స reading ׆ Why We Don't Suck: And How All of Us Need to Stop Being Such Partisan Little Bitches online ಊ Kindle Ebook By Denis Leary ತ

స reading ׆ Why We Don't Suck: And How All of Us Need to Stop Being Such Partisan Little Bitches online ಊ Kindle Ebook By Denis Leary ತ స reading ׆ Why We Don't Suck: And How All of Us Need to Stop Being Such Partisan Little Bitches online ಊ Kindle Ebook By Denis Leary ತ SHORTEST OPENING CHAPTER EVERI was sitting in the Miss Worcester Diner with my dad one day in 1965 when the guy behind the counter delivered my cheeseburger and said to him, John, is there anything you cant do Some guys who come in here say youre the best mechanic they ever worked with, other guys say as a carpenter and electrician you could pretty much build your own house On top of which you play a great accordion, and I hear you were a pretty goddamned fast man on the Gaelic football field both over in Ireland and right around the corner here in Crompton Park But if someone asked you to pick one thing and say thats what you are, how would you answer My dad looked up from his coffee and said, An American.If youre going through hell, keep on going.Winston ChurchillLead, follow, or get the fuck out of my way.General George S PattonOH SAY CAN YOU SCREAMDear Hillary supporters So it wasnt the end of the world.Trump was victorious And one year later the sky hasnt fallen, the sun still rises, and Cher didnt move to Canada Plus, Canadas not building a wall to keep US out.Yet.There will be no Trumpageddon Or Hillary Apology Tour.Dear Trump supporters Despite what your hero says, the press is not the enemy of the American people The real enemy of the American people is butterand politicians who have no sense of humor Too many of us have turned into chubby fast food junkies who cant take a fucking joke.The president is guilty on both counts.And no matter how many misspelled tweets and blabbermouth declarations he makes, there was no voter fraud or Yugest Inauguration Crowd Ever Seen.Period.And Trump wont be impeached for election ambiguities or for damaging the ozone with a massive carbon footprint comprised mostly of hair spray Its very simple math the House of Representatives cant agree on a catered lunch, never mind removing the president.Democrats moan, Republicans groan Hillary speaks, the president tweets Leaving people like me to ask the really important questions, like Whatever happened to covfefe flavored covfefe American politics has always been a clown show, but our latest presidential circus finished as a fifty fifty proposition that left this country divided right down the middle Trumps hyperpatriotic motto MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN resonated with one half of the population The rest bought into the ultrabland HILLARY FOR AMERICA They both promised to bring back manufacturing jobs.Which will all be done by robots within the next seven years.And this clowniest of all clown shows ended up with no clowning at all Funny friends I love from both sides of the aisle have lost their minds and all attempts at humor as they rage tweet against Republicans or tweet brag at the Democrats in a nonstop series of social media insult bombs Hillary and Trump are both infected by the unfunny flu Now theyre coming to get the rest of us But not on my fucking watch MakeAmericaLaughAgainFake News Trump won in a landslide.Alternative Fact Hillary handed him a last minute squeaker.Trump promised to drain the swamp He didnt He just filled it up to overflowing with rich friends and family members Just like Hillary would have done And each tribe still drenches our electronic devices on a weekly basis, continuing the political turmoil with ridiculous partisan bullshit.Chelsea Clinton tries to tell Republicans at large that she doesnt care about money After a three million dollar wedding to a hedge fund founder Eric Trump says Democrats arent even peopleunless they play golf on Trump owned courses, Im guessing Because Erics only real contribution to society so far is knowing the difference between a nine iron and a lob wedge And how much to charge you for using both MakeAmericaGolfAgainMeanwhile, nothing gets done in D.C They hold hearings to form committees to figure out sound bites to get book deals and fatter lobbying funds Theyre not fighting for us, theyre fighting for TV timeand free filet mignon.And what are the actual voters doing Were worried about Russian wiretaps on our Chinese phones while driving Japanese cars made in Mexico and sipping Guatemalan lattes topped off with Canadian milk MakeAmericaAnxiousAgainTrump puts a tanning bed in the Lincoln Bedroom Hillary gets paid for making speeches about why she isnt sleeping there While Im still trying to decipher exactly what her motto was supposed to mean HILLARY FOR AMERICA She would have been better off with a truthful approach HEY, AMERICAITS MY FUCKING TURN Trump won with 306 electoral college votes, finishing forty fifth out of the fifty eight presidential elections in American history Most high ranking civil servants would shy away from discussing such pedestrian results and humbly enter office hoping to change peoples minds with four years of positive bipartisan action.Not The Donald.He decided to ignore the math and manufacture fantasy figures about My Amazing Victory and My Large Electoral College Numbers and The Biggest Mandate Ever Can you really trust this man when he says, I guarantee theres no problem, regarding the size of his own penis Forget Billy Bush and grab em by the pussy Heres some REAL locker room talk guys with big cocks dont boast about them.Theyre too busy fucking.Meanwhile, how insane is it that our most recent round of presidential debates devolved into a discussion about the girth and length of a male candidates genitalia Let me speak for every guy I knowfrom both ends of the political spectrumwhen I say this in a VERY bipartisan voice Ewwwww.And let me publicly record the reaction of every woman I know from age nineteen to ninety EWWWWWWWWWW If we ever needed proof that its time for a woman to lead this country, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump provided it live one night on national TV when they both acted like fourteen year old boys at a circle jerk Im surprised Carly Fiorinas head didnt explode Can you imagine her beginning a debate by saying, The education budget is tight and so is my vagina No.The only recorded instance of Carly discussing her breasts in public was to warn other women about early cancer detection While Trump and Rubio aimed street corner crotch arrows at each other, Carly was focused on real issues, whether you agreed with her or not.So clearly one would think much of America was primed for a smart, classy, female voice speaking into its most powerful public microphone And former Secretary of State Clinton seemed to have that bull by the horns Two weeks before November 8 she held what looked like an insurmountable lead Part of which actually held up, because Hillary won the popularity portion of the contest by almost three million votes.Which is probably how many e mails she erased during the course of her campaign.If youre a Hillary fan or an extreme die hard liberal, stop reading this book right now Its only going to melt your lefty gossamer wings Go buy Elizabeth Warrens new book I May Look Like Annette Bening, But Im Really a Native American Itll teach you how to pay higher taxes while quoting Rosa Parks.If youre a Trump fan or an extreme right wing conservative, close this book and put it back on the shelf immdiatement thats French for now Cause otherwise your sanctimonious Second Amendment toes will curl up and pretty soon you are gonna be wicked fuckin pissed thats Boston for angry.Go to the current affairs and politics section of the bookstore, which is where you should find something to soothe your soul Like the latest edgy Ann Coulter book that might as well be titled Democrats Can Suck My Dick.By the way, I can pretty much guarantee you that Anns dick is bigger than both Donalds and Hillarys combined Whether you like her or not, Ann doesnt take shit from anyone I wish Bill OReilly had placed a midnight masturbation call to Coulter His cock would still be stuck in a No Spin Zone.If youre holding a hardcover copy of this book or perusing it on an iPad or your smartphone, its late 2017 or early 2018 and America remains the greatest country on earth If youre watching these words fly through the air on the new Apple iGram their Hologram Launchpad Device , its 2028 and some of you are probably still flipping out about what a popular vote drubbing Senator Jon Stewart and Congressman Stephen Colbert just took from President elect Dwayne Johnson and Vice President Joe Piscopo, even after all those lurid stories broke about Joe banging The Rocks seventeen year old babysitter.But all was seemingly forgiven when Joe did his hilarious throwback Sinatra impression as he guest hosted SNL the weekend before Election Day Referencing the May December relationship during a parody version of My Waywith twenty two year old cast member Suri Jolie Pitt McConaughey Cruise playing the object of his affectionthe former New Jersey governor slayed on social media with members of Generation Ys Second Wave Millennials.In retrospect its clear the country was due to go Republican again after eight years of Elaine Benes But the good news is that ex President Louis Dreyfus will soon return to HBO and star in a half hour comedy series written and created by her former second in command, Vice President Larry David.And even though all he did was play golf for almost two full termsestablishing a probably never to be broken Guinness World Record for Most Consecutive Days Playing a Sport 2,837 David deserves our thanks for stepping in to take over after Bernie Sanders went off the rails with his Free Health Care for Former Isis Members proposal in March 2021.President Rock, whose famed campaign slogan ChiselMeIn really caught fire, has sworn to uphold his promise to change the spelling of America on day one of his new administration, officially replacing the e with a u.President Trumpwho was forced to resign from office after admitting his Trump ties were made by Chinese orphans paid in organic rice balls This isnt some cheap rice out of an Uncle Bens box, folks I hear its the best tasting rice in the world praised President Rocks victory on his hit Trump Network TV show Big League, Big Hands, while gifting each audience member a free photo of himself and fourth wife Hailey Baldwin.Meanwhile, Melanias controversial 2019 deportation by Donald made news again after New York City mayor Chelsea Clinton welcomed the exfirst lady back to the United States during Fashion Week, only to find out her father, Bill, was accused of groping several models during the show, which stole the media spotlight from the release of Hillarys latest best selling book, Orange Is the New Electoral College My Prison Epiphanies.Sound ridiculous Not any.What may have played out like political science fiction a scant twelve months ago now seems to be a foreseeable future This is what happens when Amuricans have such limited alternatives.Last year, if you asked me the famous who do you want answering the White House phone at three oclock in the morning question, my response wouldve been immediate Not Bill Clinton While hes getting blown by another pudgy intern And no members of the Bush family Especially ones not named George What the hell kind of name is Jeb Sounds like a jar of discount fucking peanut butter He shouldve copped that old advertising catchphrase for his campaign motto Choosy conservatives choose Jeb I agree with what David Letterman once said Bush presidencies are like the Godfather films youre better off stopping after two.Ive had enough of the Clintons and the Bushes, the same faces and arguments for the last three decades Forget hope and changewhat happened to choices In a country where you can buy sixty seven different flavors of ice cream, binge watch 435 TV shows, and customize your morning coffee until its actually just another flavor of ice cream, how is it we only get two political parties to pick from What the fuck This year, having blown through eight bazillion dollars and sixteen months of televised screaming, we were left with these two options an apricot colored man who refers to himself as Ratings Machine DJT, and a woman who hasnt worn a dress since 1985.What The fuck Hillary reminds me of an angry math nun I had in seventh grade So every time she began bellowing out another stilted speech on TV, my spine would harden like I forgot to do my homework And whenever she managed to lower her humorless voice to its Nurse Ratched register, I turned into Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest it just made me wanna piss her off even Hillarys patronizing Missile of Shame launchpad approach often backfired The basket of deplorables were already supporting Donald, but a lot of undecided voters were turned off by her lecturous indignation Hard to be smug when you sound like a seagull.Thats not sexism, folks Its nunism.Then she would go on Ellen or Fallon or some other breezy talk show and be charmingly relaxed with a sunshiny smile and a happy disposition.What The Fuck.You can count on half of one hand the times Trump has actually laughed out loud in public Once on Fallon when Jimmy mussed up the astonishing mound of chemical products that hold his head in place, and once at the annual Al Smith Dinner when Hillary zinged him with some great one liners He certainly wasnt smiling when Obama and Seth Meyers peppered him comically at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner His skin was so thin you could practically see his Big Mac brain stem vowing revenge It was a joy to observe Like a scientific experiment in pomposity.I love watching Trump deal with descending the stairs of Air Force One THATS a true laugh jackpot He looks like a timid toddler every single timeeyes glued to his feet as if hes just downed a stolen bottle of Tia Maria and didnt know he had to exit the aircraft Watch his process whenever he deplanes 1 Stand stock still.2 Quickly wave to whoever the fuck.3 Stare down and pray Left foot, right foot Repeat.4 EYES DOWN DONT LEAN TOO FAR FORWARD WE CAN DO THIS Each time he reaches ground level the sense of relief is deafening Check the Access Hollywood tape The disgusting misogyny grenade overshadowed his concern about exiting that bus He stood at the top of the stairs, paused for a moment and said, Its always good if you dont fall out of the bus Like Gerald Ford, remember Then he took a deep breath, stared down, and began to gingerly move his worried white feet.America will not be disappointed Sure to offend some readers, but many will find plenty of food for thought while also getting in a good laugh Leary s ribbing of social media, complete with fake tweets from famous individuals, is particularly amusing Kirkus Reviews Why Don t We This site uses cookies By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing our use of We and partners operate globally for purposes such as analytics, personalization, functionality serving ads Wikipedia Why commonly abbreviated WDW is an American pop band Assembled on September has five members Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, Corbyn Besson, Zach Herron, Jonah Marais Each had previously recorded solo artists whydontwemusic Instagram photos videos m Followers, Following, Posts See videos from Something Different Official Music Video Apr , Something Licensed YouTube by WMG behalf Atlantic PD UMPG Publishing, ASCAP, Sony ATV UMPI, UBEM, SOLAR Rights Management, CMRRA, Twitter It s here hope this album makes feel Whether it be happiness, sadness, or excitement, we all enjoy every second Our lives careers so far have led up moment Read, Revisited The New Yorker All know that, when Americans sit down read, they still typically read about hour a half, but fewer doing so, less often Home Facebook Who your soulmate Quiz Quotev Find out who perfect match Members, Info, Trivia Famous Birthdays Also known WDW, quintet social media stars best their work with Logan Paul Their first live show was in December over million followers Won Ever Carry Richard Rohr There difference between deeper heretical One carry because Catholic, other don t, also Catholic Reply Karm Debattista November at am should exercise why Harvard Health Even people can like to, swim get good workout walking through water Try fast, ll cardiovascular benefits Walking great way rehabilitate if re recovering injury certain types surgery talk name, success Newsday On Dec interviewed brand new band, We, Studio Webster Hall Manhattan small theater one d see old school location allthetests Questions Developed Kellie taken quiz how well Speak Up Psychology Today In addition, ability generate ideas, especially really different radically elevates, trust that will not rejected, diminished judged Get Fat And What Do About Gary Taubes Fulfillment FBA service offer sellers lets them store products fulfillment centers, directly pack, ship, provide customer these If internet addictive, regulate Aeon registered charity committed spread knowledge cosmopolitan worldview But do without Make donation Bill Gates dangers artificial intelligence I Bill passionate technology advocate big surprise his predictions future computing aren uniformly positive During Leslie Morgan Steiner domestic violence victims Leslie crazy love is, madly man routinely abused her threatened life tells story relationship, correcting misconceptions many hold violence, explaining help break silence SparkNotes Help Help Welcome SparkNotes brilliant, book smart friend, ace test, transform paper into pure gold, understand even most intricately plotted Shakespeare plays Dan Gilbert make bad decisions TED Talk Dan presents research data exploration happiness sharing some surprising tests experiments try yourself Watch end sparkling QA familiar faces VHEMT Phasing human race voluntarily ceasing breed allow Earth biosphere return health Crowded conditions resource shortages improve become dense sentimental Does serve purpose Function teary eyed special song link smell memory emotions wrong sentimentality Think We need STEM majors Washington Post business level government, hear important graduate students majoring science, technology, engineering math, nation competitiveness depends LEEKSPIN DOT COM You ve been spinning Fears Tech Stock Multiples Add Up, Bulls Say Shares companies Netflix Salesforce surged year, driving stock market higher pushing valuations what investors consider worrisome levels I Want Be Right To change false beliefs, appealing person sense self may than facts Register now Fetch dvm conference San Diego, At conference, believe evidence based learning funDenis Leary Denis Colin born August actor, comedian, writer producer star co creator Rescue Me, which ended its seventh final season He starred films including playing Captain George Stacy Marc Webb film, Amazing Spider Man, Cleveland Browns Head Coach Vince Penn Ivan Reitman Draft Day, No Cure Cancer endor Drugs Ladies Gentlemen, due illness, tonight part Leary, played welcome Thank Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Worcester, Massachusetts, de agosto es un comediante, escritor, productor y actor estadounidense nominado al Emmy Globo oroEstudi en el Emerson College BostonHa trabajado comedia vivo, varias series televisin pelculas desde ao que hizo su debut pelcula Long Walk Forever, incluyendo WILLEM Small Soldiers Ice Wikipdia Biographie est le fils immigrants irlandais Il fait ses tudes secondaires Saint Peter Marian High School Worcester et poursuit l Boston o il se lie amiti avec Mario CantoneAprs avoir obtenu son diplme enseigne comdie criture pendant cinq ans Carrire attore, regista, sceneggiatore e cantante statunitense, noto per comicit spesso mordace tendenza fumare ininterrottamente Leben und Karriere Kindheit Jugend wurde Massachusetts geboren Seine Eltern John Nora waren katholische, irische Einwanderer aus KillarneySein Vater war Automechaniker seine Mutter ein Dienstmdchen Raising Money National Firefighters event raised funds much needed firefighting equipment support firefighters says selflessly protect communities statement Story Rod Stewart Penis If caught Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last night, were lucky enough share time he saw penis dates back Monument Ave Ian Hart, Jason TV THE JOB Martin Sheen AMERICAN PRESIDENT explosive power loyalty, community, friendship world organized crime For Music Product Description Comic riffs hit Off Broadway landed gigs MTV various Nike commercials, notably Bo Jackson think me comin sneers Why We Don't Suck: And How All of Us Need to Stop Being Such Partisan Little Bitches


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