↰ read entire The War Against Cliche: Essays and Reviews 1971-2000 online free ⇺ Book Author Martin Amis ∝

↰ read entire The War Against Cliche: Essays and Reviews 1971-2000 online free ⇺ Book Author Martin Amis ∝ ↰ read entire The War Against Cliche: Essays and Reviews 1971-2000 online free ⇺ Book Author Martin Amis ∝ In Martin Amis s War Against Clich, a selection of critical essays and reviews published between 1971 and 2000, he establishes himself as one of the fiercest critics and commentators on the literature and culture of the late 20th century He has already established himself as one of the most controversial and original novelists writing in English with novels such as Money and Time s Arrow In his foreword to the book Amis ruefully admits that his earlier reviews reveal a rather humorless attitude towards the Literature and Society debate of the time Yet this only adds to the fascination of the collection, as Amis gradually finds his critical voice in the 1980s, confirming his passionate belief that all writing is a campaign against clich In the subsequent sections of the book, this war leads to some wonderfully cutting and amusing responses to whatever crosses his path, from books on chess and nuclear proliferation to Cervantes Don Quixote and the novels of his hero Vladimir Nabokov Praise for his literary heroes is often fulsome J.G Ballard s High Rise is an intense and vivid bestiary, which lingers in the mind and chronically disquiets it But his literary wrath is also devastating in its incisiveness Thomas Harris s Hannibal is dismissed as a novel of such profound and virtuoso vulgarity, while John Fowles is attacked because he sweetens the pill but the pill was saccharine all along Often frank in its reappraisals Amis concedes to being too hard on Ballard s Crash when reviewing the film many years later , some of the best writing is reserved for his journalism on sex manuals, chess, and his beloved football The War Against Clich will provoke strong reactions, but that only seems to confirm, rather than deny, the value of Amis s writing Jerry Brotton, .co.ukWhile complacently planning this volume in my mind I always thought I would include a nice little section called let us say Literature and Society , where I would assemble my pieces on literature and society pieces on F.R Leavis and Lionel Trilling, and on lesser figures like Ian Robinson an Denis Donoghue Literature and society was, at one time, a phrase so much on everyone s lips that it earned itself an abbreviation Lit Soc And Lit Soc, I seemed to remember, had been for me a long running enthusiasm But when I leafed through the massed manuscripts I found only a handful of essays, all of them written, rather ominously, in the early Seventies when I was in my early twenties Having reread them, I toyed with the idea of calling my nice little section something like Literature and Society The Vanished Debate Then I decided that my debate had better vanish too The pieces themselves I considered earnest, overweening, and contentedly dull More decisively, though, Lit Soc, and indeed literary criticism, felt dead and gone.That time now seems unrecognizably remote I had a day job at the Times Literary Supplement Even then I sensed discrepancy, as I joined an editorial conference to help prepare, perhaps, a special number on Literature and Society , wearing shoulder length hair, a flower shirt, and knee high tricoloured boots well concealed, it is true, by the twin tepees of my flared trousers My private life was middle bohemian hippyish and hedonistic, if not candidly debauched but I was very moral when it came to literary criticism I read it all the time, in the tub, on the tube I always had about me my Edmund Wilson or my William Empson I took it seriously We all did We hung around the place talking about literary criticism We sat in pubs and coffee bars talking about W.K Wimsatt and G Wilson Knight, about Richard Hoggart and Northrop Frye, about Richard Poirier, Tony Tanner and George Steiner It might have been in such a locale that my friend and colleague Clive James first formulated his view that, while literary criticism is not essential to literature, both are essential to civilization Everyone concurred Literature, we felt, was the core discipline criticism explored and popularized the significance of that centrality, creating a space around literature and thereby further exalting it The early Seventies, I should add, saw the great controversy about the Two Cultures Art v Science or F.R Leavis v C.P Snow Perhaps the most fantastic thing about this cultural moment was that Art seemed to be winning.Literary historians know it as the Age of Criticism It began, let us suggest, in 1948, with the publication of Eliot s Notes Towards the Definition of Culture and Leavis s The Great Tradition What ended it The brutalist answer would consist of a singe four letter word OPEC In the Sixties you could live on ten shillings a week you slept on people s floors and sponged off your friends and sang for your supper about literary criticism Then, abruptly, a bus fare cost ten shillings The oil hike, and inflation, and then stagflation, revealed literary criticism as one of the many leisure class fripperies we would have to get along without Well, that s how it felt But it now seems clear that literary criticism was inherently doomed Explicitly or otherwise it had based itself on a structure of echelons and hierarchies it was about the talent elite And the structure atomized as soon as the forces of democratization gave their next concerted push.Those forces incomparably the most potent in our culture have gone on pushing And they are now running up against a natural barrier Some citadels, true, have proved stormable You can become rich without having any talent via the scratchcard and the rollover jackpot You can become famous without having any talent by abasing yourself on some TV nerdothon a clear improvement on the older method of simply killing a celebrity and inheriting the aura But you cannot become talented without having any talent Therefore, talent must go.Literary criticism, now almost entirely confined to the universities, thus moves against talent by moving against the canon Academic preferment will not come from a respectful study of Wordsworth s poetic it will come from a challenging study of his politics his attitude to the poor, say, or his unconscious valorization of Napoleon and it will come still faster if you ignore Wordsworth and elevate some justly neglected contemporary, by which process the canon may be quietly and steadily sapped A brief consultation of the Internet will show that meanwhile, at the other end of the business, everyone has become a literary critic or at least a book reviewer Democratization has made one inalienable gain equality of the sentiments I think Gore Vidal said this first, and he said it, not quite with mockery, but with lively scepticism He said that, nowadays, nobody s feelings are authentic, and thus important, than anybody else s This is the new credo, the new privilege It is a privilege much exercised in the contemporary book review, whether on the Web or in the literary pages The reviewer calmly tolerates the arrival of the new novel or slim volume, defensively settles into it, and then sees which way it rubs him up the right way or the wrong way The results of this contact will form the data of the review, without any reference to the thing behind And the thing behind, I am afraid, is talent, and the canon, and the body of knowledge we call literature From the Hardcover edition. 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