⑄ The Best ಎ DMT Dialogues: Encounters with the Spirit Molecule ⑦ PDF by David Luke ┙

⑄ The Best ಎ DMT Dialogues: Encounters with the Spirit Molecule  ⑦ PDF by David Luke ┙ ⑄ The Best ಎ DMT Dialogues: Encounters with the Spirit Molecule ⑦ PDF by David Luke ┙ Chapter 9 Psychedelics, Entities, Dark Matter, and Parallel Dimensions Presented by Graham Hancock Maybe we have a secret doorway inside our minds, through which we can project our consciousness into other dimensions, and through which intelligences in other dimensions may make contact with us and teach us stuff we didnt know before The moment our ancestors started manifesting evidence of deliberately inducing altered states of consciousness, a transformation overtakes human behavior Stone tools, hunting tactics, and spiritual ideas all take a quantum leap forward at the same time So is altering consciousness a portal to other worlds and dimensions, from where we return with novelty and news to implement into human culture I will just float this explanation that these experiences are in some sense hardwired into the human brain and that this is why they are transpersonal and universal But why would millions of years of evolution equip the entire human race with brain modules for therianthropes and abductions by spirits and fairies and aliens Why should these spirit molecules only be activated in altered states of consciousness Francis Crick, an advocate of directed panspermia, hypothesized in the 13 billion years since the Big Bang, there has been time for life to have evolved than once in the universe If an alien civilization in a distant galaxy discovered it was going to be utterly destroyed by some cosmic accident, their first thought would be to move themselves, and start their project somewhere else If they genetically engineered bacteria to make them extremely resistant, packed them into cryogenic chambers and fired them from rockets, and one of those spaceships hit the earth 3.8 billion years ago and spilled out its contents of bacteria, which immediately began reproducing and evolving, then 3.8 billion years later here we are, the end result of that process If our DNA originated elsewhere as a result of genetic engineering, perhaps what were all universally accessing in altered states of consciousness is not a hidden doorway, but a hidden archive within our own bodies, containing all the knowledge of an ancient and alien civilization We should welcome the chance that our plant allies are offering us to explore the whole of reality, and to discover our place within it Discussion Graham Hancock This is the question were all here to examine are there real entities, real realms underneath us Or, is it all made up in the human mind Anton Bilton When we bump into DMT entities , sometimes its wonderful and divine, but many times its ambivalent Its not dissimilar to a farmer with his sheep Im going to look after the herd, check their teeth, probe around make sure they dont die My question is are they the farmer, and are we the sheep Hancock I agree with you about the ambivalent nature of the entities There are encounters with what feels like pure evil, in those realms from time to time Bilton Good farmers and bad farmers Hancock Andrew, this morning you were talking about drip feeding DMT to a group of volunteers who might be sent on an extended DMT trip If such a group were willing to go, what would you task them with Andrew Galli When you first enter a new territory as an ecologist or a biologist you sample the fauna and flora, establish communication perhaps, then establish a means of returning Hancock Is there a category of data that could be brought back from that realm that would say its definitely freestanding William Rowlandson If were trying to say do this mathematical sum, let me pick a flower from your garden, were missing a bit of the point David Luke I totally agree The research and academic community will ask, Can you actually give us some evidence of this, beyond the experience itself Rowlandson Evidence I mean what are you going to do Bring back a bloody elf Im sorry, but its not going to happen Hancock A friend of mine describes this realm as a university of duality that we are here in this physical form to experience the lessons that duality has to teach And duality has to involve the dark and the light, the good and the evil There are lessons to learn in the physical realm and they are not for the fainthearted Rick Strassman I think it would be worthwhile to have a high level mathematician start working on the mathematical possibility of bringing back an elf You know some of Einsteins theories were first developed in his mind from mathematical models, and then only later, 30, 40, 50 years, was there empirical data backing up his models If its possible to find a sympathetic mathematician to work out some mathematical models to substantiate the possibility of bringing back an elf, I think that would lay the groundwork for future empirical work Luke Maybe we can task the elves to give us a theory of everything Bilton What about the coordinates of a moon or star we dont know about yet, a little bit like a Sirius Dogon scenario Give us something we dont know and then well get a telescope or whatever and find it Hancock Yes that could work But then it may not be a teaching of information from nonphysical consciousnesses in another dimension The problem we have to explain is why there are these transpersonal experiences of encounters with entities They are apparent today, and they also cross time, and they go back deep into the story of the human race Jill Purce Im just wondering if they give their name, like Rumpelstiltskin Hancock If the entities give their name Purce Or if people ask them their names Hancock Yes thats an interesting thought Ive never asked them their names Who are you I like that Purce Who are they, and in whose name are they working Luis Luna I think if the question is who are you The answer is, we are you.DMT Dialogues is a courageous attempt in the best tradition of the scientific process to wrestle with the meaning of anomalous DMT experiences, reported by a substantial number of people, involving the sense of being in touch with alien intelligences Like all great mysteries, there is no single interpretation that everybody who participated in the DMT Dialogues arrived at by consensus Reading DMT Dialogues will not bring you certainty but rather will bring you in direct contact with profound minds struggling to plumb the depths of consciousness Rick Doblin, Ph.D., executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies These dialogues are a promising and positive attempt to create a pivotal shift in consciousness Centered on the farthest reaches of human experience, they offer fresh perspectives and open new doors They merit being read and read over and over again, in our own as well as in humankinds most general interest Ervin Laszlo,The Intelligence of the Cosmos DMT Dialogues represents an important step in the scholarly conversation about the DMT world and the entities which inhabit it By presenting insightful contributions from experts in psychology, anthropology, religious studies, and neuroscience, as well as the interdisciplinary discussions that followed, the editors have provided the theoretical tools needed to start interpreting and understanding the DMT experience As part of the Beckley Imperial Research Programme we are currently investigating how DMT has its effect in the brain in a pioneering study using EEG and fMRI Amanda Feilding, founder of The Beckley Foundation DMT is famous in the world of psychedelic research for inducing experiences that are short, a matter of minutes, but with effects that are profoundly dazzling and lead to lengthy essays that try to explicate the puzzle It clearly affects the language centers of the brain It has led to the recognition of DMT entities, which may or may not be a new class of weird beings, neither animal nor plant, molecular nor metaphysical This book is a fascinating series of explorations of the paradigm busting and mind blowing experiences triggered by this substance Just reading about them is mind blowing Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., author of Searching for the Philosophers Stone Preserved in the pages of this book are some of the most extraordinary presentations I have ever had the pleasure to read It was my privilege to attend the 2017 Tyringham Initiative DMT Symposium and to learn firsthand from the assembled scientists and scholars about their research into DMT This substance opens doors into a hidden world, and to listen to and read these presentations is to discover that powerful advances are being made into understanding its meaning and potential Whitley Strieber, author of Communion and The Super Natural DMT Dialogues showcases the incredible, groundbreaking work of the Tyringham Initiative, which convenes cutting edge thinkers and scientists exploring the edge realms of the psyche, with the intention of furthering humanitys understanding of what lies beyond the edge of the known Daniel Pinchbeck, author of Breaking Open the Head DMT has a rich cultural history, a radically vibrant contemporary social context, complex biological mechanisms, theological and philosophical implications, and far reaching implications for the science of consciousness In DMT Dialogues, David Luke and Rory Spowers have curated an accessible anthology that sparks off in many of these directions and then kindles them together into a Promethean fire for our times Where do we go as a species with all this rising knowledge of the extraordinary farther reaches of the mind Only time will tell, and Im sure this book will help us find the way Oliver Robinson, Ph.D., author of Paths between Head and Heart Foreword About the Entheogenic Plant Sentience Symposium Rory Spowers Preface Objectives of the Symposium David Luke Acknowledgments DAY ONE The Origins, Evolution, and Esoteric Culture of DMT Introduction Exploring Entheogenic Entity Encounters Anton Bilton Chapter 1 The Pineal Enigma The Dazzling Life and Times of the Spirit Gland Graham St John DISCUSSION Chapter 2 Is DMT a Chemical Messenger from an Extraterrestrial Civilization Dennis McKenna DISCUSSION DAY TWO Frameworks for Thinking about DMT Chapter 3 ian Perspectives on Invisible Entities Jeremy Narby DISCUSSION Chapter 4 Concerning the Nature of the DMT Entities and Their Relation to Us Peter Meyer DISCUSSION Chapter 5 How to Think about Weird Beings Erik Davis DISCUSSION Chapter 6 Why May DMT Occasion Veridical Hallucinations and Informative Experiences Ede Frecska DISCUSSION DAY THREE Exploring the Whole of Reality Chapter 7 The Neurobiology of Conscious Interaction with Alternate Realities and Their Inhabitants Andrew Galli DISCUSSION Chapter 8 Morphic Resonance, Psychedelic Experience, and Collective Memory Rupert Sheldrake DISCUSSION Chapter 9 Psychedelics, Entities, Dark Matter, and Parallel Dimensions Graham Hancock DISCUSSION Chapter 10 The Nature of DMT Beings Perspectives and Prospects Rick Strassman DAY FOUR Summary and Departure Chapter11 What We Think We Know about DMT Entities David Luke Afterword What Next Rory Spowers Speaker Citations Speaker Biographies Discussant Biographies Editor and Symposium Curator Biographies Index Dimethyltryptamine Books Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store Fall Announcements Religion Spirituality This season s list includes many titles big name figures that address how spiritual thinking can help to bridge divides, be they personal, social, spiritual, or political Methamphetamine Wikipedia Methamphetamine contracted N methylamphetamine is potent central nervous system CNS stimulant mainly used as recreational drug and less commonly second line treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder obesity was discovered in exists two enantiomers levo methamphetamine dextro Read Improving Diagnosis Health Care NAP FIGURE Diagnostic team members the tasks perform are 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