う Format Kindle Download ☌ The Bus: My Life in and out of a Helmet For Free ⎛ Kindle Ebook Author Jerome Bettis ⏷

う Format Kindle Download ☌ The Bus: My Life in and out of a Helmet For Free ⎛ Kindle Ebook Author Jerome Bettis ⏷ う Format Kindle Download ☌ The Bus: My Life in and out of a Helmet For Free ⎛ Kindle Ebook Author Jerome Bettis ⏷ First QuarterJanuary 15, 2006AFC Divisional PlayoffPittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis ColtsRCA DomeIndianapolis, Ind Steelers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt sat nervously in the visiting team coaches booth of the RCA Dome A once ear splitting sellout crowd of 57,449 was now strangely subdued, as if their mouths had been duct taped shut Only eighty seconds stood between the Steelers and a second consecutive trip to the AFC Championship game Pittsburgh led, 21 18, and had the ball on the Colts 2 yard line.The reality of the situation had become depressingly clear to the hometown fans Not only did the Steelers have four downs to cover just 2 yards for the game clinching score, but the mass transit system known as Jerome The Bus Bettis was jogging toward the Pittsburgh huddle It was over The Colts, favored by as many as ten points by the Las Vegas wise guys, were going to lose It would take the Colts the football equivalent of Pittsburgh s fabled 1972 Immaculate Reception, to save them.Whisenhunt discussed the Steelers options with head coach Bill Cowher There were two choices Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger could take three snaps and then take a knee three consecutive times, forcing the Colts to use each of their remaining timeouts Then the Steelers could kick a chip shot field goal on fourth down, meaning Colts quarterback Peyton Manning would have about a minute, maybe less, to attempt a touchdown drive with no timeouts remaining against the AFC s No 1 defense.Or they could do what they had done for years Give the ball to Bettis.Whisenhunt knew if the Steelers scored to move ahead by ten the Colts couldn t possibly recover Whisenhunt recommended the Steelers board the Bus. You give the ball to Jerome because Jerome doesn t fumble, he told Cowher and the other offensive assistants We re OK because Jerome doesn t fumble. Cowher agreed.Whisenhunt called for a goal line formation The play was a no brainer Counter 38 Power Bettis could run it with his eyes squeezed shut Nobody in Steelers history has run that play better than Bettis Of his 10,000 plus yards gained in a Pittsburgh uniform, it would be fair to say that at least a third of those yards had come on Counter 38 Power.The Steelers offense took the field The safest rushing play in the team s Old Testament thick playbook had been called.In a nearby broadcast booth, the team of WBGG AM radio play by play announcer Bill Hillgrove, who had spent twelve years as The Voice of the Steelers, and analyst Tunch Ilkin, a former Pittsburgh All Pro offensive tackle, told their listeners on the forty seven station, three state wide Steelers network that the game was done The last eighty seconds A formality, nothing .As the Steelers broke the huddle, Hillgrove described the action.Hillgrove Now the ball s at the 2 yard line It s gone over on downs to Pittsburgh They have a first and goal and they ve got Jerome Bettis in that lineup.Ilkin For all you fantasy football players out there that have Jerome you ve got to be very excited right now.Hillgrove Wouldn t it be nice for him to get his second touchdown of the game Here s the give to Jerome He has it and Ilkin Oh Fumble Fumble He picked it up oh, no Hillgrove The ball is fumbled and the Colts pick it up Look out Ilkin Oh, no My gosh Oh, my gosh Hillgrove Nick Harper has it Ilkin Oh, my gosh Somebody s got to tackle him Hillgrove Big Ben tackles him He tackles him at the 42 yard line.Ilkin Oh, my gosh Hillgrove Jerome Bettis, who rarely fumbles, fumbles at the goal line Nick Harper picks it up and the Colts are still alive with 1 01 to go Ilkin Oh, my gosh Oh, my gosh All you got to do is fall on the ball What a turn of events OK, now you got 1 01 left, right The Colts got the ball on the 42 yard line The game is not over Cancel the reservations to Denver We got to finish this one out here Unbelievable I just can t believe what I just saw The Steelers hand the ball off to Jerome with 1 20 All you gotta do is take three in a row quarterback sneaks The Steelers are lucky that that ball isn t run in for a touchdown by Harper If it wasn t for Ben Roethlisberger making a shoestring tackle the game s over the other way.Whisenhunt and the other assistants were in shock Bettis fumble How was that possible Bettis hadn t fumbled once in the entire 2005 season He d only fumbled ten times in his last six seasons, only forty one times in 3,479 regular season carries.A disturbing thought flashed through Whisenhunt s mind What if that was the last carry of Bettis s career Imagine that The final carry in the glorious thirteen year career of Jerome Bettis would cost the Steelers a chance to reach the AFC Championship and if they were to beat the Denver Broncos to play Super Bowl XL in Bettis s hometown of Detroit.Whisenhunt wasnt the only one thinking Bettis s career might have come to an inglorious end In Miami Lakes, Florida, Bettis s former NFL teammate Tim Lester had watched the ball pop free and bounce into Harper s hands. No, my boy can t go out like that, thought Lester, who was Bettis s fullback in Los Angeles, St Louis, and Pittsburgh It can t end this way. In El Paso, Texas, Bettis s former high school coach Bob Dozier also stared at the television screen in disbelief Wow, this can t be, he thought This kid s done too much to deserve this. And at Cupha s bar on Pittsburgh s South Side, Steelers fan Terry O Neill, forty nine, saw the play and immediately went into cardiac arrest Two firemen from Company No 22, who just happened to be in the bar watching the game, rushed to O Neill s aid and revived him.The RCA Dome crowd was so loud that the players eardrums begged for mercy Manning had sixty one seconds, three timeouts, and the conference s highest scoring offense at his disposal He needed 25 to 30 yards to move into feasible field goal range, 58 yards to win the game outright.Ilkin, in need of a hug, later asked sideline reporter Craig Wolfley for an update. Well, guys, I m just standing here, just watching Jerome Bettis, said Wolfley Iv e been watching him the last minute or two, and for such an unbelievable career, for such a great leader for the Steelers, this has got to be one of those moments that you just can t believe It s like a nightmarish moment He was on his knee, and just the look on his face just said everything about what he was feeling at this time. No, it didnt It couldnt.For thirteen years I had left bits and pieces of myself on NFL football fields from Pittsburgh to San Francisco, all for the chancejust the chanceto play in a Super Bowl Thats 13,662 yards, and who knows how many punishing hits, just for the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of my profession And this one, Super Bowl XL, was going to be in the city where I was born and raised, the city where I carried my first football, where I played my high school ball, where my parents still lived, where I still had deep, strong roots.Now, in only a few seconds time, my last chance at realizing my ultimate football dream was in serious jeopardy And it was my fault All my fault.All playoff games are special, but this one meant to us because about six weeks earlier we had gotten our asses beat by the Colts And I mean beat267 at the RCA Dome Now we had a rematch.Before the game, everybody was talking trash While we were going through our pregame warmups in the end zone, some of the Colts fans started yapping at us I let them yap, but then I told them, Ill be back to see you soon, real soon.I dont usually mouth off to fans, but I felt so good I couldnt contain myself I wanted them to know Id be in the end zone again, but I d have a football in my hands and a touchdown on the scoreboard.From the opening snap we unleashed everything we had and led, 140, at the end of the first quarter The Colts fans behind our bench were jawing at me, and I was jawing back.Aw, you wasnt expecting this, were you I said Uhhuh What a difference a day makes.I was playing with them, but there wasnt much they could say back They were frustrated with their team, and we were the ones responsible for the frustration.Then, late in the third quarter, I dove into the end zone on a 1yard touchdown run to put us ahead, 213 Id warned those Colts fans Id visit them again.I let out a huge scream You could see the dejection in the fans faces They didnt expect us to come in there and dominate the game.Oh, I was going crazy It was so sweet Then the Colts scored early in the fourth quarter, but we were still up, 2110 No problem.Back and forth it went until Troy Polamalu intercepted a Manning pass near midfield with 5 33 left in the game I was thinking to myself, OK, we can seal the deal This is my time now Time to pound the ball, get the tough yards, squeeze the life out of the clock and the Colts.I started to run onto the field, but then the officials told us that Colts coach Tony Dungy was challenging the call Huh What was there to challenge Manning threw it Troy intercepted it Our ball.Except that referee Pete Morelli looked at the replay and saidand I still cant believe thisthat Troy didnt have possession of the ball Incomplete pass Whoa, what was going on here The NFL would later say Morelli made a mistake, that the interception shouldnt have been overturned But that didnt help us then.I went back to the sideline and watched nervously as Manning hit a 9yard pass, a 20yard pass, a 24yard pass Bam, bam, bam Then Edgerrin James scored on a 3yard run Then Manning hit Reggie Wayne for the twopoint conversion It was, 2118, and here we go.Later, with 1 27 left and the ball at the Colts 12, Joey Porter sacked Manning for a 10yard loss on fourth down I watched the whole thing from the sideline and it was such a perfect moment Time for me to go to work.But first I had to do some bragging Like I said, I hardly ever popped off during a game, but I couldnt help myself this time I ran out on the field and when I saw Colts defensive tackle Corey Simon, I just went off on him.We shocked the world I said Yeah, I knew you wasnt ready for this Yall didnt think we had anything coming in.I saw Colts linebacker Cato June and I started lipping off to him too.Yeah, yall came in talking all that talkthought it was going to be that same old stuff Uhuh.This was totally not me I was rubbing it in their faces.So we got in the huddle and I knew I was getting the ball I told myself, OK, Bus, its on now I was ready to punch it in Ben called the play Counter 38 Power.This was our money play We called it, the bread and butter play In fact, we ran that play so much over the years that our offensive line coach, Russ Grimm, would look at me from the sidelines and start moving his right hand over his left palm, like he was buttering a slice of bread Time for Counter 38 Power.Ben took the snap I took the handoff.The way the play was supposed to work was like this I take a jab step to the left, then go to the right and get the ball from Ben My right guard blocks down, the right tackle blocks down My left guard, Alan Faneca, pulls around and kicks out the defender, and I run inside his block.But on that play, Faneca decided to turn up a little bit early He thought he saw a hole inside and decided to turn up that way Faneca had been to five Pro Bowls and was one of the best in the business If he thought he saw a hole, then that was fine by me.The problem was, with him turning upfield early, I got no kickout block on the linebacker, and that linebacker, Gary Brackett, was just sitting there waiting for me So I decided to try to squeeze inside him I knew I could still score, but I had to cut back inside Id made the same move thousands of times in my career.So I sort of turned my body sideways and Brackett shot over and delivered a perfect hit Ive got gigantic hands and it just about takes a sledgehammer to get the ball out of my hold But Bracketts helmet hit the ball flush An absolutely perfect hit In fact, if you look at the replay, its not like I was being careless with it I still had my hand cupped over where the ball used to be.I felt the ball pop out, but I couldnt see it Brackett had me by the knees and I was falling backward toward the goal line I was trying to find the ball on the turf I figured it was somewhere near my feet Its weird In that split second that I was falling I thought, Well, at the very worst theyll recover the fumble on the 3yard line and theyll still have to drive 97 yards for the win.Just as I was about to hit the ground I saw the ball It wasnt on the turfit was still floating in the air Then I saw Nick Harper, who played cornerback, grab it after the ball bounced off the turf at the 7 and Im thinking, Oh, my God Oh, my God I dont believe I just fumbled the football I cannot believe I just fumbled the football.At first, everything was in slow motion It was like that movie The Untouchables, when the baby carriage is rolling down the train station steps and a gunfight breaks out When I finally saw the ball in the air my mind was screaming, Nooooooooo But I couldnt stop what was happening I was completely helpless.Then I saw Harper break free, and suddenly the only things in slow motion were the guys chasing him We had our goalline unita lot of 300poundersin the game, so the chances of somebody catching him from behind werent good I saw Kendall Simmons, our 315pound guard, chasing after him I saw our fullback, Dan Kreider, doing the same thing And I saw Ben in the distance And me I was on my butt, and by myself most of the Colts defenders had sprinted off to try to block for Harper I was a lonely, lonely soul From the Hardcover edition.Exciting entertaining extra special like the Bus himself Dan Rooney, owner of the Pittsburgh SteelersThis is one Bus ride you won t want to get off Rick Reilly, bestselling author of Whos Your Caddy and Missing Links New Jersey Transit To view bus timetables in PDF format, select the route number below TIP quickly jump to your route, click selector box and type We would like show you a description here but site won t allow us Home Metro NexTrip Get real time departure times for routes Advance Drive Driving School Galway I recently received tuition my category D Bus test with Advance DriveIt was first i used this driving school also passed vehicle test,first timeExcellent,patient delivered proffessional mannerI lucky enough get job two weeks afterI highly recommend Advance,thanks Philip Scottish Major Operator Fleetlists last updated rd Hello Joe, Sorry hear are having problems currently midst of some link updating If hit CTRL F then go Don Let Pigeon Mo Willems Don on FREE shipping qualifying offers Pre schoolers will meet their match fall love award winning, laugh out loud picture book about demanding adorable Seira Wilson Transperth Home Transperth provide public transport services Perth metro area Keeping London moving Transport London Information all forms including cycle hire Routes, maps, plan journey, tickets sales, realtime traffic travel updates Chicago Transit Authority CTA Buses Train Service train service around Chicago Find schedules, alerts, trip, jobs, news Lady Gets A lady gets Without saying word, she gestures driver by sticking her thumb nose waving fingers atJerome Bettis Wikipedia Jerome Abram Sr born February nicknamed The Bus, is former American football halfback who played Los Angeles Rams St Louis Pittsburgh Steelers National Football League NFL Bettis, RB at NFL Published Dec , pm wide receiver Antonio Brown beats double coverage yard touchdown Stats Pro Reference All logos trademark property owners not Sports Reference LLC present them purely educational purposes Our reasoning presenting offensive Hall Fame Official Site Former running back retired rushing yards, member class Website About Enterprises Inc nerve center business ventures, which steers direction JeromeBettis Twitter latest Tweets from Proud husband father amazing kids Class Super Bowl Champion Notre Dame Alum Founder Stops Here Fdn Career Height Weight Age Born Detroit MI College Experience Seasons Induction ESPN complete career stats ESPN Highlights YouTube Apr do own anything rights nfl, pittsburgh steelers, song writers, etc Our Menu Grille At we make virtually every item house Executive Chef works daily procure local ingredients season ensure freshest product goes each dish The Bus: My Life in and out of a Helmet


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