഑ my Hardcover The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon ඐ ePUB Author David Grann ග

഑ my Hardcover The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon ඐ ePUB Author David Grann ග ഑ my Hardcover The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon ඐ ePUB Author David Grann ග Exclusive John Grisham Reviews The Lost City of Z Since first publishing A Time to Kill in 1988, John Grisham has written twenty novels and one work of nonfiction, The Innocent Man His second novel, The Firm, spent 47 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, becoming the bestselling novel of 1991 The success of The Pelican Brief, which hit number one on the New York Times bestseller list, and The Client, which debuted at number one, confirmed Grisham s reputation as the master of the legal thriller His most recent novel, The Associate, was published in January 2009 Read his exclusive guest review of The Lost City of Z In April of 1925, a legendary British explorer named Percy Fawcett launched his final expedition into the depths of the in Brazil His destination was the lost city of El Dorado, the City of Gold, an ancient kingdom of great sophistication, architecture, and culture that, for some reason, had vanished The idea of El Dorado had captivated anthropologists, adventurers, and scientists for 400 years, though there was no evidence it ever existed Hundreds of expeditions had gone looking for it Thousands of men had perished in the jungles searching for it Fawcett himself had barely survived several previous expeditions and was determined than ever to find the lost city with its streets and temples of gold. The world was watching Fawcett, the last of the great Victorian adventurers, was financed by the Royal Geographical Society in London, the worlds foremost repository of research gathered by explorers Fawcett, then age 57, had proclaimed for decades his belief in the City of Z, as he had nicknamed it His writings, speeches, and exploits had captured the imagination of millions, and reports of his last expedition were front page news. His expeditionary force consisted of three men himself, his 21 year old son Jack, and one of Jacks friends Fawcett believed that only a small group had any chance of surviving the horrors of the He had seen large forces decimated by malaria, insects, snakes, poison darts, starvation, and insanity He knew better He and his two companions would travel light, carry their own supplies, eat off the land, pose no threat to the natives, and endure months of hardship in their search for the Lost City of Z. They were never seen again Fawcetts daily dispatches trickled to a stop Months passed with no word Because he had survived several similar forays into the , his family and friends considered him to be near super human As before, they expected Fawcett to stumble out of the jungle, bearded and emaciated and announcing some fantastic discovery It did not happen. Over the years, the search for Fawcett became alluring than the search for El Dorado itself Rescue efforts, from the serious to the farcical, materialized in the years that followed, and hundreds of others lost their lives in the search Rewards were posted Psychics were brought in by the family Articles and books were written For decades the legend of Percy Fawcett refused to die. The great mystery of what happened to Fawcett has never been solved, perhaps until now In 2004, author David Grann discovered the story while researching another one Soon, like hundreds before him, he became obsessed with the legend of the colorful adventurer and his baffling disappearance Grann, a lifelong New Yorker with an admitted aversion to camping and mountain climbing, a lousy sense of direction, and an affinity for take out food and air conditioning, soon found himself in the jungles of the What he found there, some 80 years after Fawcetts disappearance, is a startling conclusion to this absorbing narrative. The Lost City of Z is a riveting, exciting and thoroughly compelling tale of adventure. Photo Maki Galimberti A QA with Author David Grann Question When did you first stumble upon the story of Percy Fawcett and his search for an ancient civilization in the and when did you realize this particular story had you in the grip David Grann While I was researching a story on the mysterious death of the worlds greatest Sherlock Holmes expert, I came upon a reference to Fawcetts role in inspiring Arthur Conan Doyles novel The Lost World Curious, I plugged Fawcetts name into a newspaper database and was amazed by the headlines that appeared, including THREE MEN FACE CANNIBALS IN RELIC QUEST and tribesmen Seize Movie Actor Seeking to Rescue Fawcett As I read each story, I became and curious about how Fawcetts quest for a lost city and his disappearance had captivated the world how for decades hundreds of scientists and explorers had tried to find evidence of Fawcetts missing party and the City of Z and how countless seekers had disappeared or died from starvation, diseases, attacks by wild animals, or poisonous arrows What intrigued me most, though, was the notion of Z For years most scientists had considered the brutal conditions in the largest jungle in the world inimical to humankind, but recently some archeologists had begun to question this longstanding view and believed that a sophisticated civilization like Z might have existed Such a discovery would challenge virtually everything that was believed about the nature of the and what the Americas looked liked before the arrival of Christopher Columbus Suddenly, the story had every tantalizing element mystery, obsession, death, madness as well as great intellectual stakes Still, I probably didnt realize I was fully in the storys grip until I told my wife that I planned to take out an extra life insurance policy and follow Fawcetts trail into the . Q Tell us about the discovery of Fawcetts previously unpublished diaries and logbooks. DG Researching the book often felt like a kind of treasure hunt and nothing was exciting than coming across these materials in an old chest in the house of one of Fawcetts grandchildren Fawcett, who had been a British spy, was extremely secretive about his search for Z in part because he didnt want his rivals to discover the lost city before he did and in part because he feared that too many people would die if they tried to follow in his wake These old, crumbling diaries and logbooks held incredible clues to both Fawcetts life and death whats , they revealed a key to his clandestine route to the Lost City of Z. Q In an attempt to retrace Fawcetts journey, many scientists and explorers have faced madness, kidnapping, and death Did you ever hesitate to go to the DG I probably should have been hesitant, especially after reading some of the diaries of members of other parties that had scoured the for a lost city One seeker of El Dorado described reaching a state of privation so great that we were eating nothing but leather, belts and soles of shoes, cooked with certain herbs, with the result that so great was our weakness that we could not remain standing In that expedition alone, some four thousand men perished Other explorers resorted to cannibalism One searcher went so mad he stabbed his own child, whispering, Commend thyself to God, my daughter, for I am about to kill thee But to be honest, even after reading these accounts, I was so consumed by the story that I did not think much about the consequences and one of the themes I try to explore in the book is the lethal nature of obsession. Q When you were separated from your guide Paolo on the way to the Kuikuro village and seemingly lost and alone in the jungle, what was going through your mind DG Besides fear, I kept wondering what the hell I was doing on such a mad quest. Q Paolo and you made a game of imagining what happened to Fawcett in the Without giving anything away about The Lost City of Z, I was wondering if you came away with any final conclusions DG I dont want to give too much away but, after poring over Fawcetts final letters and dispatches from the expedition and after interviewing many of the tribes that Fawcett himself had encountered, I felt as if I had come as close as possible to knowing why Fawcett and his party vanished. Q In his praise for your book, Malcolm Gladwell asks a central question of our age In the battle between man and a hostile environment, who wins Obviously, the jungle has won many times, but it seems man may be gaining What are your thoughts on the deforestation taking place in the DG It is a great tragedy Over the last four decades in Brazil alone, the has lost some two hundred and seventy thousand square miles of its original forest cover an area bigger than France Many tribes, including some I visited, are being threatened with extinction Countless animals and plants, many of them with potential medicinal purposes, are also vanishing One of the things that the book explores is how early Native American societies were often able to overcome their hostile environment without destroying it Unfortunately, that has not been the case with the latest wave of trespassers. Q You began this journey as a man who doesnt like to camp and has a terrible sense of direction and tend s to forget where you are on the subway and miss es your stop in Brooklyn Are you now an avid outdoorsman DG No Once was enough for me Q Early in the book, you write, Ever since I was young, Ive been drawn to mystery and adventure tales What have been some of your favorite books past and present that fall into this category DG Im a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, and every few years go back and read the stories again I do the same with many of Joseph Conrads novels, including Lord Jim Im always amazed at how he produced quest novels that reflected the Victorian era and yet seem to have been written with the wisdom of a historian looking back in time As for contemporary authors, I read a lot of crime fiction, especially the works of George Pelecanos and Michael Connelly I also relish books, such as Jonathan Lethems Motherless Brooklyn, that cleverly play with this genre Finally, there are the gripping yarns written by authors like Jon Krakauer and Nathaniel Philbrick stories that are all the spellbinding because they are true. Q Brad Pitt and Paramount optioned The Lost City of Z in the spring Any updates DG They have hired a screenwriter and director and seem to be moving forward at a good clip. Q What are you working on now DG I recently finished a couple of crime stories for The New Yorker, including one about a Polish author who allegedly committed murder and then left clues about the real crime in his novel Meanwhile, Im hoping to find a tantalizing story, like The Lost City of Z, that will lead to a new book. Q Anything else youd like to add DG Just that I hope that readers will enjoy The Lost City of Z and find the story of Fawcett and his quest as captivating as I did. Photo Matt Richman Look Inside The Lost City of Z Click on thumbnails for larger images Percy Harrison Fawcett was considered the last of the individualist explorersthose who ventured into blank spots on the map with little than a machete, a compass, and an almost divine sense of purpose He is seen here in 1911, the year of his fourth major expedition Copyright R de Montet Guerin Fawcett mapping the frontier between Brazil and Bolivia in 1908 Courtesy of the Royal Geographical Society Dr Alexander Hamilton Rice, Fawcetts main rival, was a multimillionaire as much at home in the elegant swirl of Newport society as in the steaming jungles of Brazil Courtesy of the Royal Geographical Society A member of Dr Rices 1919 20 expedition deploys a wireless telegraphy setan early radioallowing the party to receive news from the outside world Courtesy of the Royal Geographical Society Starred Review In 1925, renowned British explorer Col Percy Harrison Fawcett embarked on a much publicized search to find the city of Z, site of an ancient ian civilization that may or may not have existed Fawcett, along with his grown son Jack, never returned, but that didn t stop countless others, including actors, college professors and well funded explorers from venturing into the jungle to find Fawcett or the city Among the wannabe explorers is Grann, a staff writer for the New Yorker, who has bad eyes and a worse sense of direction He became interested in Fawcett while researching another story, eventually venturing into the to satisfy his all consuming curiosity about the explorer and his fatal mission Largely about Fawcett, the book examines the stranglehold of passion as Grann s vigorous research mirrors Fawcett s obsession with uncovering the mysteries of the jungle By interweaving the great story of Fawcett with his own investigative escapades in South America and Britain, Grann provides an in depth, captivating character study that has the relentless energy of a classic adventure tale Feb Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserved. 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    • The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon
    • 1.3
    • 51
    • Hardcover
    • 352 pages
    • B001NLL414
    • David Grann
    • English
    • 23 October 2016

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