ఴ Format Kindle Download [ ඍ The French Don't Diet Plan: 10 Simple Steps to Stay Thin for Life ] ಅ Kindle Ebook Author Dr William Clower ನ

ఴ  Format Kindle Download [ ඍ The French Don't Diet Plan: 10 Simple Steps to Stay Thin for Life ] ಅ Kindle Ebook Author Dr William Clower ನ ఴ Format Kindle Download [ ඍ The French Don't Diet Plan: 10 Simple Steps to Stay Thin for Life ] ಅ Kindle Ebook Author Dr William Clower ನ PART ONE What the French Eat On the Sane River in Lyon, France, a lively farmers market sprawls along much of the left bank on most mornings of the week The rst time I came across it, I was astonished at the possibilities beyond our conventional American supermarkets In this single stretch, vendors sell fty varieties of mushrooms and than twenty kinds of olives The market offered dozens of just baked breads, hundreds of fragrant cheeses, fresh poultry and game, along with countless herbs, greens, nuts, and legumes Needless to say, there was not a box of macaroni and cheese or ramen noodles in sight, so I ended up buying fresh green beans, some baby red potatoes, and sliced pork for dinner Once I embraced fresh food as normal, I came to realize perhaps the biggest difference between the French diet and our own They eat real foods, we eat food products The U.S Department of Commerce reported that the steady yearly increases in processed food product consumption reached 461 billion by 1993 and is still increasing The U.S Department of Agriculture USDA reported that the demand for these products is on the rise globally as well The problem Almost all packaged products are laced with an Acme junior chemistry set of preservatives, dyes, thickeners, stabilizers, sweeteners, and acidulants, among other things The ingredient lists for even the simplest foods, like Healthy Choice ice cream or Wonder Bread, neither of which should have than ve ingredients, consists of rows of unpronounceable microprint I call these faux foods and they re directly responsible for sabotaging our weight loss efforts Yes, faux foods are cheaper, because food companies can stamp them out with a shelf life approaching that of plastic Yes, they re attractive, because these same industries spend 33 billion per year to enroll your favorite basketball star and pop singer to endorse them Yes, they re tasty, because the chemical sweeteners are synthesized to make it 150 times sweeter than sugar But despite the advertising claims of added vitamins and minerals, nothing makes those products healthy, and they certainly aren t real foods Nevertheless, we eat them Instead of eggs cholesterol we eat egg substitute Instead of butter fat we eat margarine Instead of bread carbs we eat sorbitol sweetened oxymoronic low carb pasta Instead of normal fruits and vegetables for nutrition, we chase junk food with supplement pills Instead of natural oils fat our foods have gone through a chemical hydrogenation process In this section, I ll show you how a simple return to delicious, ordinary food is the solution for permanent weight loss The French, not surprisingly, don t suffer our dreadful problems with weight and health but they don t deprive themselves either In fact, they re known for the most famously sumptuous diet on the planet and have three times less obesity, three times fewer heart attacks, and they live longer than us men and women Think about this If they can get those results, so can you I hear what you re saying already I m not a gourmet French chef I don t have an outdoor market of wonderful fresh healthy foods in my front yard and no Sane River either Or maybe you re not sure how you d ever go without the prepackaged stuff you re used to buying But I promise that it s easier than you ever imagined it could be to transition from faux foods to real foods, even by shopping in your own local grocery store Yes, there are a lot of products you ll have to pass up but this doesn t mean you ll be depriving yourself of any favorite meals including dessert or the avors you love To help you make the transition, we ll walk through every aisle together and show you how simple the switch really is But rst, and this is the toughest part, you must overcome any thoughts that hold you back After all, embracing high calorie foods strikes our diet centric thinking as just wrong This is often the rst step at my PATH curriculum for healthy weight loss People invariably ask, Did you say give up low fat and fat free products Stop counting calories Forget low carb diets Can I really control my weight and still eat delicious foods They re all asking different versions of the same question Don t I have to suffer through a hell of deprivation before I m redeemed with heavenly thin thighs The answer, of course, is no Part One takes you on the rst three steps toward perhaps the most important part of a lifestyle of better health and smaller pants, the simple difference between what and what not to eat Don t eat faux food chemicals They must be replaced with real foods Just as any meaningful change starts at home, Step 1 takes you on an all out pantry purge In the process of cleaning out the kitchen, you ll learn the faux food ingredients that harm your heart and pack on pounds Once the fake foods are gone, we re going shopping together in Step 2 We ll stroll the supermarket, aisle by aisle, to nd the good amid the bad and the chemically modied ugly Because much of the packaged food we re used to is packed with high fructose corn syrup, an intense sweetener, Step 3 shows how your switch to real foods literally changes what kind of food your body asks for and curbs your sweet tooth for good Just as your body s need for high food volume will drop over time, your craving for over sugared foods will evaporate as well You ll recognize, by taste, just how much sugar lls all kinds of faux foods, and they won t even taste good to you any In the end, your taste buds will return to normal and so will your weight You ll slim down, feel better, and have energy through the day, effortlessly And all this starts simply by getting to know real foods again Step 1 Forget Faux Foods A few weeks before I was scheduled to leave for France, my wife, Dottie, and I attended a neuroscience convention in Washington, D.C One night, our new French boss to be was taking us to dinner to introduce us to his Lyon research team All dressed up and ready for a lovely meal, we met them on the sidewalk, piled into a cab, and headed over to the restaurant As soon as we got in the car, Dottie and I both were immediately distracted by Judith, the team s neuroanatomist This young French Portuguese woman was a svelte, awless, Sophia Loren type beauty She spoke with ease and elegance, clearly aware of every nuance of her manner and movements It was obvious that she was a woman who really took care of herself As soon as we reached the restaurant, I became curious to see what such a careful French beauty would eat I made mental guesses a sparse green salad with a dot of low fat dressing, perhaps A plain chicken breast, hold the potatoes I could see her struggling to nd something on the menu and understood why only after we got to France, because normally she would order choices like foie gras, a rich duck breast with veggies, followed by a little dessert a tart or crme brle and some cheese At one point, as we chatted and waited for our meals, Judith slowly leaned over the middle of the table to scrutinize the little round packets of nondairy creamer What ees zat she asked me, pointedly, as if I were responsible Ah, I responded Easy question That s nondairy creamer She frowned Yes, but what ees zat she said, a bit emphatically this time She held one tiny container of the liquid up to the light, clearly disturbed I started trying to regurgitate my organic chemistry background for a cogent answer when my new boss saved me from my stammer of obscure nomenclature It s articial cream read the ingredients, he told her Americans put it in their coffee No, she breathed Een zer coffee Zats deesgusting Then she warily poked her nger through the remainder of the plastic packets in the bowl, as though she might be bitten by some new lurking threat Seizing the moment, I informed her that articial foods were quite normal here Hadn t she ever heard of Sweet n Low Sugar free Jell O After her near death experience with the nondairy dairy product, we had her going with outrageous shock and dismay She d just never seen the fake foods that I like all of us had come to accept as perfectly normal Of course, at the time, I thought she was the crazy one Only a few months later, the tables were turned and my family and I were the ones in culture shock This time, it was the very lack of articial foods and quickie prepackaged products around us that was so strange In fact, we found ourselves forced to buy full calorie, full avor real foods simply because there was nothing else to choose from Our meals always tasted wonderful, but I was sure we d return from our two years abroad each at least twenty pounds heavier It just didn t happen Just a few months into our trip, it became clear that we were breaking every dietary rule in the book and losing weight anyway If there are secrets to the French love affair with the meal, or unspoken advice about what s keeping them thin and healthy, the rst is their insistence on high quality natural foods that come from the earth, not a chemical plant This is so simple, so intuitively correct How to Recognize a Faux Food Avoiding faux foods doesn t sound too hard, until you sift through the parade of products lining our store shelves How do you know what s healthy and what s not Take bread, for example The French eat baguettes every day But does that make plastic wrapped spongy white bread that lasts for two weeks okay to eat No And that begs the question again, how do you know the difference between real bread and fake bread, between real food and faux food To sort this out, let s do a thought experiment Say I took a photograph of a fresh baguette Our modern technology allows you to see an image that looks exactly like bread If someone asked you what it was, you could certainly identify it But would you eat the picture Of course not You can see it s not food it s a photograph What if I made a three dimensional replica from a plastic polymer and painted it so well that it looked exactly like an authentic baguette Our modern technology can make it look so real that you wouldn t even be able to tell it was fake until you put your hands on it Would you eat that bread Would you cut it into pieces, put it in your mouth, and swallow it Of course not, because you can tell by touch that it s not food It s a synthetic model What if, instead, food chemists made a bread model that simulated the texture of real bread Our modern technology can replace the harder plastics with synthetic, partially hydrogenated oils What if they spritzed the model with odorants so it actually made your mouth water with the homey aroma of freshly baked bread straight from the oven Our modern technology can produce edible chemicals that easily conjure the smell and taste of wonderful breads So the bread now looks like it s not fake, smells like it s not fake, tastes like it s not fake, and even feels like it s not fake Are you going to eat this bread Let me tell you, people eat synthetic products designed to appear as though they re not fake every single day Some popular diets will tell you it s okay to eat bread, others say to avoid it like the plague But when it comes to our health, the problem is not with the carbohydrates it s whether the bread we re eating is actually food or if its nutritional value has been replaced with articial substitutes At one PATH curriculum seminar here in Pennsylvania, a man from the audience spoke to me about his father, who had worked as a food chemist for Heinz many years He said his dad would come home with little bottles and have his kids try his concoctions He remembered one bottle of gray gloop in particular He was told to close his eyes and try it from a teaspoon Ketchup, dismissed the boy That s just ketchup Aha the father beamed But there s not one single tomato in there His father had managed to simulate the taste and feel of tomato ketchup in a chemistry lab A terric accomplishment of science, no doubt, but is it food Of course not This is the most stunning, mind bending fact of our modern technological world We are allowed, coached, and even encouraged to eat things that are not food Given this tendency, here are some starter rules to remember Check the ingredients they must be natural And the best foods are ones that don t require labels for you to know what they are How to Read Labels The European Union has tried a couple of times to introduce FDA style labels with our standard nutritional calculus of the food listed on the back But they can t get it done because there s just no market for it No one wants or needs it because they re not agonizing over the grams of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in their foods The French don t go to the store to buy grams of this or that They go to buy food That said, here in America, you really should read the labels unless you re absolutely sure of the food source, because of the reasons we ve mentioned that so many normal looking foods are actually fake But when you do peruse that periodic table on the back of the box, don t sweat the amount of macromolecules your healthy eating habits will limit your consumption of them for you see Part Two Rather, look to see whether the ingredients are real they should have grown from the earth, have had a mama and a daddy, or can be found in a standard biology text For example, bread made with our, salt, water, and yeast is good That made with thirty seven unpronounceable ingredients is not and it makes no difference whatsoever how many carbs, fats, or proteins are in that product Tons of lab bench chemicals are fat free, and tons are carb free But you shouldn t be eating any of them I hope you see the point We ve been coached to read labels for the wrong things By being overly focused on the macromolecules, we ve allowed ourselves to eat hydrogenated oils that are harming our hearts and high fructose corn syrup that helps make us fat When you read the labels for real foods, you avoid all that because there are no synthetic dyes in an apple or chemical sweeteners in a tomato Why Avoid Faux Food Never before in human history until now have we had to ask the question, What is food Our biology took care of that for us, through our senses But now, synthetics can fool our physiology into thinking something s okay to consume, when it s nothing but a cheap imitation, a faux food that undermines your weight and health From the Hardcover edition.Praise for Dr Will Clowers The Fat FallacyHow is it that the French eat better and stay thinner than Americans This book is the most complete and convincing answer Ive ever seen Peter Mayle, author of A Year in ProvenceTimes have changed and so has nutritional advice The Fat Fallacy tells you how to eat delicious food again and still be healthy Dean Edell, M.D., author of Eat, Drink, and Be Merry Americas Doctor Tells You Why the Health Experts Are Wrong From the Hardcover edition. The French Don t Diet Plan Simple Steps to Stay The Stay Thin for Life Dr William Clower on FREE shipping qualifying offers Wouldn you rather savor a buttery croissant instead of inhaling an artificially flavored diet shake Isn taking relaxing stroll preferable pounding out early morning miles the treadmill French Women Get Fat Review WebMD is loaded with pearls wisdom that can help become mindful about eating and be satisfied less without feeling deprived approach will appeal if don want put any food off limits, by About What Know Breakfast Americans t toast pain perdu dessert, isn even it s Austrian Instead, most common breakfast items are brioche, buttered baguette, or Zwiebeck like packaged toasts has ratings reviews Lori said We ll see results but I ve started this way am happier So we FACT CHECK Bush Word For Entrepreneur Sep , Claim President George W proclaimed, problem they have word entrepreneur dumb story been taken up those who Top Myths France People TripSavvy all know 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