྆ Reading Pure Chocolate: Divine Desserts and Sweets from the Creator of Fran's Chocolates quotes ᑽ ePUB Author Fran Bigelow ᪂

྆ Reading Pure Chocolate: Divine Desserts and Sweets from the Creator of Fran's Chocolates quotes ᑽ ePUB Author Fran Bigelow ᪂ ྆ Reading Pure Chocolate: Divine Desserts and Sweets from the Creator of Fran's Chocolates quotes ᑽ ePUB Author Fran Bigelow ᪂ everything you need to know about chocolateAll chocolate is made from the fruit of the caco tree, which thrives in the tropical regions twenty degrees north and south of the equator Scientists believe that the first cacao tree was found in the lower Basin in Venezuela Twice a year the hard, squash like pods are hand harvested and carefully split open to remove the beans which are then allowed to naturally ferment and air dry for several days.Dried beans are sold to brokers, who in turn supply the chocolate manufacturers of the world Most cacao beans are shipped to Europe and North America to be made into chocolate in a complex process that begins with cleaning and roasting and ends with molding liquid chocolate into bars.It is the selection of the beans and their blending that most determines the quality of the finished product Only a small percentage of the beans being harvested today are criollos, a premium flavor bean Most chocolate is made from a blend of forasteros, a hardy bulk bean Only the premium manufacturers are seeking out and paying the price for the rare criollos and the hybrid trinitarios, a bean that combines the robustness of forastero with the flavor of criollo.After the beans are roasted according to each maker s style, they go through a grinding process that creates cocoa mass The mass is then combined with cocoa butter, sugar, and vanilla for flavor accents, conched for smoothness, tempered for longevity, and molded into large bulk chocolate bars that are then wrapped and shipped A chocolatier such as Fran s purchases the chocolate at this stage.CHOOSING CHOCOLATE FOR DESSERT MAKINGIt can t be overstressed that the quality of the chocolate used is what can elevate a bite of cake or a sip of hot chocolate into a life altering moment No matter how good your technique, if you are using inferior chocolate your dessert simply won t be as ravishing The manufacturers I rely on for my chocolate are Callebaut, Valrhona, El Rey, Michel Cluizel, and Scharffen Berger They all sell bars at supermarkets, specialty shops, by mail order, and on websites see page 227.Before you choose, it s important to know how to read a label Be sure you are purchasing pure chocolate that contains only chocolate beans, mass, or liquor , sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla, and lecithin No vegetable fats should be listed as an ingredient.Cacao percentage indicates the amount of cacao in relation to sugar Thus a bar containing 60 percent cacao has 40 percent sugar, with less than one half percent vanilla or lecithin Of that 60 percent cacao, about half is cocoa solids and the other half is cocoa butter for that marvelous melt in your mouth consistency All you need to remember is that the higher the percentage of cacao, the deeper, darker, and pronounced the chocolate flavor Another way to think of it is that if the cacao percentage dips below 50 percent, that chocolate bar contains sugar than cacao, meaning less chocolate flavor a sacrilege as far as I m concerned For these recipes, I do not recommend any dark chocolate where sugar is listed as the first ingredient.The recipes in this book mostly call for dark, semisweet, or bittersweet chocolate, with some high quality milk chocolate, white chocolate, and unsweetened chocolate Where I felt it made a difference, I recommended an exact percentage of cacao or a specific maker These recommendations are not meant to send you off in search of the holy grail As long as your chocolate is from one of the better makers and within the general range of cacao content, your Pure Chocolate desserts should all be spectacular Another philosophy to keep in mind when selecting a chocolate for a dessert is to choose one you would enjoy eating by itself This is where your chocolate tasting experience will serve you well.Just as each coffee roaster has a style, each chocolate manufacturer develops a flavor and texture profile To my mind, the Belgians make a chocolate with a subtle roast and round pleasing flavor such as Callebaut The French, on the other hand, like their chocolate the way they do their coffee, with a darker roast and stronger flavor such as Valrhona El Rey, from Venezuela with its flavorful beans, also has an assertive style Scharffen Berger, the premium American manufacturer, is relatively new to the field This company has developed a style all its own and is making intensely flavored chocolate.Preferences in chocolate are extremely personal Taste, reflect, and experiment consider it the icing on the cake in your chocolate education.Here are my current favorites by category to help you make your own selections for dessert making It can be confusing because in the United States 35 percent cocoa mass is the only requirement for calling a chocolate either bittersweet or semisweet Ten percent is the legal minimum cacao content for milk chocolate Below are the guidelines that I follow in Pure Chocolate and all my recipes The chocolate world is expanding rapidly as Americans tastes change, so keep on checking the shelves and tasting, of course semisweet52 to 62 percent cacao Semisweet chocolate is entry level for those who are new to darker, pronounced chocolate flavor Callebaut s 56 percent is my kitchen workhorse With its accessible flavor and creamy consistency, it is a dream to work with It melts easily, combines well with other flavors, and is fantastic for dipping Other chocolates to use are Cluizel, Valrhona, Scharffen Berger, El Rey, and Lindt, all available at supermarkets bittersweet63 to 72 percent cacao Darker and pronounced in flavor than a semisweet, bittersweets are the favorites of many chefs However, their higher cacao content can make them trickier to work with For top notch chocolate flavor in a bittersweet I enjoy Valrhona, Callebaut, Scharffen Berger, Lindt, E Guittard, Cluizel, and El Rey milk chocolate36 to 46 percent cacao As a rule, look for the darkest milk chocolate you can find for these recipes The pronounced caramel flavor from the milk is delicious The premium milk chocolates from Cluizel, El Rey, Valrhona, Callebaut, E Guittard, and Lindt are all excellent white chocolateSince it does not contain cacao solids, white chocolate is technically not a chocolate Whether or not you re a fan of this bar of cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla, and milk, there are times when it is just right I love it in whipped cream, and it is the perfect sweet counterpoint in a sophisticated cake like the bittersweet Blanc et Noir page 101 White chocolate is very easy to work with Just make sure you choose one with no added vegetable fat El Rey, Valrhona, Lindt, and Callebaut make excellent white chocolate bars unsweetened chocolate100 percent cacao Unsweetened chocolate, as the name implies, is 100 percent cacao with no sugar added One taste will tell you that it is not meant to be eaten alone I like to use it in combination with semi or bittersweet to add depth of flavor You can also improvise a bittersweet by substituting about 20 percent unsweetened chocolate and 80 percent semisweet for the quantity of bittersweet specified in the recipe Valrhona and Scharffen Berger make excellent unsweetened bars cocoa powderThe recipes in the book all call for Dutch processed cocoa totally unsweetened cocoa whose natural acidity has been neutralized by an alkali Dutch processed cocoa gives darker chocolate results than ordinary unsweetened cocoa Cocoa lends chocolate wafers, ice cream, and sorbets wonderful depth of flavor I prefer Valrhona or Droste cocoa powder.WORKING WITH PURE CHOCOLATE melting chocolateA sensitive moment in any chocolate recipe occurs at the beginning, when the chocolate is melted Few things in the kitchen are depressing and beyond repair than coarse, grainy, scorched chocolate Just keep in mind that chocolate s two archenemies are heat and moisture If you always melt over gentlest heat and are vigilant about stray drops of water, there shouldn t be a problem After a little practice you ll wonder what all the fuss was about.It doesn t take any fancy equipment to melt chocolate I improvise a double boiler by choosing a stainless steel bowl that can nestle on top of a small saucepan Fill the pan with about 1 inch of water and bring to a simmer over lowest heat Chop the chocolate into small size pieces and place in the bowl over, but not touching, the water in the pan Let sit, without stirring, until about half melted Then remove from the heat, placing the bowl s bottom on a kitchen towel to absorb any moisture Gently stir with a rubber spatula until smooth, returning to the heat briefly if lumps still remain.Melted chocolate should look smooth and glossy and the temperature should never go above 115F Keep an eye on the sides of the bowl for telltale signs of scorching As chocolate gets too hot, it will start darkening and losing its sheen around the edges If the temperature goes above 120F, the chocolate will separate and burn If you suspect your chocolate may be burnt, the only thing to do is taste Unfortunately, all you can do is toss out burnt chocolate, since there is no bringing it back combining melted chocolateButter, eggs, and other ingredients being added to melted chocolate should be at room temperature, since extreme heat or cold can shock the chocolate Heat causes the cocoa butter and solids to separate cold causes chocolate to harden into lumps what to serve with chocolate dessertsonce you have moved beyond ice cold milk, the perfect beverage to complement a fine chocolate dessert is strong, dark coffee, preferably espresso In mAdvance praise for Pure Chocolate To feast your eyes on Frans delectable chocolate creations and read her expertly written recipes will send you into the kitchen at once Chuck Williams, Williams Sonoma, Inc.Ive been enjoying Fran Bigelows chocolates and chocolate desserts for almost twenty years and have long thought of her as one of the finest chocolate makers in the world I rejoice at her wonderful bookwhen Fran writes a chapter about everything you need to know about chocolate you can be sure its brilliantly the real thing And her recipes are tried and true, inspired, and delicious No real chocolate lover should be without this book.Nick Malgieri, author of Perfect Cakes and ChocolateEvery chocolate lover will cherish this extraordinary book Fran Bigelowpure perfectionist, pure artist, pure innovatorshares her legendary expertise through her sumptuous recipe collectionthe key to 100 percent pure pleasure Flo Braker, author of The Simple Art of Perfect Baking and Sweet MiniaturesFran Bigelows recipes are irresistibleand many are surprisingly easy I think this is a great book.Richard CallebautThe recipes in this book are the culmination of than twenty years of chocolate mastery, as Fran shares all her secrets to achieving pure chocolate perfection.Joan Steuer, founding editor, Chocolatier magazine Beautiful Desserts Food Wine foodandwine This extraordinary dessert, made with crisp chocolate hazelnut meringue and whipped cream, is simple to make But pastry chef Daniel Jasso has nicknamed it the beast, because slicing can Divine Pie Portland Many years ago, proPIEter of Divine Alissa Martucci got hooked on making pies during a raw food cleanse Desperate for something decadent that fit those strict alkalizing rules, she began experimenting different nuts, dates fruits trying satisfy her sweet tooth dessert was simultaneously rich, creamy rawnot an easy task Chocolate Fondue Recipe Network cups heavy cream pound premium semisweet recommended Lindt or Callebaut tablespoon pure vanilla extract brandy Strawberries, bananas, pineapple, brownies Wikipedia Chocolate usually sweet, brown preparation roasted ground cacao seeds It in form liquid, paste, block, used as flavoring ingredient other foods The earliest evidence use traces Olmecs Mexico , beverages dating BC majority Mesoamerican people beverages, including Maya Quotes Jokes Facts About Chocolate Enjoy whole heapin helping quotes jokes, sayings, humor If s chocolate, somebody said it, chances are we ve here Ethical Companies Slave Free Ethical Fortunately, there exceptions Organic Fair Trade almost always ethically sourced Cocoa from outside West Africa grown Pure Kona Peaberry Coffee Estates Beans Pure you re interested savoring % coffee gourmet private reserve peaberry, come right place FEP List Empowerment Project list below reflects Project FEP most recent research companies vegan products containing find out if they source their areas where worst forms child labor slavery prevalent The Best Dark Bars World Mark Daily Modern Paleo blog been doing reviews recently, which struck me novel but totally understandable practice called In my mind, good dark high content, fat, low ish sugar stuff makes any downsides living this modern world well worth Strawberry Layer Cake Recipe Today, dear readers, will thank sharing best THE BEST cake recipe existence last layer ever need Let not argue over who best, what bakery cake, mom, aunt, grandma known mankind, better yet famous company What White David Lebovitz I have no problem eating much want, white just feel so guilty think one reasons may like lot candies America gross mixed seem interesting Big Bear Wife My father law great cook when foodies cooks family he first pop into mind While fantastic at all types dishes, recipes call his Signature Dishes would be Homemade Fudge m still master Sausage Gravy Biscuits BigBear gotten Salted Caramel Martini Yummy Tummies Goodbye Better than Sex CakeHELLO Seriously, Salted absolute dream glass Godiva Liqueur delicious own, add Creme de Vodka mixpure sinful delight wanted do sexy drink week honor wedding anniversary perfect choice every lover bake special occasions 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Knapp FREE shipping qualifying offers author bestseller Brain Trust brings scientific chilling true story unexplained phenomena challenges new vision reality South Side High School Class Alumni, Fort Wayne, IN To join site click name above needs please contact Pure Chocolate: Divine Desserts and Sweets from the Creator of Fran's Chocolates


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