᠓ Format Kindle וֹ The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau Bell: Tales of a 6' 4", African American, Heterosexual, Cisgender, Left-Leaning, Asthmatic, Black and Proud Blerd, Mama's Boy, Dad, and Stand-Up Comedian For Free ᡠ By W Kamau Bell ᢐ

᠓ Format Kindle וֹ The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau Bell: Tales of a 6' 4", African American, Heterosexual, Cisgender, Left-Leaning, Asthmatic, Black and Proud Blerd, Mama's Boy, Dad, and Stand-Up Comedian For Free ᡠ By W Kamau Bell ᢐ ᠓ Format Kindle וֹ The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau Bell: Tales of a 6' 4", African American, Heterosexual, Cisgender, Left-Leaning, Asthmatic, Black and Proud Blerd, Mama's Boy, Dad, and Stand-Up Comedian For Free ᡠ By W Kamau Bell ᢐ Awkward Thoughts about Superheroes and Doc McStuffins When I was a kid I loved superheroes I loved them in all of their forms I loved comic books, action figures, superhero movies, and even superhero TV shows And I was born in 1973, so superhero TV shows were weird Take the 1970s Spider Man TV show Spider Man wore his web shooters on the outside of his costume because apparently the producers thought they were too big and clunky to fit on the inside of his costume And also apparently the makers of the TV show didnt think that we, the watchers of the TV show, would suspend our disbelief long enough for the producers to make the fake web shooters small enough to put them inside the pretend, not real, made up freaking costume where they belong There was also The Incredible Hulk A TV show that I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED I loved it so much that my mom cut up old clothes of mine that I could wear while watching the show so that when Dr David Banner Hulked out, I could Hulk out too I know you are thinking that it sounds adorable But it wasnt I was six years old, and I was a very ferocious Hulk Very ferocious Youll just have to take my word for it The Polaroids have all been destroyed The Incredible Hulk was a TV show that could only have been born of the 1970s At its core it was one of comic books greatest stories It was Stan Lee and Marvel Comicss twist on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde with a whole lot of Frankenstein thrown in The Hulk was invented in the throes of the Cold War and America was learning to live in constant fear of nuclear annihilation A punythat was the word that the comic often used to describe himscientist named Dr Bruce Banner got exposed to way too much gamma radiation while saving a young man from an explosion of gamma radiation This was a simpler time in superheroes that I honestly miss Back then, a comic book writer could just write bathed in radiation, and the reader would say to themselves, WELL OF COURSE THAT S DEFINITELY GOING TO LEAD TO MAGICAL POWERS AND NOT SOME FORM OF LYMPHOMA People had room for mystery back then Now we know too much The reason that every modern Super man movie sucks is because we all sit in the audience thinking, So wait Lois is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and she can t figure out that the key to Superman s secret identity is glasses The 1970s were the last time that Superman made sense on the big screen And the original Superman movie is still better than every other one since special effects notwithstanding I loved that movie In fact, if you asked me who my favorite actor was in 1978, when it came out, I would have instantly said, Christopher Reeve Even though I had never seen a movie where he played someone other than Superman But when I love something I go all in It s tunnel vision And it s annoying All my friends know who my favorite bands are Living Colour, Fishbone, and Rage Against the Machine favorite athletes Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali favorite, ummm Bruce Lee Bruce Lee comedians Bill Hicks, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Robert Hawkins, Dwayne Kennedy and actors as a kid, Christopher Reeve, and as an adult, Denzel Washington, aka the Greatest Actor of All Time Period And in 1977 my favorite TV show was The Incredible Hulk, and my second favorite TV show was The Dukes of Hazzard, where every week the bright orange car named the General Lee, with the Confederate flag painted on top, would save the day as the two hillbillies, Bo and Luke, inevitably screamed, YEE HAW My mom was so proud But back to superheroes The reason why the 1970s were the last time Superman made sense as a movie is that the 1970s were also the time when Hollywood got dark and cynical It was the rise of the auteur as filmmaker People like Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Stanley Kubrick, and many others Even Steven Spielberg decided to scare the shit out of us all with Jaws And clearly the creators of The Incredible Hulk TV show were all about this darkness too They took a simple comic book tale that every comic book fan could relate to puny guy gets pushed to anger and turns into a huge green monster , and they ladled heaps and heaps of the 1970s on it Actor Bill Bixby played the scientist David Banner Reportedly, the makers of the show renamed the character because they thought the name Bruce sounded too gay, because puny is one thing, but gay was too weird Bixby played David as totally tortured and drowning in guilt He was on the run from the sin of turning himself into a destructive green monster Later, when I watched reruns of the show as an adult, I could tell that Bixby thought he was a much better actor than the show allowed him to be He often had the look of the actor who wanted to be acting up against DeNiro and Pacino but got stuck in TV due to his roles in My Favorite Martian and The Courtship of Eddies Father There was a little I cant believe this shit in his face The same way Harrison Ford looks throughout the first three Star Wars movies, as opposed to how he looks in the 2015 Star Wars movie Thanks for calling me The tone of The Incredible Hulk was dark The soundtrack was not the soundtrack of a fun superhero show It was a soundtrack filled with mourning and melancholy And the theme song was all anxiety and foreboding, and had a sullen voice over that reeked of terror Whenever David was pushed into hulking out, he was riddled with regret for what he was about to do as the Hulk Bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno played David s alter ego, the Hulk, as a reluctant monster In the comic books, the Hulk was partially a comedic character, full of malapropisms and broken sentences like HULK SMASH But on TV, the Hulk didn t talk He just wailed plaintively And the end of every show was virtually exactly the same It featured David skulking out of town, walking down a road usually a freeway , thumbing for rides, while the music ended on a dissonant note of dread There was no YAY The hero has saved the day again And just to fully set it in the 1970s, David was skulking out of town in bell bottoms And that shows you how great an actor Bill Bixby was Bell bottoms are the single most difficult item of clothing to wear while also skulking So even though CBS had taken my simple monster tale and turned it into Midnight Cowboy minus prostitution plus a six foot five inch bodybuilder slathered in green body paint not to say that a six foot five inch bodybuilder slathered in green paint can t participate in prostitution too I LOVED IT I loved it because no matter how much of the 1970s the producers ladled on the show, the core of it still remained A person Banner who felt powerless and bullied who knew deep inside that he was smarter and sensitive than the bullies could rise up against the bullies as his alter ego the Hulk It was literally every comic book geek s dream No one understands how smart and cool am But if they keep pushing me, I ll show them. My love of the Hulk and Spider Man lasted through my teenage years Superman got left behind in the 70s I still watched the movies when they came out, but I didnt buy the comic books Superman becomes boring real fast Hes too strong Too powerful He is invulnerable And his weakness is boring Its a rock A rock from his home planet, Krypton Who cares I couldnt relate to being invulnerable I was a Black kid growing up in America The Hulk and Spider Man were regular people who had extraordinary abilities I was also a regular person I also had extraordinary abilities I mean, I thought I did I hoped I did And there was something else here too The Hulk and Spider Man werent white I mean, yes, they were white people David Banner and Peter Parker were both white men OK, Spider Man was a teenager when he began his superhero career , but when they were superheroes, the Hulk was green usually with purple pants and Spider Man was mostly red and blue You didnt know if Spider Man was white or Black When the Hulk showed up, nobody said, Sure, he looks green But I bet that when he calms down, he whitens up good That meant, as a kid, I could easily envision being Spider Man or the Hulk Everybody knew Superman was white Everybody knew Batman was white And those were the big four superheroes when I was a kid And yes, there were a few Black superheroes around when I was a kid, but nobody really cared about them They were side dishes to the main course superheroes There was Black Lightning, Black Vulcan, the Black Panther Notice anything Yep, when I was a kid it seemed like every Black superhero had to have the word Black in their name Like it wasnt enough that they were Black It wasnt enough that their skin was Black There was seemingly some sort of contractual obligation to put the word Black in their superhero name Bill Cosby made fun of this idea on his cartoon Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids by naming their favorite superhero the Brown Hornet Later, when I grew up, I discovered a Black hero named Blue Marvel, but the only way he got away with not using Black in his name was to cover his face so you couldn t see his skin And there is a story in the comic book that once President Kennedy discovers that the Blue Marvel is actually Black, he asks him to retire, because I guess a president having an affair with Marilyn Monroe is one thing, but a BLACK SUPERHERO ARE YOU CRAZY Creating Black superheroes with the word Black in their names was a way for America to once again normalize whiteness It wasn t White Superman or White Batman or White Green Lantern Because white is normal White doesn t need to be mentioned But Black, on the other hand, needs to be announced To me, it made the superheroes sound less intimidating, less powerful, less normal than their white counterparts I think some of that had to do with my own feelings at the time about being Black I was growing up in post 60s Civil Rights era America I had been taught that Martin Luther King Jr had ended racism one day when he and his friends took a long walk But something didn t feel right about that If racism was over, why was mom always referring to white people as crackers Early on in my stand up act, I had a joke where I said that I was eleven years old before I realized that a cracker was also a delicious snack I was joking, but just barely The best kind of joke And that s what these Black Black superhero names felt like a joke Think of the absolute ludicrousness of a superhero putting his own race in his superhero name You can choose ANY NAME And you choose something with Black in it The whole idea of taking on a superhero name is to protect your secret identity, AND IN YOUR ALIAS YOU ARE GIVING OUT CLUES TO WHO YOU ARE It would be like if instead of Clark Kent just naming himself Superman, he called himself Superman you know from Smallville Putting Black in the name just felt corny to me when I was a kid And that corniness made it obvious that these characters were being created by people who werent Black It went so far that there was actually a white superhero named Goliath, and when his powers ended up in a Black guy, the Black guys superhero name was Black Goliath I have no words for how dumb that is WHY WOULD THAT BLACK GUY DO THAT TO HIMSELF Am I supposed to imagine him saying to himself, Nobody would ever believe that Im Goliath Id better go by Black Goliath because I have low superhero self esteem. It may not seem as ridiculous to you But think about it with a famous superhero Dont worry, Lex Luthor Regular Superman isnt here He sent Black Superman instead We dont have to fight him Just call the cops Theyll take care of him for us Theyll arrest him for loitering And yes, there were Black superheroes who didnt have the word Black in their namesFalcon, Cyborg, Power Manand there was even a Black Green Lantern who was just named Green Lantern, not Black Green Lantern or Dark Green Lantern or even Pine Green Lantern But that didnt seem better Everybody knew that the real Green Lantern was white Hal Jordan Black John Stewart yes, the Black Green Lanterns name was John Stewart was just holding the position until Hal showed back up which Hal always did And Cyborg didn t really count because his cyborg ness made it such that he didn t really have a secret identity any He had half a robot face Good luck convincing anybody that you re not a Cyborg with that going on What do you mean, you think I m Cyborg You re being ridiculous,I don t look anythinglike Cyborg Anyway, I gotta go change my eye battery and reboot my face s operating system And Falcon Sigh Falcon is one of those superheroes of many different races, including white, who just has the general feeling of a comic book writer saying to his boss, WHAT The new superhero is due tomorrow Ummm No I totally have some thing to show you It s going to be great I m just going to get in my brand new Ford Falcon and go home and get my brand new superhero Wait a second I GOT IT Heroes like Falconwhether they were meant to or notfelt like they were designed to purposefully give the Black heroes shitty superpowers Falcon s big powers were that he had the powers of a falcon Also he could talk to falcons Falcon was like Aquaman but much less impressive At least Aquaman had a blue whale for backup Falcon only had one bird hanging out with him His powers are so ridiculous that when they put the character in the Avengers movie, they just gave him some robot wings and left the falcon powers behind Rightfully so And Power Man started out as the superhero version of the star of a Blaxploitation film dressed like an extra from The Pirates of Penzance He had blue pants, swashbuckler boots, a bright yellow puffy shirt, metal wristbands, and a weird metal headband Eventually he gave all that nonsense up, and now he just wears regular clothes and goes by the much better name Luke Cage exploding out of a Netflix box near you So when I was a kid, as much as I paid some attention to these Black heroes, I rode hard with Spider Man and the Hulk All I had to do was picture my face under all that red and blue fabric of Spider Man and under Hulks green skin It was easier than calling myself Black Batman or trying to get excited by a Black superhero with the powers of a gnat Gnat Man Like Ant Man, but even smaller And this is important This is about representation For some reason, white people in America are perfectly comfortable with the idea of people of color just contorting their imaginations such that we can imagine ourselves as white heroes, but white people generally arent OK with imagining themselves as Black heroes Every time theres talk of a new actor taking on the role of James Bond and Idris Elbas name comes up, white people freak out HOW CAN A BLACK MAN BE JAMES BOND Meanwhile Hollywood regularly takes characters of color and turns them white whenever it wants In the movie Prince of Persia, the prince and most everybody else was white In the movie Gods of Egypt, the gods were not Egyptian I guess their godly status had caused them to transcend the Egyptian plane and skin tone And while were on the subject, Im not even sure that I want Idris to play James Bond Because I dont know if I even want a Black James Bond Well, truth be told, Im not that excited about the white James Bond Seems a little rapey and way too homicidal maniac y to me Im a fan of Idris bringing his own action hero to the big screen One that he can turn into whatever he wants Its not enough to have Black James Bond We need new heroes We need new heroes who can build their own legends and not be walking in white characters footsteps Enter Doc McStuffins. The need for Black heroes has become increasingly clear to me since I ve had my oldest daughter, Sami Like me, she was born with the TV gene She can sit and watch TV for hours Like it s an Olympic event and she s trying to set a new world record in the five year old division I m so proud But it was important to me, as I saw her fall in love with TV the same way I had, that she have heroes who look like her Not just Black versions of white heroes, not just Black heroes who seem like diminished versions of white heroes, and certainly not just white heroes who require my daughter to always twist and contort her imagination to put herself in those white shoes I want my daughter to have her own Black girl yup, I m aiming for the stars here heroes And that s where Doc McStuffins has come to the rescue When Sami was around two years old, she was just starting to really dig into TV I had hooked her through Sesame Street, the gateway show to good children s television Sesame Street had been there for me and was there for my daughter And thanks to YouTube, many of the same exact segments were there for Sami It gives me great pleasure that Sami knows how to count to twelve using the same jazzy Ella Fitzgerald esque manner that I learned, thanks to Sesame Street But around the time Sami turned two, a new sheriff showed up in town, and just like in Blazing Saddles, this sheriff was Black and not really a sheriff She was better than a sheriff She was a doctor Dottie, aka Doc, McStuffins Doc Mc Stuffins is to TV what Shirley Chisholm was to Congress or what producer Shonda Rhimes was to primetime television or what Oprah was to daytime talk shows or what Oprah was to book clubs or what Oprah was to a billion dollars Doc McStuffins is a Black woman in a space not normally welcome to and certainly never dominated by Black women Which is even impressive when you realize that shes only seven years old OK, Im getting ahead of myself Doc is a cartoon character who is the star of a show named after herself on Disney Junior And Disney Junior is ethering the game right now Thats probably not a sentence thats written that often Look, Id love to be one of those people who is too righteous to support a corporation, or one of those people who cant trust anything that comes from corporate America, but I cant And believe me, I wish I could It would get me invited to much cooler parties in Oakland I am totally suspicious of corporate America, but honestly, Im also the person who, when Im hungry in an airport and cant figure out if Im going to eat at the sad sandwich place, where the premade sandwiches are wrapped in plastic and the lettuce often tastes like it gave up and took its own life and the bread tastes like buttered shoe leather, or the Asian fusion place, where the orange chicken has been there so long that it should be called oranged chicken, looks up and sees the golden arches, and like the five year old I used to be, runs frantically toward it, screaming, YAY McDONALDS So I aint afraid of Disney Yes, Disney has heavily contributed to princess culture in Americas young girls Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first of many mighty blows to get young girls to think that princess was a job, the same way young boys wanted to be firemen, astronauts, and cowboys Disney clearly recognizes that they should expand the definition of what girls can do, and which girls can do it After decades of white princesses, they finally added a Black one, Tiana a Chinese one, Mulan an Arab one, Jasmine a Native American one, Pocahontas and recently a Latina one, Elena Well, maybe Elenawhile she is a Latina princess, she hasn t actually made the cut as an official Disney Princess on the list of princesses on the Disney Princess website I ll keep updating my browser as you read and see if anything changes Maybe she s on probation Not a great look for Disney to just sort of, kind of add a Latina princess, when so many Latinos in America are also having so many problems being officially added to this country But since Sami s been around, Disney has expanded the list of jobs a little girl can have to include sheriffs OK, technically Sheriff Callie from Sheriff Callie s Wild West is a cat, but she is a female cat , undersea explorers on The Octonauts hell, Tweak, a rabbit, is even the ship s female mechanic , and, yes, even astronauts Miles from Tomorrow not only features a mixed race family Asian and white , but the captain of the ship is THE MOM It may sound like I am making too much out of all this, but the only way you can allow a kid to truly dream is if you expand their idea of what is currently possible A kid who has nothing, sees nothing, and is taught nothing can only dream of breakfast They can only hope to get to the next moment successfully I want than that for my kids just like my mom wanted than that for me And I want them to want than that too And Doc McStuffins went way further to expand Sami s world than I ever could have imagined And the showand Sami s and later my daughter Juno s reaction to itblows my whole childhood dream of Maybe I could be Spider Man or the Hulk completely out of the water Doc McStuffins is about a seven year old Black girl That basically makes the title character the Diahann Carroll of children s TV Diahann Carroll was the first African American woman to be the star of a TV show who wasn t playing a maid Diahann s show was a sitcom called Julia It ran from 1968 to 1971 which is the equivalent of twenty one seasons of twenty first century white television Julia was a single mom because of course And since then not enough has changed in grown up real life TV, especially if you subtract shows produced by Shonda Rhimes And kids TV is even worse as far as meaningful diversity and inclusion How many children s TV shows other than Doc McStuffins have a Black female lead character Hint The answer is not nearly enough In the show, Doc McStuffins is a doctor for her stuffed animals and toys And that may sound merely adorable to you, but I m raising a pair of powerful Black girls who will one day be powerful Black women And Doc McStuffins is the reason that my four year old could say the words stethoscope, otoscope, and sphygmomanometer when she was two years old I had to use Google just to figure out how to spell sphygmomanometer Being a doctor is Doc s job Doc diagnoses, fills out a chart the Big Book of Boo Boos , and heals She does everything from replacing dirty bandages to full on surgery Doc also encourages her patients to brush their teeth, wear helmets on bicycles, and be good friends And she makes house calls By any measure, Doc McStuffins is a reliable and trustworthy TV doctor than Dr Oz And she s not even real And then there are Doc s parents On the show, Doc s mom is an actual doctor Which means young kids don t have to wait until they re old enough to watch Grey s Anatomy to see a Black female doctor on television And it means that for my daughters, a Black female doctor is no big deal, as it shouldn t be The show even has interstitials with actual Black female doctors to prove that the idea of a Black female doctor isn t just for cartoons Did I just blow your mind No Keep reading. Next, we have Doc s dad What s his job Well, actually, I m not sure exactly what he does I m pretty sure he s a stay at home dad, which is also revolutionary for multiple reasons Mom works Dad s at home taking care of the kids And again, these are Black people But what Dad mostly does is hang out in the kitchen chopping vegetables and offering them to Doc and her friendsvegetables that he seems to grow in his garden Now did I blow your mind And then there are Doc s patients The toys Now, yes, there is the argument that the toys are the real show here Doc has a room full of toys, and her friends are always bringing new toys over, and every toy is a marketing opportunity for the Big D And, yes, Disney does take many of these opportunities But I ain t mad at em See, the toys that Doc attends to are her friends as well They all come to life and talk with the help of Doc s magic stethoscope Yup, I said magic stethoscope Now, at first when I watched the show, it was a Calvin and Hobbes situation We, the audience, didn t know if the stethoscope was really magic or if Doc just had a vivid imagination But overtime it has become clear that the stethoscope s magic is very real And it is also clear that the toys really are living a life of their own when Doc s not around When Doc walks into a room and presses the bell of her stethoscope, it emits a melody that is as ubiquitous in my house as the YEE HAW of the Duke boys was in my mom s house when I was a kid And when that noise rings out, every toy in the room comes to life And I mean every toy stuffed animals, dolls, action figures, remote control cars, soccer balls, xylophones And each toy serves a role in helping teach kids how to communicate with real life doctors and the world around them in general Among Docs dozens of toy friends, theres a toy with asthma, a toy in a wheelchair, and even a toy that Doc teaches how to respond to inappropriate touching Yes, that happens in a kids cartoon And it happens with a song And like any good mystical amulet, Docs stethoscopes powers grow In the third season it suddenly becomes a time machine and takes Doc and the gang back to nineteenth century London to meet a young Florence Nightingale And later we learn that Doc received the stethoscope from her grandma So not only is BlackGirlMagic real, but BlackGrandmaMagic is real too And any TV show that is going to teach my daughters to respect the mystical power of old Black ladies has a permanent spot in my DVR The shows objective is to get kids to be comfortable speaking up for themselves and to not be afraid to get help when they need it But wait, theres There was the episode about a big storm that was coming Hallie the Hippo and Chilly the Snowman are separated from Doc and the other toys, and they get scared I swear I wasnt crying I just had bad allergies that day And at the beginning of the episode, Professor Hootsburgh just happens to mention in passing, As the earth gets warmer and warmer, big storms get bigger and bigger Yup, Doc McStuffins just told kids about climate change OK, now your mind is definitely blown And no matter what the theme of each episode is, they all are inherently about inclusion and acceptance Theres an episode that is basically about people with curly hair accepting that it wont ever be long and flowing In my house of mixed daughters, that hit us right where we live swear, I wasn t crying that time either Again, these damn allergies Recently, the show has released some episodes about taking care of pets, and in the process it s gotten meta, which is to say that some of the characters now occasionally seem aware of the show s conceits the songs, the magic stethoscope Which means my kids will appreciate metahumor years before I did And another episode about the parents of a friend of Doc s contains the takeaway that the parents are two moms BOOM And through every episode, Doc is there handling everything She is the boss She is the Olivia Pope of children s television Doc McStuffins is not only one of the best shows on television, it s also one of the most important shows in the history of television And my two daughters watch it thinking it is awesome, but importantly, they think it is normal A Black female doctor is no big deal And it should be no big deal for children of all races But it is And the proof is that it took TV a lot longer to have Doc McStuffins than it did for TV to have a seven foot tall green monster And as much as I love the Hulk, Doc is way important Because one day I might get to play the Hulk in a movie or TV show with lots of makeup and even steroids But my daughters can actually be Black doctors I know they can Because they ve already seen that it s possible.Belltackles everything from racism to his life growing up as a Blerd Black nerd to his struggles to find his comedic voice in this illuminating memoir Entertainment WeeklyWith insight and aplomb, stand up comedian Bell recounts his career arcThose unfamiliar with Bells work or expecting a lighthearted read from a popular comedian will be surprised by the books breadth and depthThis informative read will be illuminating and worthwhile for aspiring comedians and general readers Publishers WeeklyAt times funny, at times somber, this debut will be enjoyed by fans of United Shades, Issa Raes TV series Insecure, and anyone who enjoys comedy with a personal touch Library JournalA funny, heartfelt tte tte with a down to earth star Boston MagazineAt turns sarcastic, poetic and enraged, Bell s language is potent His own realization of how racism intersects with other forms of discrimination, like sexism, broadens his platform and embraces a wide audience Awkward Thoughts is definitely entertaining, but it also invites readers to look through different eyes And those who aren t inspired to take action will at least have considered a new view As Bell says, that s progress.Shelf Awareness starred review Acomprehensive look at what gave rise to Bells insightful, critical eye and his hilarious comedy BooklistA unique perspective of the development of identity comedy in the 21st century Kirkus Reviews The Awkward Thoughts of W Kamau Bell Tales a , African American, Heterosexual, Cisgender, Left Leaning, Asthmatic, Black and Proud Blerd, Mama s Boy, Dad, Stand Up Comedian Audible Audiobook Unabridged Socially Situations And Funny Random Some comics are so random that they become hilarious because exactly the case with RandoWis man behind is Rando from Singapore I used to call myself Wisdom but was long ago when made Archives Captain Awkward Short Answer Friday for Nov Guest Post Being hardass about cleaning in communal housing you re messy pushover Dude misrepresenting me as an excuse Signs That You How Fix This Hey Jen, It great have these kinds friends Few people, socially awkward or not, can say life risk though if don t feel able socialize people general make friends, ll dependent on get clingy The Incestibles Moment Shdbase Weve all been there, moment where your mom catches spying her taking This page bit small uneventful, working special detailed pannel Violet supplement it, wouldnt post it time, figured wont rush TIGNUM THOUGHTS term entrepreneur thrown around lot days entrepreneurial sought after trait has synonymous being adventurous, problem Christmas Help For A Non Christian Captain, hoping could still some assistance minor ongoing irritation my am Jewish, live Midwest, m almost always only Jewish person social circle, workplace, etc Eleven months out year, this Psychology Studies Every Teenager Should Read Getty Adolescence period everyone idea sex metamorphoses mysterious concept uncomfortable alarming reality Stie Thoughts look up at tall young see no traces boy he be Gone teenage manner youthful insecurity Replaced, overnight feels, by mature, confident presence shoulders somehow seem square W Official Site join our mailing list receive latest news w kamau bell Wikipedia wkamaubell Twitter IMDb producer writer, known United Shades America Sorry Bother Cultureshock He married Dr Melissa Hudson Instagram photos videos Shows Bell sociopolitical comedian host hit Emmy Award winning CNN docu series, Before best his critically acclaimed criminally short lived FX comedy series Totally Biased Private School Negro Jun Watch videoDirected Shannon Hartman With Activist muses parenting Trump era, free speech dustups, woke children TV fear going off grid Netflix Special His New Why There No Such Thing Timeless Comedy newly released also The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau Bell: Tales of a 6' 4", African American, Heterosexual, Cisgender, Left-Leaning, Asthmatic, Black and Proud Blerd, Mama's Boy, Dad, and Stand-Up Comedian


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