⁂ Format Kindle Download [ ⇓ Living with Endometriosis: The Complete Guide to Risk Factors, Symptoms, and Treatment Options ] ⁙ Book By Samantha Bowick ₍

⁂ Format Kindle Download [ ⇓ Living with Endometriosis: The Complete Guide to Risk Factors, Symptoms, and Treatment Options ] ⁙ Book By Samantha Bowick ₍ ⁂ Format Kindle Download [ ⇓ Living with Endometriosis: The Complete Guide to Risk Factors, Symptoms, and Treatment Options ] ⁙ Book By Samantha Bowick ₍ I am not telling my story so that people will feel sorry for me I want them to understand, as best as they can, just how much pain we go through on a daily basis and how much our lives change because of endometriosis.Let me start off by saying that you are not alone and that you will get through this Over the years, I have done an extensive amount of research on pelvic pain and endometriosis one of the many benefits of having a smartphone while sitting in waiting rooms to better educate myself I knew when I first started having pain there was something wrong my body would not be hurting if everything was fine, right It is not normal to be in pain at all, whether it be pelvic pain or any other type of pain If you are in pain, it is time to get help.Any woman can have endometriosis A woman may have the disease and her sister may also have it, but not show any symptoms it depends on the person There are even celebrities who struggle with endometriosis But youd never know to look at them those of us with endometriosis are forced to be the strongest women we can be, doing as much as possible to hide how much pain we are really in Having been through so much physical pain, we can handle anything that comes our way But because we do not want people to pity or feel sorry for us, we instead put on a happy face and smile through the pain Perhaps you feel that if you were to talk about it with someone,they would brush it off, saying it is all in your head I have had quite a few doctors tell me just that, and it is extremely upsetting every time it happens.But I just kept pushing, seeking the answers I so desperately needed And now, I am so thankful I had the willpower to do that.Nobody wants to talk about female problems, but not talking about them does nothing to help anyoneand that is where I draw the line I am going to share every aspect of my journeythe good, the bad, and the uglyin the hopes that it will help you live a healthier life sooner, rather than later Hopefully, my story will inspire you to seek the help that you need to live the healthy, pain free life you so deserve Remember it is not your fault you are in pain it is not anyones fault While it may be hard to find a doctor out there who really cares and who knows what they are talking about, just keep fighting, because they are out there.WHAT IS ENDOMETRIOSIS The endometrium is the lining of the uterus that sheds every month during whats known as your period Endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus the endometrial stroma and glands, which should only be located inside the uterus is found elsewhere in the body1 Places this disease can be found include but are not limited to colon, rectum, appendix, ovaries, and fallopian tubes Some women may have endometriosis on many organs in their body, but may not experience any pain, while others may have a small amount of disease, but excruciating pain.If a woman has endometriosis, when it is that time of the month the endometriosis tissue that is on the other organsfor example, the ovarieswill also bleed just as the normal tissue does This causes inflammation, which causes pain It is not known why this happens, or why it is painful in some women than in others, but it is known that estrogen causes the endometriosis to continue growing.Some of the symptoms of endometriosis include pelvic pain, painful periods cramping , infertility, and pain during sexual intercourse Sometimes, other conditions can be confused with endometriosis for me, my misdiagnosis was irritable bowel syndrome This type of misdiagnosis means it takes the patient longer to be properly diagnosed with endometriosis and receive treatment.While reading, keep in mind that everyone is different, so what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa By no means do I claim to be a doctor I have been through the agonizing pain of endometriosis for many years and have experienced the treatments available for endometriosis, which is what I look to write about here.I missed out on so many fun things because of this disease I am now twenty seven years old, and most people my age are out partying, taking trips, or enjoying college But I could not do any of the things I enjoyed because I knew I would be in constant pain I have felt like a lot of people do not see me as a person after they hear about my diagnosis Instead, they see me as my diagnosis endometriosis.This book presents my experiences with endometriosis in the order that they took place in my life I hope by writing all of this, I can help women understand this disease, and perhaps help doctors to understand how their patients suffering with this awful disease really feel.Excerpt from the Introduction by Samantha Bowickan integrative guide for anyone who has or cares for someone with this painful and enigmatic disease Both a memoir and educational review, Samantha has given a voice and hope to others by sharing her journey in a brave, straightforward way The valuable insight, resources, coping strategies and personal triumphs found herein will empower others to take charge of their health, connect to better care and support, and to live well in spite of endometriosis Heather C Guidone, Surgical Program Director, Center for Endometriosis Care Many women living with endometriosis will relate to Samanthas experience as described eloquently in her book having their pain and symptoms dismissed and misdiagnosed, seeing multiple doctors, and enduring many failed treatments However, Samanthas book also offers hope for women who are suffering, in its descriptions of all the current medical and alternative treatments for endometriosis, and in her own personal story of what has worked for her Samanthas honest descriptions of her experiences with endometriosis are especially valuable since frank discussions of endometriosis often involve subjects that are still taboo in our society Samantha encourages women to speak up about their disease and not suffer in silence, to research their options, and to take charge of their health Philippa Bridge Cook, Ph.D., Executive Director of The Endometriosis Network Canada Endometriosis affects an estimated 176 million individuals globally at significant personal and societal costs Yet despite its vast prevalence, the disease remains underappreciated Diagnostic delays continue, substandard care is constant, and misinformation surrounding endometriosis abounds Living with Endometriosis is a book of validation, hope and encouragement by sharing her personal journey, sound advice and disease education, author Samantha Bowick empowers others to seek out optimal care through early intervention, accurate diagnosis and proper treatments, enabling them to live well in spite of endometriosis Michelle E Marvel, Founder Executive Director, Endometriosis Research Center Endometriosis Causes, Complications, and Treatment Endometriosis is a disorder in which the tissue that forms lining of your uterus grows outside uterine cavity The called endometrium Living with Endometriosis, an Agonizing Disease No painful, chronic disease affects one women reproductive age worldwide, according to World Society condition occurs when similar Tips Stories From Women Living With Endometriosis How manage activities, family life, pain can impact day activities like school, work, life Discover how other are living endometriosis trying their Share What It s Really Like Live Real talk about struggles endometriosis, painful may be common condition, but excruciating But if you have there What Womenshealth More than million American most symptom level each woman experiences different While some little or no pain, others face physical emotional challenges what Heather Roppolo Guidone describes MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia Your health care provider prescribe types hormone therapy These birth control pills injections Be sure follow directions for taking these medicines endometriosis Guide To Understanding And Treating Pain Management Strategies For Treatment Prevention Sourcebook Apr , Home Facebook not just bad period cramps, my I wish it was as sounds heaven compared Day myendophotochallenge endometriosisawarenessmonth WebMD Dealing difficult many reasons You might miss days from school skip social events, give up sports hobbies This all take excessive bleeding, during sex, result fertility issues Here should YouTube Feb Hello Loves, Welcome back channel, been wanting make this video very long time really hope get understanding go t News cells usually line develop elsewhere body One primary symptoms Thought My Insides Were On since teens, unpredictable, often debilitating disease, 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