৯ free Data-oriented Development with AngularJS online ḉ E-Pub Author Manoj Waikar ᰠ

৯ free Data-oriented Development with AngularJS online ḉ E-Pub Author Manoj Waikar ᰠ ৯ free Data-oriented Development with AngularJS online ḉ E-Pub Author Manoj Waikar ᰠ Write DSLs for your user interface code using AngularJS directives and add real time capabilities to your applications using AngularFire s three way data binding with Firebase

About This Book

Create powerful custom HTML elements and attributes using AngularJS directivesStore and sync data in real time using FirebasePractical working examples to help you apply your knowledge to solve real world problems

Who This Book Is For

This book helps beginner level AngularJS developers organize AngularJS applications by discussing important AngularJS concepts and best practices If you are an experienced AngularJS developer but haven t written directives or haven t created custom HTML controls before, then this book is ideal for you.

What You Will Learn

Experience the power of two way data binding using AngularJS and three way data binding using Firebase Use dependency injection in AngularJS Get the http and resource services to work with REST APIs Realize the full power of AngularJS by writing custom elements, attributes, and so on, using directives Create real time apps using Firebase and AngularJS Discover the benefits and uses of Node.js, Yeoman, Yo Angular generator, Grunt, and Bower Get to grips with the basics of Git and use Git flow for a productive Git branching workflow

In Detail

AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks used to write single page applications and is suitable for developing large scale enterprise applications With Firebase, you can easily store and sync data in real time It has libraries for all the major web and mobile platforms including AngularJS and bindings for the most popular frameworks such as Node.js.Data oriented Development with AngularJS is a systematic learning guide that covers important AngularJS concepts such as data binding, dependency injection, directives, and so on It also covers the basics of Firebase and three way data binding with AngularFire You ll be able to create a small project and build a real time application using Firebase and AngularJS This project uses most of the concepts and best practices learned in the book so that you can apply the very same principles in real world AngularJS development.Manoj Waikar Manoj Waikar has been developing software for close to 15 years now He started writing desktop applications in VB6 and has used almost all of the.NET and C versions to write enterprise software His urge to improve his craft led him to explore, and eventually use, open source frameworks such as NHibernate, Spring.NET, NUnit, Moq, and so on, which, until a few years ago, were not commonly used in the.NET world He admires RoR Ruby on Rails and thanks Microsoft for ASP.NET MVC and Web API Due to some of the limitations of server side MVC frameworks, he introduced AngularJS in one of the UK based start ups that he worked with and used it to great success He is interested in functional programming and loves Clojure a Lisp for the JVM and ClojureScript which compiles to JavaScript Of late, he has also started exploring F and considers it the best language for the.NET platform. IOSR Other Useful Journals IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering JCE Electrical and Electronics JEEE Mechanical Civil JMCE Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana PM Jan Dhan Yojana The recovery method under pradhan mantri mudra yojana Bank would work on both ends, as per the scheme It ensure that proper adequate credit facility is facilitated to needy entrepreneurs one hand, whereas, accurate efficient followed by banks other, create a justifiable Data-oriented Development with AngularJS


    • Data-oriented Development with AngularJS
    • 4.2
    • 463
    • Format Kindle
    • 156 pages
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    • Manoj Waikar
    • Anglais
    • 21 August 2017

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