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⛅ Format Kindle Read [ Soar ] For Free ⛏ ePUB Author Joan Bauer ⛶ ⛅ Format Kindle Read [ Soar ] For Free ⛏ ePUB Author Joan Bauer ⛶ Also by Joan Bauer Title Page Copyright DedicationChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13Chapter 14Chapter 15Chapter 16Chapter 17Chapter 18Chapter 19Chapter 20Chapter 21Chapter 22Chapter 23Chapter 24Chapter 25Chapter 26Chapter 27Chapter 28Chapter 29Chapter 30Chapter 31Chapter 32Chapter 33Chapter 34Chapter 35Chapter 36Chapter 37Chapter 38Chapter 39Chapter 40Chapter 41Chapter 42Chapter 43Epilogue AcknowledgmentsChapter1IM PROBABLY TWELVE years old thats what the doctors think I could have been born anywhere, but it was most likely in Indianapolis, Indianaat least thats where Ive decided I was born, because thats where I was found Specifically, I was found at Computer Partners Ltd in the snack room, right by the coffeepot I think its one of the reasons that I like the taste of coffeeit reminds me of home I was found by Walt Lopper, a computer geek who had never so much as diapered a baby, but there I was, and Im told it was clear that I did need a new diaper I needed a lot of other things, too, but my bottle wasnt empty, so the police felt that meant I hadnt been there long Walt found me at seven a.m on October thirdit was his turn to make coffee and he always got to work early I was in my baby chair with a note pleez tek car of him Bcaz he my best boy I no yur good There werent any other clues about who left me there, but Im inclined to believe it was my mother, who might have worked nights cleaning office buildings I had a little stuffed eagle that I was gnawing on, but other than that it was your usual thing Walt called the police and they came and took me to the station and then someone from child services came and took me to a safe place, although Computer Partners Ltd was a safe place, real safe, otherwise my mother wouldnt have left me there Im told I didnt cry, I just watched people and took things in, but if you wanted to see what I was made of, try taking the stuffed eagle from my little hands Id yank it back and screech, No They think I was nine months old when I was found, so saying no is a pretty big deal Walt says it indicates I had a big brain, possibly like Einstein Walt has a big brain Hes officially a computer genius, but even bigger than his brain is his heart, which he says he hadnt paid that much attention to until I came along.The police tried to find the person who left me I refuse to use the word abandoned because Im fairly certain that my mother loved me and didnt have much choice but to leave me Im also fairly certain that she knew it was Walts day to make the coffee I think she probably checked out who was in that company and would never have left me there on a Monday, which was Dirk Dagwoods day to make coffee From what Ive heard, he might not even have noticed a baby sitting there chewing on a stuffed eagle He was that kind of clueless.It took a while for Walt to adopt me, being a single man and all He had to get trained and certified as a foster parent It took another year of my living with him to convince the judge he should be my official dad Walt spent a lot of time trying to figure me out, and Im told he talked to me like I was a baby genius He read me articles from computer magazines, he took computers apart and told me what he was doing and why During baseball season we watched the games together and he told me how the pitcher was trying to psych out the batter and what some of the signals meant My favorite signal involved tapping your nose, which Walt said could mean anything, depending on the day I tapped my nose a lot, and Walt carried me around explaining what everything was and how the world was a pretty complicated place, which I already knew.When the adoption went through, Walt said, Its official now Okay Okay, I said After that I started talking to Walt and to my stuffed eagle that I named Baby I didnt talk to anyone else until later.The problem with having a story like this is people dont know what to do with it Their faces get super sad and their shoulders slump as they pat me on the head, which I find irritating, and say, My, you are a little survivor, arent you Well, I suppose I am But since I dont remember the first few years of my life, I dont feel like I can take any credit for it And then theres the issue of my birthday, which is a theory, but schools seem to need an actual date, so I count three months ahead from October third when I was found to early January I give the doctor a fudge factor in his estimate of one week, which puts my birthday on January tenth Getting close is important to me.Ive lived in four different places, because Walt is a consultant and has to move around a lot At my last two schools my class was learning the recorder Im so done with this instrument I can play Go Tell Aunt Rhody in my sleep I told Eddie Bartok, who was failing recorder, to pretend he was a snake charmerthey play instruments like this and get the snakes to dance to the music This caused Eddie to practice like crazy, but his mother wouldnt get him a snake He tried charming worms in the garden, but worms today, they couldnt care less He played Go Tell Aunt Rhody to his dog, who yelped and ran away Once Eddie was at my house with his recorder and he tried to charm Baby.Inanimate things dont respond I mentioned.And anyway, nobody can charm an eagle.You cant keep an eagle in a cage or have one for a pet.The number one rule for eagles is they have to be free.Im sure this is why my mother gave me that stuffy She knew I had an eagle inside of me Not everybody does.But when you do, youd better pay attention and deal with it, because if you dont, youll have one intensely frustrating life.Chapter2I HAVE A new consulting gig, Walt tells me They pay up front.This is excellent news, because lots of Walts clients take forever to pay him Walt has his own consulting company, the Magellan Group Its not a group, exactly, and no one is named Magellan its named after Ferdinand Magellan, our favorite dead for centuries explorer, who, like Walt, worked 24 7.Where is it I ask.Ohio.Were living in St Louis and I really, really like it here.They need me for a couple of months, Jer Its kind of an emergency.Everything Walt does is somebodys emergency No one calls my father and says, Hey, all systems are go here Just wanted you to know.Where in Ohio I ask.Near Cincinnati, but I dont thinkThe Cincinnati Reds are looking strong this year, Walt Theyre my third favorite team.They are, but I dont thinkThe name of the town, WaltA smaller place than Cincinnati Hillcrest, Ohio.They have a hill with a crest, right Walt laughs Maybe They have a company there andThe and part is always and they need a little help Believe me, when Walt Lopper gets called in, its because people need a lot of help.Theyve got a little problem, Jer.What kind of problem Their robots keep falling down.Why Its unclear.I look in the corner Jerwal, are you awake Jerwal, the robot Walt and I built together, glows and beeps.Walt hasnt thought about taking any out of town business for a long time, because of my heart Four years ago, I had a perfectly healthy heart Then something called cardiomyopathy happened and everything changed.I look at Walt, who sat with me every day I was in the hospital, who never once made me feel like I wasnt his kid, or was any kind of disappointment or a drain on his life.When do you have to be there Yesterday, Jer.Today is March twenty seventh, and lots is about to happen here.The Cardinals opening day is April thirteenth and we have tickets.The science fair at my school is coming up and Ive been working on a project that shows the trajectory of a well hit baseball in 3 D Ive been thinking about contacting the manager of the St Louis Cardinals to come see itmy findings could be big.I take a deep breath and pull out my phone Research is critical to decision making.Hillcrest, Ohio, I read to him Population 12,761, located in Ohios rich farmland in the western part of the state A small Midwestern town known for the excellence of its high school baseball program This is getting interesting The Hillcrest High School Hornets have won six state championships and twice clinched the nationals I look up We can gorge ourselves on baseball, Walt Walts face has that half sunk look it gets when he hasnt told me everything.I think, Jer Well I called your aunt CharityNo.Let me finish I called her and she said she would stay here with you so you could finish school andNo I want you to stay near Dr Feinberg.There are doctors in Cincinnati.Wonderful doctors, no doubt.Do you care about my heart, Walt What kind of a question is that An unfair question.She treats me like Im a little kid I think if we talk to herWeve done that Aunt Charity smothers me I feel my face get hot She makes me wash my hands hundreds of times.You are supposed to avoid infection, my man.Walt, please I dont need to be a fanatic about it I squirt antiseptic goo on my hands and rub it in, counting to ten She asks me every morningI can hardly say itif Ive had a bowel movement Thats a tough one, Jer, but we do need to make sure all systems are go He laughs at his joke.And do I have to even mention that she forced me against my will to make angel ornaments with little puffy skirts Walt shakes his head I know But shes been here for us Shes really helped out.Aunt Charity stayed with us for eight months when I was in and out of the hospital Im totally grateful she did this.Shes my only sister What can I tell you You can tell me shes not coming and I can go with you I love her, okay I just cant live with her right now Or possibly ever.Walt stands up Its only for a couple of months What could happen Phone again I look up shortest wars in history Theres lots of material here Whole wars have been fought in less than thirty days, Walt Can you really take the chance Walt sips his coffee and looks at the map of the ancient world that I gave him for his birthday It shows how wrong they were back in the 1500s This was what Magellan had to deal with Despite all that, he circumnavigated the globe before people knew it was a globe.Is that vision or what Youre telling me, Jer, you want to leave sixth grade at the end of March and come with me to Hillcrest, Ohio, where I will be working day and night I nod.What would you be doing there Walt persists.Gaining brilliance Youre already too smart.Id go to school and Id help you I could make dinner andWalt shakes his head His beard is getting some gray in it People say it makes him look distinguished Hes wearing the T shirt I got him for Fathers Dayit has a mug of coffee and, underneath that, the words GAME CHANGER.Its kind of our story.Jerwal, I say, come forward Jerwal moves slowly toward us Would you like to help the robots who are falling down Jerwal has no idea, but he likes hearing his name It took us months to get the voice activated part working We had to shorten his name because he couldnt understand Jerwalthian, as in The Jerwalthian has entered the atmosphere.Walt sips coffee Im sorry about how I live I want you to have a stable environment.I dont feel unstable, Walt.You know what I mean Not so much change.You dont change.He laughs Youre referring to my wardrobe Walt wears blue shirts with jeans or khakis most days.I stretch out my arms like Im flying So we just swoop into Hillcrest and make it happen.Walt sips coffee, thinking.I sip decaf Jerwal, do you want to go play with the robots in Ohio Jerwal beeps and moves his head and arms from side to side.Walt points a finger of ultimate authority at me For me to even consider it, Jerand Im not saying I amDr Feinberg needs to sign off on this one hundred percent You understand that might not happen.I clear my throat I understand that in any contest, I will be tested, maybe to the boundaries of my ability And when this happens, I will remember that I have overcome great difficulties already, and all that strength is in me.Walt sniffs Which coach said that I just created it.Not bad. When Im a coach Im going to tell my players to say that I write it down.Walt studies my face.Im fine, Walt.I say that a lot because its true.Its got to be true.Chapter3NOT EVERYONE ON my transplant team could be here We got this appointment fast.Dr Curchink is out sick and Dr Meredith has an emergency with another patient, but Dr Feinberg is here, and Hassan the transplant nurse, and Millard the tech guy, who keeps track of everything Millard just gave me an echocardiogram to test the strength of my heart with sound waves Hassan gets a blood sample from my left arm I make a fist.Your bloods still red, Hassan says.Ive been working hard to keep it red, I tell him.Hassan smiles.Theres a plastic heart on the counter So many people just take their hearts for granted I did until third grade, when I caught a virus that slowly began attacking my heart muscle I got a lot of colds that year I wasnt eating much Id run and have trouble breathing We thought it was asthma at first It wasnt even close to that.Being a computer genius, Walt knew about viruses Were going to find out whats going on with you, he told me Thats going to mean a lot of tests, and probably a few extra doctors.I dont want extra doctors.You dont always get what you want.Two years later, I had to have a heart transplant I was ten I dont recommend the experience, but I can promise you, its so much better than dying.I told Aunt Charity I wanted to keep my old heart in a jar at home to remember, but she started screaming about the intense grossness of that.I made it to ten years of age with that heart, I told her Its part of me.She threw up her hands and said absolutely not.Hes kidding about keeping it at home, Walt assured her.We gave it to sciencethe best solutionalthough first I wanted to use it for the science fair at school.How can you even think of these things she shrieked.Maybe we can visit it I asked her.That didnt work, either.Right now Dr Feinberg, who did my transplant surgery, is looking at me like he always doeschecking my eyes without saying he is, checking to see if I have energy without saying he is.Walt says, We want zero risk, doctor We are open to whatever you think is best.Which would be me going to Ohio.Dr Feinberg is looking at my test results Jeremiah, as long as I have known you, youve always been clear as to what you want How are you feeling Fine Really fine.Hows the energy level You know, its okay.A medical nod Arrhythmia Swollen ankles Brain fog Nausea An uncontrollable desire to play meaningless, soul crushing video games all day Only the last one.Shortness of breath I breathe like its hard.Dr Feinberg looks at me This is a joke Yes.Youll be gone how long Walt says, Two months or so But if this isnt a good ideaThats a lot of compacted stress packing, saying good bye, moving, a new school, and then coming back.Walt says, If you dont think this is a good ideaI want to understand, Dr Feinberg adds He always says this Its why hes a great doctor.Walt starts explaining about this new consulting gig hes got, but hes not selling the concept He hasnt once mentioned the stress of living with Aunt Charity He has hardly touched on the theme of baseball and how tomorrows stars are playing on the Hillcrest Hornets today, how its a chance to see them before they get really big, how their champion pitcher throws an unbelievable fastball.I interrupt and make my case I also emphasize the robots.How fast does the kid throw Dr Feinberg asks.Ninety four miles per hour.Millard, Hassan, and Dr Feinberg nod, impressed.I say, This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.Thats a big sentence for me Before I got my new heart, I was so sick, I wasnt going to make it That surgery went pretty well, considering where I was starting from They hoped it would have gone a little better.My scar from the transplant runs from the top of my chest to the middle I showed it to my best friend, Yaff, who said, Tell people you got attacked by zombies and survived.I can walk blocks at a time, but I still cant run.Jeremiah, Dr Feinberg says, you need to be aware of two things First, you will need to have another team in Ohio and check in with them.I know this.Second, you have to be uniquely careful of infection.The team stares at me I say I know that, too.We are talking about bathing in antiseptic lotion.I take out the bottle from my pocket.We are talking about naps.I groan.And you must have realistic goals for your time there Do you have those I want to see as many baseball games as I can, and I want to do well in school and hang out with Walt and maybe build another robot.They are still staring at me like thats not enough.Okay, and I will run away screaming if I see anyone sneezing.No running, the doctor says.I nod I hate the no running part I tried running after my surgery and that didnt go too well.And I wont eat at salad bars because of the germs.Theyre infested with germs, Hassan reminds me.And when Im at baseball games, if I feel tired or anything, I will let Walt know.Still staring.Its what I do here Well discuss this and be back in a few minutes Dr Feinberg walks toward the door with the team.Dont forget the part you cant put on a chart, I shout Baseball and robots How can this not be good for my heart The doctor smiles Millard doesnt They walk out.Walt says, You know, whatever they decide, its for the best.I look at him His eyes are kind, but tired. I can do this, Walt Praise for Soar Jeremiah s voice is perfect plucky, vulnerable, pragmatic, smart, and immensely endearing Bauer masterfully manages the various plotlines An outstanding, tender exploration of courage and the true nature of heroism and, for good measure, a fine homage to America s game, as well Kirkus Reviews, starred review Bauers latest feel good novel is distinguished by a largehearted warmth, its able characterizations, a page turning plot, and winning humor Booklist, starred review Sports, friendship, tragedy, and a love connection are all wrapped up in one heartwarming, page turning story.This coming of age tale features a boy who is courageous and witty readersbaseball fans or otherwisewill cheer on Jeremiah and this team The latest middle grade novel from this award winning author is triumphant and moving School Library Journal Jeremiah s enthusiasm for baseball is infectious, and he plays a major role in rebuilding and coaching a team at the middle school while lifting the sagging spirits of community members Readers will feel that Jeremiah s victories are well earned and deserved Publishers Weekly This is not the predictable baseball as metaphor for life offering it seems but rather a character study in resilience and a tender evocation of a father son relationship Tender, however, is not code for slow or dull Jeremiah is a wry and witty narrator, and his take charge but sensible approach to life impels the story along at a brisk clip BCCBPraise for Joan Bauer s Tell Me Bauer establishes a multi faceted plot combining crime drama with a modern coming of age story Annas voice rings clear through first person narration, allowing readers to sing, cry, and smell the flowers along with the protagonist Short chapters and smart dialogue keep the pace moving Ultimately, Bauer twists the widespread divorce issue into a lesson on empathy, inviting readers to keep their minds and eyes alert to worlds other than their own School Library Journal In this novel filled with comedy and drama Bauer skillfully weaves subplots together as Rosemont citizens and Anna s parents rise to the challenge of solving the mystery Publishers Weekly There are numerous, valuable messages for readers here pay attention, trust your instincts, and speak up sometimes being brave is about small, uncertain steps that we take and helping others helps us, too Humor and hope are balanced throughout, making this a good recommendation for those who prefer a serious topic treated with a less heavy hand and a happy ending VOYA Bauer manages the difficult feat of folding the topic of human trafficking into a middle grade novel about daily life family and peer struggles in fact, Annas conviction that the missing girl matters is part and parcel of her character throughout, as she similarly commits whole heartedly to her acting efforts and beloved friends Readers will appreciate the story for Bauers classic and relatable heroine who pursues her goal through adversity BCCB Bauer has done an exceptional job of informing young readers about human trafficking without being heavy handed or speaking down to her audience LMC Close to Famous Winner of the ALA Schneider Family Book Award, Christopher Award, Judy Lopez Memorial Prize, An TopTen Middle Grade Book, a YALSA ALABest Fictionfor Young Adults pick Hope Was Here Newbery Honor Book, Christopher Award, ALA Notable Book Rules of the Road Los Angeles Times Book Prize, Golden Kite Award, ALA Notable Book, Best Book for Young Adults. 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