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⇗ EUR 0,00 Download た Diary of an Oxygen Thief For Free ⦊ Book Author Anonymous ⨮ ⇗ EUR 0,00 Download た Diary of an Oxygen Thief For Free ⦊ Book Author Anonymous ⨮ I liked hurting girls Mentally, not physically, I never hit a girl in my life Well, once But that was a mistake Ill tell you about it later The thing is, I got off on it I really enjoyed it Its like when you hear serial killers say they feel no regret, no remorse for all the people they killed I was like that Loved it I didnt care how long it took either, because I was in no hurry Id wait until they were totally in love with me Till the big saucer eyes were looking at me I loved the shock on their faces Then the glaze as they tried to hide how much I was hurting them And it was legal I think I killed a few of them Their souls, I mean It was their souls I was after I know I came close a couple of times But dont worry, I got my comeuppance Thats why Im telling you this Justice was done Balance has been restored The same thing happened to me, only worse Worse because it happened to me I feel purged now, you see Cleansed Ive been punished, so its okay to talk about it all At least thats how it seems to me I carried the guilt of my crimes around with me for years after I stopped drinking I couldnt even look at a girl, much less believe I deserved to converse with one Or maybe I was just afraid that theyd see through me Either way, after getting into Alcoholics Anonymous, I didnt even kiss a girl for five years Seriously Not so much as holding hands I meant business I think I always knew deep down I had a drinking problem I just never got around to admitting it I drank purely for effect But then, as far as I was concerned, wasnt everyone doing the same thing I started to realize something was wrong when I began to get beaten up My mouth always got me into trouble, of course Id go up to the biggest guy in the place and look up his nostrils and call him a faggot And then when hed head butt me, Id say, Call that a headbutt So the guy would do it again harder The second time Id have less to say One of my victims stuck my head on an electric cooker ring In Limerick Stab City I was lucky to get out of that house alive Hed done it, though, because Id been taking the pith out of hiths listhp Maybe thats why I moved on to girls More sophisticated, doncha know And girls wouldnt beat me up Theyd just stare at me in disbelief and shock Their eyes, you see All the pretense and rules dissolved away There was just the two of us and the pain All those intimate moments, every little sigh, those gentle touches, the lovemaking, the confidences, the orgasms, the attempted orgasms all mere fuel The deeper in they were, the beautiful they looked when the moment came And I lived for the moment I was working freelance in advertising all through this period in London As an art director A contradiction in terms if ever there was one Its what I still do today Strangely, I was always able to get money Even in art school, I got a grant because my dad had just retired and I suddenly became eligible And after that I got job after job without too much trouble I never looked like a drunk, I just was one, and anyway in those days advertising was a far boozy affair than it is today Because I was freelance, I could be my own man, so to speak, and I would keep myself busy by ensuring I had dates lined up None of the girls were supposed to know this The idea was to have an impressive queue so that when one girl neared maturity usually after about three or four dates with some phone calls in between another would be introduced Then as one went onto the scrap heap, a new one would take her place Nothing unusual about my method, everyone did it But I enjoyed it so much Not the sex or even the conquest, but the causing of pain It was after my crazy night with Pen on that in a minute that I realized I had found my niche in life Somehow I was able to lure these creatures into my lair Half the time I was trying to push them away, but it had just the opposite effect And the fact that they were attracted to a piece of shit like me made me hate them even than if theyd laughed in my face and walked away As for looks Im nothing special, but Im told I have beautiful eyes Eyes from which nothing but truth could possibly seep They say the sea is actually black and that it merely reflects the blue sky above So it was with me I allowed you to admire yourself in my eyes I provided a service I listened and listened and listened You stored yourself in me Nothing had ever felt so right to me If Im honest, even today I miss hurting Im not cured of it, but I dont set out to systematically dismantle like I used to I dont miss the booze half as much Oh, to hurt again Since those heady days I heard an adage that seems to apply here Hurt people hurt people I see now that I was in pain and wanted others to feel it, too This was my way of communicating Id meet the women the first night and get the obligatory phone number and then after another couple of days, making them sweat a little, Id call and be all nervous They loved that Id ask them out and pretend I hardly ever did this kind of thing and say that I hadnt been out a lot in London because I didnt really know the scene This was true, though, because all I used to do was get out of my head in local bars around Camberwell Wed agree to meet somewhere I liked Greenwich, with the river and the boats and of course the pubs And it had a great boyfriend girlfriend feel Nice and respectable Id be half out of it before we even met, but Id be witty and charming and boyish and shaking Trying to put me at ease, theyd smile and comment on my trembling, thinking I was nervous to create a good impression Because I wasnt getting in enough booze, my very being would shudder Id have to order two large Jamesons at the counter for her every half lager Id down the Jimmys without her seeing and then on with the show Lovely I didnt really care if I got them into bed or not I just wanted some company while I got pissed, while I waited for the courage to hurt to well up in me And they seemed pleased because I wasnt trying to grope them Sometimes I would But mostly Id be fairly well behaved This would go on for a few dates In the meantime I would encourage them to tell me about themselves This is very important for the successful moment later The they confided and invested in you, the deeper the shock and the satisfying the moment at the end So, Id be told of their dogs habits, their teddy bears names, their fathers moods, their mothers fears Did I like kids How many brothers and sisters did I have A sitcom I had to sit through But it was okay, because I knew Id be writing her out of the series Shed talk and talk and talk, and Id nod Raise a strategic eyebrow Grimace when necessary Guffaw or feign shock, whatever was required Id watch people in conversation and record their facial expressions Interest Raise one eyebrow and raise or lower the other depending on the conversation Attraction Try to blush Not easy, this thoughts of what I was going to do to her later helped And a blush usually begot a blush That is, if I could muster a blush, she was than likely to blush back Sympathy Crinkle the forehead and nod gently Charmed Cock your head to one side and smile apologetically Id supply these prefab masks on cue It was easy It was enjoyable Guys did it all the time to get laid I did it to get even Unkind to Womankind That was my mission Around this time I discovered the meaning of the word misogynist I remember thinking it hilarious that it had Miss as a prefix All I know is, I felt better when I saw someone else in pain But of course they would often hide how much I had hurt them Yes, it was a challenge in itself to help her externalize her feelings, but also bloody frustrating to have gone to all that trouble and then not be able to enjoy a dramatic playback Thats why it became necessary to condense everything into the one demonstrative moment Sophie was from South London She used to do the wardrobe for Angus Brady on the comedy show Arent You Glad to See Me I met her at a Camberwell College of Arts party that I had crashed After her, there was that designer girl whose name I honestly cant remember who Im sure I hurt very deeply because she never called me back Funny that, because even though I never met her again or even heard her say another word, I knew she had it bad How do I know I know There was Jenny She was the one who threw the beer in my face I was thrilled to have had a hand in causing so much rage Then came Emily But she doesnt really count because she was as good if not better at whatever this is than I was I kind of fell for her Laura was somewhere in there An ex band publicist with a superb arse that had survived a young daughter I woke up one morning and there was an eight year old girl watching as I tried to extricate myself from the freckled tentacles of her comatose mother And then after she guilted me into walking her to school, I got the feeling that mother and daughter made full use of the men that passed through their lives Like the Native American and the Buffalo, The Eskimo and the Seal, The Welfare Mother and Me And the one who started it all Penelope Arlington Id been going out with her for four and a half years Long time Shed been nice to me Nicer to me than any other girl had ever been When I spoke, she turned her head toward me and seemed to abandon herself to the meaning of my words I liked that It was only much later that I found out she was terrible in bed At the time I thought she was wanton She wasnt But shes the one I regret hurting the most Why Because she didnt deserve it Not that the others did, but she wouldnt have left me if I hadnt ripped her apart And I needed her to leave me because she was getting in the way of my drinking And one night I just cracked up Itd been bubbling for ages Simmer, simmer, bubble, stew gurgle I got completely fizzingly drunk and this whole chain of events began to rattle Why would anyone set out to break the heart of someone he loved Why would anyone intentionally cause that kind of pain Why did people kill each other Because they enjoyed it Was it really that simple To achieve a soul shattering, it is better if the perpetrator has been through the same experience Hurt people hurt people skillfully An expert heartbreaker knows the effect of each incision The blade slips in barely noticed, the pain and the apology delivered at the same time.Kinky, artsy, and swoon worthy New York Magazine The author does a great job I loved it Junot Diaz, author of The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao First he steals the oxygen from you, then he spits it right backin your face One of the most interesting and controversialencounters Ive made through a book Lorenzo DeRita, editor in chief, COLORS magazine A dark horse Williamsburg bestseller Jonas Kyle, Spoonbill F Scott Fitzgerald for the iPad generation Richard Nash, author of What is the Business of Literature New York Social Diary Society News Entertainment SOCIAL DIARY Autumn s arriving tomorrow night Meanwhile fate roped me into reading a book that I started at late hour and couldn t quit by Jane Stanton Hitchcock, called Bluff to be published in January crime novel is only the half or quarter of it Samuel Pepys Diary, Letters, Family Tree, Maps The Samuel Daily entries from th century London diary Welcome Doug Dirt Diary Stuff you may have missed racetrack, plus other stuff won want miss The Frida Kahlo An Intimate Self Portrait Carlos Fuentes on FREE shipping qualifying offers intimate life artist wonderfully revealed illustrated journal she kept during her last years This passionate times surprising record contains thoughts John Redwood Speaking for England Many people are tired model business which keeps inviting continent take low paid jobs No wonder we productivity problem, as recruiting tens thousands each year has become 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