ጐ Format Kindle Download @The Statues that Walked: Unraveling the Mystery of Easter Island (English Edition) For Free ፅ PDF Author Terry Hunt ፨

ጐ  Format Kindle Download @The Statues that Walked: Unraveling the Mystery of Easter Island (English Edition) For Free ፅ PDF Author Terry Hunt ፨ ጐ Format Kindle Download @The Statues that Walked: Unraveling the Mystery of Easter Island (English Edition) For Free ፅ PDF Author Terry Hunt ፨ CHAPTER 1 A Most Mysterious Island The old net is laid aside a new net goes a fishing Maori proverb Mention Easter Island to just about anyone and mystery immediately comes to mind The Mystery of Easter Island is the title of untold books and modern film documentaries The mystery surrounds how so few people on a remote, treeless, and impoverished island could have made and transported hundreds of the eerie, gargantuan statuescalled moaifor which the island is so famous The awe inspiring, multi ton stone statues, some standing nearly forty feet high and weighing than seventy five tons, were carved out of the islands quarry of compacted volcanic ash and then somehow transported several miles over the islands rugged terrain Not all of them survived the journey Many lie scattered across the island, some broken, never to take their intended places on platforms along the shoreline or elsewhere throughout the island To see these statues, many of them situated upon equally impressive platforms called ahu, is to sense a hidden drama of compelling human proportions calling out for explanation Facing inward, rather than out to sea, they seem to be gazing back in a vain search for the noble society that created them As we were archaeologists who had studied other parts of Polynesia, when we began our work on the island the statues were somewhat familiar Similar religious statuary are found elsewhere in Polynesia And on other islands, statues were also moved significant distances The moai, like the elaborate carved wooden images from the Hawaiian Islands, or the stone tiki of the Marquesas, while much bigger, represented the same deified ancestors so important in Polynesian religion and cosmology That the moai were religious images explains why the vast majority face inland, watching over their descendants day after day With their backs to the sea, the moai had not been carved as sentries, warding off potential intruders, as with the Colossus of Rhodes Had the islanders carved and transported just one or two of these statues, the accomplishment would have been noteworthy, but not surprising But our count for Rapa Nui suggests that the islanders carved something well over 950 statues, and of those, than 500 were transported considerable distances, appearing in every corner of the island Nowhere else in Polynesia is such a creative and monumental legacy found Why did it emerge only on this tiny island, whose population should have, by all accounts, been focused solely on where to find the next meal Since Easter Sunday 1722, when the first European accidentally sighted this isolated speck in the vast South Pacific, Easter Island has presented a seemingly intractable dilemma for explorers, scientists, and curiosity driven tourists By comparison to the cultural and physical richness of such storied Polynesian islands as those of the Tahiti and Hawaii archipelagos, Easter Island seems a poor settingalmost mockingfor one of the great achievements of early Polynesian history The island itself, which today Polynesians call Rapa Nui the people who live there are called the Rapanui , is almost a moonscape in appearance, little than a barren lump of lava covered terrain Lacking the deep valleys, steep mountains, lush streams, and beautiful waterfalls typical of many of the volcanic islands of Polynesia, Rapa Nui is characterized by a modest landscape of rolling hills The island was born less than a million years ago when the coalescing eruptions of three seafloor volcanoes reached the surface One searches in vain here for a refreshing stream, let alone a flowing river Most of the water is found in lakes formed in the three volcanic cones, though some also trickles out of a number of small springs Nor does fruit fall from the trees here, as it does on so many other Polynesian islands From the mid eighteenth century onward, seamen, explorers, Christian missionaries, and other visitors remarked consistently on the pitiable and wretched lives of the islands native inhabitants Swedish botanist Carl Skottsberg, who compiled the first natural history of Rapa Nui, wrote that there is in the Pacific Ocean no island of the size, geology and altitude of Easter Island with such an extremely poor flora and with a subtropical climate favorable for plant growth, but nor is there an island as isolated as this, and the conclusion will be that poverty is the result of isolation.1 Those who settled Rapa Nui had accomplished a remarkable feat of seamanship, perhaps the most daunting of the whole colonization of the Polynesian islands, only to have arrived at a desperately inhospitable new home The story of the Polynesian migration is staggering in its sweep Seafaring colonists known by their distinctive pottery called Lapita, who had set out from the shores of the western Pacific, reached the islands of Tonga and Samoa by 800 BC It must have seemed to be the edge of the world Verdant Samoa is today considered the heart of Polynesia, but at that time, there on the eastern frontier of their rapid dispersal to hundreds of islands, Lapita stopped dead in its tracks Maybe Samoa was just too luxurious for them to leave We dont currently know why they stopped, but we do know that no islanders ventured farther into the Pacific for nearly two thousand years It was in the Polynesian homelands of Tonga and Samoa that the earliest forms of Polynesian monumental architecture emerged, by about AD 1000 When the islanders began migrating again, sometime around AD 1100, they brought their ritual architecture with them, including religious courtyards made of stone and upright stones, conceived of as backrests for the gods In some places these backrests were transformed into elaborate carved human figures, like those found in the Marquesas, Hawaii, the Australs, and, ultimately, Rapa Nui Those migrating across the eastern Pacific first reached the spectacular islands of the archipelago of Tahiti Voyaging in large double hulled canoes soon after AD 1200, in less than a century, the islanders had discovered just about every island in the eastern Pacific, including the far flung Cooks, Tuamotu atolls, Marquesas, Hawaii, Australs, Gambiers, Rapa Nui, New Zealand, and even the frigid islands of the sub Antarctic.2 They also reached South America, where they fetched the sweet potato and perhaps introduced the humble chicken.3 Their colonization over this vast region was remarkably fast they had traversed thousands of miles of turbulent seas, and had done so against prevailing winds and currents Discovering Rapa Nui, the most remote of these outposts, was particularly improbable The territory over which Polynesia spreads is truly vast about equivalent to the size of the entire North Atlantic Ocean Roughly 99.5 percent of Polynesia is ocean, and 92 percent of the tiny fraction of land is New Zealands whopping 112,355 square miles Beyond the central archipelagos of the Societies, Tuamotus, and Marquesas lies a wide open expanse along Polynesias southeastern edge, where the minuscule islands of Rapa Iti, Pitcairn, Henderson, and finally Rapa Nui are found Ordinary maps cant convey Rapa Nuis true remoteness One of the old names recorded for the island, Te Pito o te Henua, translates as the navel of the world, or perhaps aptly, the end of the world. The islands geographic isolation is magnified many times over by its extreme windward position Sailing to Rapa Nui from central Polynesia, as the islanders likely did, meant pushing directly into the prevailing east southeasterly trade winds and correspondingly strong currents of the South Pacific Doing so would have required tacking, which would have made the journey approximately four times farther than the straight line distance If, for example, the islanders had left from the island of Rarotonga, in the Southern Cook Islands, the tacking distance to Rapa Nui would have been a staggering 12,500 miles The trick would be to find enough days of consistent westerly winds They may well have been aided by El Nio, which reduces the average strength of the east southeasterly trade winds in the area, bringing westerly wind reversals Paleoclimatic studies show that about the time the islanders probably set out, El Nio appeared on average about once every four years, so the Rapa Nui settlers may have ridden one of the gusts of regular westerlies that would have been generated To have spotted the tiny island was nonetheless quite a long shot Rapa Nui is tiny, one of the smallest inhabited islands in the Pacific The total island area measures about sixty three square miles The longest east west axis is just over fourteen miles the maximum width north south is less than eight miles It is possible to walk around the entire island in a day, albeit a long one This is surely why, as the evidence convincingly shows, the island was colonized only once Probably traveling in two, or even , large double hulled canoes, some thirty to fifty, or perhaps as many as about one hundred men, women, and children embarked on the voyage The oral tradition of the island credits the discovery to a chief named Hotu Matua The first signs of land probably came not with actual sighting of the island, but with seabirds returning to their nests flying off to the east at dusk A lone palm nut or a tree branch floating in the water might have alerted experienced navigators that land was somewhere nearby They had defied great odds, but their struggle had only begun The voyagers would have brought with them the critical plants of Polynesian life, including taro, breadfruit, coconut, yams, bananas, sugarcane, turmeric, and kava as well as chickens and small Polynesian rats Rattus exulans , the latter either invited passenHunt and Lipo make a major contribution to global history They decipher the tangled skeins of Easter Islands history with cutting edge scholarship and vivid writing Their meticulous research tells a tale not of ecological armageddon, as so commonly believed, but of brilliant human achievement under difficult, isolated circumstances This important book revolutionizes our understanding of ancient Polynesia and is a must buy for anyone visiting this extraordinary place Brian Fagan, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara and author of The Great Warming The Statues that Walked is an important book Finally, a fair and balanced account of the deeper human and environmental histories of Easter Island by people who not only know the records intimately but also helped produce them In the midst of an ocean of sensationalist accounts of these histories, The Statues that Walked rights many wrongs Donald K Grayson, Professor, Department of Anthropology and Quaternary Research Center, University of Washington and author of The Great Basin A Natural Prehistory A great read and a genuinely exciting account of how the science of archaeology is done at its besthead and shoulders above the storytelling in Jared Diamonds Guns, Germs, and Steel or Collapse, and this is saying a lot John Edward Terrell, Professor and Regenstein Curator of Pacific Anthropology, Field Museum of Natural History A revolutionary perspective of the most intriguing society on earth Hunt and Lipo unite old and new research findings in a coherent, surprising account of the real reason for the collapse of Easter Islands populations it was not greed and shortsightedness And, incidentally, a compelling account of what purpose those statues served and how they were moved Daniel Simberloff, Nancy Gore Hunger Professor of Environmental Studies, University of Tennessee There is plausible information about the island, its people, and its remarkable stone monuments between the covers of this book than in all the many volumes written before This is a must read for all those interested in scientific sleuthing at its best David A Burney, Director of Conservation, National Tropical Botanical Garden, and author of Back to the Future in the Caves of Kaua i A Scientists Adventures in the Dark A must readHunt and Lipo have harnessed the power of science to show the true history of Easter Island which is compelling and amazing than doomsday theorists have led us to believe Patricia A McAnany, Kenan Eminent Professor, Department of Anthropology, University 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Available Musical, Sporting, Commercial Private photography, weddings, portraits, award ceremonies trade shows events South East England The Statues that Walked: Unraveling the Mystery of Easter Island (English Edition)


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