ῲ Format Kindle Read [ How to Defeat Your Own Clone: And Other Tips for Surviving the Biotech Revolution ] For Free Ώ Kindle Author Kyle Kurpinski ”

ῲ Format Kindle Read [ How to Defeat Your Own Clone: And Other Tips for Surviving the Biotech Revolution ] For Free Ώ Kindle Author Kyle Kurpinski ” ῲ Format Kindle Read [ How to Defeat Your Own Clone: And Other Tips for Surviving the Biotech Revolution ] For Free Ώ Kindle Author Kyle Kurpinski ” ONE THE BIOTECH REVOLUTION Engineering Life for Fun and Profit In these days, a man who says a thing cannot be done is quite apt to be interrupted by some idiot doing it ELBERT GREEN HUBBARD Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic ARTHUR C CLARKE Lets face it cloning and genetic manipulations can be kinda scary But why exactly Is it because biotechnology is inherently dangerous, or is it because we dont fully comprehend it The history of our technological development can be viewed as a series of discoveries in tension with human culture Few innovations are welcomed with unrestrained admiration, especially when they upset the established social order Take for example the Ludditesa British social movement opposed to the innovations brought about by the Industrial Revolution who destroyed wool and cotton mills because these worked faster and cheaper than people did Or consider how the splitting of the atom has changed the faces of warfare, diplomacy, and technology forever Its understandable that people are nervous about change, especially when said change involves unemployment or hiding under desks in the event of nuclear catastrophe We do tend to forget that there are many innovations that once caused us great anxiety, but have come to be accepted as a part of modern life In ancient Greece the airless space of a vacuum was a philosophical conundrum, mysteriously capable of extinguishing flames and causing small animals to die Nowadays, its a convenient way to get crumbs out of the carpet Not infrequently, the answer to an innovations dangers is innovation When human beings first started to congregate in large cities, disease grew to be such a problem that there was serious speculation that living in large cities was unnatural and unavoidably dangerous People were not meant to live so close to one another Cities were a disastrous and doomed experiment in living Then plumbing happened Today, critics assert that biotechnology is inherently dangerous They argue that stem cell therapies will cause cancer, bioterrorism will be the downfall of the human race, and cloning is just a way of playing God All the while transhumanists those who wish to improve humanity via technology are telling us the exact opposite stem cells are the key to unlimited healing and virtual immortality, bioengineered viruses will cure disease, and genetic engineering is just body modification on the molecular level Those few scientists who make their opinions known outside of impenetrable academic journals tend toward cautious optimism, while the politicians who regulate these breakthroughs and the media who disseminate them into popular culture are currently in a contest to prove which can be flagrantly ignorant Its a dead heat In the long run, it doesnt really matter what any of these groups say or believe Progress is inevitable Whether you love it, hate it, or simply do your best to ignore it, the biotech revolution has begun We cant tell you exactly what the future holdsonly prophets or madmen truly know the future, and we authors are overqualified for one of those positions and underqualified for the other So, we place our reputations in a certain amount of peril, making moderately educated guesses about the biology and medicine of tomorrow We did this for two reasons someone had to, and we needed the money One final warning before we begin This book will treat you like a machine For those who find this dehumanizing, please keep in mind that we think you are an absolutely marvelous, unbelievably fascinating machine that we have devoted our professional lives to understanding If you want to prepare yourself for genetic body upgrades and outrageous clone battles, its best to consider the engineering advantages of our point of view A BRIEF HISTORY OF BIOTECHNOLOGY Isaac Newtonone of historys greatest scientistsis often quoted as having said, If I have seen a little further, it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants Considering what Newton thought of some of his contemporaries, however, he might have been wearing cleats Before we clamber upon our betters for a peek at the future, lets take a look at what has already come to pass Approximately 15,000 B.C.E.Homo sapiens domesticate their first animal, Canis lupus familiaris, the subspecies of wolf we call dogs Having acquired a best friend, the human race decides to see if theres anything else in nature that could use a bit of tweaking Approximately 10,000 B.C.E.The sowing and harvesting of plants begins in the Middle East This quickly replaces the previous method of acquiring food from the earth, which is best described as wander around a lot and avoid those little red berries Farmers are soon selecting crops for specific characteristics such as yield, resistance to disease, and deliciousness Approximately 8,000 B.C.E.The cow is domesticated and eventually becomes the Swiss Army knife of agriculture, driving plows and providing meat, milk, leather, and manure Approximately 4,000 B.C.E.After several thousand odorous years of riding in carts behind cows, human beings domesticate the horse Someday, well pull our carts with giant, genetically engineered lobsters, but lets take things one step at a time Approximately 400 B.C.E.The ancient Greeks begin writing seriously about biology and medicine, setting down principles that will confuse and mislead scientists for centuries 1865Gregor Mendel reads his paper Experiments in Plant Hybridization at two meetings of the Natural History Society of Brnn, Moravia Initial response is underwhelming, but the scientific mainstream eventually recognizes him as the Father of Modern Genetics, thanks to his groundbreaking work with pea plant heredity, shedding new light on how biological traits are passed to successive generations Our understanding of pea biology quickly surpasses that of all other legumes 1902Walter Sutton and Theodor Boveri independently propose that chromosomes may be the basis for Mendelian inheritance Minds are blown 1909Wilhelm Johannsen coins the word gene to describe Mendels fundamental unit of heredity This single careless decision leads to a century of irritating puns comparing genetics to denim pants 1928Hans Spemann performs the first transfer of nuclear genetic material in amphibians, establishing the fundamental basis of laboratory cloning 1944Oswald Avery demonstrates that DNA is the genetic material of the cell 1952Robert Briggs and Thomas J King perform the first successful animal cloning from early embryonic cells with northern leopard frogs Unfortunately, this is just a specific species of frog, not a frog leopard hybrid, but yes, that would be sweet Give us a few years 1953James Watson and Francis Crick publish their double helix structure of DNA, with some underappreciated help from Rosalind Franklins experimental data the lousy sexist fifties 1958F C Steward grows a complete carrot plant from a single cell taken from the root of an adult plant, demonstrating that its possible to create a clone of at least one organism from an adult cell Steward spends the rest of his career politely pretending that hes never heard the Whats up, Doc joke before 1963J.B.S Haldane coins the term clone, without which we would have to call this book How to Defeat Your Own Genetically Identical Human Thanks for the snappy title, J 1966Marshall Nirenberg and Heinrich J Matthaei decipher the genetic code, which turns out to be much better written than The Da Vinci Code 1972Paul Berg creates the first recombinant DNA molecules, containing DNA sequences that are not normally found together This technique becomes known as gene splicing, and is fundamental to genetic manipulation and engineering 1972Walter Fiers sequences the first gene, for a protein that forms part of the coating on a virus The virus immediately begins questioning its own identity and selfdetermination 1973Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer create the first recombinant DNA organismtransgenic E coli bacteria that contain a DNA sequence from frogs E coli has since become the go to organism for producing large amounts of relatively simple proteins, including pharmaceuticals such as insulin, human growth hormone, and erythropoietin Not bad for a life form previously known mostly for making you ill 1975Frederick Sanger develops the Sanger method for DNA sequencing, a technique that allows scientists to read a section of DNA 1978Baby Louise is the first child born through in vitro fertilization or IVF Well into adulthood, shes still known as Baby a nickname appropriate in a very limited number of social situations 1983Kary Mullis invents the polymerase chain reaction PCR protocol, which allows for rapid synthesis and copying of specific DNA sequences, allegedly with the creative assistance of a little LSD 1984Steen Willadsen performs the first successful mammal cloning of sheep from embryonic cells, and this was twelve years before we ever heard about the whole Dolly thing 1990The Human Genome Project is launched by the National Institutes of Health to sequence the entire human genome using a combination of cutting edge lab work and computer science Keep in mind, this was back when a desktop computer was significantly less powerful than an iPhone, so they had their work cut out for them 1996Ian Wilmut creates Dolly the sheep, the first organism to be cloned from adult cells Commence global panic in 3 2 1 1997In a preemptive attempt to defeat his own clone, President Bill Clinton proposes to the U.S Congress a five year ban on human cloning 1998Several European nations sign a ban on human cloning, but this merely encourages the rebellious nations to do it faster and with less caution At the same time, the Food and Drug Administration claims authority over human cloning in the United States, implying that the government thinks a clone is either a food or a drug Were hoping the latter 2001President George W Bush limits federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research to cell lines that have already been created, a move that manages to limit research without adopting a clear moral stance 2002California is the first state to legalize therapeutic cloning to produce human embryonic stem cells for new medical treatments This comes just two years after Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in The 6th Day, and just one year before becoming governor of California Coincidence You decide 2003Great Britain is the first country to issue research licenses for therapeutic human cloning Bond has a license to kill, and now Q has a license to clone 2003The Human Genome Project is finally completed, but at three billion characters its going to take a while to print 2003Craig Venter, founder of Celera Genomics, recreates the DNA sequence of a virus from scratch, using artificially synthesized DNA molecules 2004South Korean scientists claim to have successfully cloned and extracted stem cells from a human embryo, but an investigation in 2006 reveals the results to be fraudulent While our capacity to fabricate humans remains limited, our ability to fabricate data knows no bounds 2006Patents are filed for Mycoplasma laboratorium, a bacterium whose entire genome has been artificially synthesized The proposed organism will include a watermark that encodes some of the names of its creators into the organisms DNA Can you blame em 2007Craig Venter publishes the first completely sequenced individual human genomehis own Recommended summer reading We couldnt put it down 2008The FDA approves cloned animal meat for human consumption Now its exactly like Mom used to make 2008President George W Bush signs the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, a law prohibiting the misuse of personal genetic information by employers or insurance companies We figure he watched Gattaca and got really freaked out 2009President Barack Obama reverses the federal funding ban on stem cell research Finally, genetic change we can believe in NowYouve just purchased How to Defeat Your Own Clone Or youre reading it for free in the bookstore cheater.Once we decided which one of me would first read How to Defeat Your Own Clone, the rest was a breeze Kudos to Kyle, Kyle, Terry and Terry for a terrific blend of science and wackiness I can t wait to use this against me David P Murphy, author of Zombies for Zombies Advice and Etiquette for the Living Dead God willing, I will never have to come face to face with a genetic double of myself, but I take great comfort in knowing that in this book I have the tools necessary to triumph over it Joe Garden, Co Author of The New Vampire s Handbook and Features Editor of The Onion A fun ride through the myths and facts of the biotech revolution, this book addresses the truly important questions, like how we can turn ourselves into superstrong, ageless, disease resistant megageniuses The best part is that everything you ll read here, including how to fight a clone who shares your thoughts, is based on real scientific research Annalee Newitz, editor in chief of io9.com The US Supreme Court may take decades before it concedes that the Constitutional right to reproductive freedom includes some right of cloning Kurpinski and Johnson are far ahead They shine a rational and entertaining light on the promise of cloning and its likely hazards Bart Kosko, Author of Fuzzy Thinking and Heaven in a Chip It s a hoot Robert Zubrin, author of How to Live on Mars. 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About Anyone In Minutes Direct Access databases Kyle Kurpinski Partner, Tencent Exploration Team Sehen Sie sich Kyle Kurpinskis vollstndiges Profil vllig kostenlos Ihre Kollegen, Kommilitonen Millionen weitere Fach Fhrungskrfte sind bereits auf LinkedIn kylekurpinski Twitter latest Tweets Jack trades California Profiles Facebook View named Join Facebook connect others may know gives power share makes News Official homepage What better mixing music liquor Why, adding Halloween costumes, course On October Academy Sciences hosting Creatures NightLife, where uncover behind favorite creaturesAt point during evening give minute lightning talk how Dr Frankenstein might use Whitepages numbers, addresses, records, background check reports possible arrest Whitepages trusted directory holds PhD Bioengineering UC Berkeley he studied stem effects beer thesis writing currently works biotech company San Francisco Bay Area spends majority free time thinking projects incorporated plot sci fi action movie, hopefully starring Bruce Willis Thomas Leandro, CA Background years old born Currently, lives lived Huntington Woods MI Sometimes goes various nicknames including kyle thomas kurpinski Tencent Established become technology companies world, providing platform variety online digital services Raisin Fingers Be Evolutionary Advantage Broken By If gone swimming several hours taken really long bath, then probably familiar phenomenon referred pruney fingers raisin common wrinkling hands feet skin absorbs excess water when submerged, which Dimension films acquires How Your Own Clone Dimension Films recently acquired rights popular futuristic comedy guidebook Clone, Terry D Johnson And Other Tips Surviving received Master degree biomedical engineering Michigan bioengineering joint graduate group California, Stretching Stem Cells Magazine walks lab drab barracks field station Richmond opens door stainless steel box size small refrigerator Inside rectangular device gears side looks like flat, miniature version torture rack How to Defeat Your Own Clone: And Other Tips for Surviving the Biotech Revolution


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