taken, Liam affirm qu tait professeur un collge avant se lancer The Younger (Thinner) You Diet: How Understanding Your Brain Chemistry Can Help You Lose Weight, Reverse Aging, and Fight Disease


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