⫸ Best new Ù The Four-Pack Revolution: How You Can Aim Lower, Cheat on Your Diet, and Still Lose Weight and Keep It Off ❱ By Chael Sonnen ⇼

⫸ Best new  Ù The Four-Pack Revolution: How You Can Aim Lower, Cheat on Your Diet, and Still Lose Weight and Keep It Off  ❱ By Chael Sonnen ⇼ ⫸ Best new Ù The Four-Pack Revolution: How You Can Aim Lower, Cheat on Your Diet, and Still Lose Weight and Keep It Off ❱ By Chael Sonnen ⇼ IntroductIon Lower your expectations Plan for failure Prepare for success You wait behind the curtain like King Kongthe main attraction Your pulse thumps like a drum, drowning out the cheers and muffled music The months of sacrifice have left your body looking like its been carved from granite Your stomach churns with nervous energy and excitementa thirst Not for victory or glory but for water Youve been dehydrating your body and restricting your caloric intake to make weight for this fight, and it worked Now, on weigh in day, youre in the best shape of your life As you step out from behind the curtain you are greeted with an assault of flashbulbs, cheers, and raucous boos Out of the corner of your eye, your opponent emerges He is your date in the cage tomorrow night, an event that will be broadcast to millions around the world Stripping to your underwear, you feel yourself flex as thousands of Brazilian fans begin chanting, Uh vai morrer This roughly translates to YOU WILL DIE At least they dont mince words Months of training twice a day A strict, finely tuned diet Its taken a tremendous amount of mental and physical discipline to bring your body to this point Its so difficult to maintain this body fat percentage that it can only be achieved a few times a yearand it doesnt last long As the commission announces that youve made weight, relief floods your body, like its been submerged in a warm bath But quickly youre back at attention as your eyes find your opponent You turn to face him and focus on your target Hes the reason you are here You stand inches from each others faces, your stares already grappling, locked in a hold The crowd roars You came for a fightand tomorrow night, youre going to get one Fists up Pose for the cameras That image will be shared across hundreds of websites and thousands of Twitter feeds The casual fan may think this is what fighters look like all year roundsolidly defined, yoked up machinesbut thats not the case, and this scenario is not exclusive to fighters The fitness model flexing on the cover of a magazine doesnt roll out of bed on any given day looking flawless, either During the photo shoot, they are severely dehydrated and have starved themselves to achieve that desired shredded look Not to mention, they are at the peak of their physical conditioning, as well as the beneficiaries of some pretty exceptional genes And truth be told, many of them are also on steroids Steroids are not just prevalent in professional and amateur athletics any Many in Hollywood and the fitness industry also rely on artificial means to achieve their incredible physiques If the image still doesnt look quite right after the photo shoot, not to worry The problem area will be fixed with the magic of Photoshop Looking like these fighters or cover models is the goal many of us strive for But we have been defrauded by diet books and workout programs designed to trick us into believing we too can achieve a perfect physique Perhaps, like the professionals, some of us could come close to this ideal state, but attempting to maintain this look for any reasonable amount of time while living a normal life is a recipe for disappointment and despair Still, the allure of a six pack is tempting We want to believe anyone who promises to help us get one, and we will do some pretty silly things in the process Remember the electric pads that attached to your abs The electric current making your muscles twitch was guaranteed to burn the fat off your belly, revealing a six pack Can you believe that product actually made it to market It wasnt that long ago either Were not sure how many people spent their hard earned money on this modern day snake oil, but it did sell Its not hard to imagine someone sitting on the couch in front of their TV, abs twitching away, desperately hoping that this would be the solution to their problem How many ab zapping sessions did it take before the device ended up in the junk drawer with the old power cords and cables that no one knows what to do with This is just one example of many fitness scams that have come and gone over the years that have promised to deliver a six pack None of them ever worked And unfortunately, a few people got rich from someone elses misery To anyone with a basic understanding of human physiology, these gimmicks have always seemed like foolish approaches to weight loss At least the Snuggie keeps you warm at night The truth is, we would be the first in line to spend money on a pill or magic machine that delivered weight loss without effort The concept of something for nothing is universally appealingbut thats not how life works You have to do the work You must give yourself time and, most importantly, remain consistent There is no other way We have helped many athletes make weight for wrestling and mixed martial arts competitions, and by the time they step on the scale they are often sporting a good oldfashioned six pack But this is a side effect of intense physical preparation and sacrifice, not the goal A highly refined, calorie reduced diet combined with dehydration and suffering led to that six pack Unfortunately, the level of discipline required to maintain that look is almost impossible to sustain for anyone living a normal life Getting to this level of fitness is all these athletes doits their full time job Could you realistically live such a restricted life Better question do you want to Wed like to have our cake and eat it too, but consider what happens to professional athletes when their careers are overtheir peak physique disappears quickly Even when fighters lose 30 pounds or in the weeks leading up to a fight, its a temporary state The majority of them regain the weight within days after competition Heres what the fantasy weight loss experience looks like for most of us Day 1 Your morning starts with a green shake and 27 minutes on the elliptical When you pop on the scale at midday you are delighted to discover youve already lost 4 pounds Momentum and euphoria carry you through the day Day 3 Your cravings are gone With energy, you move with a bounce in your step and you havent slept better in years Total weight loss to date 8 pounds Day 7 You hit your target weight Shopping for new clothes is fun, your abs are back, all 8 of them, and people notice the changes Time to celebrate Day 14 You go to the beach with friends in your new Jeep Everyone gasps as you take your shirt off You flex your abs and smile Good things happen to good people But you probably identify with the following Day 1 After months of procrastination, you finally decide to join a gym Throughout the first workout, your body and mind rebel with every repetition Day 3 Unbelievably, despite 7 hours of exercise and four weight loss shakes over the past 3 days, youve managed to gain a pound You are sore Waves of pain hit your muscles with every breath At 10 30 p.m you stare into your fridge, hoping a plate of orange chicken will magically appear You reluctantly scarf down some organic blueberries and go to sleep Day 7 Youve lost 2 pounds, your mood fluctuates with the wind, and although no one has told you, youre not that fun to be around The soreness is beginning to fade, but your cravings seem to escalate Day 10 You go out for drinks with friends, eat tacos at 3 00 a.m., and sleep off the booze the following day Nothing quells a hangover quite like greasy food Taking the weekend off from the gym, you say to yourself, Ill start again on Monday Day 28 You have repeated this cycle twice Weight loss to date half a pound The sad and unfortunate part of this scenario is that you were doomed to fail Unrealistic expectations and a misguided approach have left millions of people feeling helpless, frustrated, and defeated Were offering a different approach Lower your standards Plan for failure Prepare for success By doing so, a strong, healthy mind and body are within reach So stop pursuing an unattainable six pack Instead, aim for a four pack, where the top two thirds of your abs are showing A four pack is achievable while still enjoying life Its the wave of the future Heres why Genetics play a major role in what can be achieved, especially when it concerns your physique Unfortunately, most of us naturally have a hard time losing the fat that covers the lower portion of our abs Because of this, a six pack is extremely difficult for most people to obtain, especially for anyone over the age of 17 Even those of us who can achieve a six pack often find it virtually impossible to sustain For the record, there are people who are naturally lean and tend to be blessed with small appetites and fast metabolisms For them, gaining weight is the challenge Dont compare yourself They were dealt a different set of cards, and we can only play the hand we hold A four pack is realistic for most of us Not only will you look good, youll feel good, which is something we cant say for those hungry six pack people This frees you to enjoy other activities besides obsessing about your diet and body fat percentage Your friends and family will be ever so grateful We are all unique, and each of our bodies responds differently to diet and exercise Some of us seem to gain 6 pounds after eating a plate of pasta, while others are less sensitive to carbohydrates Your body today may have a different response to foods than it did 20 years ago You are constantly evolving and changing, even if at first glance life feels stagnant Healthy living is not a static state Balancing proper eating habits and workout regimens with the stress of daily life requires consistent but doable maintenance Setting your sights on a four pack is an achievable, realistic, and sustainable goal Our mission is to assist you in breaking the cycle of failure and bad habits that have kept you from making lasting progress Since there are multiple ways to create a four pack, our emphasis is on giving you the tools to discover what works best for you That said, there is a basic set of principles that apply to everyone After learning the fundamentals, your challenge will be to integrate these principles into your daily life A significant aspect of your four pack strategy is learning how to deal with the bad days that will inevitably occur If you are the type of person who believes you should not have any problems or if you avoid discomfort at all costs, you need to rethink your approach In the wise words of Tony Robbins, Your real problem may be that you think you shouldnt have any There is no way to achieve your goals by staying in your comfort zone Your best self is forged from sacrifice The mindset to rely on when times get tough is perfectly defined by the Finnish word sisu, which means continuing to act in the face of repeated failures and extreme odds Throughout your four pack journey, you can rely on a sisu mindset to overcome any obstacle The most damaging mistake many people make when attempting to lose weight is allowing one misstep to throw them off course Before they know it, 6 months pass and the scale reads 15 pounds heavier If you slip and drink a few beers and eat a burger, thats finemake up for it with your next meal No matter where you are or what mistakes youve made, theres always a route back And often the distance is much shorter than you have anticipated A few simple tweaks can change the direction of your life Dont burn the house down when things dont go your way Stay the course Adapt Sisu Its helpful to learn from others because we often make the same few mistakes starting too fast, setting unrealistic expectations, and not having a plan B for when plan A stops yielding results So before that happens, here are some tips that will help you establish the right mindset for this journey Dont seek comfort Aim for fulfillment, which will support you on days when youre feeling frustrated Comfort is easy to come by but rarely produces significant results Its often paired with excuses and blame in order to lessen the pain of not living up to your expectations Leave those thoughts behind and remember that fulfillment leads to an extraordinary life Embrace the challenge, take a deep breath, and step up Learn to manage your discomfort and discover joy in the work The biggest battle is the one fought between your ears, so win the mental game and the rest will be easy Adjust your point of view You know exactly why you are out of shape Knowing how to change is where everyone gets stuck because there is involved than just diet and exercise You need to invest time in altering how you view your situation If you dont believe change is possible, youll never mobilize the resources necessary to create lasting results If you have attempted to make changes in the past and failed, remember that your own life is filled with examples where you have solved problems and found your way through tough situations Youve done it before and will do it again Expect to fail In most areas of life, its not a good idea to expect failure But when it comes to your diet, consider this you are going to be eating several times a day, every day, for the rest of your life So factor in a margin for error Do you know what they call a baseball player who fails almost 70 percent of the time An allstar Dont waste time wallowing in failurerefocus and get ready to go Lower your expectations But wait, you say I would never lower my expectations I want the best of everything Most people set unrealistic goals about whats possible in the near term, which leads to frustration and an increased risk of failure This is not the ideal foundation for any weight loss plan You can always raise the bar as you go Set obtainable goals and celebrate small victories Its a long road, so dont be afraid to stop and admire the progress youve made Imagine what you can accomplish with 12 months of focused effort Your life can and will be significantly different Ready to get started In the coming chapters, well lay out all the tools needed to create a new and enhanced version of yourself that will cut a great shape in a suit and look good poolside in Vegas.Its about time someone wrote this book Its a real game changer I only wish that I could have read it years ago.Georges St Pierre, three time UFC welterweight champion Follow the advice given in this book and you will have success, too Randy Couture, five time UFC Champion and New York Times bestselling author of Becoming the NaturalI love The Four Pack Revolution because its scientifically sound, easy to implement, and truthful.Dr Andy Galpin, Director, Center for Sport Performance at CSU Fullerton Four Pack coppercolorado Four s NEW COPPER MOUNTAIN x REI FOUR PACK The new Copper Mountain offers members the option to purchase a for In addition, will receive special programming offers, passholder parties among other perks yet come The Revolution How You Can Aim Lower, Cheat on Your Diet, and Still Lose Weight Keep It Off Chael Sonnen, Ryan Parsons, David Bendena FREE shipping qualifying washboard abs of fitness models magazine covers are work professionals extreme diets Home Facebook likes Not everyone can achieve six pack like cover model, but anyone four By Exotic Mediterranean Dish May , Description Things Need Know About our Spices Sourced from top quality suppliers different corners world basin Jackbox Party Steam Oct fourth in this storied party game franchise features Fibbage its mode, Enough twisted web Survive Internet dating contest Monster Seeking deranged debate match Bracketeering Sims Clothes YouTube Jun Bruna Castro Loading Unsubscribe Cancel Working Subscribe Subscribed K Meet Coca Cola US Athletes Team Up Apr athletes convene 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food using one utensil hand Ergonomically designed Pack Definition Merriam Webster definition bundle arranged convenience carrying especially back use sentence Synonym Discussion group or pile related objects See full Audiobook Listen Instantly presents total approach attainable goals debunking myths revealing science weight loss, arguing that system resets breaking diet actually health benefits, presenting how manage key hormones through diet, designing ten minute workouts effective than cardio Goodreads packBy adjusting expectations Download Lite Codec Pack Download There variants Ranging very small contains most essential decoders Chael Sonnen Patrick e l n born American mixed martial artist currently competing Heavyweight division Bellator MMAA professional MMA competitor since has also fought UFC, WEC Pancrase UFC Superstar speaks his mind gives unique perspective arts official YouTube channel Stats, Pictures, News, Videos, Biography Sherdog stats, photos, videos, news, Light fighter United States ChaelSonnen Twitter Always fun having DaveMasonBOL He gave us these early odds last month, he ll week w updates place fight weekend McGregor wins, they re trouble tough give Jon Jones anything less title return Fighter Profile heavyweight profile, biography, skill breakdown, record statistics, video class information Fight Results, Record, History, Videos Ariel, phone faceoff GSP latest episode Ariel Bad Guy, duo sees who Georges St Pierre answer call Guy Inc Inc founded star Signature tees baddest fans around sonnench Instagram photos videos k Followers, Following, Posts videos PodcastOne With Sonnen been tracking freestyle wrestling championships few thoughts men competition Also, Tito Chuck announces undercard, keeps giving Conor breaks down loss Khabib The Four-Pack Revolution: How You Can Aim Lower, Cheat on Your Diet, and Still Lose Weight and Keep It Off


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