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ᆇ Free online novels ᇢ Book By Marina Abramovic ሬ ᆇ Free online novels ᇢ Book By Marina Abramovic ሬ 1.I was walking into the forest with my grandmother one morning It was so beautiful and peaceful I was only four years old, a tiny little one And I saw something very strangea straight line across the road I was so curious that I went over to it I just wanted to touch it Then my grandmother screamed, so loud I remember it so strongly It was a huge snake.That was the first moment in my life that I really felt fearbut I had no idea what I should be afraid of Actually, it was my grandmothers voice that frightened me And then the snake slithered away, fast.It is incredible how fear is built into you, by your parents and others surrounding you Youre so innocent in the beginning you dont know.I come from a dark place Postwar Yugoslavia, the mid 1940s to the mid 70s A Communist dictatorship, Marshal Tito in charge Perpetual shortages of everything, drabness everywhere There is something about Communism and socialismits a kind of aesthetic based on pure ugliness The Belgrade of my childhood didnt even have the monumentalism of Red Square in Moscow Everything was somehow secondhand As though the leaders had looked through the lens of someone elses Communism and built something less good and less functional and fucked up.I always remember the communal spacesthey would be painted this dirty green color, and there were these naked bulbs that gave off a gray light that kind of shadowed the eyes The combination of the light and the color of the walls made everyones skin yellowish greenish, like they were liver sick Whatever you did, there would be a feeling of oppression, and a little bit of depression.Whole families lived in these massive, ugly apartment blocks Young people could never get an apartment for themselves, so every flat would contain several generationsthe grandmother and grandfather, the newlywed couple, and then their children It created unavoidable complications, all these families jammed into very small places The young couples had to go to the park or the cinema to have sex And forget about ever trying to buy anything new or nice.A joke from Communist times A guy retires, and for having been such an exceptional worker, he is awarded, instead of a watch, a new car, and they tell him at the office hes very luckyhell get his car on such and such a date, in twenty years.Morning or afternoon the guy asks.What do you care the official asks him.I have the plumber coming the same day, the guy says.My family didnt have to endure all this My parents were war heroesthey fought against the Nazis with the Yugoslav partisans, Communists led by Titoand so after the war they became important members of the Party, with important jobs My father was appointed to Marshal Titos elite guard my mother directed an institute that supervised historic monuments and acquired artwork for public buildings She was also the director of the Museum of Art and Revolution Because of this, we had many privileges We lived in a big apartment in the center of BelgradeMakedonska Street, number 32 A large, old fashioned 1920s building, with elegant ironwork and glass, like an apartment building in Paris We had a whole floor, eight rooms for four peoplemy parents, my younger brother, and mewhich was unheard of in those days Four bedrooms, a dining room, a huge salon our name for the living room , a kitchen, two bathrooms, and a maids room The salon had shelves full of books, a black grand piano, and paintings all over the walls Because my mother was the director of the Museum of the Revolution, she could go to painters studios and buy their canvasespaintings influenced by Czanne and Bonnard and Vuillard, also many abstract works.When I was young, I thought our flat was the height of luxury Later I discovered it had once belonged to wealthy Jews, and had been confiscated during the Nazi occupation Later I also realized the paintings my mother put in our apartment were not very good Looking back, I thinkfor these and other reasonsour home was really a horrible place.My mother, Danica, and my father, Vojinknown as Vojohad a great romance during World War II An amazing storyshe was beautiful, he was handsome, and each saved the others life My mother was a major in the army, and she commanded a squad on the front lines that was responsible for finding wounded partisans and bringing them to safety But once during a German advance she came down with typhus, and was lying unconscious among the badly wounded, with a high fever and completely covered by a blanket.She could have easily died there if my father hadnt been such a lover of women But when he saw her long hair sticking out from under the blanket, he simply had to lift it to take a look And when he saw how beautiful she was, he carried her to safety in a nearby village, where the peasants nursed her back to health.Six months later, she was back on the front lines, helping to bring injured soldiers back to the hospital There she instantly recognized one of the badly wounded as the man who had rescued her My father was just lying there, bleeding to deaththere was no blood available for transfusions But my mother discovered that she had the same blood type, and gave him her blood and saved his life.Like a fairy tale Then the war divided them once .But they found each other again, and when the war was over, they married I was born the following yearNovember 30, 1946.The night before I was born, my mother dreamed she gave birth to a giant snake The next day, while she was leading a Party meeting, her water broke She refused to interrupt the meeting until it was over only then would she go to the hospital.I was born prematurelythe birth was very difficult for my mother The placenta didnt come out completely she developed sepsis Again she almost died she had to stay in the hospital for almost a year For a while after that, it was hard for her to continue working, or to raise me.At first, the maid took care of me I was in poor health and not eating wellI was just skin and bones The maid had a son, the same age as me, to whom she fed all the food I couldnt eat the boy became big and fat When my grandmother Milica, my mothers mother, came to visit and saw how thin I was, she was horrified She immediately took me home to live with her, and there I stayed for six years, until my brother was born My parents only came to visit me on weekends To me they were two strange people, showing up once a week and bringing me presents I didnt like.They say that when I was small, I didnt like to walk My grandmother would put me in a chair at the kitchen table while she went to the market, and I would be there in the same place when she came back I dont know why I refused to walk, but I think it may have had something to do with being passed around from person to person I felt displaced and I probably thought that if I walked, it meant I would have to go away again somewhere.My parents marriage was in trouble almost immediately, probably even before I was born Their amazing love story and their good looks had brought them togethersex had brought them togetherbut so many things drove them apart My mother came from a rich family and was an intellectual she studied in Switzerland I remember my grandmother saying that when my mother left home to join the partisans, she left behind sixty pairs of shoes, taking only one pair of old peasant shoes with her.My fathers family was poor, but they were great warriors His father had been a decorated major in the army My father had been imprisoned, even before the war, for having Communist ideas.For my mother, Communism was an abstract idea, something shed learned about at school in Switzerland while studying Marx and Engels For her, becoming a partisan was an idealistic choice, even a fashionable one But for my father, it was the only way, because he came from a poor family, and a family of warriors He was the real Communist Communism, he believed, was a way through which the class system could be changed.My mother loved to go to the ballet, the opera, to classical music concerts My father loved roasting suckling pigs in the kitchen and drinking with his old partisan pals So they had almost nothing in common, and that led to a very unhappy marriage They fought all the time.And then there was my fathers love of women, the thing that had drawn him to my mother in the first place.From the beginning of their marriage, my father was constantly unfaithful My mother of course hated it, and soon she came to hate him Naturally I didnt know about any of this at first, while I was living with my grandmother But when I was six, my brother, Velimir, was born and I was taken back to my parents house to live New parents, new house, and new brother, all at the same time And almost immediately, my life got much worse.I remember wanting to go back to my grandmothers house, because it had been such a secure place for me It felt very tranquil She had all these rituals in the morning and in the evening there was a rhythm to the day My grandmother was very religious, and her entire life revolved around the church At six oclock every morning, when the sun would rise, shed light a candle to pray And at six in the evening, shed light another candle to pray again I went to church with her every day until I was six and I learned about all the different saints Her house was always filled with the smell of frankincense and freshly roasted coffee She roasted the green coffee beans and then ground them by hand I felt a deep sense of peace in her house.When I started living with my parents again, I missed those rituals My parents would just wake up in the morning and work all day and leave me with the maids Plus, I was very jealous of my brother Because he was a boy, the first son, he was immediately the favorite This was the Balkan way My fathers parents had seventeen kids, but my fathers mother only kept photographs around of her sons, never the daughters My brothers birth was treated as a great event I found out later that when I was born, my father didnt even tell anyone, but when Velimir came into the world, Vojo went out with friends, drinking, shooting pistols into the air, spending lots of money.Worse still, my brother soon developed some form of childhood epilepsyhe would have these seizures, and everyone hovered around him, giving him even attention Once when no one was looking I was six or seven , I tried to wash him and almost drowned himI put him in the bath, and he went plop, under the water If my grandmother hadnt taken him out, I would have been an only child.I was punished, of course I was punished frequently, for the slightest infraction, and the punishments were almost always physicalhitting and slapping My mother and her sister Ksenija, who moved in with us temporarily, did the punishing, never my father They hit me till I was black and blue I had bruises all over But sometimes they had other methods There was a kind of hidden clothes closet in our apartment, a very deep and dark closetthe word in Serbo Croatian is plakar The door blended into the wall, and it had no doorknob you just pushed it to open it I was fascinated with this closet, and terrified of it I was not allowed to go inside Sometimes when I was bad, thoughor when my mother or my aunt said Id been badthey would lock me in this closet.I was so afraid of the dark But this plakar was filled with ghosts, spiritual presencesluminous beings, shapeless and silent but not at all frightening I would talk to them It felt completely normal to me that they were there They were simply part of my reality, my life And the moment I turned on the light, they would vanish.My father, as I said, was a very handsome man, with a strong, stern face and a thick, powerful looking head of hair A heroic face In pictures of him from the war he is almost always riding a white horse He fought with the 13th Montenegro Division, a group of guerillas that made lightning raids on the Germans it took impossible courage Many of his friends were killed alongside him.His youngest brother had been captured by the Nazis and tortured to death And my fathers guerilla squad captured the guy who had killed his brother and brought him to my father And my father didnt shoot him He said, Nobody can bring my brother back to life, and just let the guy go He was a warrior, and had profound ethics about fighting the war.My father never punished me for anything, never beat me, and I came to love him for that And though he was often absent with his military unit while my brother was still a baby, Vojo and I gradually became best friends He was always doing nice things for meI remember he used to take me to carnivals and buy me sweets.When he took me out, it was rarely just the two of us he was usually with one of his girlfriends And the girlfriend would buy me wonderful presents, which I would bring back home, so happy, and Id say, Oh, the beautiful blond lady bought me all this, and my mother would throw the presents straight out of the window.My parents marriage was like a warI never saw them hug or kiss or express any affection toward each other Maybe it was just an old habit from partisan days, but they both slept with loaded pistols on their bedside tables I remember once, during a rare period when they were speaking to each other, my father came home for lunch and my mother said, Do you want soup And when he said yes, she came up behind him and dumped the hot soup on his head He screamed, pushed the table away, broke every dish in the room, and walked out There was always this tension Theyd never talk There was never a Christmas when anybody was happy.Candidly and vividly sharing her personal struggles as well as her artistic and spiritual discoveries, Abramovic presents a uniquely intense and affecting art memoir Booklist,starred reviewEnchanting and emotionally raw, Walk Through Walls is an honest, gripping, and profound look into the heart and brilliant mind of one of the quintessential artists of the postmodern era Publishers Weekly, starred reviewMarina has lived like an unstoppable force of nature, with the kind of power that leaves me feeling breathless and disquietedwhile at the same time profoundly impressed, awed, and inspired As I turn the pages of her book, I hear her voice in my head, as if she were actually narrating the words When Marina speaks, it sounds as if youre listening to a legendary folktale from the ancient landscapes of the Balkan Mountains Her voice is soothing, calm, and centered It belies the trauma, fear, and darkness coiled at the root of her impulse to express and expunge.Annie Lennox, Vanity FairIn her new memoir, Walk Through Walls, Marina Abramovi exposes herself as provocatively and fearlessly in language as she has done for many years in her largely nonverbal performance art Her page turner of a narrative is at times shockinggenuinely moving, and always coruscatingly honest Elle Walk Through Wallsgives the impression that the phrase real talk may have been coined solely for its author Marina Abramovi The provocative performance artist pulls no punches looking back over her rough childhood and prolific public career But its not all dark recollections Theres plenty of wry wit in her memoir as well, as she reveals insights into her various projects and processes BUST Walk Through Wallstestifies to larger struggles than those of a young, visionary performance artist in an object oriented art worldIt is hard not to read Abramovis work as an unconscious enactment of upending patriarchal norms Los Angeles Review of BooksAbramovi may be the only superstar performance artist in the world at the moment, andthe book itself has the veneer of an ambitious performance piece, as Abramovi exposes her deepest personal wounds and places them next to her artistic triumphs, in order to create a kind of epic mythology around her work The author turns blank pages into a museum of the self, cutting herself open for the sake of the narrative But in Abramovis case, the performance feels even extreme She has actually bled for her life story, onto pristine gallery floors.This Marina is the most charming one, the voice that makes Walk Through Walls propulsively readable New Republic Walk Through Walls is really close to what its like to spend a weekend with her Abramovic is funny, generous, and vituperative, a raconteur and comedian and the sometimes sad sack hero of the epic tale of her mad life New York MagazineMarinas role as an artist, she believes, with a hubris that can sound nave and a humility that disarms any impulse to resent it, is to lead her spectators through an anxious passage to a place of release from whatever has confined them.Judith Thurman, The New YorkerAbramovis story is thoroughly detailed, with brutally honest descriptions of her life and performance pieces, all providing deep insights into her work.an informative, eye opening look at the larger world of art Library Journal The memoirs most powerful moments come whenAbramovishares the most intimate details of the romantic heartaches shes endured Marina pulls no punches about the men shes loved and the artist feels feels present than ever Smithsonian Magazine Walk Through Walls reads as a frank and straightforward retelling of a life storyWhere is the dividing line that separates life and art That question, and tension, make this an electrifying read BookPage There is something intensely enthralling about Abramovis simple, matter of factly candor in surveying, without belaboring, the traumatic formative experiences despite which and, to a large extent, because of which she became the person and artist she is Brainpickings An entertaining page turner dotted with juicy details teems with that wonderfully jumbled, delightful, complicated mix of art and life The Daily Beast Walk Through Walls isas enthralling and powerful as Marina s career and work Riveter s Walk Through Walls is rawly intimate and weirdly mesmericquietly revelatory The Observer UK Walk Through Walls is the story of a relentlessly independent artist thwarted in her quest for total connection with one person who eventually achieves it with thousands Marinas magic derives from an emerging method that involves tests of endurance and deprivation commonly associated with Navy Seal training than with the world of modern art.Just as her performances are impossible to turn away from, I could not put down this book Tom Reiss, Pulitzer and PEN award winning author of The Black Count and The Orientalist Marina Abramovi is famous for fiercely throwing herself, body and soul, into transformation through her art In this intimate memoir, I hear her voice as I read She confesses, confides, complains, instructs, and reflects with intelligence and humor on her difficult but ultimately magical life and liberating work.Willem Dafoe Abramovi is the most celebrated performance conceptual artist in the world, and shes probably the only one with a sense of humor Bryan Appleyard, Sunday Times UK Walk Through Walls is beautiful, panoramic, touching, deep I really love and admire the way Marina confronts all the weird contradictions of myth mixing with daily life She manages to say personal as well as self critical things about herself while still making a self portrait that is rich and full of real self respect What a life Laurie Anderson In The Heart Sutra, Buddha says, Our life on earth is like a morning star, a bubble on water, a drop of dew, lightning in the summer sky, a dream in this floating world For Marina Abramovi, there is no difference between art and life, life is a dream while it lasts, an absolute presence made in a vacuum.Alejandro Jodorowsky Walk Through Walls A Memoir Marina Abramovic Walk on FREE shipping qualifying offers I had experienced absolute freedom felt that my body was without boundaries, limitless 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every step usage, noun pronoun used between After accident which Danny Fenton molecules are infused with ectoplasm, Phantom developed ability walls, well other powers Lunch Lady Ghost intangible ghostMarina Abramovic Abramovic, born Belgrade, Yugoslavia, seminal artists our time Since beginning her career Yugoslavia during early where attended Academy Fine Arts Institute Interdisciplinary education center, capital long durational work, home Abramovi Method website Artist Present career, Belgrade late s, been pioneer art, creating some most important works field Fascinating, unexpectedly deeply moving portrait Abromovic, who sometimes called grandmother hugely successful Wikipedia serbo Belgrado, novembre un artista serba naturalizzata statunitenseAttiva fin dagli anni Sessanta del XX secolo, si autodefinita come la nonna della il suo lavoro esplora le relazioni tra l e pubblico, ed contrasto i limiti corpo possibilit mente Is Rotten Seductive, fearless, outrageous, redefining what nearly forty years Using own vehicle, pushing herself beyond physical mental limits Wikipdia, enciclopdia livre em russo, com alfabeto cirlico pronncia servo croata Srvia, de novembro uma performtica que iniciou sua carreira incio dos anos manteve se atividade desde entoConsidera av da arte Seu trabalho explora relaes entre o plateia, os limites mission Institute Preservation Performance Art MAI cultivate kinds while functioning living archive, preserving hosting performances historic pieces Was Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta Involved Claim Hillary satanic ritual known quot spirit cookingquot Servisch november een Servische kunstenares die zich bezighoudt met videokunst en performanceZe studeerde van tot aan Academie voor Schone Kunsten Belgrado het begin haar carrire maakte ze vooral gebruik geluidsexperimenten Na verloop tijd werden steeds heftiger Ulay Ulay real name Frank Uwe Laysiepen German f k u v zi pn November Solingen, Germany artist Amsterdam Ljubljana, SloveniaSince 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