‿ The American Heart Association Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Cookbook: Delicious Recipes to Help Lower Your Cholesterol free download ⁛ Book Author American Heart Association ⁵

‿ The American Heart Association Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Cookbook: Delicious Recipes to Help Lower Your Cholesterol free download ⁛ Book Author American Heart Association ⁵ ‿ The American Heart Association Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Cookbook: Delicious Recipes to Help Lower Your Cholesterol free download ⁛ Book Author American Heart Association ⁵ Many Americans are lowering their cholesterol level, quitting smoking, watching their blood pressure, and becoming active.To us at the American Heart Association, this is gratifying because it means that many people are reducing their risk of heart attack and stroke It means Americans will have healthy hearts that last a lifetime.Do you have high blood cholesterol Has your doctor recommended that you eat less fat If so, youve come to the right place This new AHA Low Fat, Low Cholesterol Cookbook has it all The recipes on these pages are simply scrumptious Consider the bliss of sinking your teeth into Crab Spring Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce, Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Ricotta and Goat Cheese, and Mango Brle with Pine Nuts Youll find they can all be part of healthful, low fat eating.You may want to start with our handy assessment tool designed to help you determine how much fat youre eating now see First, Look at the Way Youre Eating Now, on page 9 Then you can easily see the changes youll want to make so you can follow your doctors advice Youll also discover what foods to eat how to shop for low fat, low cholesterol foods and how to cook them in the heart healthiest way Plus, youll find encouragement for your weight loss efforts We even have information on how to eat out in all kinds of restaurants, have fun, and still choose dishes that will do your heart good.In the appendixes, youll learn how your body handles cholesterol Youll also see why a low saturated fat, low cholesterol way of eating is so important Dr Scott M Grundy, one of the foremost lipid specialists in this country and one of the AHAs most eminent science volunteers, has updated the chapter on cholesterol lowering drugs with the latest scientific knowledge Some of you wont be able to reduce your cholesterol to a safe level with diet alone For you, this section will be vital.If youre using this cookbook as an aid in developing a new help your heart eating plan, take a look at the Step I and Step II Diets on pages 12 through 14 On the other hand, if you just want to add to your repertoire of low fat, low cholesterol recipes, turn to page 31.Whatever your goal, we hope this cookbook will give you many hours of delicious eating and many years with a healthy heart.THE LOWDOWN ON HIGH CHOLESTEROLChances are you bought this cookbook because your doctor said you need to lower your cholesterol level We think thats good advice Why Because research has shown clearly that too much cholesterol in your blood can lead to heart disease, Americas number one killer Despite all our advances in preventing and treating heart disease, it still claims than 950,000 lives a year.The fact is, about 13.7 million people currently living in the United States have coronary heart disease and almost 4 million have had a stroke Millions are at risk of heart attack and stroke and dont even know it According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute NHLBI , slightly than 77 percent of all middle aged American men are at increased risk of dying from heart disease.Now for the good news You can cut your risk of heart disease dramatically by reducing your blood cholesterol level You can do that by cutting down on saturated fat and cholesterol in your diet In fact, physicians and scientists say that the best ways to improve your heart health are to lower your cholesterol level and quit smoking.In 1985, Oxford Universitys Richard Peto said, We know two things about how to prevent death in middle age smoking and cholesterol Each of those two things is responsible for about one third of all deaths in middle age Saturated fat is popular shorthand for the accurate term saturated fatty acids Thats because what we call saturated fat is actually made up of lots of different varieties of saturated fatty acids In fact, this is true for all fats, including polyunsaturated and monounsaturated For easier reading, well generally use the shorthand versions of these terms.WILL LOWERING MY CHOLESTEROL LEVEL REALLY HELP ME PREVENT HEART DISEASE Countless scientific studies have shown that high blood cholesterol plays a major role in heart disease In fact, a number of large clinical trials show that high blood cholesterol is a direct cause of heart attack For example, one NHLBI study included 3,800 men with high cholesterol Half were given a cholesterol lowering drug called cholestyramine, and the other half were given a placebo The men receiving the cholestyramine had significantly lower cholesterol levels and fewer heart attacks than the men receiving placebos These results proved that lowering blood cholesterol reduces both the risk of having a heart attack and the risk of dying from an attack Other clinical trials using cholesterol lowering drugs showed similar results The results of recent trials show that reducing blood cholesterol can slow the formation of atherosclerosis in both men and women and can even bring about atherosclerosis regression in some people.Its not just drug therapy that shows these results A number of clinical trials have involved cholesterol lowering diets Several types of study have given us a large body of evidence that shows a powerful link between diet and heart disease The evidence also proves beyond a doubt that to a large extent diet determines a persons blood cholesterol level One study in Oslo, Norway, revealed that changing the diet to reduce blood cholesterol can definitely reduce the risk of heart attack Similar trials reported from Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Helsinki, Finland, agreed.When the experts averaged the results of all these clinical trials, they were able to estimate how much lowering blood cholesterol will reduce the risk of heart attack As a general rule, if you reduce your total cholesterol level by 1 percent, you reduce your heart attack risk by 2 percent This means that if you reduced your blood cholesterol from 250 to 200 milligrams per deciliter mg dl , for example, youd reduce your heart attack risk by 40 percent Thats quite a payoff Its also why we wrote this cookbook to help you reduce your cholesterol leveland one of your risks for heart attackwhile enjoying delectable low fat, low cholesterol dishes.WHATS MY CHOLESTEROL LEVEL Your physician has probably measured your total blood cholesterol level along with your high density lipoprotein HDL level HDLs are often called good cholesterol, the kind thats not likely to be deposited in your arteries and cause atherosclerosis If so, these blood cholesterol levels will show how you fit into one of the classifications on the following chart This chart helps your doctor identify your risk of heart disease In calculating your risk, he or she will also take into account your physical and medical history, as well as the presence of other risk factors see appendix H, page 382.WHAT YOUR CHOLESTEROL NUMBERS MEANCholesterol mg dl ClassificationTotal less than 200DesirableTotal 200 to 239Borderline high riskTotal above 239High riskHDL less than 35High riskIf Youre Under 200As you can see on the chart above, if your total cholesterol level is less than 200 and your HDL level is 35 or , high blood cholesterol is not a problem for you right now Continue to eat a healthful diet thats low in fat, be physically active, and have your cholesterol level checked once every five years Of course, if you have other major risk factors, such as smoking or high blood pressure, youre still at risk for heart disease and youll want to follow the advice in this book Even if youre totally healthy now, your best bet is to follow prudent dietary recommendations The information in this cookbook can help you keep your cholesterol levelalong with your risk of heart diseaselow.If Youre 200 to 239If your cholesterol level is between 200 and 239, youre in a borderline zone You face twice the risk of heart attack as people whose levels are well below 200 Dont feel alone About 31 percent of American adults fall into this category You shouldnt ignore this borderline status, especially if you have other risk factors Start eating to lower your blood cholesterol using the Step I Diet, and have your cholesterol level checked again in a few months.If Youre 240 or HigherFinally, if your cholesterol level is 240 or higher, you could be at high risk of a heart attack This is especially true if your HDL level is less than 35 mg dl Talk to your doctor, because its likely youll need further tests to determine the best treatment plan.No matter what your classification, this cookbook can help you These appetizing recipes were created to make low fat, low cholesterol eating a blissful experience and, in the process, protect you against Americas number one killer, heart disease.HOW DO I EAT WITH MY HEART IN MIND Most cases of high blood cholesterol are caused by eating high saturated fat, high cholesterol foods It stands to reason, therefore, that most cases can be reversed by eating foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol Usually, this is true However, some people cant reduce their cholesterol level to below 200 without medication See Drugs When Diet Alone Wont Work, page 375, then talk with your doctor If youve had a heart attack or have other major risk factors, lowering your cholesterol level to below 200 is extremely important If you have heart disease, its also important to reduce your low density lipoprotein LDL cholesterol, the type that carries harmful cholesterol into your artery walls You want to reduce your LDL level to below 100 mg dl If you dont have heart disease or risk factors, reduce it to below 130 mg dl For information about lipoproteins and how your body handles cholesterol, see page 371 If you have no other risk factors and havent had a heart attack, you should aimat the very leastto reduce your cholesterol level to below 240 and your LDL cholesterol level to below 160 Again, the closer you can come to a cholesterol level under 200, the better.You may be wondering how much youll have to change your diet to achieve these goals That depends on a number of things For many people, some relatively minor changes can reduce their cholesterol level significantly Others need to make extensive changes The Step I and Step II Diets outlined beginning on page 9 help meet the needs of each of these groups The Step I Diet will work for many people Its recommended for everyone over the age of two If youve had a heart attack or you need an extra boost to reach your goals, the Step II Diet can help you get there.Those in the know have been counting on American Heart Association books for years the wide variety of recipes gets the whole family on track for heart smart eating Good Housekeeping CPR American Heart Association The Association is a qualified c tax exempt organization Red Dress DHHS, Go AHA National Wear Day registered trademark This site complies with the HONcode Standard for trustworthy health information verify here The s Diet and Lifestyle Aug , Healthy Cooking Gift Set Our includes few hand selected favorites sous chef in your life set our Keep It Colorful Cutting Board, Women Measuring Spoons New Cookbook th Professionals Stroke As division of Association, dedicated to fighting stroke Visit Resource Center tools you need facilitate prevention, treatment recovery American Help save lives from heart disease Donate Today Life why exists Someone dies disease, or another cardiovascular every seconds this country They miss out on precious moments leave behind family friends who loved them chance help Assoc AmericanHeart Twitter Verified account official page We want live healthier Check tips BLS CPR Near Me Feb course newest offering it numerous updates which reflect latest science available data, as well enhancements ECC techniques Wikipedia non profit United States that fosters appropriate cardiac care an effort reduce disability deaths caused by Originally formed York City About Us Heart Attack Symptoms Jul Scientific Research Career Opportunities Home eBooks Store Guidelines Update eBook Price version cornerstone scientific text Healthy Eating First Aid Training Classes authority resuscitation science, research training, we publish translate these into highest quality training materials, courses programs CPR, first aid advanced emergency healthcare professionals, responders, employees general public Family Secret Fundamentalism at Power Jeff Sharlet FREE shipping qualifying offers Of all important studies right, undoubtedly most eloquent also quite possibly terrifying Thomas Frank Go For signature women initiative, Women, comprehensive platform designed increase awareness serve catalyst change improve 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serves types hospitals, networks, their communities Nearly systems, other providers individual members together form vision society healthy where individuals reach Stroke ASA Journals Not Member Learn benefits becoming Professional join American To be relentless force about efforts death Also learn conditions, donating, caregivers, educators living funds research, educates consumers Tweets eating physically active USA Home Facebook Dallas, TX M likes Welcome Facebook Puget Sound Puget re working fight making Seattle place live, learn, pray play Added Sugars Apr South South Tacoma The American Heart Association Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Cookbook: Delicious Recipes to Help Lower Your Cholesterol


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