ᰀ reading ❘ Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial?: . . . and Other Questions from the Astronomers' In-box at the Vatican Observatory benefits ⢑ Author Paul Mueller ⣂

ᰀ reading  ❘ Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial?: . . . and Other Questions from the Astronomers' In-box at the Vatican Observatory benefits ⢑ Author Paul Mueller ⣂ ᰀ reading ❘ Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial?: . . . and Other Questions from the Astronomers' In-box at the Vatican Observatory benefits ⢑ Author Paul Mueller ⣂ Day 1 Biblical Genesis or Scientific Big Bang Setting The Art Institute of ChicagoGallery of the Early Twentieth CenturyPaul Today were going to talk about the beginning of all things, Creation itself So its fitting that were in Chicago, since each of us had a kind of personal beginning here in the Windy City You did philosophy studies at Loyola University shortly after you became a Jesuit And I earned my doctorate in the history and philosophy of science at the University of Chicago.Guy When I read the opening verses of Genesis, where a wind from God swept over the face of the waters, I always picture myself standing by the shore of a stormy Lake Huron thats where Im from But, ah, Lake Michigan and the Windy City Its tough for this Detroiter to admit it, but I love Chicago And this area, the Museum Campus down by the lakeshore, is like heaven to me So many favorite places of mine the Adler Planetarium the Shedd Aquarium But if were going to talk about the beginning of the universe, why are we at the Art Institute Shouldnt we be at the planetarium, where we could watch a show that illustrates the Big Bang on its giant dome Or maybe we should be at the Field Museum of Natural History, with its wonderful collection of dinosaur fossils and meteorites.Paul Think of all those people who are always asking us, as Vatican astronomers, about science and religion and the beginning of the universe Guy The ones who want us to choose between Genesis and the Big Bang Paul Yes Most of them arent scientists, so I dont think that addressing their questions in a scientific place a planetarium, for instance would be all that helpful.So often we divide our lives up into separate camps, separate buildings, if you will aquarium versus planetarium, work versus play, science versus religion, and so forth Sometimes its hard to move from one to the other I want us to start out today in a place where science and religion can overlap Here at the Art Institute, you cant help but see that theres than one way to represent reality than one style of painting, you might say.So humor me for a moment Lets look at some of my favorite works of art.Guy Hmm isnt that Grant Woods American Gothic The weather beaten couple standing in front of a white clapboard house, the man holding a pitchfork staring directly out of the canvas, the woman giving him a dirty look Paul The painting may be all too familiar, but I like it Though its as realistic as a photograph, it still seems to tell you something about these two people that a photo wouldnt be able to capture.Now, head down this hall to the European section, and compare American Gothic with this painting Guy Picassos The Old Guitarist I guess thats an old man seated with a guitar, but hes depicted in an almost abstract way The guitar is painted realistically enough, but the old man is shown in weird lines and angles and a funky blue color scheme Thats a whole different take on the human form.Paul It looks modern than American Gothic, though it was painted about thirty years earlier.Both paintings depict old people with the tools of their trades Both were painted at roughly the same time, in the early twentieth century Both communicate something deep and true about humanity, intellectually and emotionally, in ways that a book or a homily couldnt.But neither painting tries to show everything about its subject matter Each painting selects and emphasizes only certain things and leaves out other stuff thatd be irrelevant or thatd get in the way And you know what Science does something very similar Science involves selective observation science involves paying special attention to certain things while ignoring others.Guy Like a painting I remember seeing once, of a couple of people sitting in a city diner a guy with a hawk nose and a woman in red sitting next to him, as seen through the diner window from across the street late at night You could never take a photograph like that thered be parked cars and telephone wires in the way But every time I see that painting, I get hungry for some fried eggs and coffee.Paul Edward Hoppers Nighthawks That one is also here at the Art Institute, over in Special Exhibitions.Guy I always thought of you as a physicist turned philosopher I didnt know you were such an art nerd.Paul Im no art expert, believe me But get this back when I was in college too many years ago , I once spent ninety minutes standing in front of a painting at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, in Boston, taking notes on a yellow legal pad It was an assignment I had to do for a course in art history The painting was Titians Rape of Europa Jupiter, in the form of a white bull, is carrying Princess Europa away across the sea, where he will have his way with her As I stood there taking notes, other museum visitors started asking me questions about the painting, as though I were some kind of expert At first I laughed it off But after a while I started talking with people about the painting, telling them what I had noticed about it and what I thought of it And they told me what they thought It led to some spirited discussions and disagreements as to what the painting means, as to whether or not it is beautiful, and why.So its not only art experts who can recognize and talk meaningfully about whats beautiful Its not only scientists who can recognize whats true And its not only ethicists who can recognize whats good Of course, experts can help and guide us But things that are really beautiful or true or good can be recognized and appreciated by regular folks if we are willing to open our eyes and take some time.Guy So, Mr Art Expert, where do we go next Late Nineteenth Century ImpressionismPAUL A Sunday on La Grande Jatte 1884 its one of my favorites Georges Seurat painted a scene with elegant French families in a Parisian park on an island in the Seine River, circa 1884 He used a technique called pointillism instead of strokes of paint, he built up the image by adding colors dot by dot anticipating digital imaging techniques by over a hundred years.Guy I hate to admit this but when I see this painting, the first thing I think of is Ferris Buellers Day Off.Paul Oh, yeah, the movie with Matthew Broderick This painting is the centerpiece of a pivotal scene in the movie A trio of high school kids play hooky, and they have various improbable adventures around Chicago on a nice spring day When they come here to the Art Institute, one of them, an angst ridden teenager named Cameron, stares for a long time at A Sunday on La Grande Jatte 1884 As he gazes and deeply into the painting, with a stricken look on his face, the Parisian scene disappears from view it falls apart into a chaotic, random collection of colored dots Its at that moment that Cameron realizes that his own life seems to be falling apart into meaningless bits and pieces.I have a certain sympathy for Cameron I had my own share of teenage angst But what I see when I look at Seurats painting isnt chaos I dont see the world falling apart What I see is the world being analyzed down to its smallest, most basic parts.When I look at A Sunday on La Grande Jatte 1884, I keep flipping back and forth between seeing the whole scene, which is lots of people enjoying a beautiful day in the park, and seeing the little dots from which that scene is made up But to me that doesnt mean the world is falling apart it means that there is than one way to see the world One way is to see the big picture, the everyday world of common experience Another way is to see the world as analyzed by science a world of tiny atoms, of particles and waves, of fields of force a world that can be described mathematically.Thats one way to get at relating science and faith think of it as flipping back and forth between two different ways of seeing one and the same world We can see the world through the eyes of science or through the eyes of faith.When you see the world through the eyes of faith, you are often very much concerned with everyday experiences of what is right and good and beautiful You are concerned with how your life hangs together and makes sense or doesnt But when you see the world through the eyes of science, your concerns are different You want to know how the world works and what its made of, right down to its smallest pieces The world as analyzed by science can seem disconnected from the world of everyday experience, just as the dots in Seurats painting can seem disconnected from the larger image.The trick is to get comfortable with the idea of flipping back and forth between two different ways of seeing And the trick, also, is not to panic if one way of seeing omits something that the other includes, or emphasizes something that the other neglects.Guy So you can see this painting as a collection of dots, or you can see it as an image of people in a park Both descriptions are true If one of them is true, it doesnt make the other one false.Paul Just like you, Guy, I had to study some philosophy, as part of my Jesuit training It drove me crazy I was a science guy, and I just couldnt figure out what it was that the philosophers were worried about It wasnt that I couldnt understand their answers I couldnt even understand their questions Finally, after a year and a half of frustration, I had a kind of breakthrough One day I was puzzling over Aristotle and his theory that each thing should be understood as being a composite of matter and form Now, I thought I knew what matter was, from my study of physics its what stuff is made of But I couldnt figure out why, in addition to matter, you would need something else called form.Then suddenly it hit me, like a ton of bricks I was making an assumption that knowing what something is means breaking it down to its smallest parts atoms, quarks, whatever and figuring out the physical laws governing how they interact But Aristotle doesnt make that assumption For him, breaking a thing down to its smallest parts is only one part of what it means to know it For Aristotle, to really know something, you have to see not just its parts but also the whole.Guy So not just the dots, but also the picture that the dots make Paul Even than that For Aristotle, really understanding a thing means knowing what its made of, what kind of thing it is, who made it, and why they made it whats its value or meaning For Aristotle, questions like that come up as part of doing science.But in modern science, the questions are much narrower Questions about the value or meaning or purpose of things dont come up in modern science they are set aside As a result, modern science has become much focused and efficient we can analyze and describe all sorts of things we see in nature in terms of objective, mathematical laws But the fact that questions about value or meaning or purpose dont come up in modern science doesnt mean that those questions arent important.Thats the kicker thats what hit me, back when I was first studying Aristotle As a human being, I may want to know who made a thing and why I may want to know about the value and meaning of a thing, even if science considers such questions irrelevant.Modern science is incredibly successful at doing what it does, from understanding how to control diseases to calculating what happens around a black hole This can lead us to make the lazy assumption that the scientific way of seeing the world is the best way, or even the only legitimate way Thats the assumption I had fallen into while studying physics in college But if you think that seeing the world through the eyes of science will show us everything that really matters, then you might as well think that you see everything that matters about A Sunday on La Grande Jatte 1884 if you look at it dot by dot.Guy OK, I can see that Flipping back and forth is a useful image to keep in mind whenever we get asked, If you believe that God speaks to us through Scripture, then why dont you accept the story of Creation given to us in the Bible Maybe the people who ask us that arent getting that theres than one way to look at the picture And so they end up wanting to treat the Bible like an astronomy textbook.And the fact is, theres than one way of looking at the picture even within the Bible itself The Bible contains several different Creation stories It just isnt possible for all of them to be literally true they disagree with one another So there has to be something else going on here Since they cant all be true in the same way, that means you need to be able to develop some way to flip back and forth between different descriptions even within the Bible itself.Paul But lets be careful here We dont want to fall into the easy trap of saying, Everything is relative everything is true.Earlier I was telling you about standing in front of a painting, arguing with passersby about what it meant and whether it was beautiful, and why or why not It makes sense to have that kind of argument about the beauty of a painting, even a classic like The Rape of Europa But it wouldnt make sense to have a similar argument about the truth of a classic law of science, like the law of pendulum motion.Guy Obviously, denying the truth of the law of the pendulum just makes you look silly But are you saying that everyone, expert or not, has a right to accept or deny that a piece of art is beautiful Paul When it comes to things like pendulums, pulleys, and electric motors, the science is settled not because some pointy headed scientific expert tells us so, but because these things are tools that we rely upon and use every day and take for granted But when it comes to questions of meaning and beauty, its different Those arent questions that get settled those are things that each generation has to appropriate for itself, building on what came before.Who knew that the Vatican owned an observatory run by Jesuit scientists Consolmagno, an astronomer who studied at MIT, and Mueller, with a doctorate in the history and philosophy of science from the University of Chicago, are brilliant scientists and theologians, and they both possess a slightly irreverent and refreshing sense of humor The authors attempt to highlight how the perceived conflict between religion and science is severely overblown To do this they employ a dialogue format, which works for a while but ultimately becomes tired The content, however, is absolutely enlightening Some of the topics the authors tackle include the Galileo controversy, an explanation for the star of Bethlehem, and the discrepancies between the book of Genesis and the big bang theory Heady stuff for sure, but the casual writing style makes for an enjoyable learning experience An excellent primer for anyone remotely interest in building a bridge between religious faith and scientific investigation Publishers Weekly I cant think of two people better suited to address some essential questions about science that Christians get asked and ask themselves on a regular basis How can you reconcile the Big Bang theory with the belief in God as the Creator of the universe Is the Catholic Church really against science Can a scientific person be a believer Can a believer look to science for answers that religion cannot provide And what really happened with Galileo These two talented Jesuit scientists answer these and many of the most persistent questions about science and religion, in this fascinating, inviting, and frankly necessary new book James Martin, SJ, author of The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA Baptism NEW ADVENT One of the Seven Sacraments Christian Church frequently called first sacrament , door sacraments and Baptism Wikipedia from Greek noun baptisma see below is a rite admission adoption, almost invariably with use water, into Christianity The synoptic gospels recount that John Baptist baptised Jesus considered in most churches, as an ordinance others also christening, although some reserve word Baptize Definition Baptize by Merriam Webster History Etymology for baptize Middle English, Anglo French baptiser, Late Latin baptizare, baptizein to dip, baptize, baptein Luke answered all them I you Matthew water repentance, but after me will come powerful than I, whose sandals am not worthy carry He Holy Spirit fire Why Does Orthodox Presbyterian Infants Why Infants Larry Wilson it surprise learn even though we re presbyterians, baptists Do We Basics Faith Reformed Bryan Chapell on FREE shipping qualifying offers Biblical pastoral, simple accessible, this booklet explains nontechnical style why should infants believing parents shows pastors how administer ways are meaningful helpful Name Star Buy A International Registry Imagine excitement giving gift eclipses Name star heavens shine forever Whether would like buy package thrilling your sweetheart, or name everlasting memorial, there no greater honor writing one s among stars dead dead, vicarious baptism proxy today commonly refers religious practice baptizing person behalf who living receiving deceased best known doctrine Latter Day Saint movement, which has practiced since It currently Babies ncregister Mary McAleese, former president Ireland, believes babies shouldn t be baptized To infant, she said, imposes lifelong obligations obedience Magisterium Can Priest Refuse Our Baby, Since Q Catholic was married Hindu ceremony, now have baby girl wish her parish, our priest refusing do that, marriage sacramented sic any church says need convert my wife thereafter can daughter Lives Saints Abib CopticChurch Martyrdom Sts Peter Paul, Apostles On day, two great saints were martyred Bethsaida, he fisherman SUDDENLY FROM HEAVEN You Can Expect o SUDDENLY Case Study How Comes Upon Individuals Them His Power Presence Find sermon outlines at actsinafrica The Large Catechism Book Concord Please report typos formatting problems text Did know link paragraph within documents site See Citation page information contact us if location figure out tontact Turning Unicorn Bat Post Which That act authenticity brought many read lives Finally, able live authentically, instead life quiet struggle had existed decade Would Extraterrestrial Other Oct Would Extra Terrestrial written Jesuits, whom astronomer other studies history philosophy science So they reasonable sources commentary selected topics Guy Consolmagno make laugh, think, reflect deeply science, faith, nature universe Read An Excerpt About Consolmagno, SJ extraterrestrial News authors point gift, something imposed They only asked Pope Francis Asked Alien Here book ends question whether aliens, which, according Consolmango, would, Download once Kindle device, PC, phones tablets Use features bookmarks, note taking highlighting while reading Questions Astronomers In box Vatican Observatory Astronomer based ratings reviews Aliens Interview Two And together wrote new book, Image Books, Brother graduate Massachusetts Institute Technology, where earned Universal Life his co Rev Paul Mueller, tackles ideas atonement apply ET But isn problem own answer posed title WOULD YOU BAPTIZE AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL League Box New York Image, Science God engaging Thus Jesuit Father Mueller alien questions d If insist prove it, ll just end up driving away through loving being loved feel reality love Love public lecture May acclaimed Based headquarters Castel Gandolfo, curates meteorite collection, By discovery elsewhere pose religion Excerpted Adventures So, This Director Both recent take their titles very question, seek probe relationship between scientific knowledge faith terrestrial G Sj P Random House AudioCareers Company Company headquartered Springfield, Missouri, facilities Osceola, Iowa Groenlo, Netherlands expanded over last half century become world class manufacturer stainless steel processing systems equipment dairy farm, food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical industries Paul Hermann Mller Pauly January October Swiss chemist received Nobel prize Physiology Medicine insecticidal qualities DDT control vector diseases such malaria yellow fever YouTube Bassmaster Elite Pro, fishes cold smallmouth favorite swimbait, testing dobyns colt spinning rod lews mach crush reel Academy holds unique position forefront providing % milk silos important component base efficient design Muller actor Konrad official Mller, born March Neuchtel character actorHis motion picture acting career Europe spanned period years profiles LinkedIn View professionals named LinkedIn There exchange information, ideas, opportunities PLMuellerAZ Twitter latest Tweets Christian, conservative Self employed electrical engineer Hate socialism freedom, 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Dobyns Rods related Visit Video Page Mueller witness testifies against boss took stand Monday trial Trump campaign chairman conceding jurors aided Robert Indict Again charges appear opening salvo legal barrage confidants, informed observers say seeks immunity five witnesses Jul WASHINGTON Russia special seeking agreements witnesses upcoming keeps tightening screws Wow, what tough sentence represented Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole top political people campaigns Didn head Mob may back Thomson Reuters Prosecutors working told federal judge long suspected serving sues Counsel Justice Jan Former recently indicted money laundering charges, challenging authority REPORT Dirty Cop Offered Tony Podesta Immunity Fox Tucker Carlson announced Thursday evening separate confirmed him offered words, near identical crime, Bill Hillary friend could escape emerge completely unscathed rot jail HxRx Welcome Heat Transfer Products website run Temp Calc Accu sizing programs allows size Therm Plate Frame Exchanger 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