᠐ Google drive pdf צּ The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Gluten-Aware Plan for Losing Weight and Feeling Great--FAST! ᠬ Kindle Ebook By Arthur Agatston ᢦ

᠐ Google drive pdf צּ The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Gluten-Aware Plan for Losing Weight and Feeling Great--FAST!  ᠬ Kindle Ebook By Arthur Agatston ᢦ ᠐ Google drive pdf צּ The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Gluten-Aware Plan for Losing Weight and Feeling Great--FAST! ᠬ Kindle Ebook By Arthur Agatston ᢦ CHAPTER 1THE ACCIDENTAL GLUTEN DOCTORCONFUSED BY THE LATEST DIET CRAZEGLUTEN FREE You re not alone.The New Yorker cartoon below captures the current state of the nation when it comes to gluten Many of us have heard about the phenomenon but really don t understand what gluten is or what, if anything, we should be doing about it Yet millions of us are turning our lives upside down trying to avoid it.Relax We are here to help You won t be confused about gluten after reading this book And you won t be changing life as you know it As a matter of fact, life is about to get a whole lot better.I have no idea what gluten is, either, but I m avoiding it, just to be safe.The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution doesn t necessarily mean gluten free forever or that gluten is not a problem What this program does do is teach you to become gluten aware, not gluten phobic, and how to make the changes in your diet that are right for you.As you come to understand the real story about gluten, you may discover that you don t have to say good bye for good to your favorite pasta dish or your grandma s homemade bread You won t be walking around cranky and hungry And yes, you will lose weight quickly and easily without feeling deprived.On our program, you will be giving up gluten for 4 weeks, but it won t be hard You ll eat a wide variety of foods, including lots of gluten free whole grains and other good carbohydrates to satisfy your need for that slice of pizza or piece of rye toast If it turns out that gluten is a problem for you, you are going to feel a lot better fast I know this because so many of my patients have seen positive results within days of starting the Gluten Solution Program Not only do they have much energy and fewer aches and pains, they no longer complain about bloat, digestive problems, or brain fog.So what exactly is gluten Gluten is the major protein found in some grains These include all forms of wheat bulgur, durum, semolina, spelt, farro as well as barley and rye and a wheat rye cross called triticale It s also a common additive in many prepared foods, cosmetics, and even medicines.It can make some people very sick But not everyone.In fact, many people obsessed with avoiding gluten don t have anything to worry about These are individuals who don t have to eliminate whole wheat, barley, and rye products from their lives and who should enjoy them, because these whole grains are good sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.At the same time, there are countless others who should be avoiding or at least limiting their intake of foods containing gluten The vast majority of these people haven t the faintest idea that gluten is at the root of many of their health problems.A STEALTH DISEASEFor some people about 1 percent of the population gluten can be a matter of life or death These people have a condition known as celiac disease True celiacs, as they are called, are so sensitive to gluten that even a small amount really just a trace can make them very sick Because gluten damages the lining of the small intestine, it can lead to a host of health problems ranging from chronic fatigue and skin rashes to severe abdominal cramping and osteoporosis And people with celiac disease are at higher risk for some cancers as well.Until a decade ago, celiac disease was thought to be extremely rare, affecting 1 in 10,000 people in North America But in 2003, Dr Alessio Fasano, one of the world s leading researchers in the field, reported a surprising finding The rate was actually 1 in 133 That s 100 times common than was previously believed Today, Dr Fasano and other celiac experts suggest that this estimate is probably low and that the disease may be present in 1 in 100 people To make matters worse, the great majority of these people don t realize they have it These silent celiacs suffer symptoms, sometimes debilitating, without knowing why, and they continue to unwittingly eat gluten, making their condition worse.But the real focus of this book is on a much common disorder the recently recognized problem of gluten sensitivity, a condition with symptoms often similar to celiac disease but that may not require giving up gluten entirely.With the significant increase in our gluten intake over the past 50 years due to the ubiquity and overconsumption of products made with highly refined wheat flour along with other surprising factors that I ll tell you about later we are just beginning to appreciate gluten s impact on our health As a society, we are in a state of gluten overload, and millions of people of all ages and all walks of life are suffering as a result.In my cardiology practice, I have been amazed at the number of patients who have gluten sensitivity and who have gone undiagnosed for many years When they eat foods containing gluten, it triggers unpleasant symptoms stomach pains, diarrhea, heartburn, body aches, headache, skin rashes, fatigue, brain fog, and depression and sometimes leads to or exacerbates chronic illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.We now know that there is a relationship between this new epidemic of gluten sensitivity and the epidemics of obesity and diabetes, two related and reversible conditions that have been the principal focus of my earlier South Beach Diet books.While there are specific diagnostic tests that can confirm celiac disease, this is not the case for gluten sensitivity So, if you have symptoms and have tested negative for celiac disease, you may well be gluten sensitive The only way you know whether gluten is a problem for you and to what degree is by observing whether your symptoms are relieved when gluten is sharply reduced or eliminated from your diet.But I m not advocating that we all become gluten phobic My goal is to clear up the confusion and help you determine whether or not you are gluten sensitive and if you are, just how sensitive By following the South Beach Diet Gluten Solution Program in Part II, you will have the answers in just a few weeks.The good news is that even if you are gluten sensitive, you don t have to give up all whole grains There are many grains that do not contain gluten and that will not cause symptoms And depending on your degree of sensitivity, you may be able to have some gluten containing grains as well.EAT WELL, FEEL WELL, STAY WELLI am a history buff and find the evolution of the gluten story in this country and around the world fascinating Wheat, and accordingly gluten, has been part of our diet for thousands of years Throughout the book, I am going to touch on the pivotal changes that have made to the staff of life a problem for so many of us today.But first let me tell you a bit about my own history and why I am so anxious to teach you about gluten a topic that was barely covered when I attended medical school.I am a preventive cardiologist My entire career has been devoted to keeping people out of emergency rooms and coronary care units I am best known in scientific circles for developing the Calcium Score also known as the Agatston Score along with my colleague Warren Janowitz This is a method of screening for coronary atherosclerosis hardening of the arteries years before it leads to a heart attack or stroke It is considered by most experts to be the single best predictor of heart disease, and it is used at medical centers throughout the world I created the South Beach Diet to help my cardiac and diabetes patients lose weight and improve their blood chemistries in order to stop the progression of atherosclerosis and thus prevent heart attacks and strokes.I never expected to write a best selling diet book and thus have been referred to as an accidental diet doctor I was inadvertently pushed into the role when I noticed that the so called heart healthy nationally recommended low fat diet popular at that time was actually making my patients fatter and sicker Once I switched my patients to our good fats, good carbs, lean protein, high fiber strategy, I was amazed at how quickly their health improved and their waistlines shrank.To apply these fundamentals easily to busy lives, we developed a three phase approach that we still recommend today.During Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet, which typically lasts for 2 weeks, all grains including whole grains and other starches, sugars including fruits and fruit juices , and alcohol are excluded This is the rapid but healthy weight loss phase designed to eliminate cravings for sweet, sugary foods and refined starches As a result, you gain control over what you eat and get quick, positive feedback from the many ds shed Phase 1 is tailored for people with greater than 10 ds to lose and those who have difficulty controlling cravings After 2 weeks most people move on to Phase 2.People with fewer than 10 ds to lose and who aren t bothered by cravings can begin the diet on Phase 2 In this phase, whole grains and other healthy starches, most fruits, and even alcohol are gradually reintroduced Each individual learns which foods and how much of those foods he or she can eat without rekindling cravings This slow and steady weight loss phase is continued until you achieve your weight loss goal.MY NEW SECRET WEIGHT LOSS WEAPONI have written a great deal about the epidemics of diabetes and obesity and their well established relationship to heart disease and to most other chronic diseases I have laid the blame squarely on our sedentary lifestyle and our poor diet filled with empty calorie, low fiber, nonnutritious foods especially in the form of refined carbohydrates.Our addiction to highly processed starches has led us to consume gluten than ever before The irony here is that the of these junk foods we eat, the we crave them and the we continue to eat them It is a vicious cycle that leaves millions of people struggling with their weight, feeling exhausted and depressed, and suffering from a variety of health problems that are diminishing their quality of life.I live in South Beach, so many of my patients have been happy to take my diet advice While I was interested in making them healthier, their primary interest was in looking good Whatever the motivation, weight was lost, blood chemistries improved, and success was achieved.But some patients simply didn t care all that much about losing weight The threat of diabetes and coronary artery disease sometime in the future was not real enough to induce them to make changes in the here and now Interestingly, my new understanding of the Phase 1 gluten free connection has led me to develop a different strategy for diagnosing and helping my patients If these noncompliers have symptoms like joint pain, headaches, or difficulty concentrating that I think may be gluten related, I simply explain that relief may be at hand if they make some dietary changes and eliminate gluten for a few weeks I stress the feel better fast part of the program to spark their enthusiasm and initial participation Typically, if they only lose weight, this type of patient may fall off the wagon But if they feel great and their troublesome symptoms disappear, they will remain faithful to our healthy eating principles for life.Here s a real life case in point I have followed my patient Tom, who is now 50 years old, for than 20 years because of a problem with a heart valve In the past few years, he has gained a middle aged belly and developed an elevated hemoglobin A1C, which indicates high blood sugar and is a sign of prediabetes He had never been compliant with my diet recommendations, and I didn t feel that scare tactics would work with him beyond the short term.In addition to his prediabetes, Tom had a persistent complaint about ankle pain due to osteoarthritis from an old football injury This actually bothered him than the threat of future diabetes or heart attack His ankle hurt and it hurt now He had tried all kinds of conventional and unconventional remedies to treat it These included localized injections as well as magic remedies that he had seen on late night infomercials I told Tom that while I was certainly not sure, eliminating gluten for a month might improve his ankle pain, making it easier for him to exercise I hoped that, like many of my other patients, he might feel so good limiting gluten and by default so many refined carbohydrates that he d stick with the diet and that his belly fat would recede and his risk of diabetes would diminish along with his ankle pain.I saw Tom a few months after he started the South Beach Diet Gluten Solution Program he had been consulting with our nutritionist by phone in the meantime and, as in so many other cases, his results exceeded my expectations He reported that his ankle pain was much relieved after several weeks on the program He had also lost 20 ds, and the results of his bloodwork were better than they had been in years.But even impressive is that now, than a year later, he remains committed to his gluten aware diet for him, this means eating some gluten containing foods but not much and not often , not just because his ankle improved but because he just feels so much better He has trouble defining it precisely than that As a result, Tom has kept off the extra weight he was carrying, his waist circumference is down 2 inches, and his hemoglobin A1C is well below the diabetes zone He also says that he has energy now than ever and this from a guy who didn t think he had a low energy level before.And, by the way, his wife loves the new Tom.Today, supermarkets have dedicated gluten free aisles, restaurants highlight gluten free dishes on their menus, and millions of people have cut gluten out of their diets in the hopes of boosting health and losing weight But despite all the attention, gluten confusion still reigns.Enter cardiologist Arthur Agatston, MD, author of the groundbreaking The South Beach Diet With that book, Dr Agatston ended the diet debates and cleared up the high carb versus low carb confusion In The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution, he does the same for gluten, demystifying the effects of the difficult to digest protein in wheat and some other grains.The truth is, not everyone needs to give up gluten permanentlynor does doing so guarantee weight loss With Dr Agatston s phased Gluten Solution Program, based on proven South Beach Diet eating principles, you ll be able to determine your own level of gluten sensitivityand you ll drop up to 10 pounds in just two weeks.What makes Dr Agatston s approach unique is that he shows you how to become gluten aware, not gluten phobic He shares his own personal journey to gluten awareness and explores the latest research to determine the real connection between gluten and health He explains that a number of factors, including our vast overconsumption of highly processed grains, have increased the incidence of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease These conditions contribute to a host of health issues, including brain fog, mood swings, digestive disorders, joint pain, and skin problems You can find relief from these and other symptoms by following the South Beach Diet Gluten Solution Program.With detailed daily meal plans, tips for traveling and dining out, inspiring stories, and 20 delicious recipes that sacrifice neither taste nor health , The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution gives you everything you need to feel great, lose weight, and navigate the gluten free world with ease. 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diagnostics scientific Dr Cardiologist affiliated multiple hospitals area, including Baptist Hospital Mount Sinai Medical Author MD preventive associate professor medicine University Miller School Medicine Appointment specialist practicing years He graduated New York cardiology Leader Cardiac Prevention Creator Director Wellness Health pioneer prevention, Warren Janowitz resulted Score, method screening coronary calcium indicator atherosclerosis Forbes Top Celebrities just brands publishing, moving books Biography story, history, wife, school became America newest guru had originally write bible, instead devised healthy attacks strokes Truth About Cholesterol ARTHUR AGATSTON, MD, medical director clinical International Herbert The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Gluten-Aware Plan for Losing Weight and Feeling Great--FAST!


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