ऽ The Yom Kippur War: The Epic Encounter That Transformed the Middle East to read ७ E-Pub Author Abraham Rabinovich খ

ऽ The Yom Kippur War: The Epic Encounter That Transformed the Middle East to read ७ E-Pub Author Abraham Rabinovich খ ऽ The Yom Kippur War: The Epic Encounter That Transformed the Middle East to read ७ E-Pub Author Abraham Rabinovich খ 1FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND Capt Motti Ashkenazi was not a man to accept a perceived wrong without protest The outpost in Sinai that his unit of reservists was taking over two weeks before Yom Kippur 1973 was in an advanced state of neglect Barbed wire fencing had sunk almost entirely into the sand, trenches were collapsing, gun positions lacked sandbags, and the ammunition supply was short When the commander of the unit he was relieving asked him to sign the standard form acknowledging receipt of the outpost in good condition, Ashkenazi balked Without this formality, the unit being relieved could not depart When Ashkenazi refused an order from his own battalion commander to sign, the exasperated commander signed the form himself.The battalion was part of the Jerusalem Brigade, which had never before been assigned to a tour of duty on the Suez Canal Unlike the combat units that were normally assigned to the forts of the so called Bar Lev Line, the Jerusalem Brigade was a second line unit which included men well into their thirties Some were immigrants who had received only a truncated form of basic training A sprinkling of younger reservists with combat experience stiffened the ranks and officers too were generally veterans of combat units.The assignment of such a unit to the Bar Lev Line, once considered hazardous duty, reflected the relaxed situation on the Egyptian front It was six years since Israel had reached the canal in the Six Day War and three years since the intense skirmishing across the waterwaythe so called War of Attritionhad ended.The reservists grumbled as usual upon receiving their annual call up notices for a months duty, particularly since their tour was beginning on the eve of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, and would last through Yom Kippur and the subsequent Sukkot holiday However, by the time they boarded the buses that would take them to Sinai, many had reconciled themselves to a month of camaraderie, far from the routine of work and home The men brought books and board games, finjans for brewing coffee, even fishing rods Ashkenazi, a thirty two year old doctoral student in philosophy at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, took along his four month old German shepherd, Peng, because he had nowhere to leave him.Unlike the other Bar Lev forts, which were built along the canal bank, Ashkenazis outpost, code named Budapest, was ten miles east of the canal on a narrow sand spit between the Mediterranean and a shallow lagoon The outposts purpose was to guard against an Egyptian thrust along the sand spit toward the coastal road leading to Israel Budapest was the largest of the Bar Lev Line fortifications, incorporating an artillery battery and a naval signals unit which maintained contact with vessels patrolling off the coast.Toward evening on the day of his arrival, Ashkenazi, a deputy company commander, climbed the forts observation tower and looked west along the sand spit This northwest corner of Sinai was the only part of the Sinai Peninsula Israel had not gotten around to capturing in the 1967 war Ashkenazi could make out a string of Egyptian outposts stretching toward Port Fuad, which, together with Port Said, straddled the northern entrance to the Suez Canal The outpost closest to him was only a mile away Since the canal did not separate them, the only thing that could inhibit an Egyptian raid was a minefield that Budapests previous commander had pointed out to him during their tour that morning.As Ashkenazi watched, a pack of wild dogs emerged from the Egyptian lines and trotted down the sands in his direction They appeared to be heading toward Budapests garbage dump at the western edge of the position As they approached the minefield, Ashkenazi braced for explosions But the dogs passed through unharmed Tides washing over the sands had apparently dislodged or neutralized the mines Ashkenazi decided to contact battalion headquarters in the morning to request additional fencing and sandbags Maj Meir Weisel, an affable kibbutznik, was the most senior company commander in the battalion which moved into the Bar Lev Line In previous tours of reserve duty, his unit had clashed with Palestinian guerrillas along the Jordan River and taken casualties This time, a Jerusalem Brigade officer had told him when he reported for duty a few days before, Im sending you to the canal and you can rest His company took over four forts in the canals central sector He positioned himself in Fort Purkan, opposite the city of Ismailiya on the Egyptian held bank The officer whom he replaced pointed out a villa across the canal that he said had belonged to the parents of Israeli foreign minister Abba Ebans wife, Suzie, who was from a prominent Egyptian Jewish family It was not clear who lived there now but someone watered the plants every day As long as you see the gardener working there, said the officer, everything is okay.The limited forces Israel deployed on both the Syrian and Egyptian fronts opposite vastly larger enemy armies reflected a self assurance stemming from the countrys stunning victory in the Six Day War Israel believed it had attained a military superiority that no Arab nation or combination of nations could challenge The euphoria that followed that lightning victory in 1967 over the Egyptian, Syrian, and Jordanian armies gave Israel a sense of manifest destiny similar to that which impelled the United States westward in the nineteenth century The Six Day War had been launched from within Israels narrow borders that Eban had termed Auschwitz borders, an allusion to their vulnerability The postSix Day War cease fire lines for the first time provided Israel strategic depth.Israel had twice as many tanks and warplanes in 1973 as it had in the Six Day War Its largest armor formations were no longer brigades with a hundred tanks but divisions with three hundred Veteran armor officers permitted themselves to fantasize commanding a division deploying into battletwo brigades forward, one to the rear, as they swept into the attack.The armies of Egypt and Syria had grown than Israels in absolute numbers but the overall ratio in the Arab favor remained 3 to 1 Given the proven fighting ability of the Israel Defense Forces IDF , this ratio was considered acceptable in Israel The General Staff, in fact, was preparing to reduce the thirty six months of service required of its conscript soldiers by three months Convinced that it could hold its own against an Arab world thirty times its size, Israel was waiting for the Arabs to formally recognize the Jewish state and agree to new borders.The Arab world, however, refused to accept the humiliation of 1967 In the War of Attrition launched by Egypt in March 1969, hundreds of Israeli soldiers died in massive artillery bombardments Deep penetration raids by Israeli warplanes and commandos forced Cairo to accept a cease fire in August 1970 Since then, the Suez front had remained quiet On the Syrian front, there were periodic exchanges of firebattle days, Israel termed thembut no serious challenge to Israels occupation of the Golan Heights.The seeming docility of the Arabs encouraged a sense of invulnerability In August 1973, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, in a speech to army officers, said that Israels strength was a reflection not only of its increasing military potential but of inherent Arab weakness It is a weakness that derives from factors that I dont believe will change quickly the low level of their soldiers in education, technology, and integrity and inter Arab divisiveness which is papered over from time to time but superficially and for short spans.A Mossad official, Reuven Merhav, who had been posted abroad immediately after the Six Day War, returned home five years later to find the country transformed Israel was not just self assured, he found, but self satisfied, awash in a good life that seemed as if it would go on forever Government and military officials traveled now in large cars and wrote off business lunches to expenses, a new practice Arabs from the West Bank and Gaza Strip provided the working hands the fast growing nation needed but were politically invisible The sense of physical expanse was startling to someone accustomed to the claustrophobia of preSix Day War Israel The border was no longer fifteen minutes from Tel Aviv or on the edge of Jerusalem but out of sight and almost out of mindon the Jordan River, the Suez Canal, the Golan People went down to Sinai now not to wage war but to holiday on its superb beaches.The army had grown not just physically but in its prominence in national life There was now a layer of brigadier generals, a newly created rank required by the armys expansion The Mossad officer sensed arrogance in high places Some generals ordered their offices redone to reflect their new status, some gave parties with army entertainment troupes singing in the background All of this was foreign to the spartan ways Merhav had known as distinguishing features of Israeli public life only five years before An attitude of disdain for Arab military capability had etched itself insidiously into the national psyche The official was as yet unaware of the extent to which this disdain had led to distortions in the professional mind set of the armed forces Sitting in a downtown Jerusalem caf a few months before the war, Motti Ashkenazi told a friend that war was inevitable unless Israel accepted Egypts demand that it pull back from the canal in order to permit the waterway to be reopened Now, in command of Budapest, he took his own warning seriously After two days of badgering battalion headquarters, he was informed that his request for sandbags and barbed wire concertinas was being met The supply vehicle that arrived carried only a fraction of what he had asked for Nevertheless, he was able to fortify the area around the forts gate and the vulnerable approach from the beach.A week before Yom Kippur, Ashkenazi was in a half track making a routine morning patrol eastward along the sand spit toward his rear base when he saw fresh footprints in the sand on both sides of the road Whoever made them seemed to have circled the area, as if examining the lay of the land The road between Budapest and rear headquarters was closed off every night because it was vulnerable to commando landings from the sea If anyone came down the road by day, Budapest was supposed to be informed beforehand, but there had been no such notification The footprints, thought Ashkenazi, could have been left by Egyptian scouts landing from the sea, on one side of the road, or coming on foot through the lagoon, on the other side He radioed headquarters and a vehicle with two Bedouin trackers arrived They examined the footprints and concluded that they had been made by standard Israeli army boots.If I were an Egyptian scout, I would use that kind of boot, said Ashkenazi.The trackers laughed Do you think theyre that clever Why not asked Ashkenazi.Twice in the coming days he would find footprints along the route.Never before has the Israeli experience in the Yom Kippur War been so sensitively and intricately documented A seamless, riveting narrative that is both compelling and intelligent The Washington Post Book WorldThe best general history of the Yom Kippur War The writing is clear, compelling, and precise and offers a good understanding of both the military operations and the political developments At both levels it was a fascinating warOutstanding Ha aretzRabinovich s extra efforts to get inside the minds of Arab generals are especially welcome sheds light on a conflict that altered the psychology and diplomacy of the Middle East down to the present day The New York Times Book ReviewSuperbly written The Yom Kippur War is easily the best and most complete general history of the conflict ParametersTruly striking Rabinovich s book is brilliant, sweeping and insightful Naval HistoryAs no one before, Abraham Rabinovich recounts the whole story of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, that most elusive round of the Arab Israeli conflict Middle East QuarterlySuperb I have found few works of military history so difficult to put down Jerusalem ReportRabinovich displays his keen comprehension of military tactics and strategies with detailed, fast paced accounts His eye for political and diplomatic maneuverings is equally sharp History Book ClubImpossible to put down Gershom Gorenberg, author of Days of AweIts revelations are astonishing Its prose is gripping Its conclusions, richly documented and austerely objective, are intensely relevant to the Middle Eastern crisis of our own day Professor Howard M Sachar, author of A History of IsraelAbraham Rabinovich has written an exceptionally exciting book Professor Edward N Luttwak Yom Kippur Judaism Britannica Yom Kippur, most solemn of Jewish religious holidays, observed on the th day lunar month Tishri in course September and October , when Jews seek to expiate their sins achieve a reconciliation with God concludes days Wikipedia completa il periodo di penitenza dieci giorni iniziato con capodanno Rosh haShanaSebbene le preghiere quali si chiede perdono siano consigliate durante l intero anno, diventano particolarmente sentite questo giorno The War The Epic Encounter That Transformed Middle East Abraham Rabinovich FREE shipping qualifying offers An updated edition that sheds new light one dramatic reversals military fortune modern history easing Israeli censorship after four decades has enabled offer fresh insights into this Simple English Wikipedia, free also known as Ramadan was war between Israel group Arab countries led by Egypt SyriaThe took place from began festival it happened during Muslim RamadanThe attack Syria surprise conquered Sinai Glossary ethical terms starting Glossary letter X,Y, or Z Jewish Holidays Hebcal Calendar Dates major minor holidays for years Hebrew year observances customs, holiday Torah readings URJ Union Reform Judaism is leading voice discussion life Find information rituals, culture, History Overview Virtual Library important Many who do not observe any other custom will refrain work, fast attend synagogue services occurs name means Day Atonement begins at sundown Tue, Holiday readings, dates Torah What tenth Tishrei It holiest On day, G d seals our fate coming year, therefore, entire spent fasting praying forgiveness good HISTORY considered faith Falling ReformJudaism refers annual observance fasting, prayer repentance Part High Holidays, which includes HaShanah, calendar In three Summary, Causes, Combatants, Facts War, damaging inconclusive initiated against Table Contents United States, typically referred world, Guerra de Kipur la enciclopedia libre Guerra Parte del Conflicto rabe israel y Fra Cold Peter Baxter since end now generation old over ago, long before last shots Second World had echoed across wastelands Eastern Europe brutal Greek Civil battle lines are no longer drawn Learn about traditional meaning how should be practiced activities performed yom kippur key its observance, done laid out culture page highlights different activites related understand specialNotes Rabbinical Tunnel Temple Mount Jerusalem Post, THE archeological tunnel week delineated explosive fault line Arabs purpose excavation begun some then defined alone Kindle Download once read your device, PC, phones tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking highlighting while reading Leadership Institute Institute founding president, Amb Itamar served s ambassador States chief negotiator Russian jokes an archetypal Russian JewHe crafty, cynical, sometimes bitter type, skeptical Soviet government, often too smart his own He portrayed otkaznik refusenik someone refused permission emigrate fills Les Luthiers Daniel Rabinovich Su nombre completo era Aratuz alias Neneco aunque su verdadero apellido paterno Halevy bisabuelo, que lleg Argentina desde Besarabia hoy Moldavia haba hecho el servicio militar porque rabino, por lo cual compr documento un muerto para poder salir pas Judaism History, Beliefs, Judaism, monotheistic religion developed among ancient HebrewsJudaism characterized belief transcendent revealed himself Abraham, Moses, prophets accordance Scriptures rabbinic traditions complex phenomenon total way people, comprising theology, law, innumerable All askART R Artists Art prices, artist art askART, directory millions worldwide artists paintings Auction records results, artwork valuations, signatures, images biographies conflict Egyptian forces crossing Suez Canal PsicoMundo El portal los psicoanalistas PsicoMundo La red psi en Internet sitio mas premiado dedicado al psicoanlisis, psicologa psiquiatra Mount Jerusalem Aerial photo showing Proposed Northern, Central Southern Sites First Temples R zboiul Iom din Rece Conflictul arabo israelian Solda ii egipteni dup traversarea Canalului Informa generale Perioad octombrie Loca ie Browse By Author S Project Gutenberg ebooks online Did you know can help us produce proof just Go Distributed Proofreaders Too Shows Now listen past shows right website Just click below Colegio Psiclogos Provincia Santa Fe Sitio oficial Colegio Circunscripcin, encontraras noticias, informacin til, datos contacto Abraham JournalistKILA journalist born raised New York City A graduate Brooklyn College US Army veteran, he worked reporter Newsday newspapers arrived eve Six War Boats Cherbourg Navy Stole joined Post Rabinovich, Washington Free Beacon BY February pm JERUSALEM Iran Wednesday stoked current round violence West Bank promising pay family every Palestinian martyr home terrorist demolished Times Israel excerpt newly book, plea Assad Sadat opened iBooks Jan fiercest conflicts two fronts calendar, reserves mobilized, triggered apocalyptic visions Israel, euphoria fraught debates both sides Rabinovitch Isaac Australian property developer well respected pioneer Sydney Modern Orthodox community particular founder philanthropist full time educational institutions Biography Tiraspol, Empire, November Usually plays second fiddle yet fascinating Seth J Frantzman, reader displays keen comprehension tactics strategies detailed, paced accounts little confrontation former author Untold Afghanistan challenging places world woman What were doing agoAbraham Battle Reversal How IDF turned Reversal around Israel marks anniversary Retired first civilians arrive Old captured June Ruth Eglash For many Israelis, achievement gaining control reuniting city Unintended Conquest After completing Jerusalem, feature writer His freelance articles have been published Times, The Yom Kippur War: The Epic Encounter That Transformed the Middle East


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