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⇕ New Noah's Compass: A Novel ⦿ PDF by Anne Tyler ⨁ ⇕ New Noah's Compass: A Novel ⦿ PDF by Anne Tyler ⨁ In the sixty first year of his life, Liam Pennywell lost his job It wasnt such a good job, anyhow Hed been teaching fifth grade in a second rate private boys school Fifth grade wasnt even what hed been trained for Teaching wasnt what hed been trained for His degree was in philosophy Oh, dont ask Things seemed to have taken a downward turn a long, long time ago, and perhaps it was just as well that he had seen the last of St Dyfrigs dusty, scuffed corridors and those interminable after school meetings and the reams of niggling paperwork.In fact, this might be a sign It could be just the nudge he needed to push him on to the next stagethe final stage, the summing up stage The stage where he sat in his rocking chair and reflected on what it all meant, in the end.He had a respectable savings account and the promise of a pension, so his money situation wasnt out and out desperate Still, he would have to economize The prospect of economizing interested him He plunged into it with enthusiasm than hed felt in yearsgave up his big old fashioned apartment within the week and signed a lease on a smaller place, a one bedroom plus den in a modern complex out toward the Balti Beltway Of course this meant paring down his possessions, but so much the better Simplify, simplify Somehow he had accumulated far too many encumbrances He tossed out bales of old magazines and manila envelopes stuffed with letters and three shoe boxes of index cards for the dissertation that he had never gotten around to writing He tried to palm off his extra furniture on his daughters, two of whom were grown ups with places of their own, but they said it was too shabby He had to donate it to Goodwill Even Goodwill refused his couch, and he ended up paying 1 800 GOT JUNK to truck it away What was left, finally, was compact enough that he could reserve the next smallest size U Haul, a fourteen footer, for moving day On a breezy, bright Saturday morning in June, he and his friend Bundy and his youngest daughters boyfriend lugged everything out of his old apartment and set it along the curb Bundy had decreed that they should develop a strategy before they started loading Liam was reminded of a photographic series that hed seen in one of those magazines he had just thrown away National Geographic Life Different people from different parts of the world had posed among their belongings in various outdoor settings There was a progression from the contents of the most primitive tribesmans hut a cooking pot and a blanket, in Africa or some such to a suburban American familys football field sized assemblage of furniture and automobiles, multiple TVs and sound systems, wheeled racks of clothing, everyday china and company china, on and on and on His own collection, which had seemed so scanty in the gradually emptying rooms of his apartment, occupied an embarrassingly large space alongside the curb He felt eager to whisk it away from public view He snatched up the nearest box even before Bundy had given them the go ahead Bundy taught phys ed at St Dyfrig He was a skeletal, blue black giraffe of a man, frail by the looks of him, but he could lift astonishing weights And Damiana limp, wilted seventeen year oldwas getting paid for this So Liam let the two of them tackle the heavy stuff while he himself, short and stocky and out of shape, saw to the lamps and the pots and pans and other light objects He had packed his books in small cartons and so those he carried too, stacking them lovingly and precisely against the left inner wall of the van while Bundy singlehandedly wrestled with a desk and Damian tottered beneath an upside down Windsor chair balanced on top of his head Damian had the posture of a consumptivenarrow, curved back and buckling knees He resembled a walking comma The new apartment was some five miles from the old one, a short jaunt up North Charles Street Once the van was loaded, Liam led the way in his car He had assumed that Damian, who was below the legal age for driving a rental, would ride shotgun in the van with Bundy, but instead he slid in next to Liam and sat in a jittery silence, chewing on a thumbnail and lurking behind a mane of lank black hair Liam couldnt think of a single thing to say to him When they stopped for the light at Wyndhurst he contemplated asking how Kitty was, but he decided it might sound odd to inquire about his own daughter Not until they were turning off Charles did either of them speak, and then it was Damian Swingin bumper sticker, he said.Since there were no cars ahead of them, Liam knew it had to be his own bumper sticker Damian meant BUMPER STICKER, it reada witticism that no one before had ever seemed to appreciate Why, thanks, he said And then, feeling encouraged I also have a T shirt that says T SHIRT Damian stopped chewing his thumbnail and gaped at him Liam said, Heh, heh, in a helpful tone of voice, but still it seemed that Damian didnt get it.The complex Liam was moving to sat opposite a small shopping mall It consisted of several two story buildings, flat faced and beige and bland, placed at angles to each other under tall, spindly pines Liam had worried about privacy, seeing the network of paths between buildings and the flanks of wide, staring windows, but during the whole unloading process they didnt run into a single neighbor The carpeting of brown pine needles muffled their voices, and the wind in the trees above them made an eerily steady whispering sound Cool, Damian said, presumably meaning the sound, since he had his face tipped upward as he spoke He was under the Windsor chair again It loomed like an oversized bonnet above his forehead.Liams unit was on the ground floor Unfortunately, it had a shared entrancea heavy brown steel door, opening into a dank smelling cinderblock foyer with his own door to the left and a flight of steep concrete steps directly ahead Second floor units cost less to rent, but Liam would have found it depressing to climb those stairs every day.He hadnt given much thought beforehand to the placement of his furniture Bundy set things down any old where but Damian proved unexpectedly finicky, shoving Liams bed first one way and then another in search of the best view Like, youve got to see out the window first thing when you open your eyes, he said, or how will you know what kind of weather it is The bed was digging tracks across the carpet, and Liam just wanted to leave it where it stood What did he care what kind of weather it was When Damian started in on the deskit had to be positioned where sunlight wouldnt reflect off the computer screen, he saidLiam told him, Well, since I dont own a computer, where the desk is now will be fine That about wraps things up, I guess.Dont own a computer Damian echoed.So let me just get you your money, and you can be on your way.But how do you, like, communicate with the outside world Liam was about to say that he communicated by fountain pen, but Bundy said, chuckling, He doesnt Then he clapped a hand on Liams shoulder Okay, Liam, good luck, man.Liam hadnt meant to dismiss Bundy along with Damian He had envisioned the two of them sharing the traditional moving day beer and pizza But of course, Bundy was providing Damians ride back It was Bundy whod picked up the U Haul, bless him, and now hed be returning it So Liam said, Well, thank you, Bundy Ill have to have you over once Im settled in Then he handed Damian a hundred and twenty dollars in cash The extra twenty was a tip, but since Damian pocketed the bills without counting them, the gesture felt like a waste See you around, was all he said Then he and Bundy left The inner door latched gently behind them but the outer door, the brown steel one, shook the whole building when it slammed shut, setting up a shocked silence for several moments afterward and emphasizing, somehow, Liams sudden solitude.Well So Here he was.He took a little tour There wasnt a lot to look at A medium sized living room, with his two armchairs and the rocking chair facing in random directions and filling not quite enough space A dining area at the far end Formica topped table from his first marriage and three folding chairs , with a kitchen alcove just beyond The den and the bathroom opened off the hall that led back to the bedroom All the floors were carpeted with the same beige synthetic substance, all the walls were refrigerator white, and there were no moldings whatsoever, no baseboards or window frames or door frames, none of those gradations that had softened the angles of his old place He found this a satisfaction Oh, his life was growing purer, all right He poked his head into the tiny den daybed, desk, Windsor chair and admired the built in shelves They had been a big selling point when he was apartment hunting two tall white bookshelves on either side of the patio door Finally, finally hed been able to get rid of those glass fronted walnut monstrosities he had inherited from his mother It was true that these shelves were less spacious Hed had to consolidate a bit, discarding the fiction and biographies and some of his older dictionaries But he had kept his beloved philosophers, and now he looked forward to arranging them He bent over a carton and opened the flaps Epictetus Arrian The larger volumes would go on the lower shelves, he decided, even though they didnt need to, since all the shelves were exactly, mathematically the same height It was a matter of aesthetics, reallythe visual effect He hummed tunelessly to himself, padding back and forth between the shelves and the cartons The sunlight streaming through the glass door brought a fine sweat to his upper lip, but he postponed rolling up his shirtsleeves because he was too absorbed in his task.After the study came the kitchen, less interesting but still necessary, and so he moved on to the boxes of foods and utensils This was the most basic of kitchens, with a single bank of cabinets, but that was all right hed never been much of a cook In fact here it was, late afternoon, and he was only now realizing that hed better fix himself some lunch He made a jelly sandwich and ate it as he worked, swigging milk straight from the carton to wash it down The sight of the six pack of beer in the refrigerator, brought over the day before along with his perishables, gave him a pang of regret that took a moment to explain Ah, yes Bundy He must remember to phone Bundy tomorrow and thank him at greater length Invite him to supper, even He wondered what carry out establishments delivered within his new radius.In the living room he arranged the chairs in what he hoped was a friendly conversational grouping He placed a lamp table between the two armchairs and the coffee table in front of them, and the other lamp table he set next to the rocker, which was where he imagined sitting to read at the end of every day Or all day, for that matter How else would he fill the hours Even in the summers, he had been accustomed to working St Dyfrig students could be counted on to require an abundance of remedial courses He had taken almost no vacationjust one week in early June and two in August.Well, think of this as one of those weeks Just proceed a day at a time, is all.On the kitchen wall, the telephone rang He had a new number but he had kept his existing plan, which included caller ID one of the few modern inventions he approved of , and he checked the screen before he lifted the receiver ROYALL J S His sister Hello he said.Hows it going, Liam Oh, fine I think Im just about settled.Have you made up your bed yet Well, no.Do it Now You should have done it first thing Pretty soon youre going to notice youre exhausted, and you dont want to be hunting for sheets then.Okay, he said.Julia was four years his senior He was used to receiving orders from her.Later in the week I may stop by and visit Ill bring you a pot of beef stew, she said.Well, thats very nice of you, Julia, he said.He hadnt eaten red meat in thirty some years, but it would have been useless to remind her.After he hung up he obediently made his bed, which was easily navigated since Damian had positioned it so there was walking space on either side Then he tackled the closet, where clothes had been dumped every which way He nailed his shoe bag to the closet door and fitted in his shoes he draped his ties on the tie rack that he found already installed Hed never owned a tie rack before Then, since he had the hammer out, he decided to go ahead and hang his pictures Oh, he was way ahead of the game Picture hanging was a finishing touch, something that took most people days But he might as well see this through.His pictures were unexceptionalvan Gogh prints, French bistro posters, whatever hed chosen haphazardly years and years ago just to save his walls from total blankness Even so, it took him a while to find the appropriate spot for each one and get it properly centered By the time hed finished it was after eight and hed had to turn all the lights on The ceiling globe in the living room had a burnt out bulb, he discovered Well, never mind hed see to that tomorrow All at once, enough was enough.He wasnt the slightest bit hungry, but he heated a bowl of vegetable soup in his miniature microwave and sat down at the table to eat it First he sat facing the kitchen alcove, with his back to the living room The view was uninspiring, though, so he switched to the end chair that faced the window Not that he had much to see even therejust a sheet of glossy blackness and a vague, transparent reflection of his own round gray headbut it would be nice in the daytime He would automatically settle in that chair from now on, he supposed He had a fondness for routine.When he stood up to take his empty bowl to the kitchen, he was ambushed by sudden aches in several parts of his body His shoulders hurt, and his lower back, and his calves and the soles of his feet Early though it was, he locked his door and turned off the lights and went into the bedroom His made up bed was a welcome sight As usual, Julia had known what she was talking about.He skipped his shower Getting into his pajamas and brushing his teeth took his last ounce of energy When he sank onto the bed, it was almost beyond his willpower to reach over and turn off the lamp, but he forced himself to do it Then he slid down flat, with a long, deep, groaning sigh.His mattress was comfortably firm, and the top sheet was tucked in tightly on either side of him as he liked His pillow had just enough bounce to it The window, a couple of feet away, was cranked open to let the breeze blow in, and it offered a view of a pale night sky with a few stars visible behind the sparse black pine boughsjust a scattering of pinpricks He was glad now that Damian had taken such trouble to situate the bed right.Most probably, he reflected, this would be the final dwelling place of his life What reason would he have to move again No new prospects were likely for him He had accomplished all the conventional tasksgrown up, found work, gotten married, had childrenand now he was winding down.This is it, he thought The very end of the line And he felt a mild stirring of curiosity.Then he woke up in a hospital room with a helmet of gauze on his head.Gracefully written tragicomedy seasoned with poetic images and gentle humor USA TodayAn arresting premise that pays off in unexpected ways Tylers writing is as lovely and transparent as ever The Boston GlobeTylers most profound strengths lie in her ability to make her stories resonate with readers With self assurance and her trademark empathy, Tyler makes the commonplace uncommonly rich and the ordinary extraordinarily touching Richmond Times DispatchA gripping, page turner of a novel that radiates with life Houston Chronicle Tyler reminds us of the infinite reach of our humanity.Minneapolis Star Tribune A sensitive, 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Anne born Minneapolis, Minnesota, grew up Raleigh, North Carolina She author than twenty novels Her twentieth novel, A SPOOL OF BLUE THREAD, short listed for Man Booker Prize Editor, Biography an American novelist who wrote , made into movie Learn Biography I am not spiritual person Books quiet whose subtly chronicle tensions secrets middle class family relationships rare interview, she talks about growing Quaker Attention, Please Has Something Say Jul nd Clock Dance, comes July around long, reliably turning such consistently high quality, easy take Home Facebook irresistible explores slippery alchemy attracting opposites, struggle rebuild after unspeakable tragedy work Guardian Dinner At Homesick Restaurant favourite pathologically forgiving Ezra makes walk appearances several later novels, reveals York Times Aug Fiction Latest Heroine Quits Cushy Arizona Quirky Balti her new staid retiree plunges off kilter lives single mother Clock review Washington Post very strange takes place early Dance college student named Willa flying boyfriend when suddenly man sitting other Book Series Order Pulitzer winning October With dozen name, won numerous awards during writing career, including Sunday Times Award Ambassador writer Britannica story comedies manners marked compassionate wit precise details domestic daughter Quakers, spent various communities Fantastic Fiction bestselling graduated nineteen from Duke University went do graduate Russian studies Columbia novel artists lost none inspired grace prose, nor sad, frank humor, limitless sympathy women ask little get less Books, eBooks, Audiobooks, Barnes award beloved Breathing LessonsOver distinguished singular gift peeling back layers life, produced over well stories criticism Phyllis Hennepin County, Minnesota day BREATHING LESSONS adventure, he thought, flow much anyone could Noah's Compass: A Novel


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    • Anne Tyler
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    • 18 November 2016

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