ಪ Hardcover Download ᘮ Pitch the Perfect Investment: The Essential Guide to Winning on Wall Street (Wiley Finance) For Free ಾ Book Author Paul D Sonkin ೯

ಪ Hardcover Download ᘮ Pitch the Perfect Investment: The Essential Guide to Winning on Wall Street (Wiley Finance) For Free ಾ Book Author Paul D Sonkin ೯ ಪ Hardcover Download ᘮ Pitch the Perfect Investment: The Essential Guide to Winning on Wall Street (Wiley Finance) For Free ಾ Book Author Paul D Sonkin ೯ Advance praise for Pitch the Perfect Investment It is rare that you get a book on finance that is fun to read, immensely informative and deeply insightful Sonkin and Johnson have pulled off the trifecta in this book Read it if you work in the investing business already, plan to work in it or want to make sense of aninvestment pitch made to you Aswath Damodaran Professor of Finance, New York University Stern School of Business and author of The Dark Side ofValuation,The Little Book of Valuation and Narrative and Numbers.My decades of experience have taught me that pitching is a vital skill one must master to succeed on Wall Street Sonkin and Johnsons book gives someone new to the industry a significant headstart in obtaining this skill Regina Pitaro, Head of Institutional Marketing GAMCO Asset Management, Inc and author of Deals Deals and More Deals On Wall Street, fortune favors the prepared mind In Pitch the Perfect Investment, Sonkin and Johnson provide a novel framework for this preparation, enabling you to both select investments and convince others of your view Their explanations of market efficiency, the wisdom of crowds, and security valuation set a benchmark for clarity and practicality Scott E Page, Leonid Hurwicz Collegiate Professor Complex Systems, Political Science, and Economics The University of MichiganA successful investor has to say no far often than they say yes.The key is making it count when you find the right investment The first 30 seconds of your pitch are often the most important chance to win or lose your audience Pitch the Perfect Investment provides the toolkit to build conviction in your analysis and effectively articulate how it should be implemented Sonkin and Johnson follow their own advice with concise and persuasive principles Their guidance will neutralize the intimidation factor in pitching a portfolio manager,and allow the analyst to shine Bruce Geller, CEO of DGHM Co., LLC To the active portfolio manager, beating the market is essential Sonkin and Johnson explain how to identify and exploit mispricings to accomplish that goal Its refreshing to read a book that stresses the importance of fundamental research in stock analysis, especially when active portfolio management is under attack by ETFs and passive investment vehicles Nicholas Galluccio, CEO Teton Advisors, Inc. The job of a venture associate is to bring great investment opportunities to the general partners they support The models and frameworks in Pitch the Perfect Investment,although aimed at public stock investing, translate easily to venture capital, where young analysts make the same mistakes in pitching their recommendation to senior VCs.The authors present their ideas is a straight forward, fun manner Much heartache will be avoided and faster decisions will be reached by any VC organization that adopts these recommendations Geoffrey Moore, authorCrossing the ChasmandZone to Win While Pitch the Perfect Investment might appear to be written for the equity investor, it also provides the credit or distressed debt investor with critical insights to gain an edge especially through the authors discussion of risk and uncertainty In the credit markets, finding mispriced investments with an asymmetrical return is extremely valuable Sonkin and Johnson provide a rigorous framework to properly identify and vet these situations In addition to investing, my other passion is teaching As an educator of analysts and MBA students, I am surprised it has taken so long for someone to write a book like this one Sonkin and Johnson have finally corrected the problem Michael Gatto, Partner Silver Point Capital and Adjunct Professor Columbia Business School.I wish I had this book when I started in the business Having recently retired from a successful43 yearcareer on the sell side, I remember my early days being characterized by a lot of hits and misses Pitch the Perfect Investment provides the newcomer with valuable shortcuts so they can experience hits and fewer misses Sonkin and Johnson translate serious financial concepts into an easy to understand, enjoyable read Arnie Ursaner,Founderand Former President, CJS Securities Pitch a Perfect Investmentsucceeds at elucidating a set of concepts that are often difficult to wrap your brain around There are many misconceptions regarding how the investment management industry works, Sonkin and Johnson do a great job of succinctly and judiciously laying out the truth regarding whats really happening in this world Leigh Drogen,Founder and CEO, Estimize Inc. Communicating investment research in a thoughtful manner is both art and science, which Sonkin and Johnson masterfully teach in Pitch the Perfect Investment.I found their work wonderfully illuminatingand Im sure eager students, of all backgrounds and ages, will as well John Mihaljevic Managing Editor, The Manual of Ideas Sonkin and Johnson have written a superb book for investors Their insights are timely but also timeless As I discuss in my book, A Dozen Lessons for Entrepreneurs,a venture capitalist tries to buy long dated, deeply out of the money call options at prices that are a bargain However, a successful venture investment also requires a profitable exit Pitch the Perfect Investment provides valuable tools to evaluate a companys long term competitive advantage, calculate the value of growth, and understand how investors in public companies think about value In other words, their framework explains the critical elements that maximize exit valuations Tren Griffin, Senior Director, Microsoft, 25iq.com, and author of Charlie Munger The Complete Investor and A Dozen Lessons for Entrepreneur I always get asked the question If I want work for a money manager or a hedge fund, what should I do While I have a condensed answer, it still takes hours just to get to explain basics Now I can simply tell people you MUST read The Perfect Investment The book does a great job at its mission preparing analysts or potential ones for the job Jacob Wolinsky, founder,ValueWalk.com Pitch the Perfect Investment is a must read for anyone who, having formulated an investment idea, must sell the idea to a harried portfolio manager who is beseeched with ideas from numerous sources The authors, highly regarded Wall Street veterans, share with the reader invaluable insights regarding not only the development of an investmenttheme,but, importantly, how to market the idea in the most efficient manner Im highly confident that every young Wall Street analyst will reap immeasurable benefits from this highly readable book whose conversational style makes the information in the book readily accessible Robert Willens, President Robert Willens, LLC Pitch the Perfect Investment is a game changer Whether you are an experienced investor or new to the industry this book serves as both a reminder and primer for what you need to know to stand out in the crowd and apart from the competition The book systematically challenges prevailing beliefs regarding market efficiency and outlines key rules for valuing stocks and presenting your ideas More importantly, from the perspective of job search and career management, Sonkin and Johnson tell you how to create a differential advantage so that your ideas get the attention they deserve and you are viewed as a rockstar The authors provide powerful insights in an industry where first impressions either resonate immediately with your audience or eliminate you and your ideas from the outset And, these insights apply to virtually everyone in the food chain from experienced professionals to undergrads seeking their first Wall Street internship Roy Cohen, Career Coach and best selling author of The Wall Street Professionals Survival Guide Farnam Streets mission is to help investors add to their mental toolbox, expand their knowledge and improve their thinking Through its clear prose and interesting examples, Pitch the Perfect Investment offers thought provoking views on many investing related topics Specifically, Sonkin and Johnsons discussion of risk and uncertainty expanded my thinking on these concepts Shane Parrish, Editor and Blogger, Farnam Street Media, Inc. Investors who succeed on Wall Street spend their careers analyzing companies, and honing and refining their investment strategies But they had to start somewhere Training for research analysts is basically nonexistent on Wall Street resulting in a baptism by fire that forces the new analyst to develop expertise on their own through an agonizing process of trial and error To overcome this deficiency, Sonkin and Johnson have written the ultimate survival guide for someone embarking on a career as an investment professional Arnie Ursaner, a sell side veteran, who retired after 43years on Wall Street said, I wish I had this book when I started in the business I remember my early days being characterized by a lot of hits and misses This book provides valuable shortcuts to experience hits and fewer misses The single most important element in survival is having knowledge, as knowledge dispels fear, and on Wall Street, fortune favors the prepared mind Pitch the Perfect Investment accelerates the learning process, giving the college or MBA student the edge they need to succeed, whether they are pitching a stock idea in a job interview, in a stock pitch competition, or for a studentrun investment fund Echoing this sentiment, Aswath Damodaran, a prolific author of over 20 books on valuation and awardwinning professor at New York University, said, this is a book that most of my students would have loved to have had before their first interview and job Sonkin and Johnson also seek to push the openminded, seasoned investment professional out of their comfort zone and challenge them to think about familiar concepts differently In an industry where even the most successful veterans must worry about younger managers snapping at their heels, Pitch the Perfect Investment equips the Chief Investment Officer or Director of Research with new tools, enabling them to tighten their analytical process and significantly improve communication and efficiency throughout their organization As noted by Geoffrey Moore, author of several highlyacclaimed strategy books in the technology industry, Much heartache will be avoided and faster decisions will be reached by any organization that adopts Sonkin and Johnsons recommendations Nicholas Galluccio, CEO of Teton Advisors, added, In this era of hypercompetition on Wall Street, active portfolio management is under attack by ETFs and passive investment vehicles In this new environment, beating the market is even essential to the active portfolio manager and even the smallest edge can make the difference between success and failure Pitch the Perfect Investment will give the professional investor that edge No other single resource will provide students, money managers, analysts, bankers, executives, salespeople, and individual investors with a faster way to improve their performance Pitch the Perfect Investment is the essential guide to winning on Wall Street www.pitchtheperfectinvestment.com Pitch Perfect IMDb Beca, a freshman at 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Investment: The Essential Guide to Winning on Wall Street (Wiley Finance)


    • Pitch the Perfect Investment: The Essential Guide to Winning on Wall Street (Wiley Finance)
    • 2.3
    • 144
    • Hardcover
    • 501 pages
    • B0754XYZPY
    • Paul D Sonkin
    • English
    • 27 March 2016

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