ট New ✺ The Informed Parent: A Science-Based Resource for Your Child's First Four Years ⡐ E-Pub Author Tara Haelle ⣚

ট New  ✺ The Informed Parent: A Science-Based Resource for Your Child's First Four Years  ⡐ E-Pub Author Tara Haelle ⣚ ট New ✺ The Informed Parent: A Science-Based Resource for Your Child's First Four Years ⡐ E-Pub Author Tara Haelle ⣚ Introduction Based on persistent headlines about the mommy wars, you could conclude that a visit to your local playground or a moms group outing might require decking yourself out head to toe in Kevlar But the reality on the ground is different There is no war, and wed like to see that metaphor retired entirely for anything but, well, war There is, however, a whole lot of bias and judgment All the time, every second, judging is the background noise of our social interactions In the parenting arena, that judgment feelsand isvery, very personal Of all the judgy noise around us, parenting criticism comes through loudly and clearly, a painful signal that elicits defensiveness and anger Passing judgment on another parent, especially when that judgment is grounded in a philosophy of some kind, is a rude and nosy and even hostile thing to do Its one reason that some of us rarely do it in our facetoface interactions But that doesnt mean were not thinking it And a lot of the time, what we are thinking or another parent is thinking has little to do with what the latest research says Of course, its not a war Its human humans raising other humans Not one thing we do nor one philosophy we follow will guarantee the outcome we intend We dont even need science, for once, to tell us that But science is useful, because the practice of science produces data instead of anecdotedata we can use for evidence based decision making as parents In this book, we look at what science has to say at the various crossroads parents encounter, from vaccines to attachment parenting to circumcision to screen time We dont dole out a lot of adviceafter all, we dont know you or your family and cant say which route would be best for you and your child But we give you the scientific information you need to map your own path And here and there, we divulge what we ended up doing, which may not have been terribly scientific at the time We take on questions like Should we circumcise our son Is any sleep training approach okay Should I buy conventional or organic food Is formula all right, because breastfeeding is just not for me Is home birth ever a safe option Does too much screen time harm children, and what is too much anyway This book gives you the tools you need to decide, not within the framework of a parenting philosophy but within the framework of interpreting science for your familys unique situation Perhaps the most important of these tools is understanding how to decipher the evidence We dont tell you what to do, because how you use the evidence depends on your specific circumstances We work hard to limit or expose biasyours, ours, theirs As humans, we commonly overlook gaps in logic and ignore evidence that counters our existing beliefs and expectations No one, including scientists, is immune to the mistakes in interpretation that all of us make when assessing evidence As we dig into data, we note the traps to watch out for as you weigh research findings in the context of your personal needs Mistaking correlation for causation is one of the most common cognitive errors because the human mind seeks patterns and sees relationships in coincidence That tendency is useful when your friend goes missing at the same time a lion is sighted near your village, and you then are on alert for lions But it can mislead when the apparent associations are subtle Just because organic food purchases have increased at a similar rate as autism diagnoses over the past decade, for example, doesnt mean theyre related Another common thinking trap is confirmation bias, which leads us toward information confirming what we already think and turns us away from what contradicts our beliefs Countering this bias requires playing devils advocate with yourself and fighting your natural defensive reaction when evidence goes against a deeply held belief Be on the lookout confirmation bias might take hold as you read this book, often taking the form of cherry picking data that conforms to what you believe Even if you acknowledge the data, you might be inclined to diminish its relevance or ignore a larger consensus of data We try to help by representing the entire cherry tree, if you will, in each chapter We also focus on evidence from research, not anecdotes even though we share a few from our own lives As a common saying goes, the plural of anecdote is not data Some kinds of research carry greater weight than others The gold standard is the randomized controlled trial, in which neither researchers nor patients know whos receiving what intervention This study design is intended to erase many of the problems of bias Other kinds of clinical research include retrospective studies, taking a look back at already collected data and seeing what patterns emerge But because these investigations werent controlled or planned ahead of time, the evidence they yield will be subject to caveats And then some scientific publications arent based on original work at all but instead synthesize existing findings in a subject area These systematic reviews and meta analyses are great for getting a perspective of the state of the science, but because the authors select what to search for and include, they can be subject to bias too The best ones give an assessment of the bias in the studies they evaluate and rate the evidence on a standardized scale For this reason, we frequently describe the types of studies were discussing Finally, accept the fact that you and we probably are overestimating how much you and we know and understand No matter how nice and unassuming you might be or how supersmart you are, you and the rest of us are all subject to superiority bias, known as the DunningKruger effect In short, its our tendency to overrate ourselves while underrating others Remember how we find ourselves making comparisons to the Joneses and judging each others parenting styles, our own most favorably Were DunningKruger ing all over the place when we do that If most of us are average parents, then most of us are not superior to other parents What most of us are, though, is hoping to be the best parent we can be in the only situation that matters for our children Youre the only parent you need to worry about, and we want this book to help you be the best evidence based parent you can be We hope this book will save you from the danger of DunningKruger, but we also hope it helps you navigate some of the knottiest parenting questions we face today Our goal is to place the strongest evidence in front of you, explained in a way you can understand, so that you can accurately decide whats best for you and your family A Note on Terminology We are aware of the developmental distinctions between the embryo and the fetus In some cases, we use both terms when both stages are relevant, but in others, for brevity and to avoid repetition, we default to fetus or fetal The word data is treated as a plural noun because it represents two or pieces of information from a study The term birth defect carries obvious negative onnotations, and we have sought to diminish the possibility of adding stigma by instead using the term congenital anomaly.Clear, comprehensive, and resolutely evidence based, The Informed Parent is a fabulous resource for science minded parents Haelle and Willingham have tirelessly compiled the evidence on so many questions that cause parents to worry and wonder, and with all of this science at their fingertips, they ll be able to make confident and informed choices for their families From pre conception to preschool, you ll find yourself returning to this book again and again Alice Callahan, PhD, author of The Science of Mom A Research Based Guide to Your Baby s First Year The Informed Parentis a beacon of science based sanity for new parents caught in a blizzard of dubious child rearing advice Tara Haelle and Emily Willingham are sure handed guides, distilling the most up to date, reliable research into sensible advice that neither patronizes nor terrorizes Circumcision Television Nipple confusion Relax, Tara and Emily have got you covered Dan Fagin,Director of the Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program at NYU, and Pulitzer Prizewinning author of Toms River A Story of Science and Salvation In The Informed Parent, Emily Willingham and Tara Haelle, two widely respected science writers and parents , explore key questions about child health, beginning with fetal development and continuing into toddlerhood The result is engaging, conversational, deeply researched, and smart, a book that should be considered a necessary resource for all 21st century parents Deborah Blum, Director of the Knight Science Journalism Program, MIT, and Pulitzer Prize winning author of Love at Goon Park Harry Harlow and the Science of Affection Finally An amazing, informed, evidence based tour through the most common questions and concerns of parenthood that I can recommend without hesitation A must for any science minded new parent, or for anyone who thinks Google doesnt replace expertly curated information Yoni Freedhoff, MD, Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, University of Ottawa and creator of the Weighty Matters blog Parents in the internet age have to navigate their way through a maze of confusing information and misinformation Tara Haelle and Emily Willingham are the perfect guides to what s fact and fiction when it comes to the science of parenting Seth Mnookin, Associate Director ofMITs Graduate Program in Science Writing, and author of The Panic Virus Science based Judgment free A perfect guide for evidence based parenting Ari Brown, MD, pediatrician and author of Baby 411 book series In The Informed Parent, journalists Tara Haelle and Emily Willingham manage to answer everything a parent could possibly be worried about during pregnancy, birth, infancy, and toddlerhood What makes this book different from every other book on this subject and there are many is that the authors take on not only the science of what concerns us, but encourage us to think along with themgiving us the tools to answer other questions in the future It was like reading the answer sheet before the test Paul Offit, MD, Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases, Children s Hospital of Philadelphia With The Informed Parent, Tara Haelle and Emily Willingham have gifted todays neurotic parents with fuel and ultimately antidote for their obsessive researching Unlike most parenting books, the authors never preach, condone or praise Instead, they report the science on all possible parenting controversies in a lay friendly and often pithy style, allowing the reader to come to her his own conclusions Well written, impeccably researched, and brilliantly suited for millennial parents, The Informed Parent should be on the top of everyones baby shower list Suzanne Barston, the Fearless Formula Feeder and author of Bottled Up How the Way We Feed Babies Has Come to Define Motherhood, and Why It Shouldn t Is it confirmation bias to say that anyone who decides to look at scientific facts instead of hectoring parents is doing the world a service If so, consider my opinion biased This book will help a lot of folks Lenore Skenazy, founder of the book, blog and movement Free Range Kids As a mom, I can confidently say that The Informed Parent will be a lifesaver for all moms and dads going through the anxiety and excitement of raising a young child From autism to organic food, the authors demystify modern parents most prevalent fears for the first four years, and effectively arm them with a critical thinking cap for years to come If youre tired of the mommy and daddy wars, or simply need help separating the credible wheat from the misinformation chaff on the internet, look no further Kavin Senapathy, science advocate and author of The Fear BabeAccessible and informativeFor anyone headed into parenthood, this is a must read, as it answers so many questions new parents are bound to ask Kirkus ReviewsThe book shines with clear explanations of the reasoning behind common hospital practices such as labor induction, vitamin K shots, and taking Apgar scores, including up to date summaries of the sometimes overwhelming data surrounding giving birth and infant care choices Subjects of controversy, such as allergies and sleep training, receive in depth, scientifically minded treatment Publishers Weekly American Academy of Pediatrics Immunizations Infectious Informed by the expertise American Pediatrics, this authoritative guide to immunizations and infections in children covers a wide range PTI Nebraska Parents Improved Outcomes for Who we are PTI Parent Training Information is statewide resource families with disabilities special health care needs Trauma Schools Initiative Missouri Department Trauma Publication Pursuant Senate Bill , Section Elementary Secondary Education DESE has established For purposes initiative, following terms defined as follows Informed consent Wikipedia process getting permission before conducting healthcare intervention on person, or disclosing personal information A provider may ask patient receive therapy providing it, clinical researcher research participant enrolling that person into trialInformed collected according ParentHelp ParentHelp website individuals Washington state Find benefits about Food Stamps, Apple Health Kids, services your neighborhood Parent Announcements Unsolicited Investigator announcements broad funding opportunity allowing applicants submit investigator initiated applications specific activity codesThey open up years use standard due dates Not all NIH Institutes Centers participate parent Foster Community Online Training Testimonials from Foster Adoptive Families I love site The classes wonderful customer service incredible Stacy am former DSHS employee who taught foster parents, wrote curriculum, worked adopt relative placement Fatima Schools TRAUMA INFORMED SCHOOLS being implemented throughout This initiative new approach understanding working symptoms chronic interpersonal trauma traumatic stress across lifespan Sanford Area Soccer League Website Manager Sep Hurricane Florence Practices Games effects will be moving Sanford early Thursday morning All practices canceled Thursday, September th, there no games Saturday, th A Guide Consent Sheet Jul Document Content studies subject requirements FDA regulations, informed documents should meet Home Long Prairie Grey Eagle Public district sending out letter regarding incident Tuesday, events followed We encourage people have any questions inFormed great feature Nintex Forms, but what if you wanted really change value background color selected option button when Victoria Independent School District Victoria District does not discriminate against basis race, color, national origin, gender, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age other prohibited law admission, treatment, participation its educational programs, technical term first used attorney, Paul G Gebhard, medical malpractice United States court case In tracing history, some scholars suggested history checking these agrees based an it codes They CFR contain required serves Pre K grade students located Victoria, TX science refers prevalence consequences adverse childhood experiences, do prevent them It comprises CDC Kaiser Permanente ACE Study subsequent surveys show most USTara Haelle Forbes Tara offer straight talk science, medicine, vaccines FULL BIO freelance multimedia journalist specializes reporting vaccines, pediatric Cleveland Clinic Doctor Goes Full Anti Vaccine Jan striking display anti fear mongering, Cleveland s Daniel Neides, MD director chief operating officer Wellness Institute HealthDay Editors Reporters HealthDay Reporters News happens Great writing makes memorable force than reporters editors, many recipients prestigious journalism awards, create news consumers Physician Briefing professional daily EJ Ernie Mundell Executive Editor, Consumer experience began Is formaldehyde dangerous No, Johnson Mar Yet presence around us also part EWG argument products Formaldehyde known carcinogen, re concerned Health Care NPR care, insurance, research, disease prevention, drug treatments Interviews, news, commentary NPR correspondents Subscribe podcasts The Science Based Resource Your Child First Four Years Haelle, Emily Willingham PhD FREE shipping qualifying offers latest scientific home birth, breastfeeding, sleep training, key topics help parents make their own best decisions era questionable Internet facts parental real story flu vaccine during pregnancy Red recent study added continuously growing pile evidence showing safety importance pregnant women unborn babies Facebook math problem Why PEMDAS doesn t always give Perhaps, nerd like me, teach do, even fell asleep thinking problem, baffled frustrated why were unable convince intelligent, educated Why calorie broken Mosaic counting calories begins anonymous office block Maryland building Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, facility run US Agriculture It That Time Again Separating Fact Fiction post co published blog ShotsCheck updated year shot Once again, season upon so misconceptions, excuses worries kept The Informed Parent: A Science-Based Resource for Your Child's First Four Years


    • The Informed Parent: A Science-Based Resource for Your Child's First Four Years
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