⑅ read entire ௉ Smarter Than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better online free ⑪ ePUB By Clive Thompson ├

⑅ read entire ௉ Smarter Than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better online free ⑪ ePUB By Clive Thompson ├ ⑅ read entire ௉ Smarter Than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better online free ⑪ ePUB By Clive Thompson ├ The extended mind theory of cognition argues that the reason humans are so intellectually dominant is that weve always outsourced bits of cognition, using tools to scaffold our thinking into ever rarefied realms Printed books amplified our memory Inexpensive paper and reliable pens made it possible to externalize our thoughts quickly Studies show that our eyes zip around the page while performing long division on paper, using the handwritten digits as a form of prosthetic short term memory These resources enable us to pursue manipulations and juxtapositions of ideas and data that would quickly baffle the unaugmented brain, as Andy Clark, a philosopher of the extended mind, writes.Granted, it can be unsettling to realize how much thinking already happens outside our skulls Culturally, we revere the Rodin idealthe belief that genius breakthroughs come from our gray matter alone The physicist Richard Feynman once got into an argument about this with the historian Charles Weiner Feynman understood the extended mind he knew that writing his equations and ideas on paper was crucial to his thought But when Weiner looked over a pile of Feynmans notebooks, he called them a wonderful record of his day to day work No, no, Feynman replied testily They werent a record of his thinking process They were his thinking process I actually did the work on the paper, he said.Well, Weiner said, the work was done in your head, but the record of it is still here.No, its not a record, not really Its working You have to work on paper and this is the paper Okay Every new tool shapes the way we think, as well as what we think about The printed word helped make our thought linear and abstract and vastly increased our artificial memory Newspapers shrank the world then the telegraph shrank it even further, producing a practically teleportational shift in the world of information With every innovation, cultural prophets bickered over whether we were facing a technological apocalypse or utopia Depending on which Victorian age pundit you asked, the telegraph was either going to usher in a connected era of world peace or drown us in idiotic trivia Neither was quite right, of course, yet neither was quite wrong The one thing that both apocalyptics and utopians understand is that every new technology invisibly pushes us toward new forms of behavior while nudging us away from older, familiar ones Harold Innisthe lesser known but arguably interesting intellectual midwife of Marshall McLuhancalled it the bias of a new tool.What exactly are the biases of todays digital tools There are many, but Id argue three large ones dominate First, theyre biased toward ridiculously huge feats of memory smartphones, hard drives, cameras and sensors routinely record information than any tool did before, and keep it easily accessible Second, theyre biased toward making it easier to find connectionsbetween ideas, pictures, people, bits of newsthat were previously invisible to us And the third one is they encourage a superfluity of communication and publishing This last feature has a lot of surprising effects that are often ill understood Any economist can tell you that when you suddenly increase the availability of a resource, people not only do things with it but they do increasingly odd and unpredictable things As electricity became cheap and ubiquitous in the West, its role expanded from things youd expectlike nighttime lightingto the unexpected and seemingly trivial Battery driven toy trains, electric blenders The superfluity of communication today has produced everything from a rise in self organized projects like Wikipedia to curious new forms of expression Television show recaps, video game walk throughs, map based storytelling.In one sense, these three shiftsinfinite memory, dot connecting, explosive publishingare screamingly obvious to anyone whos ever used a computer Yet they also somehow constantly surprise us by producing ever new tools for thought to use the writer Howard Rheingolds lovely phrase that upend our daily mental habits in ways we never expected Indeed, these phenomena have already woven themselves so deeply into the lives of people around the globe that its difficult to stand back and take account of how much things have changed and why While this book maps out what I call the future of thought, its also frankly rooted in the present, because many parts of our future have already arrived, even if they are only dimly understood As the sci fi author William Gibson famously quipped The future is already hereits just not very evenly distributed This is an attempt to understand whats happening to us right now, the better to see where our augmented thought is headed Rather than dwell in abstractions, like so many marketers and punditsnot to mention the creators of technology, who are often remarkably poor at predicting how people will use their toolsI focus on the actual experiences of real people.Powerful and rigorously thought out Smarter Than You Think is excellent and necessary in its entirety, covering everything from the promise of artificial intelligence to how technology is changing our ambient awareness Maria Popova, Brain Pickings A lucid and distinctly hopeful study of the ways in which modern tools are changing how we read, think, write, and act The New YorkerA well framed celebration of how the digital world will make us bigger, rather than diminish us Kirkus A judicious and insightful book on machine intelligence Walter Isaacson, The New York Times Book Review An entertaining and well researched celebration of modern communication O Magazine We should be grateful to have such a clear eyed and lucid interpreter of our changing technological culture as Clive Thompson Smarter Than You Think is an important, insightful book about who we are, and who we are becoming Joshua Foer, New York Times bestselling author of Moonwalking with Einstein Almost without noticing it, the Internet has become our intellectual exoskeleton Rather than just observing this evolution, Clive Thompson takes us to the people, places and technologies driving it, bringing deep reporting, storytelling and analysis to one of the most profound shifts in human history Chris Anderson, New York Times bestselling author of Makers, Free, and The Long Tail There s good news in this dazzling book Technology is not the enemy Smarter Than You Think reports on how the digital world has helped individuals harness a powerful, collaborative intelligencebecoming better problem solvers and creative human beings Jane McGonigal, PhD, Author of Reality is Broken Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World Thompson declares a winner in the cognitive fight between human and computers both together Smarter Than You Think is an eye opening exploration of the ways computers think better with humans attached, and vice versa Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody and Cognitive Surplus Signs you re smarter than realize Business Insider Signs of high intelligence include curiosity, openness, and adaptability If these sound familiar, might be think Are is an American quiz that aired on FoxIt produced by Mark Burnett hosted Jeff FoxworthyThe premiered as three day special which began February , with the first two shows each Than Wilton Education OVERVIEW The Foundation s hit fundraiser back for We are proud to announce our contestantsClive Thompson Journalist, author, musician D Arcy Victorian quest answer question, all fish same shape if stretch them Leave a reply AI Games History Programming Psychology Simulation December Clive journalist Wikipedia born Canadian freelance journalist, blogger science technology writer Early life education grew up in Toronto, Canada He spent his childhood working early models computers Bio Thompson Bio Hi, I m write about how it affects everyday got interested child when WIRED Sep author WIRED Read bio get latest news stories articles Connect users join conversation at Smarter You Think Amid chorus doomsayers, votes yes Internet age, he argues, has bold new forms human cognition, worthy both celebration investigation learn retain information longer, global audiences, even gain ESP like awareness world around us pomeranian Twitter Tweets from Journalist Wired, NYT magazine Musician Currently writing book programmers New Book events, speaking, lectures Thompson, Smarter Think, available lectures speaking engagements through Lyceum Agency Profiles Facebook View profiles people named Join Facebook connect others may know gives power How Technology Rather just observing this evolution, takes people, places technologies driving it, bringing deep reporting, storytelling analysis one most profound shifts 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