ῲ Download Format Kindle [ ↔ The Count of Monte Cristo ] ῶ E-Pub Author Alexandre Dumas •

ῲ Download Format Kindle [ ↔ The Count of Monte Cristo ] ῶ E-Pub Author Alexandre Dumas • ῲ Download Format Kindle [ ↔ The Count of Monte Cristo ] ῶ E-Pub Author Alexandre Dumas • Chapter ION FEBRUARY 24, 1815, the watchtower at Marseilles signaled the arrival of the three master Pharaon, coming from Smyrna, Trieste and Naples.The quay was soon covered with the usual crowd of curious onlookers, for the arrival of a ship is always a great event in Marseilles, especially when, like the Pharaon, it has been built, rigged and laden in the city and belongs to a local shipowner.Meanwhile the vessel was approaching the harbor under topsails, jib and foresail, but so slowly and with such an air of melancholy that the onlookers, instinctively sensing misfortune, began to wonder what accident could have happened on board However, the experienced seamen among them saw that if there had been an accident, it could not have happened to the ship herself, for she had every appearance of being under perfect control Standing beside the pilot, who was preparing to steer the Pharaon through the narrow entrance of the harbor, was a young man who, with vigilant eyes and rapid gestures, watched every movement of the ship and repeated each of the pilot s orders.The vague anxiety hovering over the crowd affected one man so much that he could not wait until the ship entered the harbor he leaped into a small boat and ordered the boatman to row him out to meet the Pharaon.When he saw this man coming toward him, the young sailor left his post beside the pilot and walked over to the side of the ship, holding his hat in his hand He was a tall, slender young man, no than twenty years old, with dark eyes and hair as black as ebony His whole manner gave evidence of that calmness and resolution peculiar to those who have been accustomed to facing danger ever since their childhood.Ah, it s you, Dants cried the man in the boat What s happened Why does everything look so gloomy on board A great misfortune, Monsieur Morrel replied the young man We lost our brave Captain Leclre off Civitavecchia.What about the cargo asked the shipowner eagerly.It arrived safely, Monsieur Morrel, and I think you ll be satisfied on that score, but poor Captain Leclre What happened to him asked the shipowner, visibly relieved.He died of brain fever, in horrible agony He s now at rest off the Isle of II Giglio, sewed up in his hammock with one cannon ball at his head and another at his feet The young man smiled sadly and added, How ironic he waged war against the English for ten long years and then died in his bed like anyone else.Well, we re all mortal, said the shipowner, and the old must make way for the young, otherwise there would be no promotion.As they were passing the Round Tower, the young sailor called out, Make ready to lower topsails, foresail and jib The order was executed as smartly as on board a man of war Lower away and brail all At this last order all the sails were lowered and the ship s speed became almost imperceptible.And now, if you d like to come aboard, Monsieur Morrel, said Dants, seeing the shipowner s impatience, you can talk to your purser, Monsieur Danglars, who s just coming out of his cabin He can give you all the information you want As for myself, I must look after the anchoring and dress the ship in mourning.The shipowner did not wait to be invited twice He grasped the line which Dants threw to him and, with an agility that would have done credit to a sailor, climbed up the ladder attached to the ship s side Dants returned to his duties, while Danglars came out to meet Monsieur Morrel The purser was a man of twenty five or twenty six with a rather melancholy face, obsequious to his superiors and arrogant to his subordinates He was as much disliked by the crew as Edmond Dants was liked by them.Well, Monsieur Morrel, said Danglars, I suppose you ve heard about our misfortune.Yes, I have Poor Captain Leclre He was a brave and honorable man.And an excellent seaman, too, grown old between the sky and the water, as a man should be when he s entrusted with the interests of such an important firm as Morrel and Son.But, said the shipowner, watching Dants preparing to drop anchor, it seems to me a man doesn t have to be old to do his work well, Danglars Our friend Edmond there doesn t look as though he needs advice from anyone.Yes, said Danglars, casting Dants a glance full of hatred, he s young and he has no doubts about anything As soon as the captain was dead he took command without consulting anyone, and he made us lose a day and a half at the Isle of Elba instead of coming straight back to Marseilles.As for taking command, said the shipowner, it was his duty as first mate, but he was wrong to waste a day and a half at the Isle of Elba, unless the ship needed some sort of repairs.The ship was as sound as I am and as I hope you are, Monsieur Morrel Wasting that day and a half was nothing but a whim of his he just wanted to go ashore for a while, that s all.Dants, said Morrel, turning toward the young man, come here, please.Excuse me, sir, I ll be with you in a moment, said Dants Then, turning to the crew, he called out, Let go The anchor dropped immediately and the chain rattled noisily Dants walked over to Morrel.I wanted to ask you why you stopped at the Isle of Elba.It was to carry out an order from Captain Leclre As he was dying he gave me a package to deliver to Marshal Bertrand there.Did you see him, Edmond Yes.Morrel looked around and drew Dants off to one side How is the emperor he asked eagerly.He s well, as far as I could tell He came into the marshal s room while I was there.Did you talk to him No, he talked to me, said Dants, smiling.What did he say He asked me about the ship, when it had left for Marseilles, what route it had taken and what cargo it was carrying I think that if the ship had been empty and I had been its owner he would have tried to buy it from me, but I told him I was only the first mate and that it belonged to the firm of Morrel and Son I know that firm, he said The Morrels have been shipowners for generations and there was a Morrel in my regiment when I was garrisoned at Valence That s true exclaimed Morrel, delighted It was Policar Morrel, my uncle He later became a captain Then, giving Dants a friendly tap on the shoulder, he said, You were quite right to follow Captain Leclre s instructions and stop at the Isle of Elba, although you might get into trouble if it became known that you gave the marshal a package and spoke to the emperor.How could it get me into trouble asked Dants I don t even know what was in the package, and the emperor only asked me the same questions he would have asked any other newcomer But excuse me for a moment, sir I see the health and customs officers coming on board.Danglars stepped up as the young man walked away Well, he said, he seems to have given you some good reasons for his stopover.He gave me excellent reasons, Monsieur Danglars.That s good it s always painful to see a friend fail to do his duty.Dants did his duty well, replied the shipowner It was Captain Leclre, who ordered the stopover.Speaking of Captain Leclre, didn t Dants give you a letter from him No Was there one I thought Captain Leclre gave him a letter along with the package.What package, Danglars Why, the one Dants delivered to the Isle of Elba.How do you know he delivered a package there Danglars flushed The captain s door was ajar when I was passing by, he said, and I saw him give Dants a package and a letter.He didn t say anything to me about it, but if he has the letter I m sure he ll give it to me.Danglars was silent for a moment, then he said, Monsieur Morrel, please don t mention it to Dants I must have been mistaken.Just then Dants returned and Danglars walked away.Well, Dants, have you finished now Yes, sir.Then will you come to dinner with us Please excuse me, Monsieur Morrel, but I think I owe my first visit to my father Just the same, I m grateful for the honor of your invitation.You re right, Dants You re a good son But we ll be expecting you after you ve visited your father.Excuse me again, Monsieur Morrel, but after that first visit there s another one that s equally important to me.Oh, yes I was forgetting that there s someone who must be waiting for you as impatiently as your father the beautiful Mercds You re a lucky man, Edmond, and you have a very pretty mistress.She s not my mistress, sir, said the young sailor gravely She s my fiance.That s sometimes the same thing, said Morrel, laughing.Not with us, sir, replied Dants.Well, I won t keep you any longer you ve taken care of my affairs so well that I want to give you as much time as possible to take care of your own Do you have anything else to tell me No.Didn t Captain Leclre give you a letter for me before he died He was unable to write, sir But that reminds me that I must ask you for two weeks leave.To get married First of all and then to go to Paris.Very well, take as long as you like, Dants It will take at least six weeks to unload the cargo, and we won t be ready to put to sea again before another three months or so But in three months you ll have to be here The Pharaon, continued the shipowner, patting the young sailor on the shoulder, can t leave without her captain.Without her captain cried Dants, his eyes flashing with joy Do you really intend to make me captain of the Pharaon If I were alone, my dear Dants, I d shake your hand and say, It s done But I have a partner, and you know the Italian proverb, He who has a partner has a master The thing is at least half done, though, since you already have one vote out of two Leave it to me to get you the other one I ll do my best.Oh, Monsieur Morrel cried Dants, grasping the ship owner s hand with tears in his eyes I thank you in the name of my father and of Mercds.That s all right, Edmond Go see your father, go see Mercedes, then come back to see me.Don t you want me to take you ashore No, thanks I ll stay on board and look over the accounts with Danglars Were you satisfied with him during the trip That depends on how you mean the question, sir If you re asking me if I was satisfied with him as a comrade, the answer is no I think he s disliked me ever since the day we had a little quarrel and I was foolish enough to suggest that we stop for ten minutes at the Isle of Monte Cristo to settle it, a suggestion which I was wrong to make and which he was right to refuse But if you re speaking of him as a purser, I think there s nothing to be said against him and that you ll be quite satisfied with the way he s done his work.If you were captain of the Pharaon, would you be glad to keep him Whether I m captain or first mate, Monsieur Morrel, replied Dants I ll always have great respect for those who have the confidence of my shipowners.Good, good, Dants I see you re a fine young man in every way But don t let me hold you back any longer I can see how anxious you are to leave.May I take your skiff Certainly.Good bye, Monsieur Morrel, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.The young sailor leaped into the skiff and sat down in the stern, giving orders to be rowed to the Canebire Smiling, the shipowner watched him until he saw him jump ashore, after which he was immediately swallowed up in the crowd When he turned around, Morrel saw Danglars standing behind him, also following the young sailor s movements But there was a great difference in the expression of the two men as they both watched Edmond Dants.Dumas was a summit of art Nobody ever could, or did, or will improve upon Dumas s romances and plays George Bernard Shaw The Count of Monte Cristo Wikipedia The French Le Comte de is an adventure novel by author Alexandre Dumas pre completed in It one the s most popular works, along with Three Musketeers Count von a mysterious but friendly vampire like Muppet on Sesame Street who meant to parody Bela Lugosi portrayal Dracula He first appeared show Season premiere , counting blocks sketch Bert and Ernie IMDb Title Want share IMDb rating your own site Use HTML below definition count Free Dictionary off, aloud turns, as arrange positions within group persons divide or become divided into groups off from left threes SparkNotes Cristo that was published Things You Might Not Know About relationship cinema dates all way back when short film released Italy director Luigi Maggi Danny Koker Danny Koker Koker, owner Kustoms, creative force behind each project leaving his shop splits pastimes between love things automotive passion for music Definition Merriam Webster name numbers one, groups, order up particular point Hide before I ten fives Wiki FANDOM powered Wikia Matt Vogel performing Define at in, include If you re going beach, me often used imperatively, army Close ranks Based famous Dumas, tells story man unjustly imprisoned old who, dying, reveals place where treasure buried Directors Roberto Gavaldn, Chano Urueta indicate units so find total number involved How use sentence title nobility Britannica Count, feminine countess, European nobility, equivalent British earl, ranking modern times after marquess or, countries without marquesses, duke Roman comes originally household companion emperor while under Franks he local commander judge Aug counts bats For fun games videos preschooler safe, child environment, visit us Rotten Tomatoes classic tale swashbuckling senior screen its umpteenth incarnation, this time Kevin Reynolds, directing feature five years Wordsworth Classics needs be read unabridged glory fully appreciate why it masterpiece literary tapestry delight behold once finished last page makes reader think about they ll have reread future Barnes Noble Series Cristo, part series, which offers quality editions affordable prices student general reader, including new scholarship, thoughtful design, pages carefully crafted extras original hardcover incarnation also method, publishing likewise series distinct volumesAlexandre Davy la Pailleterie later known born Villers Cotterts department Aisne, Picardy, FranceHe had two older sisters, Marie Alexandrine Louise died Playwright, Author Biography celebrated best historical novels, pere Biography, Books, Facts pere, prolific authors th century gained great reputation dramatist then novelist, especially such works fils Paris, France, illegitimate Laure Catherine Labay dressmaker, novelist DumasIn father legally recognized him ensured young received education eBooks, Audiobooks, novels One widely famed fiction high adventure, wrote than hundred plays trilogy, Man Iron Mask TOP QUOTES BY ALEXANDRE DUMAS A Z Quotes Life storm, my friend will bask sunlight moment, shattered rocks next What what do storm dumas Instagram photos videos Followers, Following, Posts See Biography life, family, name, son, July near Soissons, son Creole Revolutionary armies His grandfather noble grandmother been Dominican slave four old, family very Pere Encyclopedia plays, romances, generally called preto distinguish illustrious Article Memoirs, Being Extracts First Five Volumes London W H Allen Co condensed English edition Road eliminated references Vampyre The Count of Monte Cristo


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