ಪ Zero dollar Slow Burn (The Driven Series) ೉ PDF by K Bromberg ೭

ಪ Zero dollar Slow Burn (The Driven Series) ೉ PDF by K Bromberg ೭ ಪ Zero dollar Slow Burn (The Driven Series) ೉ PDF by K Bromberg ೭ PRAISE FOR THE NOVELS OF K BROMBERGChapter 1My sensations are dulled by the alcohol And I am so okay with that Okay that Ive had enough to drink so that for the first time in six months, the ache that hits me with the memories isnt as sharp.I look around and try to focus on everythingthe abundant flowers, the welcome chill from the ocean breeze, the pair of high heels abandoned in the cornerbut all I can think about is how beautiful and happy Rylee was tonight And my mind keeps recalling what my sister, Lexi, looked like on her wedding day The words she said to me, her laugh ringing out above the guests as Danny made his toast to her, the smile on her face as the future stretched ahead of them. Stop it, Had Dont ruin a perfect night You deserve to celebrate your best friends wedding without feeling guilty.But I cant stop thinking about that other wedding, although the details are starting to fade in my mind And I so badly want to remember every little detail about her I need to be able to tell my niece, Madelyn, about how her mom loved to stand in the rain because she wanted to catch it on her tongue, how she ate pizza backward because the crust was her favorite part, how she loved to face the opposite way on the swings so we could give each other high fives There are so many things I fear Ill forget.And so many other memories from the past year that I wish I could.Well be back in the morning, miss, to pick up the tables and chairs and the lot.The caterers voice pulls me from my melancholy thoughtsthoughts that dont belong after the sheer beauty of todays wedding I turn to look at him, words choking in my throat.Not a problem Beckss voice startles me I didnt realize he was out here on the deck, but Im so glad he answers because, between the alcohol and the memories, Im in no shape to respond coherently The housekeeper, Grace, will be here at ten to let you in.I finish the rest of my drink as the caterer thanks Becks Then I turn around on unsteady legs to face him as he steps out of the nights shadows into the light of the full moon And it must be a mixture of the heady emotions of the day and my lack of sobriety, but my breath catches when I meet his eyes.Its just Becks, boy next door handsome as usual dirty blond hair spiked up at the ends, aqua blue eyes so light the night makes them seem transparent so why in the hell are parts of my body suddenly on alert I dart my tongue out to my tingling lips as he leans a broad shoulder against the post of the trellis and stares at me, head angled to the side, shirt unbuttoned at the collar, and bow tie hanging loosely around his neck I hear the ice in his glass clink as he shifts to set it on the table beside him, but his eyes hold steadfast to mine.You okay That slow, even drawl of his breaks the silence I nod my head, still not trusting my voice, still trying to figure out why all of a sudden there is this tension between usthis electric energythat has never been there before Sure weve flirted harmlessly since we met through our best friends, Rylee and Colton, but this is different And I cant quite put my finger on whats changed, not sure if I even want to.Maybe its the fact that right now, face shaded with darkness, he looks a little dangerous, a little mysterious, a lot the bad boy type I usually fall for Hes always struck me as of a good guy, a down home country type But somehow the mixture of moonlight and night shadows brings out another side of him Ive never envisioned he looks edgier, the wilder type I waste my time on, get my heart broken by, have a hard time resisting That has to be why Im feeling a sudden attraction.So if I know the reason, why is my drunk mind still wondering what hed taste like What his hands would feel like as they run up my inner thighs How the slow, even tone of his voice would sound as he loses control The silence sparks between us, only interrupted by the distant roll of ocean waves I draw in a breath and shake my head again Im okay, I say, and laugh, trying to avoid the questions I dont want to answer Just drunk and enjoying the feeling. Feeling is most definitely a good thing, he says, straightening up his tall, athletic frame and taking a step toward me, but, City, I think its best if I get you to bed before it starts to not be a good feeling.I smile softly at his use of the term of endearment He gave me the nickname City the first night we met in Las Vegas, back before my life had been torn apart by Lexis death It feels like a lifetime ago when in reality it has only been a year since the unexpected overnight trip with Rylee and Colton to the city of sin where the two of us flirted, first acknowledged the attraction we felt but have never acted on I close my eyes and remember the carefree feeling I had that night Id called him Country to tease him about that laid back demeanor of his, so opposite from everything I usually find appealing And yet as he sat there in the Las Vegas nightclub, the clubs lights flashing over his face while he called me City in return, I caught myself wondering just what Beckett Daniels would kiss like.The question floats through my mind again Forget about it, Montgomery, I tell myself as I go to place my hand on the railing at my back and miss by a mile, causing him to chuckle, low and soft.Chills light a path over my skin, and I cant help the giggle that falls from my lips as my mind wanders to other things Id rather be feeling right now Other distractions I could use to shake the bittersweet emotions weighing me down.Christ on a crutch Why didnt I think of it earlier Going to bedespecially someone elsesis most definitely a good idea.Thatll fix it Always has, these past six months Ill just go grab my keys and my cell, call Dylan or Pete and let them know Im on my way over Ill let whoever is the first to answer know that Im feeling a little sexually festive tonight Ill use one of them to try to forget feel a little less, by feeling a whole lot .Something funny I cover my mouth with my hand but cant stop myself from snickering Just feeling a little festive, is all And the giggle returns as I think of Lex and how she used to say that women are not sluts, just sexually festive And tonight God, tonight I just want to be that I dont want to think I dont want to care I just want to escape a bit from my thoughts.Festive, huh he asks, eyes appraising me and full mouth tugging up at one corner.Yep I nod my head Time for this girl to carry this party to another location, Country I start to walkwell, stumble Shit How the hell am I going to drive I keep walking, hand running across the wall to help steady myself.Nice try, Haddie Did you forget that the limo brought you here I have to drive you home. Crap I try not to falter Well, I guess Im taking your car, then, I say as I keep walking away from him.Thats funny, but, uh, youre in no shape to drive His voice calls out to me, and the amusement in it pisses me off Youre not going anywhere, festivities or not.Like hell I am I toss over my shoulder and keep walking toward the house Just leave me alone, I yell in my head Dont go all alpha on me now when all I want from you is slow and steady because Im way too drunk and way too needy to see in him what Im attracted to.Try me The arrogance in his voice sets me off Pushes me to be bitchy and defiant so that I dont make a huge mistake I dont want to make Do want to make Fuck if I can think clearly enough to know what I want, but I do know that Becketts one of those guys you settle down with and no way in hell do I want to settle down.Ever.The hurt comes flooding back, the memories riding shotgun right alongside them I stop to steady my legs and remind myself not to repeat the mistakes my sister made.I can hear him behind me, know hes waiting for me to respond Neither of us is in any state to drive tonight Festivities are over I hear his shoes step on something that crunches just behind me, and I squeeze my eyes shut to fight off the whirlwind of shit in my head Cmon, Montgomery It was a perfect day, but Im taking you to bed.I snort a laugh because even though his comment is innocent in nature since we both told Rylee wed stay the night to oversee all of the postreception cleanup, Becks just hit the nail on the head To bed is exactly where I want him to take me right now, his in particular Wait No, I dont want that Goddamn alcohol is making me wishy washy I hate wishy washy.He says my name again, and something in the way he says it causes my feet to falter We stand there, my back to him, in a silent standoff I dont move, dont turn around to face him, because I just want to run Rewind time and get me back again The carefree, careless me who has been drowning in grief these past few months.His hand closes over my biceps, and I dont know why Im so angry at him, but I am I dont want to be touched gently I dont want to be coddled I just want to leave so I can escape the memories today dredged up from deep within me, reopening the wounds I dont think will ever heal.I turn around, trying to shrug out of his grasp, but the movement makes me wobble on my heels Whoa I hear him say as one of my ankles gives out and I fall into him His back is pressed against the wall, and I land solidly against him.Its not as if I havent been in this position with him tonight already We danced so many times earlier during the reception, so why is it that this time, when my breasts rub against the firmness of his chest, the fight leaves me The need fills me I dont even want to think about it, but its all I can focus on when our bodies touch from chest to thigh Its all my mind can grasp, because when I look up at him from beneath my lashes, my eyes catch sight of that magnificent mouth of his.Maybe its the alcohol Maybe its the sentimental aftermath of watching two people who really belong together get married Maybe its because I felt closer to Lexi today than I have in a long while I dont know What I do know is that I dont give a fuck about mistakes or consequences I just need to feel Need to lose myself And shit, its just Becks after all.I dont meet his eyes Dont want to know whether he wants this, because I do I lean forward and press my lips to his, not giving him any time to react because damn if his lips arent the perfect combination of firm and soft His body tenses as mine softens into him, and I slide my hands up his chest at the same time my tongue slips between his lips I moan softly at the warmth of his mouth, the taste of the rum on his tongue, the feel of his breath catching His strong palms slide slowly up my bare arms as we sink further into the kiss, when all of a sudden his fingers dig into my shoulders and hes pushing me away A shocked gasp falls from both of our mouths when our connection is broken.Haddie His voice is pained as he says my name, a contradictory plea and curse at the same time.And my mind may be a little fuzzy and my body coiled so tight from his kiss, but that break in his voice tells me he than enjoyed it That he wants me just as badly as I want him.I force myself to look up, meet the clouded shock in his eyes What Dont you want me, Becks I feel his fingers tense on my shoulders, hear a strained chuckle deep in his throat Oh, theres a whole lot of want here, he says before closing his eyes momentarily He works a swallow in his throat and then pushes me away Im just trying to play it safe, Had.His rejection stingsthe alcohol softening the blowbut I feel the hesitancy in his fingers before he removes them from my shoulders And with desire coursing through me, lust fueling its fire, I use my need to forget as the match to light the flame.I step into him, slide my hands up his crisp white shirt, and meet his eyes Cmon, how much safer can we be Im with you, arent I Youre not going to hurt me are you, Becks I may have drunk a lot tonight, but I know desire when I see it, and damn if it doesnt look sexy on Becks.His jaw clenches, head tilts ever so slightly to the side, and his body tenses as he stares at me through the moonlit night.Isnt it normal for the best man and the maid of honor to hook up, anyway Haddie My name is a drawn out sigh, and I can hear his frustration laced with desire I can feel the heat of his breath hit my lips.The way he says my name causes the fire within me to rage because now I know the answer to my question how he sounds when he loses control And if he thought he was going to push me away after hearing that, hes got another think coming.No one wants to play it safe tonight Live a little, I tell him, reaching out and running a fingernail up the hollow of his neck where his shirt is unbuttoned I lean in closer and whisper, Please, help me live a little.Oh, I believe you live a whole lot He chuckles with a subtle shake of his head, but those blue eyes of his remain locked on mine, a war of unexpressed emotions between us Thats what I love about you.My need to have him escalates with his nonchalance And fuck, this is frustrating Cant a girl just get laid here Im not used to having to convince guys to get what I want, so why in the hell is this so difficult I didnt say shit about love, Country I say the words playfully but taste his rejection on my lips I dont need strings I just need you to make me feel help me lose myself for a bit.He leans his head forward so that we are eye to eye, his hands coming up to frame my face so that I can see the concern and unwanted desire dancing in them I didnt know you wanted to be lost.We all need to lose ourselves sometimes, dont we My question hangs in the still of the night as his eyes search mine for answers I wont give.He shakes his head, and I can tell hes trying to convince himself to step away I dont want to complicate things, he says with a clenched jaw as he lowers his hands slowly from my face and stands back Physically distancing himself to emphasize his words, but they contradict the look in his eyes.No complications I told you, Becks, I say, trying to keep the desperation I suddenly feel from my voice, no strings, just sex A little release after this incredible day Cmon, what guy would pass up that chance He groans A guy whos trying really hard to do the right thing here and play it safe He steps forward, and I think Ive gotten to him He places an arm around my shoulder and starts steering me into the house Cmon, festive Haddie, Im gonna help you to your room.Youre a buzz kill, Becks, I whine like a petulant child, nearly stomping my four inch heels.And youre a lot drunk like me, he says into the crown of my head, followed by a chaste kiss Hell, if I dont want you, Had hell, if I dont doubt that sex with you would be incredible, but fuck, I dont want to do anything wed regret in the morning because were drunk Dont want there to be awkwardness every time we hang out together And goddamm it if youre not making it hard to do the respectable thing and walk away The heat of his breath on my scalp sends chills down my spine.Aha I shout out, feeling like my feet are a bit steady, now that I know hes not really rejecting me, but being the good guy I pegged him to be You do want me He stops immediately and looks down at me as if Im crazy, brow furrowed, eyes wide He starts to say something and then stops and shakes his head, before sighing and starting to move again I turn into his body so that I can look up at him as he steers us through the house to our respective rooms I take in his strong jaw and tanned skin and wonder what he would taste like as I run my tongue up the line of his neck The ache of sensations that at this point I can only imagine spiral through me, make me even determined than ever to prove to Becks that I need this, need him, tonight, and that we can do this without complications.Shit, every man needs a push now and again Guess Id better start pushing.He stops walking and raises his eyebrows with a lift of his chin toward the open door to my room Its now or never, Had. I press against him, the hum of my desire igniting instantly Please, Becks I lower the pitch of my voice even though its just the two of us All of the romance and nostalgia of tonight didnt get to you Didnt make you need the comfort of a woman Want to hear her moan, bury yourself in her, feel her heat My God, my own damn words are turning me on My attempt at seducing Becks is making my own need undeniable I lean up and bring my lips to his ear Comfort me, Becks.Youre making it so damn hard to be good He says it like a curse, and when I step back, his body instinctively moves forward His reaction causes a part of the old me to spark to life, and I grab onto it I hold it tight as I push the sappy, needy, emotional Haddie away And I welcome the forward, balls to the wall attitude thats been drowned by my grief.And God, it feels good, slipping back into her shoes, even if for just a bit.Hard Hm, I hum deep in my throat, now, theres a good word.I step backward into the room, my eyes still trained on him as he stands in the doorframe, hands gripping the sides I know Ive won him over, know itll just take my next move to get what Ive been working toward What I desperately need.And as I stare at him so handsomely framed in the doorway, I wonder fleetingly what it is about this moment that has made me feel normal again Allowed me to shed the guilt thats burdened me and taken my carefree attitude with it I push the civil war of thoughts thats been a constant refrain as of late from my head I dont allow myself to think any about it, because all I want to do is feel.With our eyes locked, I pull down the zipper of my dress Hey, Becks His eyes widen at the coy tone to my voice The dress falls and pools around my feet Fuck playing it safe.Chapter 2Beckett stares at me for a beatjaw clenched, eyes locked on mine, body tensebefore his restraint crumbles As buzzed as I am, I notice that as he walks toward me his eyes never leave my face They dont wander to take in what Im handing over to himmy body, the lace hugging my curves, and all of its temptation They stay steadfast on mine, desire brimming and disbelief warring inside them.But when he reaches mewhen his hands flash out to pull my body into his, one hand on the nape of my neck, the other pressed against my backmy thoughts are lost as my need surges His lips find mine in a frenzy of lust Lips mesh, tongues lick, teeth nip.Desire unfurls and breaks its way through the haze of alcohol His hands map the lines of my body, fingers dipping beneath the lace of my bra to tempt and touch but not to take, not just yet Soft moans turn into urgent murmurs of hurry, quickly, I want, and I need.Im desperate to feel the heat of his chest against mine, skin to skinthe initial connection that will sate the frenzy until I can expose the rest of his flesh His lips and tongue continue their pleasurable assault on my lips, distracting me thoroughly from the task at hand, getting him naked.I cant help but giggle as I drag my mouth from his to draw in the air hes knocked out of me, and to get my fingers to unfasten instead of grip his shirt I laugh again as I try to concentrate on the little buttons that dont want to slip through the tiny holes.His chuckle is deep and strained, and I can feel its vibrations against my fingers Let me, he says, my eyes flicking up to his, but not before I catch the amused smirk curling up the corner of his mouth His hands close over mine and tug apart the shirt The sound of buttons hitting and scattering over the hardwood floor is the only other noise filling the room besides our labored breaths.His eyes darken and cloud, and then his lips are on mine I run my hands up the toned plane of his chest while he pulls his arms from his shirt My nails scrape and his breath hisses as he brings a hand up to fist in my hair and pull my chin up so that he can work his mouth along the line of my jaw and across the curve of my neck.Sweet Haddie, he murmurs as his hand finds my breast and yanks down the cup of my bra, his callused palms replacing the softness of the lace I gasp out loud as his mouth slides in its tempestuous descent Sweet, sweet Haddie I wonder if your pussy tastes just as sweet as your kiss as your skin as right here.The heat of his mouth replaces the caress of his fingers on my breast, and Im swamped by the sensation of it Of him My head falls back, and my words tumble out What are you waiting for That chuckle of his hums against my breast before he tilts his head back and looks up at me under lust laden eyelids Demanding, are we His eyes dance with humor before the dare flickers through them Try me, they say.And a part of me wants to A part of me wants to push him to see just how much control hes willing to give me Is he going to do what I say, or will he do what he wants Challenge accepted.Then taste me, Becks I want to feel your mouth on me, your tongue in me I want you to taste me on your lips as Im still coming and while youre fucking me.He sucks harder on my nipple a tortured groan escapes his lips as he rises to his full height and stares at me Fucking hell, Had, he says before his lips brand mine, his mouth possessing, taking, claiming as if I were his Are you trying to tell me how to fuck you I feel the heat of his breath on my lips, see the taunt in his smirk and the raise of a brow, but I cant think of the witty comeback I know is there His hands slide down my torso and grip my bare waist, causing my breath to stutter as he yanks my body into his His impressive hard on presses against my lower belly, causing the ache simmering there to intensify.Becks leans in close, his lips grazing my ear in a move that causes chills to chase over my skin Rest assured, Haddie, I know how to fuck you I know how to make you come His teeth tug on my earlobe to reinforce his words I know how to make this hot as fuck body of yours tremble, tense, and beg for so lie back, and let me taste you.And just when I think my body cant coil any tighter from desire, from the explicitness of his words and the taste of his tongue on mine, he picks me up at the waist and throws me back on the bed I giggle as I hit the mattress, the air escaping from my lungs, and before I can take a breath, Becketts on me I try to wriggle awaytry to flip over as we both laugh in our alcohol infused statebut Im no match for him.Sweet Haddie, he taunts as his arms pin my wrists to the bed on either side of my head He leans down and teases my lips, tracing my bottom one with his tongue before slipping it into my mouth, his erection pressing exactly where I want it to be I wriggle my hips patience is so not my virtue He pulls away and sits on his knees, between my thighs My eyes scrape down the defined lines of his torsoa torso that Ive seen so many times beforebut tonight, with him sitting in front of me like this, holy hell, do I realize Ive never taken the time to appreciate just how hot he really is.I work a swallow down my throat as he angles his head to the side and stares at me for a beat Im so entranced by the unsated need pooling moisture between my thighs that when I feel his fingers trail up the outside of my panties, I gasp The question is, he asks with an arch of his brow as he leans down, how many times can I make you come And with those words, his hands press my thighs down, and his mouth closes over the fabric covering my clit The warm heat of his mouth causes me to grip the comforter beneath me The seduction of his words already has me craving his touch, and now the silk barrier between his tongue and my flesh drives me insane Giving me and not giving me what I want all at the same time.Becks is all I can manage as I throw my head back, close my eyes, and allow myself to absorb the pleasure Fingertips trail up the inside of my thighs, and I can feel the cool air on my heated flesh as he uses a finger to pull my thong to the side And when his mouth makes contact this time, I cry out as the liquid heat flows through me, my arms and legs tensing.God, you taste good, he says, his voice hitting my ears as Im being pulled under a tidal wave of sensation His tongue continues to lick while I feel his fingers spread my flesh apart so he can slide inside me He moves them so subtly, but whatever hes doing has me moaning instantly when they find the spot that sets my nerve endings ablaze.He continues his tantalizing barrage on my senses, rubbing and laving with just the right amount of friction to cause the wave of sensation to rise up and crash all around me in a flurry of breath stealing ripples His name falls from my lips, over and over, as I ride out my climax, his mouth still buried between my thighs, licking his way into me until the sensation is almost too much to bear.My eyes are shut tight, the room spinning from the heady rush of desire, and I feel him slide his way up my body Then his mouth is on mine again, tongue delving between my parted lips Can you taste how sweet you are Can you taste what I just did to you My response is an incoherent moan as he moves his knees to either side of my hips He brings his hands up to cradle my head and control the depth and angle of his kiss, holding nothing back until I am left breathless from the intensity when he pulls away and looks in my eyes.Thats one , he teases, his voice trailing off as I reach out to his waist He sits with such a delicious weight on my lower belly and I start to undo his trousers My body may still be pulsing from my orgasm but I want .Becks hisses as my hands slide between his boxer briefs and his heated skin, gripping onto his erection and pulling it free I slide my hand up and down, my thumb rubbing the drop of moisture at the tip around his length He angles his head up to the ceiling and emits a groan of satisfaction that leaves my core tingling for .One, huh I tease, trying to keep this playful because fuck if his mouth alone isnt worth coming back for seconds I take his length in my palm and slide back down him, enjoying watching his abs tense Please, tell me youll keep your promises because I need to come than once, I tell him, delighted at how hes pushed away my thoughts from earlier And, Becks, youve had to drink than me, so please tell me you wont suffer from a case of whiskey dick right now.His head snaps forward, and his eyes hold mine, that chuckle falling from his mouth again He shakes his head as he closes his hand over mine on his cock and says, Demanding, are we Is that not hard enough for you I fight my smirk, because if hes going to throw out promises, he sure as fuck had better keep them Its hard all right, but I just wanted to make sure it stays that way.I believe youre insulting me, he says, running our joined hands up and down again, eyes closing momentarily from the sensation.Its not an insult if its true.He continues to stare at me, and within a beat, hes off the bed I push myself up on my elbows, trying to see what in the hell hes doing Please, tell me he didnt get offended by that comment If he did, he can just keep on walking, regardless of his magical tongue I dont need a man who gets his feelings hurt by a little teasing.But then again, his tongue is pretty fantast orgasmic.A small part of me sighs in relief when Beckett stands still with his back to me and doesnt walk to the door The other part of me frets that if he stays, he just might be the completely unexpected but perfect combination of naughty and nice that has the ability to make me go back on the promises I made to myself Promises about what I will or wont do in the long term No strings, Haddie. No ties, I remind myself.And then any rational thinking Ive been doing is vaporized when Becks drops his pants and turns around I know his eyes are on me, but mine are focused on him and his condom covered erection The alcohol has most definitely not affected him I tear my eyes away from the impressive sight and take in the whole package as he walks toward the bed in a predatory, purposeful manner His eyes are filled with a combination of amusement and lust, and his body signals that Im his for the taking shoulders broad, gait confident, and smirk goading me to tell him otherwise.He reaches the edge of the bed and, without comment, grabs my calves and pulls me toward him so that his hips are nestled perfectly between my thighs, which are hanging off the bed in his hands He reaches down to slowly slide off my thong and then steps back to pull it over my heeled feet and tosses it carelessly over his shoulder I am than turned on by watching his eyes take in every inch of my body, completely unashamed as he watches his fingers play over my sex and run their way up and down my seam His breath stutters, his nostrils flare, and his lips fall lax as his eyes observe his finger slide slowly in and then back out.We both gasp, me from the sensation and him from the sight His fingers rub and slide in a slow, even rhythm that has my already sensitized flesh on high alert A moan falls from my lips as my body starts to heat up and Becketts eyes flash up to meet mine His tongue darts out and licks his lower lip as his fingers withdraw, but keep me open as he lines himself up with my entrance.His eyes hold mine when he slowly enters me, every thick inch of him, filling, stretching, engaging every single nerve within me He seats himself fully root to tip his jaw clenches in restraint, and his eyes darken with desire as it takes everything I have not to roll mine into the back of my head at the sublime feeling I want to watch him Want to stare into those eyes and take in his incredible body as he works mine into a fever pitch.I clench my muscles around him, silently telling him Im ready for whats to come when he surprises me by leaning over and kissing me A slow, hypnotizing dance of tongues as his cock presses even farther into me until I dont think I can take it any My body surrenders, and just when my head starts to fill with so many thoughts of how this unexpected action is tying the strings were not supposed to have, he leans back, face inches from mine, and smirks Is that hard enough for you I focus on that arrogant grin instead of the thoughts in my head, and release a soft groan when he withdraws a fraction as he stands up He holds still, eyes locked on mine and he pulls out ever so slowly until just the tip of him is inside of me Well, is it God, yes, it is God, yes, I want him pounding into me, driving me to the oblivion just beyond the horizon I open my legs wider and reach my hands up to squeeze my own breasts My muscles tighten around him in response to the moment, to the anticipation, in reaction to him withholding what I want the most.Fuck me, Becks Its all I can say, because before his name is out of my mouth, he rears back and thrusts into me, my body rippling with a shock wave of pleasure His hands grip into the flesh of my thighs as he begins again, each drive in and sensation inducing withdraw out, allowing me to climb the ladder at a maddening pace.My pulse pounds and my breath chases after it, on an endless race toward the finish line My senses feel drugged, overwhelmed, scored with his possession of my body My muscles tense and chills dance across my flesh, despite the sweat misting it as he drives into me harder and harder My hands snake down my torso to part myself and allow my fingers to add that little extra friction to push me over the precipice.I bring my eyes up to his to watch his reactionto see if hes one of those assholes who think only hes allowed to bring me to climaxand I see his eyes dart down and focus on me pleasuring myself His fingers dig deeper, his hips pound harder, and the muscles in his shoulders grow tenser.I cry out as the dynamite detonates within me An explosion of liquid heat paralyzes my bodylegs tense, arms stiff, breath heldas I succumb to my orgasm And even though my body feels like its so overloaded I cant possibly take any , Becks keeps going, keeps raking his head over my walls that are sated with such a pleasurable pain Im not sure if I want him to stop or keep going to see how much farther he can take me.Becks His name is a broken cry on my lips as my body begins to shake from the force of my climax He slows down some but adds a grind of his hips as he thrusts into me.Hold on, hold on, he moans out before rearing back and driving into me a few times A groan falls from his lips as his head drops back and his hands hold my hips still I can feel his dick pulse inside of me as he claims his own release, his body rocking subtly as he rides out the feeling I lay my head back and close my eyes, allowing him a few moments to come down from his high.I feel him shift, and then I cry out in surprise when his five oclock shadow scrapes over my abdomen as he kisses his way up the midline of my chest He stops beneath my jaw for a moment, as he collects his breath before murmuring, Thats two.That was most definitely two, I tell him as the deep timbre of his laugh is muffled against my skin I stop my hands from reaching out and running up and over his back as his weight rests comfortably on me A touch like that is too much, too intimate when Im just trying to keep it casual.We remain like this for a moment, unspoken words replaced by our labored breathing, when all of a sudden Becks starts to move I assume he is going to slip out of me and go wash up, put an end to our unexpected nightcap, so Im surprised when he kisses his way back down my neck He stops and takes one nipple in his mouth while his hand palms the other, both lips and fingers manipulating my tightened buds until Im writhing again.He slips out of me and I sigh with audible satisfaction His mouth starts the slow descent down to the apex of my thighs, and I whip my head up to look at him. Again Holy fuck, hes trying to kill me.He kisses the top of my sex and looks up at me with a salacious look in his eyes Ive read a woman comes harder the second or third time, he says Be sure to let me know.He kisses my skin again and chuckles Oh, yeah, here comes three.Chapter 3My eyelids are closed but its still so damn bright from the sunlight streaming into the room I squeeze my eyes tighter to try to block it out, trying to clear the haze from my thoughts I struggle to remember details from last night How is it possible that I drank enough I cant remember, but my head isnt pounding like a damn tom drum I decide to snuggle farther into the down comforter, not wanting to wake up just yet Wanting to forgo the headache that will inevitably hit me at full force the minute my body acknowledges its awake But the fog starts to dissipate, and my thoughts replay the perfection of yesterday and what an incredible day it was Smiles and laughter and love Dancing and drinking and oh fuck. fuck playing it safe here comes threeThe words flicker through my mind and now Im completely alert and cringe from the sun when my eyes flash open I blink against the harsh light, and when I can focus, Im staring straight at Becks Oh shit His head is angled to the side on his pillow, the lines of his face relaxed and his hair sticking up every which way Theres a five oclock shadow where Im used to seeing his clean shaven skin, and I vaguely recall the feel of it grazing against my abdomen My eyes admiringly trace the line of his throat down his chest to that sexy as hell infinity zone, which disappears beneath the sheet right where I want to look the most The sight of him undressed is even overpowering now that I am completely sober.I admire the view momentarily and wonder if I pull the sheets a little tighter around me, will they slip far enough off of him to grant me the view I want I start to slowly draw them toward me when last night comes flooding back to me in full high definition color.Whispered words and moaned sighs The heady combination of playful teasing, unfettered need, and insatiable desire His adept hands and skillful mouth creating an ache so intense, I felt as if my body was on fire.I remember how he gave me exactly what I wantedto feel physically so that I could be numb to emotion How when I looked into his eyes, I pleaded with him to bring me to the brink, push me into that oblivion of sensation And when he finally entered me, he was a considerate yet demanding lover who left me breathless, sated, and confused.My thighs tense, and my core clenches as I recall all of the sensations he evoked in me I lay my head back down on the pillow and close my eyes to try to push away the desire thats already burning anew.It was a onetime thing.Sex without strings.Exactly how I wanted it.So why is my mind focusing on what he murmured into the silent room as I lay curled up against him when he thought Id drifted off to sleep His sighed words were laced with frustrated confusion Goddamn strings.The alcohol blurred details continue to play behind my closed eyelids like a slide show, and all I keep thinking is What the fuck was I thinking But I know I wasnt really thinking at all I was so busy trying to mask my grief that I selfishly never considered the harm I might do to him in the end.Fuck Damn Shit.I also cant help but think what a truly good guy he is This is all my faulteven though my mind is floating with fuzzy bits of our time together, I can still piece together the fact that Becks tried to do the right thing He tried to put me to bed, let me sleep it off, prevent me from getting behind the wheel.This is on me Completely on me Why couldnt I have followed through with my plan to leave and go screw around with someone who wouldnt have given a shit if I left in the morning without another word Why last night of all nights did I need to feel something just a little bit Was I afraid that the dam Id built around my heartache might break and maybe, just maybe, I wanted someone around who I knew would take care of me if it did And so I used him.Used a good man who didnt deserve to be used Guilt eats at me until I force myself to open my eyes again and face Becks I take in his handsome face and all American good looks Hes the quintessential good guymost definitely not my stereotypical go to tattooed bad boy I study him for a minute, my eyes drifting back down to where the sheet rests low on his hips because he may not be my type but that doesnt mean I cant admire his hotter than hell physique Soon my mind wanders back to the feel of his muscles bunching beneath my fingers, and I cant help but wonder if I could ever get used to him To this.I am so used to thriving on the wild, volatile but fun as fuck drama filled relationships well, if you can really call them relationshipswith the rebels in my past.I cant help my hushed chuckle when the thought hits me Who wouldve thought that Ry would have spent the nightshit, marriedthe reckless bad boy, while I spent it with the Southern gentleman Talk about switching places Something was most definitely screwy with the world.When I look up, I startle as I meet Beckss blue eyes We stare at each other for a moment as we struggle with the awkwardness and figure out where to go from here He looks at me from beneath half closed eyelids and says, Morning He yawns softly but never takes his eyes from mine as if hes waiting to gauge my reaction before saying anything else.Good morning, I murmur back, my fingers tracing idle lines on the sheet A slow, sluggish smile turns up one corner of his mouth, and my heart stutters in my chest.And panic starts closing in on my throat.I dont want to feel the warmth that just spread throughout my body at that lazy, boyish grin of his I dont want to feel the contentment I feel right now And most of all, I dont want to see that look in his eyes that tells me this could be so much if I let it.Thats what Lexi did.And look where that left her and Danny And Maddie.I shake myself from my thoughts and try to swallow the lump of anxiety taking hold I avert my eyes quickly as I calm my overactive imagination and stop freaking the fuck out I remind myself that I took my batteries out of my biological clock and put them in my vibrator for a reason.I can do this I may not remember all of last night, but I recall telling him that it would be sex without strings He understood up front what this was No matter what the fuck last night was, it was just a physical connection between two willing adults So why am I afraid to look up from my fidgeting fingers and meet his eyes Hey The rasp of his voice, laced with concern, pulls at me until I cant stand it any I look up to his eyes What are you thinking His voice trails off as I find mine.I gather the sheet around my chest, Becks, I say his name with a shy smile on my face, this is okay I shake my head for emphasis We may have been drunk last night, but, one, Im never too drunk to not remember and enjoy and boy, did I enjoy I cant resist adding that last part because, casual or not, the mans got some moves Number three was definitely earth shifting than number two And hell if four wasnt pretty damn good too My comment causes the lazy smile on his face to spread into a sheepish grin, which instantly has me wanting to melt into him And I cant Its not an option, regardless of how much my insides are warmed by the thoughts I refuse to welcome.We agreed no strings No complications, I say, shrugging my shoulders to let him know that Im than okay with this Something flickers in his eyes, and I cant quite get a read on it, so I continue Im not the typical, clingy female thatYoure anything but typical, he murmurs sleepily.I just stare at him for a beat before I tell myself to get my point across before I say something stupid Thanks, but all I was trying to say is that Im not the type of girl to turn into a psycho stalker after a night of casual sex.Coming four times is not exactly casual sex, he teases with a playful smirk, which has me laughing nervously.Becks, I just dont want this to be awkward I shake my head, needing to say this to remove the guilt from my conscience Im sorry that I pushed you last night I didnt mean for I sigh out loud as the thoughts I want to convey arent forming into the words I need.No one pushes me to do anything Especially sex.His eyes search mine like he wants to say something else but he doesnt So I continue blurting out the first thing that comes to mind Thank you for taking care of me I cringe and avert my eyes immediately, embarrassed but glad I said it.He continues staring at me for a moment with his quiet intensity, before nodding his head subtly and shifting to sit up Well, Im glad we got that straight, he says, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed so that his back is facing me He scrubs a hand through his bed head, leaving it sticking up all over the place, before rising slowly No strings, he repeats, standing up completely naked before walking toward the bathroom I swear he mumbles something about a lasso, but Im too busy looking at the view to care.I may want no strings, but that doesnt mean I cant appreciate one last lingering glance of that fine ass of his before he closes the bathroom door.I smile smugly, understanding why Colton says Becks is the best pit crew chief in the business He sure as hell kept my motor revving with perfection last night.I roll over on my back and stare at the ceiling as the toilet flushes, and then the shower starts I hear the muted sounds of the ocean outside and stare at the shadows playing across the ceiling I exhale as my thoughts turn to last night, my mind recalling and my skin remembering all too well his touch, his taste, his scent.And then I start giggling Wave after wave of laughter rolls through me as I realize that this is the first time in a long time Ive woken up without the constant grief from Lexis death heavy on my thoughts and smothering my spirit.I wipe the smudges from under my eyes, asking myself why today I finally feel like I can get through this the grief, the loneliness of Lexi being gone.And even though my mind keeps wandering to the fine as fuck man occupying the shower, I push those thoughts away, push him away There is no possible way I could suddenly feel all of this because of him, and how he treated me last night or how he made me feel.It was just the physical release that did this to me It had to be.Whatever Who cares about the why, right Because Ill take the four orgasms he gave me and do my walk of shame with an enthusiastic bounce in my step. So, how do you like running your own business You keeping busy Beckss question pulls me from my thoughts as the world outside flies by the passenger side window I shift in my seat so I can study his profile God sure as hell didnt skimp in the looks department on him So why am I all of a sudden just noticing it Its pretty cool working for myself I shrug, glad hes keeping this casual and trying to avoid any awkwardness I have a couple events coming up with that company Scandalous that bought some of the older nightclubs around town to revamp them They hired me to do the promotion for the reopenings, and if they like how things turn out, theyll retain me as their premier promotion company.So, youll have a high profile client that will attract other clients Nice, he says, drawing out the last word and absently nodding his head.I havent clinched the deal yet This chick doesnt count her chickens.He snorts out a laugh Well, you should start counting because we both know itll be a success just because its you.A part of me is pleased he thinks so favorably of me, even after last night He flicks on the blinker and glances over at me, before looking back to the highway in front of him.So whats your story I furrow my brows as I stare at him, thinking the question odd since weve known each other than a year, but then I realize in all that time, aside from superficial questions, Becks and I have never spoken about our pasts, how we got where we are And then it bugs me because I cant figure out why hes asking me I mean this is supposed to be casual, so we shouldnt weigh it down with any history.Becks, I sigh out his name Look, I appreciate you trying to make this situation so its not awkward, but we dont have to do the whole twenty questions about your past thing.He chuckles low and shakes his head like hes trying to process what I just said You must have dated some real winners in your past First of all, he says, looking over to me and then back to the road as I try to not appear irritated by his comment Im not asking you because I feel obligated I find you intriguing and am curious about what got you here to this point, so humor me.And second I ask, a little taken aback by his interest.Second Hm Second, I dont have a clue what I was going to say because those sexy legs of yours distracted me He laughs, and how can I be anything but flattered But I assure you it was damn good.Smooth, I tease, enjoying the ease between us.Oh, theres still a whole helluva lot of rough He smirks and reaches over to pat my knee So humor me I sigh loudly, not getting the point of this exercise since there isnt a future between us Grew up in Long Beach Pretty normal childhood One sister, Lexi, I say as if he didnt already know and glance over at him to see if he noticed the waver in my voice, but hes looking at the road ahead of us Was okay in school, nothing stellar My mom got sick my junior year andSick Breast cancer, I tell him as I watch the shock flicker across his face that than one person in my immediate family has been afflicted with the devastation of this disease She was in and out of treatment, surgeries, whatnot well into my senior year but I managed to get into UCLA I smile at the memory of how torn I was because Lexi went to Arizona for school How Id wanted to follow her and fulfill our goals of getting an apartment and living on our own together, but I wasnt accepted there I walked into the dorm freshman year and there was this brown haired girl with curious eyes and a shy smile sitting opposite of me.Rylee.Yep My parents left after Id unpacked, and Ry and I have been inseparable ever since We went through the freshman fifteen together, boyfriends, heartbreaks, so much during those four years and everything life threw at us after I graduated with a degree in PR and got lucky right off the bat with an internship at a company called PRX Worked my way up from gofer to managing my own events I loved my job there and was able to build a decent reputation after proving that the cute little blonde was than just a decoration.Thats an understatement if Ive ever heard one The words on my tongue falter at his oddly satisfying compliment So, why leave and start HaLex, then The smile tugs at the corners of my mouth while my heart aches with the sadness of the truth Because Lexi and I always wanted to do something together Even when we were little, wed pretend to have a business where we scheduled our Barbies for photo shoots or had our Cabbage Patch Kids doing commercials I laugh at the memories that flicker through my mind So, we decided with her business degree and my established connections wed try it What did we have to lose I had a few clients offer to give me some smaller jobs, so I quit PRX and two months later, Lex was diagnosed.HadI shrug, try to act like its no big deal when in fact it was my whole world tumbling down Yeah, well now I let the thought drift off, unsure exactly what else there is to tell of my heartbreak I clear my throat of the emotion, and the car falls into silence.Your mom is okay now The shards of heartbreak spike anew She was in remission for four years and then it relapsed The second time was bad Chills chase one another over my skin Double mastectomy, endless chemo and radiation just bad.He reaches out and holds my hand in his, a silent show of support thats unexpectedly welcome when Im so used to shunning it I appreciate his avoidance of the word sorry, the most overused word on the face of the earth when someone becomes ill or dies The quiet falls again, both of us lost in our thoughts.After a bit Becks brushes his thumb back and forth over the top of my hand, and while its a simple, nonverbal acknowledgment of my grief, its also a subtle reminder of the damn good sex we had last night My body reacts without thought, that ache between my thighs reawakening unexpectedly I steal a glance over at him, but his attention is focused completely on the road ahead of us.Does he feel it too Ah crap Lock it down, Montgomery. No need to be thinking with your crotch when this was a onetime deal Its not a budding flower, for Gods sake Think snapdragon Think Venus flytrap Think shutting it down to prevent his dick from dominating your thoughts.Last night Its all he says, his voice trailing off as he glances behind him to change lanes. Dick dominance gone. Hello, awkwardness.No need to cool the ache of desire between my thighs now because that sure as hell was the jolt I needed to pull my thoughts and body from the edge of desire.I feign that I need to scratch my other arm, an excuse to pull my hand from his and break our connection.His sigh tells me he sees right through my bluff, so I stare at him, waiting for him to look my way again I need him to see the expression on my face that says Im totally cool with what happened But he doesnt look at menot even a glanceso that I can figure out what it is hes getting at.Was it about Lexi I mean, youve got to talk to someone eventually or elseNope, Im quick to respond, a knee jerk reaction Im not doing this right now Dont want to dont need to Please, dont ruin my feel good mood, Becks. Sometimes dont you just want to have a little fun without complications You know how it goes, Becks Shit, vibrators are cool and fun, but nothing gives satisfaction than the mighty tongue.He barks out a laugh, and I know Ive chased the question away for now I dont know from your perspective, but from mine, tongues are most definitely welcome He glances over at me with a suggestive look before shaking his head and laughing again.What I ask, raising my eyebrows You know its true Im about to make another smart ass remark, but I stop when I realize weve just pulled into my driveway.I grab my overnight bag from between my feet on the floor and reach for the door handle when his voice stops me Are you going to be okay His question can be taken several ways Am I going to ever be okay with Lexis death Am I going to be okay with Rylee gone Am I going to be okay no longer having the two people I relied on the most in my life every day I opt for the question Im comfortable answering Okay You mean living on my own Its not like Rys really been staying here for a while anyway Now its just official I say the words calmly, but a bittersweet feeling comes over me at the thought that my best friend will never be my roomie again Talk about a year of changes Shit Its time for the whirlwind to calm some so I can catch up to everything Itll be nice to live on my own for a bit To be able to walk around naked when I want stuff like that I flash him a smile as I open the door and start to scoot out of the SUV with my overnight bag in one hand.I feel like I should say something elsesome parting wisdom, but nothing comes to mind I begin to stand up when I realize my phone is still in the center console and reach back in for it Becks grabs my wrist and startles me My eyes flash up to meet his, and I can see the sincerity in them, the kindness, the honesty, and Im unable to look away, no matter how much I want to I can see so many things in his eyes, and I dont want him to say any of them, so I try to pull my hand back, but he just holds tight.You know you can call me if you ever need me, right For anything, he says in that slow, even cadence of his that pulls at so many things deep within me, and I cant think of a witty retort to lighten the mood.Okay Thanks Its all I can manage With our eyes locked on each others, I reach down and fumble for my phone before exiting the car I shut the door and exhale a sigh of relief, as I turn my back and head toward my house.Chapter 4Im not sure how Im feeling as I step inside and lean my back against the doorlistening for Becks to pull out of the drivewaybut once Im inside, I take a breath for the first time in what feels like forever. What the fuck is wrong with you, Montgomery It was just sex Just mind blowing, multiple orgasm inducing sex So get over it Get over your thoughts of him Move on.My head wants to, but hell if my body does.I drop my bag on the floor and toss my keys and phone in the basket on the table in the foyer and head toward the kitchen I hit the button on the voice mail and tune out the telemarketers message as I open the fridge and look for a Diet Coke The machine beeps, and Maddies voice fills the empty kitchen.Hi, Auntie I hope your fancy wedding was loads of fun I bet it was better than all of the Sour Patch Kids in the world put together Cant wait to see you tomorrow I have the whole day planned out for us.I automatically smile at the sound of her voice, and my love for her swells like always I can only imagine what her plans for us are this time Last week it was mud pies and Barbies, with pretend tea served by Strawberry Shortcake.The doorbell rings, and my heart immediately skips a beat at the thought it might be Becks Maybe I left something in his car.And why in the hell is my pulse thundering Crap We really just need a little time apart so that we can let everything from last night settle and fade away So I can let the taste and scent and sound of him dissipate from my memory.I grab the handle and pull the door open, prepared for Becks, and am completely thrown for a loop by who stands there.What the hell are you doing here Nice to see you too Its that same gravelly voice that used to turn me inside out Those gray eyes that can be cold as steel or soft as silk from one second to the next That muscled torso that my fingers and mouth memorized every incredible inch of The sight of him invokes images of wild, against the wall, rip your clothes off sex, and at the same time, schizophrenic emotions and volatile tempers surge through my mind.And yet his pull on me is still there, still as magnetic as ever This is the man I once upon a time thought could be the one, could be worth the fight, until he disappeared just as quickly as he appeared.Just like he does every time.What do you want, Dante I huff out a breath and put my hands on my hips.What, no kiss No hug Thats all the welcome I get He shoves his hands into the pockets of his worn jeans, his biceps bulging, and he leans a shoulder against the doorjamb I try not to look twice at the new ink peaking up from under the collar of his shirt, but I find myself wondering what he chose this time My eyes rise from his neck to his face when he runs his free hand up and over his goatee Between the smirk on his lips, and the look in his eyes, I swear he does it on purpose to evoke thoughts of how exactly that patch of hair can tease and tempt me when positioned between my thighs.I take hold of my thoughts and am able to recall the hurt he inflicted on me, which still scars me deep inside Youre lucky that your welcome doesnt include a swift kick in the nuts I fold my arms across my chest and raise an eyebrow at him.He laughs, that arrogant smirk strengthening the intensity that always etches his face Ah, theres my girl, spirited as fuck, just how I like you.Im not your girl You lost the chance to call me that when you walked away without a word I absently look over his shoulder at the neighbor kid running down the sidewalk, before looking back at him.You afraid lover boys going to come back and get pissed Im standing here Lover boy He lifts his chin Yeah That your boyfriend who dropped you off You switching things up, Had Going from the reckless to the refined I laugh Beckett refined Thats not exactly the first word that comes to mind, but I guess in Dantes view, Beckss lack of tattoos makes him just that.Hes just a friend, and besides, what he is or isnt is none of your damn business.Youre always my business.I snort in response Does he actually think that he can show up on my doorstep after disappearing over a year ago and that Id welcome him with open arms Cmon, babe, are you really going to bust my balls Besides, you know how much I like it when youre rough with me, he teases, trying to get to me in that way that always seemed to work before.But Ive been here, done this, and dont plan on having a repeat performance Heartbreak is not my thing.What do you want He shrugs sheepishly Im back in town.Good for you What for Chasing the dream fail or something He laughs with a shake of his head, his dimples deepening Babe, Im always chasing something.Yeah, but chasing tail and chasing dreams are two entirely different things.He takes a step toward me, and I take one back, leery of him getting too close, the proven weakness in my ard heart I wasnt that bad, he says softly We were good together.I bat away his hand when he reaches out to touch my arm Yeah, and the good was only about twenty percent of the time, I tell him I seem to remember the other eighty percent a whole helluva lot .But that twenty percent Ive got fond memories of that twenty percent He grins at me, trying to get me to remember the damn good sex we used to have I figure Ill beat him to the punch.I dont I lie without batting an eyelash since hes the king of telling untruths.He stares at me for a moment before taking another step toward me I tell myself not to be affected, and then of course his cologne hits me, causing memories to surge to the forefront of my mind It seems youve gotten all hard on me, babe.And I cant help it My mind immediately flashes to last night The word hard makes me think of the look on Beckss face when he wanted to prove just how hard he was I shake my head and exhale in exasperation, thinking about how different Becks and this man in front of me are. But both dangerous.He tilts his head down, smile still in place, and looks into my eyes Ahhh, shes giving in You know you can never stay mad at me Resistance is futile, babe.And Im so pissed because hes right I never can Of course, I respect myself and all that shit, and would never allow myself to go back down that path with him again, but I swear to God, Dante can make me bend my rules like no one else can I fight the smile that threatens to curl up one corner of my mouth, knowing its basically useless to even try Dante My voice trails off, my internal war waging within me, as I try to figure out what he wants this time Why are you here His smoldering smirk surges to a megawatt smile because he knows hes got me now I need a place to crash for a bit His eyes darken with an unexpected solemnity that throws me, but with him, you never know whats the truth and whats a game.And you see a vacancy sign on my porch or something He blows out an audible breath Used to taking without asking, he doesnt like having to explain anything Cmon, babe, I know Ry moved out I raise my eyebrows, causing him to pause and explain Its not like speculations over her wedding details werent the buzz all over TMZ last night or anything He rolls his eyes and flashes that smile at me again, but I stand my ground, arms crossed, impatient I just need a couple of days, a week or two at the most, so that I can straighten some shit out.There is something about the way he says itsomething about the stress lining his facethat has me angling my head and looking past his tough exterior and wondering what hes really doing in town So, you came here You think youre charming enough that Im just going to forget all of the shit from before You suck I almost laugh at the grade school response coming from this big, bad rebel.Praise for the Novels of K BrombergCaptivating, emotional and sizzling hot 1 New York Times Bestselling Author S.C StephensK Bromberg is nothing short of an absolute genius.Romance Addiction 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    • Slow Burn (The Driven Series)
    • 1.3
    • 54
    • Format Kindle
    • 400 pages
    • K Bromberg
    • Anglais
    • 18 February 2016

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