ᦱ We Are Never Meeting in Real Life.: Essays Online Read ⢝ Book By Samantha Irby ⣅

ᦱ We Are Never Meeting in Real Life.: Essays Online Read ⢝ Book By Samantha Irby ⣅ ᦱ We Are Never Meeting in Real Life.: Essays Online Read ⢝ Book By Samantha Irby ⣅ My Bachelorette Application I am squeezed into my push up bra and sparkly, ill fitting dress Ive got the requisite sixteen coats of waterproof mascara, black eyeliner, and salmon colored streaks of hastily applied self tanner drying down the side of my neck Im sucking in my stomach, Ive taken thirty seven Imodium in case my irritable bowels have an adverse reaction to the bag of tacos I hid in my purse and ate in the bathroom while no one was looking, and I have been listening to Katy Perry really loudly in the limo on the way over here Im about to crush a beer can on my forehead LETS DO THIS, BRO Are you Nominating someone or Applying Yourself x Name Samantha McKiver Irby Age 35ish but I could pass for forty seven to fifty two, easily sixty something if I stay up all night Gender passably female Height 59 Weight Lane Bryant model But maybe on her period week I have significantly large ankles Occupation My technical job title is client services director at the animal hospital where Ive worked since early 2002, which loosely translates to surly phone answerer and unfriendly door opener Im pretty lazy, although I am quite good at playing the race card and eating other peoples lunches in the break room E mail redacted What is the next big city near you and how far is it Chicago And its zero miles away I mean, Im in it right now, doing Chicago things You know, eating a deep dish pizza while wearing a beat up Urlacher jersey and sprinkling pieces of the Sears Tower no real Chicagoan will ever call it the Willis Tower on top and reading Oprah magazine CHICAGO How did you hear about our search I have a television And I do most of my reading while waiting in line to buy diet yogurt at the grocery store What is your highest level of education High school, but I took a lot of honors classes Where were you born Evanston, Illinois A suburb along the lake, due north of Chicago and the birthplace of hella luminaries like Marlon Brando, the Cusacks, Donald Rumsfeld gross , Bill Murray, Becky 1 from the TV show Roseanne, and possibly Eddie Vedder At least I think so We all believe that the song Elderly Woman in a Small Town is about us, but we have three motherfucking Whole Foods That most certainly qualifies us as a medium town, at the very least Maybe that dude really is from someplace else Where did you grow up EVANSTON And Im still basically there All the time Unlike Eddie Vedder, I cant get out I work there, my doctor is there, and even though I technically live within the Chicago city limits, if I need to go to the supermarket or the movies, I always think of the Evanston ones first Its a trap No one ever leaves this place Not kidding, I see my junior year English teacher at Starbucks every morning, which is down the block from the bagel shop this dude I graduated with just bought Its gross I gotta grow the fuck up Do you have siblings How old are they When I was born my parents were almost forty and almost fifty, which means I have never seen either of them chase a ball, get down on the floor to help construct a Lego set, or run along behind me as I wobbled on a two wheeled bike I have three sisters who are currently, brace yourself, fifty six, fifty four, and fifty one years old HILARIOUS My sister Carmen is going to be sixty real years old in a few years and that blows my mind Is your mom even sixty yet S I X T Y Have you ever been arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime of any type If so, please give details I was arrested for shoplifting once, when I was fourteen Before you write me off as a wayward little thug, hear me out So I have that disease that a lot of poor people who claw their way out of the miserable depths of poverty suffer from, the one that makes you want to blow your paycheck on all the special things because never before in your life could you ever have anything even remotely fancy or expensive But I was a teenage girl and I needed lipstick and I couldnt wait the two years it would take for me to pick up regular babysitting work, so I went to the Osco in downtown Evanston one afternoon and slipped tubes of Revlons Toast of New York and Iced Coffee it was the nineties, brown lips were the thing into my coat pocket and tried to nonchalantly waltz out of the store like they hadnt had what I was looking for I was met at the door by a stern faced manager, an older black gentleman whose disappointment in me was palpable Is this what Martin Luther King marched for he grumbled under his breath as he led me to the room with the mops where a handful of morose looking degenerates were eating lunch Pretty sure Revlon is owned by white people, but I didnt want to further piss him and the ancestors off He sat me in a threadbare office chair while I surveyed discarded Employee of the Month photos fanned like a deck of cards across the threadbare carpet and he called the police When the portly, red faced officer showed up, I was deep in a REM cycle, snoring hard with my head on someones particleboard desk As the cop escorted me to the waiting patrol car, we passed Morgan Freeman dragging a homeless looking black dude with bottles of Tylenol and Advil spilling out of his overstuffed pockets back to the makeshift holding cell Blood trickled from a gash on his forehead That guy must have some headache, eh The officer chuckled What a tacky asshole Arrested might be a stretch What happened next involved me lying as flat as humanly possible across the backseat of the police car as the officer drove like he was in a fucking parade, seven miles an hour, through throngs of my recently dismissed classmates I imagined them straining on tiptoe to see who might be in the backseat My mildly disappointed sister met us at the curb and assured the officer it would never happen again That is the extent of my criminal history Have you ever had a temporary restraining order issued against someone or had one issued against you If so, please give details and dates No, but when I was nineteen, I used to stalk this dude I went to high school with I would close up the bread shop where I worked, take one of the loaves that was intended for donation to the soup kitchen, then drive my car to his parents house and park close enough to see inside, but far enough away to be inconspicuous Then I would sit there with the engine running, tearing off chunks of apple cinnamon bread and listening to De La Soul while imagining our life together I am a deeply troubled person Have you ever filed for bankruptcy or Chapter 11 No, but I wish I had thought about that shit years ago before I decided to overdraw on an old bank account DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM AN OVERDRAWN CHECKING ACCOUNT, FRIENDS Why didnt anyone ever teach me that shit I mean, someone should write a primer for adulthood thats just two or three sentences long 1 WEAR CLOTHING THAT ACTUALLY FUCKING FITS 2 BUY DRUGS FROM REPUTABLE DEALERS ONLY 3 DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM AN OVERDRAWN CHECKING ACCOUNT I could have been such a better human Have you ever auditioned for or been a performer, participant, or contestant on a reality or other TV or radio show or in a film What are the rules as far as comedy podcasts and rudimentary videos of stage performances recorded on shitty camera phones and uploaded to YouTube by assholes Do those count Do you drink alcoholic beverages DO I Whats your favorite drink I dont believe in pretending to be cool any If I did I would tell you that I enjoy two fingers of nicely aged bourbon, neat with a water back In real life I drink daiquiris and Skinnygirl margaritas and shit like cupcake flavored vodka Also I really love beer, but not any of the impressive kinds that you order to show how exceptional you are I basically drink like a sorority pledge Have you ever been married or engaged NOPE Do you have any children Im counting the cat here So, yes Are you genuinely looking to get married and why Honestly I dont know, homie Marriage seems so hard I mean, even the ones on television look like they just take so much goddamned work Im lazy Plus getting out of one seems ridiculously expensive And then when you get divorced, after all of the crying and draining of mutual bank accounts before your partner gets a chance to, you have to cut the children in half, which is probably very bloody and messy You know, what I really need is someone who remembers to rotate this meaty pre corpse toward the sun every couple of days and tries to get me to stop spending my money like a goddamn NBA lottery pick Why would you want to find your spouse on our TV show Have you been to the club lately Shits fucking dire, man Also, I need someone to watch Shark Tank with, and I feel like thats a spousal kind of expectation Cant just ask your casual booty call to commit to spending Friday nights indoors arguing over the valuation of some at home moms jelly and jam business And Im too poor to run multiple background checks Please describe your ideal mate in terms of physical attraction and in terms of personality attraction Physical attraction Not a real thing If, at thirty five years old, Im sitting over here talking about chiseled abs and perfect teeth, then I am undeserving of genuine romantic love I have slept with a handful of conventionally attractive humans, the prettiest of whom was this dude who worked at Best Buy and kind of resembled So Anxiousera Ginuwine He was boring and lazy and totally caught off guard when I pointed those facts out to him No one ever tells attractive children how much they suck, then the rest of us get stuck with insufferable, narcissistic adults who can barely tie their shoes because someone else is busy either doing it for them or congratulating them on their effort I do not have the energy to be in a relationship with someone exceptionally good looking I dont know what an attractive personality is I like charisma and charm, but what I really need to find is someone who doesnt get on my nerves but is also minimally annoyed by all the irritating things about me That is my basic understanding of relationships at this point in my life that it all comes down to finding someone too lazy to cheat and who doesnt want to stab her ears out every time I speak How many serious relationships have you been in and how long were they If Im being honest the answer is probably two And if Im really being transparent, one of those was mostly sexless bullshit and the other spent half our relationship going to Barbados with women who werent me, so none What happened to end those relationships IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES What have you not found but would like to have in a relationship Someone who will leave me the hell alone for extended periods of time without getting all weird about it I have a lot of audiobooks to listen to on the toilet What are your hobbies and interests Hobbies Eating snacks, sleeping during the day, scrolling through Facebook quickly enough that peoples stupid videos dont start playing automatically, listening to slow jams I pretend to be interested in a lot of things art, theater, recycling, donating to things, expensive varietals of coffee But mostly I just watch television and read celebrity gossip on the Internet while getting most of my important news from Twitter, which I dont even really like that much Im interested in animals and novels and red lipstick, but lets just say world issues and social justice so I sound kind of smart to the viewing audience Do you have any pets I HAVE A CAT CHILD NAMED HELEN KELLER I believe weve been over this already What accomplishment are you most proud of If this is in a real book, that someone is actually holding between her sweaty, chocolaty paws, then this is my proudest achievement Also, learning to drive stick while wearing flip flops You have to be kind of a genius to do that, for real The Bachelorette is my guilty pleasure jam That may come as a surprise to some of you, but you should already know that a show where a woman is surrounded by twenty five slabs of brisket clamoring to brazenly drink her dirty bathwater and massage the corns on her toes in front of the entire country is 100 percent my kind of party I love watching a man humiliate himself I wish it was on every night Particularly the introductory episode, when we get to meet all the software sales executives and tax accountants and telecommunication marketers as they line up in their finest suits, teeth flossed and smelling good, forced to do the Hi, please date me tap dance women are perpetually performing Seriously, I used to try to neatly cram everything remotely interesting about me into my Hey, nice to meet you, I am elevator pitch Now that I know impressing a stranger isnt worth the effort, I dont do it any I just assume every man I meet is bored and hates me I can barely be bothered to give one a high five before writing down my e mail and saying, Get at me if you want So it is especially heartening to watch these smarmy, desperate clowns crawling all over one another like rats trying to get the attention of these free spirits and dog lovers who will eventually make them burst into real tears on national television The Bachelorette proves that men are as petty and vapid and ridiculous as women are made to seem Theyre just better at hiding it, because they get to be Real Men and sulk and brood and bottle everything up These dudes are backstabbing drama queens who are constantly cutting each other down, throwing shade all over the place, and casting side eyes than a Siamese cat, all for a girl who, I must remind you, could probably not do long division by hand And why shouldnt they Because every single one of these dudes is as boring as a glass of tap water, while the bachelorette is beautiful and friendly and forced to sit in a dress in sequins that have got to be digging uncomfortably into the backs of her thighs I have never sat down to watch a marathon of episodes stored on my DVR and thought, Boy, does he seem interesting about any one of the candidates up for sexlection Lets hit pause on the remote for a second here and say that I do pay very close attention to one or two members of the cast, the black ones clinging for dear life to the inner tubes as they drift helplessly toward the deep end of the dating pool No, shes never going to pick Marcus or Jonathan, but she will keep them on life support for however many episodes it takes to satisfy the NAACP I watch that shit like a hawk, like This date better not include a fun trip in a marsh boat on the ol Magnolia Plantation or If they serve these dudes a piece of fried chicken I will throw this TV out of the window I usually fall off by the time they get down to the final two because romance is a lie and true love an impossibility Any asshole can fall in love on a private beach in a tropical locale, surrounded by lush flora and adorable fauna, shining suns and chirping birds Give me ten uninterrupted minutes without some ding dong demanding something or subtweeting me or making me do work and I could fall in love with my worst fucking enemy Seriously Whats not to love about being expertly lit and drunk at two in the afternoon But Im going to need you to love me on the bus, dude And first thing in the morning Also, when Im drunk and refuse to shut up about getting McNuggets from the drive thru When I fall asleep in the middle of that movie you paid extra to see in IMAX When I wear the flowered robe I got at Walmart and the sweatpants I made into sweatshorts to bed When I am blasting More and More by Blood Sweat Tears at seven on a Sunday morning while cleaning the kitchen and fucking up your moms frittata recipe When I bring a half dozen gross, mangled kittens home to foster for a few nights and they shit everywhere and pee on your side of the bed When I go grocery shopping and come back with only a bag of Fritos and five pounds of pork tenderloin When Im sick and stumbling around the crib with half a roll of toilet paper shoved in each nostril When I beg you fourteen times to read something Ive written, then get mad when you tell me what you dont like about it and I call you an uneducated idiot piece of shit Lovebird city If there were an alternate universe where I could remake this show starring myself, it would be the best dating show in history I smell a ratings juggernaut, and it smells like cat pee unsuccessfully laundered from a fitted sheet, seared pork, and adult diapers Fetch me a camera crew Here are my qualifications 1 Im fat and black Isnt it about time they had a bitch with a REAL 2 PERCENT LARGE COTTAGE CHEESE CURD ASS on this awkward date parade I mean, come on Welcome to your after photo, gentlemen Prime time television needs some real talk from a real asshole, and that asshole should be me But they have to make sure they cast a bunch of Latinx and one white guy with dreadlocks who you can rest assured wouldnt be a real contender 2 Instead of roses I would hand out condoms Because Im not living in a house with twenty hot dudes I cant get naked with You must be crazy And you better believe those elimination ceremonies are taking place in the bedroom No foreplay NO ROSE Keeps his socks on during NO ROSE Rabbit fucking NO ROSE Takes too long to come and starts chafing my haunches NO ROSE Blows air into my vagina NO ROSE Says dumb stuff in bed NO ROSE Wont let me get a good up close look at his butthole NO ROSE Wont let me gag him and tie him up for fun, even though that does nothing for me sexually NO BLEEPING ROSE I should probably go get a robe, because my pajamas are just retired exercise clothes, and if Im going to be kicking dudes out while their dicks are still sticky, I want to make sure I look as classy as possible If the JCPenney catalog is to be believed, a bathrobe is a surefire way of achieving that 3 I would plan realistic dates Do you really want to watch me giggle and squeal and pretend not to be scared out of my mind because were going hang gliding or rock climbing or whatever other challenges these guys typically participate in Do you really want to watch me bowling and roller skating with a group of sexy dudes NO, YOU DO NOT What you really want to watch is the Can this dude pay for our meal at Alinea challenge and the Can homeboy sort and wash his own laundry competition Because if this show is really about marriage, my starry eyes and pinchable cheeks dont matter That kind of thing only goes so far Im sure people get over my dimples easily within six fucking months And then what Those sharp edges I filed down in front of the cameras are back in full effect, and my real flaws are now comfortable enough to come out and leave halfway through the concert to go take a shit, so to get prepared were going to play sexy party games like Can you take a sarcastic joke and How mad will you get if the cat pukes in your shoe or Be quiet and play on the computer while Sam is sleeping and Please dont be salty when I put our business on the Internet 4 The network would save so much money on production Were shooting it in Chicago And I dont need a fancy wardrobe or stylist, Id wear my own terrible clothes Thats what these brothers are going to see once they drop to one knee and ask for my paw in marriage anyway, so why front I dont wear evening gowns and booty shorts every day I wear daytime pajamas and orthopedic shoes, and lately I have become a big fan of the grandpa cardigan I shave my head, so I dont need a fancy hair person my barber cuts my hair for twenty bucks and then I rub some African oils on it so it smells good and glistens in the sunlight Everyone wins 5 The winner would totally not be forced to propose If you are ready to commit the rest of your life to me after a couple of weeks of getting drunk while a camera crew follows us around, you are not a rational person who makes good choices It would be incredibly flattering, but ill advised, nonetheless At the end of the season Im always surprised when the dudes actually propose, yet not surprised at all when I read in People magazine two weeks later that the happy couple has split because he still has feelings for his college sweetheart and the bachelorette cant leave her career as a dental hygienist in New York to move to Montana and run the family dairy farm The season finale will go something like this were sharing a postcoital can of beer and watching Jimmy Fallon I get up WEARING MY ROBE to find my bra and to pee for the thirty seventh time while he tries to wake up his erection for round two I come back to bed with beers, a bag of pretzels, and leftover, cold pizza I send a few text messages to other dudes he eats all my food without offering me any, while getting cheese and grease all over my remote and crumbs in my nice sheets I pee againI really cannot be out here risking UTIs like they dont hurt like the deviland he takes a call that I suspect might be from another woman because the parameters of our relationship thus far have been unclear I cant really say anything, so I just sulk and pretend that nothing is wrong, but Im totally ignoring him and pulling the duvet to my side as I turn on Sex and the City reruns Im a Miranda , and just to make sure he knows Im really ignoring him I put on my headphones and crank up my iPod really loud and sigh a lot until he hangs up the phone and says, Whats wrong Then I respond, Nothing, with a little too much aggression in my voice as I flip through the channels like a woman possessed until it dawns on him what my problem is and he exasperatedly sighs and says, That was my mom, but its too late because now he knows Im a jealous baby and he doesnt want to be my boyfriend any, but maybe hed still like to sleep with me because of that thing I do with my pinky fingers Then well fall into a fitful, uncomfortable sleep, after which hell decide that he needs to go home or to the gym or to ESPN Zone or wherever you penises like to hang out in your free time Ill tell him my last name finally , and hell promise to get my phone number from Chris Harrison and text me when he gets home Just like Cinderella Or on TV.A New York Times Critics Top Book of 2017The second book of essays from this frank and madly funny blogger A sidesplitting polemicist for the most awful situations.Janet Maslin, The New York Times, Summer Reading PickA memoir of the life of a sardonic, at times awkward, at times depressed black woman with Crohns an inflammatory bowel disease and degenerative arthritis Her acerbic, raw honesty on the page often punctuated with all caps comic parenthetical asides unflinchingly recounts experiences such as the humiliating intrusion of explosive diarrhea on romantic and borderline romantic interludes.Kera Bolonik, New York Magazine Irbyis so authentic, entertaining, and fearless, funny seems too concise a word to describe stepping inside her thoughts for a couple hundred pages Her writing is both confident and self deprecating and will strike readers in that perfectly relatable space between glorious confidence and average self doubt Essays about how much she despises her cat and an ill timed gastronomical adventure are mind blowingly hilarious, as are her musings on the great outdoors, her hypothetical Bachelor application, and Zumba Other pieces, especially those involving her mostly absent alcoholic father and her mothers battle with multiple sclerosis are so vulnerable and fearless that theyll stop you in your tracks Irby doesnt shy away from anything, and her brand of honesty is the kind that can inspire new writers and attract legions of loyal readers dying to meet her in real life Molly Labell, BUST EssayistSamantha Irbyis my very favorite sort of writer stunningly direct, wildly hilarious, breathtakingly honest and, best of all, imminently relatable.Heidi Stevens, Chicago Tribune From the blogger behind Bitches Gotta Eat comes a seriocomic essay collection that will have you crying from laughter and then just crying A boisterous medley of awkward sex, pop culture obsession and coming of age.Oprah.com A nearly perfect collection of essays Irby is hilarious and poignant and human, and she knows how to tell a damn good story A.V Club Turn off the TV, let the dishes pile up, pull on your most comfy pair of sweats and settle into your reading chair Youre going to be there awhile Milwaukee Journal Sentinel I love Samantha Irbys writing Read the whole thing The Billfold Besides having one of the season s best coversIrby s new collection of essays is an often riotously funny, unflinching, and never not provocative look into her life Irby tackles difficult topics, like her estrangement from her father and how growing up in poverty has lifelong repercussions, including making it impossible to understand how to do things like save for a rainy day. Irby writes about the ways in which our society is so focused on aspirational living, that it neglects the people who are just trying to survive But the book is never preachy, rather it is skillful in its ability to reveal the essential realities of how so many of us live and dream and hope and fail, in ways that are inimitably our own NYLON Samantha Irby is my favorite living writer Actually, Ill throw in the dead ones too Screw you, Herman Melville Lindy West, author of Shrill Reading Samantha Irbys We Are Never Meeting In Real Life cracked my heart all the way open The essays in this outstanding collection are full of her signature humor, wit, and charming self deprecation but there is so much to her writing For every laugh, there is a bittersweet moment that could make you cry From black women and mental health to the legacies created by poverty to dating while living in an all too human body, Irby lays bare the beautiful, uncompromising truths of her life I cannot remember the last time I was so moved by a book We Are Never Meeting in Real Life is as close to perfect as an essay collection can get Roxane Gay, New York Times bestselling author of Difficult Women and Bad Feminist This book didn t make me laugh out loud It made me laugh silently, wheezing and crying, until my sides ached Rainbow Rowell, New York Timesbestselling author of Eleanor ParkSometimes Samantha Irbys writing will make you want to hug her Sometimes it will make you want to be hugged by her Sometimes it will make you want to lock her in your closet so you might take credit for this hysterical, honest and authentic book The last one might just be me Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess and bestselling author of Furiously HappyGet ready to do that thing where you go from laughing hysterically to sobbing uncontrollably, because those two emotional states have never been closer Irby s writing about sex, death, disability, garlic scapesis so relentlessly funny, the gravity and deeply generous vulnerability of it can sneak up on you.Kate Harding, author of Asking for It There is simply no one like Samantha Irby Reading her is emotional whiplash you are crying laughing and then crying and then so deeply moved that you don t know what you are We Are Never Meeting in Real Life is life as written by blood and viscera and fluids and heart, a near to bursting bright red, beating throbbing fighting heart.If the world is a dumpster fire, then this book is the cache of fireworks that shoots out of the flames and lights up the night You re shocked and kind of worried for your well being, but you re also laughing too hard to do anything about it Lindsay Hunter, author of Ugly Girls WE ARE SCIENTISTS a rock band Shows this month in the UK and Spain, plus new video for No Wait at Five Leaves scroll up Welcome to Passion Search Online Dating Site We are FEATURED TESTIMONIAL Both of us had tried online dating sites before, with very little success just never found anyone that we clicked with, some were hard use it was impossible get any help from customer service Earnest Roline Ministries Midi Music Administration, Articles, Workshop Info Job descriptions, music ministry handbook, praise worship articles, poems, other helpful materials Remarkable People Overlooked Our Obituaries The Since , obituaries New York Times have been dominated by white men Now, re adding stories remarkable people SparkNotes Help Help Welcome SparkNotes your brilliant, book smart best friend, here you ace test, transform paper into pure gold, understand even most intricately plotted Shakespeare plays Comic Sans Criminal There s available Do know Comic Tell them so Add their name email address below ll send quick message link ComicSansCriminal begin rehabilitation Foods Never Eat, According Nutritonists Reader Want what experts avoid Here list foods, processed goods, ingredients, chemicals nutritionists won t put on plates Food Waste NRDC Up percent food United States is eaten But same time, one eight Americans struggles enough table They Call Me Donkey Let unfold Or not WhateverKILA Several commenters expressed concerns regarding Alex Marson future, particularly since how behaves once she dumped Note All songs page optimized be played Soundblaster AWE sound card GS soundfont bank selected They should stillsamantha irby hi my samantha i write blog called bitchesgottaeat mom loved meaty dude named dave gave meeting real life two stars goodreads and, okay, he valid points I HAVE ENOUGH HATE IN MY HEART TO START A CAR Samantha Irby Wikipedia Samantha McKiver born February an American comedian, author, blogger She runs bitches gotta eat, where writes posts about her personal events also co hosted live lit show Guts Glory Chicago Keith irby Instagram photos videos k Followers Following Posts See videos wordscience Twitter latest Tweets H E L Why d Rather Live Alone Literary Hub eatShe author Are Meeting Real Life Year, Same Trash, recently, Meaty Is first thing need talk BacheloretteIrby loves much essay super funny book, Life, faux By Book Times May comedian Irby, whose collection has reissued, would love see celebrities grocery lists m curious daily needs We Essays FREE shipping qualifying offers Bestseller Sometimes laugh, when dumpster fire With Author In Life avg rating, ratings, reviews, published Coming Out Again INTO You enable JavaScript run app Quotes quotes feels less like throbbing, pulsing animal begging its freedom beating against inside chest like, Hey, place fish tacos today got while out as sets bag spotted grease dining room It game don rules of, or test IRL YouTube Dec because BITCHES GOTTA EAT Social Works My State Mind Initiative Category Entertainment Show Loading Autoplay When autoplay enabled, suggested will Opinion If Every Day Rainy Day, What Am Saving which adapted Abbi Jacobson Might Regret This Humanities joins discuss lessons learned insights gleaned cross country creation This, deeply essays love, loss, work, comedy, figuring who really thought already knew We Are Never Meeting in Real Life.: Essays


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