⛄ Google drive pdf ⁁ Unexpected Gifts: Discovering the Way of Community (English Edition) ⛎ By Christopher L Heuertz ⛰

⛄ Google drive pdf ⁁ Unexpected Gifts: Discovering the Way of Community (English Edition)  ⛎ By Christopher L Heuertz ⛰ ⛄ Google drive pdf ⁁ Unexpected Gifts: Discovering the Way of Community (English Edition) ⛎ By Christopher L Heuertz ⛰ 1 Failure The Patches Make It Beautiful The spiritual journey is not a career or a success story It is a series of humiliations of the false self that become and profound Thomas Keating Lots of communities talk a good game about grace and acceptance, but when one of their celebrated members messes up, you find out how much they really understand grace How a community handles failurethe failure of the group or the shortcomings of an individual memberdemonstrates than anything the strength of that community And nothing can destroy a community faster than a spectacular failure handled poorly BRING ON THE PATCHES My favorite part of every Sari Bari blanket is the patches Sari Bari is a small business initiative that seeks to secure freedom and restoration in the red light areas of Kolkata, India It offers dignity ascribing employment opportunities to women exploited by the commercial sex industry The name Sari Bari comes from two symbols A sari, the traditional garment worn by Indian women, seen by some as oppressive, is an image of what can be reclaimed in a new way In Bengali, the word bari means house or home Sari Bari is a safe home where women who have been exploited in the sex trade can find their humanity restored and experience a new life in the making Something that appears used up, discarded, valueless is artfully transformed into something beautifuleven , something valuable Women are trained to make beautiful quilted blankets, scarves, and purses and then offered jobs in the Sari Bari community centers as a way out of prostitution The products they sell are made from old, recycled saris, a symbol of restoration Tossed aside or thrown away saris are recovered and cleaned Something that appears used up, discarded, valueless is artfully transformed into something beautifuleven , something valuable These products symbolize restoration The process is a prophetic image of what the Sari Bari community is doing within the sex tradeallowing women who have been victimized and abused to recover their true identity A common psychological coping mechanism of those who experience prolonged sexual abuse and trauma is creating false identities, or alter aliases, that they hide behind Most of my friends who are forced to sell sex usually use a false name when they are working, names such as Pinky or others that clearly arent the names they were given by their families As a form of self preservation, they externalize those aliases so that the abuse and exploitation they experience happen to their alter personalities and not to who they truly are In the early stages of Sari Baris development, Sarah Lance, the project director, gathered all the women together to admire the beauty of their work She held up some of the blankets and drew attention to each as an exquisite piece of art Explaining that artists sign their name to their work, Sarah asked the women if theyd like to begin sewing signature tags on each of the blankets they made The women agreed When asked what name theyd like to use, in a surprising eruption of grace, nearly every woman chose her real namethe precious name given to her as a baby girl Reclaiming their names is a significant component to the slow and patient work of healing, to the journey toward true identity A few years ago, Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin, and others involved in the Passion Movement included Sari Bari in their One Million Can campaign They identified eight organizations they thought were doing important justice related work in the world, and while on tour, the Passion musicians invited one million college students to give at least one dollar each to make the world a better place Chris Tomlin had a tour stop in Omaha, so we took him out for lunch Our community gave him a Sari Bari blanket as a thank you gift for the advocacy work he had done on behalf of the women He was kind enough to invite me to his show later that night The energy was greatan electrifying light show with huge video screens and amazing music Toward the end of the night, Chris dialed things down and set aside his guitar He stood alone center stage, with a single spotlight shining on him Behind a microphone, he gently held up his new Sari Bari blanket and began telling the sold out arena the story of the Sari Bari women He shared about the aliases the women took as means of coping with the horrific abuse they experienced every day As he reflected on how the women each had chosen her given name to put on her work, he searched for the signature tag on his blanket Upon discovering it, he said, And this one, this blanket, was made by a woman named Mukti Surrounded by thousands of people in that packed auditorium, I suddenly felt alone I began to sob For much of her life, Mukti has been held captive in the small prison of her brothel room Forced to have sex with as many as ten to fifteen men a day, she has been called awful, unspeakable things But that night, somewhere in mid America, her name was spoken of with honor and respect Love was extended to her, and her story of grace and restoration was an invitation to worship A few weeks later I was back in Asia and recounted the story for the Sari Bari project director She told me that in Hindi, mukti means freedom Mukti, a woman named freedom We fight for the freedom of our friends enslaved in the sex trade, and Muktis namesake inspires us to carry the struggle forward, especially when life gets difficult Especially when the unexpected happens Freedom is beautiful, but, like all things, it has a dark side Though hard to believe, some of the women weve worked with end up going back into prostitution This is often the case with those who have been institutionalized, incarcerated, or systematically held in bondage for long periods of time Their captivity ends up becoming an experience of security In such situations, we all desperately need one another Freedom is beautiful, but, like all things, it has a dark side Each woman who lives into the gift of her freedom needs the others in her community Every day the Sari Bari community comes together to create beauty The blankets they stitch are vibrant, colorful works of art Im always drawn to the blankets that are saturated with oranges and reds, but regardless of the color of the blankets, the delicate little squares of sari material sewn on each quilt never fail to catch my eye Stitched onto every blanket, if you look hard enough, youll discover tiny patches cut out of the same material the sari quilt is made from Some of the little patches are intricately sewn so that the pattern of the quilt lines up perfectly with the pattern on the patch Other times, the patches stand out, a bold statement of color that enhances the quilts design Generously added to some, sparingly on others, these little patches add a gorgeous layer of texture One day while with the women, sitting on the floor of one of the Sari Bari community centers, I was admiring their work and pointing out the patches, trying to communicate how beautiful I found them Upendra, one of the English speaking staff, overheard my fumbling attempt to get my ideas across and helped translate He laughed out loud when he understood what I was trying to say He explained that each finished blanket is washed before being packaged After theyve been washed and dried, theres a quality control check before theyre shipped It turns out that the patches arent added to make the blankets beautiful but to cover the flaws and tears on every quilt theyre an inevitable part of recycling and restoring each sari blanket Even ironic, the women hate having to go back and repair their work The patches are time consuming and tedious Yet its the patches that make the quilts so beautiful and unique As is the case with us In our own freedom, we still go about making mistakes, disappointing ourselves and others, living with guilt, shame, regret, or fear that the consequences of our worst moments will catch up to us Many of us have a hard time accepting the flawed parts of ourselves when were alonea struggle thats even difficult when were in community SURPRISED BY FAILURE Every community is, at one time or another, plagued by failure We all know that So why are we surprised when people fail Why are we surprised when people fail In my own community we routinely find ourselves wading through the murky waters of failure, navigating our way forward in grace while trying to retain high standards The very things that make us great at what we do often have a shadow side Many of us find that disturbing, yet if we are to receive the gifts of our vocations and benefit from the best of what our humanity has to offer, we must acknowledge our propensity to make great mistakes In true community, its vital to create a culture that embraces failure as part of our journey That we keep on Stumbling forward Knowing well fail but failing toward grace More than that, though, we need to know how to respond when failure comes Too often in community, our response is less than grace filled Usually its a lot grumpy and unaccepting than wed hope If we cant give ourselves grace, we often wont let ourselves receive Gods grace When we dont love ourselves, we cant forgive ourselves When we cant forgive ourselves, we dont let God forgive us Some of us feel that God cant or wont forgive us for some of our worst moments I cant count the times Ive felt as though I needed to plead and plead with God for forgivenesseven when I believe that Gods already forgiven me Painful parts of my past and present seem to haunt me, and I let myself think that GodUnexpected Gifts is a rich and important book about the benefits and challenges of community that we desperately need Chris Heuertz has lived out the message of these pages with great authenticity His honesty draws you in, provokes and heals, and shows you why community is always worth the struggle Jud Wilhite, author of Torn, Sr Pastor of Central Christian Church, Las Vegas Engaging and real, fascinating and gritty, Heuertz invites you to journey with him as he wrestles aloud with the challenges and surprises of life lived together With insights collected from his experiences in slums, favelas, and neighborhoods around the world, he reveals the ugly myths that unhinge relationships With a courageous honesty he speaks the unspoken questions that we all harbor, but are too scared to say Heuertz gives hope, prophetic challenges, and an unexpected gift in this book Nikki Toyama Szeto, Urbana Program Director, Co editor of More than Serving Tea Unexpected Gifts is a prophetic book about the wisdom of community For nearly two decades Christopher Heuertz has led the community Word Made Flesh, whose goal is to serve and be with the most miserable and oppressed people of our world, hidden in war torn lands, slums, and red light districts of big cities The community founded in the evangelical church has become ecumenical members from different churches united in their desire to serve the poorest of the poor, are inspired by Jesus I would hope that many from my own Roman Catholic church may discover this new community clearly blessed by Jesus and the Holy Spirit Jean Vanier, author, founder of the Communities of l Arche There are few people who can reframe the way we think or act and bring about a paradigm shift Chris and Phileena are gifted with this Their experiences are filtered through grace and the unconditional love of God, which Chris brilliantly articulates in this book Fundamentally, its a book about faithfulness to relationships Anyone interested in leading an authentic Christian life will find wisdom reading it Although Christian community living is difficult, Chris challenges the common response of rejection within those communities He suggests that the challenges can be converted to unexpected gifts Chris is a brilliant and creative thinker of our time and uses parallel stories to contrast and expose the truth that leaves an indelible impression on your mind Pranitha Timothy, Director of Aftercare, International Justice Mission By sharing stories of tragedy and triumph, Chris illustrates an intricate picture of how communities come together in the beauty and the broken His passion, commitment, and service toward others is evident through his vulnerable and transparent experiences in community I feel immensely privileged to learn from these intimate stories of honest pains and true joys that stem from genuine relationships Youll find yourself both challenged and encouraged by this gift that Chris shares with us Nikole Lim, Founder Executive Director of Freely in Hope Chris Heuertzs Unexpected Gifts is a clarion call to missional community as ancient as Jesus first challenge for the disciples to follow me together Heuertzs eyes have seen the glory, and his flesh has borne the scars of life together As a result, his provocative and inspiring roadmap for community life offers insightful instruction for the next generation of saints while applying a healing salve for those who may have tried and failed before Heuertzs book is an unexpected gift, indeed Lisa Sharon Harper, Director of Mobilizing at Sojourners, Co Author of Left, Right and Christ Evangelical Faith in Politics, and Author of Evangelical Does Not Equal Republican or Ever wondered what it actually means to live in community Chris Heuertz asks tough questions and shares vivid stories that will both haunt you as well as lift your spirit He takes you on a journey through the slums of Calcutta to the war torn streets of Sierra Leone to dimly lit clubs in Omaha, Nebraska posing questions and looking for answers It s a trip worth taking Scott Harrison, Founder and CEO of charity water In a world of stale religiosity, Chris Heuertz is a breath of fresh air He s unafraid to ask risky questions and even propose provocative answers, but he does so with humility and grace Unexpected Gifts challenges readers to consider that the supposed burdens of life on life community may be blessings in disguise Read it and prepare to be changed Jonathan Merritt, author of A Faith of Our Own Following Jesus Beyond the Culture Wars In his book, Unexpected Gifts, Chris Heuertz confesses that this was not an easy book to write Truth be told, this is not an easy book to read If you re looking for an easy, simple, solution based seven steps and gung ho parade to being a perfect community, look elsewhere This book is raw, difficult, uncomfortable, and emotional, but here s the deal it speaks truthwith humility and honestyand points us to the One who created us for community, friendship, and relationship Community is the thing that we long for the most, and in my opinion, the thing that scares us the most I don t know how to recommend this book but to simply invite you to journey with it Eugene Cho, lead pastor of Quest Church, founder of One Day s Wages Unexpected Gifts Discovering the Way of Community brings a freshness to a topic in danger of growing stale community.It is honest Its not often that a leader is so forthright, confessional even, about personal struggles, mistakes, and regrets.It is refreshing Throwing open the doors and windows and letting in some air so we can all breathe a little easier and deeper This transparency contrasts deeply with the common posturing to prove something.competence or holiness or effectiveness or whatever the case might be.It is gritty Tackling very real but seldom addressed areas like failure, doubt, grief, disappointment, sexual energy, and even boredom.Its nuanced throughout with Chris international experiences like traveling the ancient Camino pilgrimage , to biblical exploration like considering the reasonable pragmatism of Judas , to personal anguish like the decision not to have children that keep it real, insightful, and compelling.I highly recommend this read if you have any interest in community, leadership, or living an authentic life of faith Stuart Erny, Director of Campus Ministries, Anderson University Box of Butterflies Roma Downey From Downey, the beloved star Touched By An Angel, comes a new book BOX OF BUTTERFLIES Discovering Unexpected Blessings All Around Us Customer reviews Box Find helpful customer and review ratings for at Read honest unbiased product from our users Discovering Bigfoot Netflix TV MA h m Follow Todd Standing, Dr Jeff Meldrum other researchers into wilderness, where they try to capture definitive proof Sasquatch s existence Gifts Origins Dragon Age Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Gifts can be sold merchants or given certain companions influence their approval The party members appreciate gifts, less, depending on each gift value personal motivations There is limited number gifts in game Finding Ultra Rejecting Middle 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pages great authenticity Bogdan said I quite years loved my Christopher L Heuertz About Christopher spent his life bearing witness possibility hope among legitimate reasons question goodness Originally Omaha, Nebraska, studied Asbury University Kentucky moving India he was mentored Mother Teresa three InterVarsity Press founding partner Gravity, Center Contemplative Activism, which exists nurture integral connection between Christian spirituality activism The Sacred Enneagram Interview Bio author, speaker, coach, non profit consultant, anti trafficking activist Enneagram author avg rating, ratings, reviews, published Friendship Margins What ve learned Bigstock PixelsAway More another personality test, sacred map soul, writes contemplative Tuesday, November Founding Partner Gravity View profile LinkedIn, largest professional jobs listed See complete LinkedIn discover Facebook Facebook Join connect others gives power first introduced slums Cambodia Since then trained under some living masters including Father Richard Rohr, Russ Hudson, Marion Gilbert Helen Palmer, now teaches workshops retreats ChrisHeuertz Biography fights renewal frequent contributor frequently highlighted such publications as Christianity Today, Duke Faith Leadership, Q Relevant Magazine Work People Washington Post On section the enneagram finding path gravity Gilbert, Audiobook trustworthy, richly insightful guide yourself type profiles, applying this wisdom transformed Far writes, soul Nebraska about Simple Spirituality Learning Broken World Who Are You Church Source Blog consultant Finding Your Path Simple Heuertz, Shane Claiborne FREE shipping qualifying offers believes any true spiritual sight ought simple While hardly mystic humanitarian work began after college, when moved Official Publisher Page Simon activist, visionary public who traveled wife, Phileena, through nearly seventy countries working vulnerable poor led Word Made Flesh International Executive Director Unexpected Gifts: Discovering the Way of Community (English Edition)


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