⑀ Format Kindle ⍊ Global Warming Skepticism for Busy People (English Edition) store ⑫ Kindle By Roy Spencer ┘

⑀  Format Kindle ⍊ Global Warming Skepticism for Busy People (English Edition) store ⑫ Kindle By Roy Spencer ┘ ⑀ Format Kindle ⍊ Global Warming Skepticism for Busy People (English Edition) store ⑫ Kindle By Roy Spencer ┘ This book draws on decades of climate research to explain why the threat of anthropogenic climate change has been grossly exaggerated Global warming and associated climate change exists but the role of humans in that change is entirely debatable A little known aspect of modern climate science is that the warming of the global atmosphere ocean system over the last 100 years, even if entirely human caused, has progressed at a rate that reduces the threat of future warming by 50% compared to the climate model projections To the extent warming is partly natural a possibility even the IPCC acknowledges , the future threat is reduced even further This, by itself, should be part of the debate over energy policy but it isnt Why The news media, politicians, bureaucrats, rent seekers, government funding agencies, and a scientific technological elite as President Eisenhower called it have collaborated to spread what amounts to fake climate news Exaggerated climate claims appear on a daily basis, sucking the air out of reasoned discussions of the scientific evidence which are too boring for a populace increasingly addicted to climate change porn Upon close examination it is found that the 97% of climate scientists agree meme is inaccurate, misleading, and useless for decision making human causation of warming is simply assumed by the vast majority of climate researchers In contrast to what many have been taught, there have been no obvious changes in severe weather, including hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts or floods Despite an active 2018 wildfire season, there has actually been a long term decrease in wildfire activity, although that will change if forest management practices are not implemented Proxy evidence of past temperature and Arctic sea ice changes suggest warming and sea ice decline over the last 50 years or so is not out of the ordinary, and partly or even mostly natural The Antarctic ice sheet isn t collapsing, but remains stable The human component of sea level rise is shown to be, at most, only 1 inch per 30 years 25% of the observed rate of rise and the latest evidence is that CO2 dissolved in ocean water will be good for marine life, not harmful Admittedly, continued emissions of CO2 from fossil fuel burning can be expected to cause and probably has caused some of our recent warming But the Paris Agreement, even if extended through the end of the 21st Century, will have no measurable effect on global temperatures because the governments of the world realize humanity will depend upon fossil fuels for decades to come Despite news reports and politicians proclamations, international agreements to reduce CO2 emissions are all economic pain for no observable climate gain What government mandated reliance on expensive and impractical energy sources will do is increase energy poverty, and poverty kills This downside to illusory efforts to Save the Earth is already being experienced in the UK and elsewhere If people are genuinely concerned about humanity thriving, they must reject global warming alarmism In terms of environmental regulation, the end result of the U.S EPA s Endangerment Finding will be reduced prosperity for all, and climate gain for none The good news is that there is no global warming crisis, and this book will inform citizens and help guide governments toward decisions which benefit the most people while doing the least harm. My Global Warming Skepticism, for Dummies Roy I receive many e mails, and a recurring complaint is that of my posts are too technical to understand This morning s installment arrived with the subject line, Please Talk Us , suggested provide short, concise, easily understood summaries explanations dummies Global Climate Change skepticism Examines science arguments global warming skepticism Common objections like caused by sun temperature has changed naturally in past or other planets examined see what really says Wikipedia warming, also referred as climate change, observed century scale rise average Earth system its related effects Multiple lines scientific evidence show Many changes since unprecedented instrumental Roy Spencer, PhD refers increase been over last one hundred years But politicians public, term carries implication mankind responsible Climate Introduction Sir David Attenborough The Truth About Change, October As well links above, Skeptical Science, which, while examining skepticism, provides information on causes anthropogenic Doesn t recent record cold weather disprove conspiracy theory A invokes claims consensus based conspiracies produce manipulated data suppress dissent It number tactics used change denial legitimize political public controversy disputing this Warming, Spin Media Issues Accompanying concerns media spin, propaganda, special interests For some countries, scientists environmental groups raising about faced stern opposition, at time, ridicule Initially, big businesses countries such United Popular Technology Peer Reviewed Papers Preface following papers support skeptic against Anthropogenic ACC AGW Alarmism eg Catastrophic CAGW Dangerous DAGWPlease read introductory notes detailed called quot hoaxquot multiple occasions Center AccuWeather AccuWeather center offers daily blog news topic An unbiased look myths, articles, anythingAbout W Spencer received his PhD meteorology University Wisconsin Madison Before becoming Principal Research Scientist Alabama Huntsville he was Senior Studies NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, where Dr John Christy Confusion How Hysteria Hysteria Leads Bad Pandering Politicians Misguided Policies That Hurt Poor FREE shipping qualifying current frenzy galvanized cost taxpayers billons dollars federal Roy Hurricane Florence whether it could be blamed President Trump specifically humanity generally You can say much only couple minutes, difficult when you don know questions will Global Warming Skepticism for Busy People (English Edition)


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