ᗦ Chapter ዯ The Insanity of God: A True Story of Faith Resurrected for early readers ᚩ Ebook By Nik Ripken 틎

ᗦ Chapter ዯ The Insanity of God: A True Story of Faith Resurrected for early readers ᚩ Ebook By Nik Ripken 틎 ᗦ Chapter ዯ The Insanity of God: A True Story of Faith Resurrected for early readers ᚩ Ebook By Nik Ripken 틎 The Insanity of God is a book you could read in a single sitting but you wont You cant Time and again you will have to stop, go aside, and weep At times you will weep for our suffering brothers and sisters around the world who experience persecution for King Jesus as normal Christianity At other times you will weep for joy at how the gospel continues to run wide across the globe in spite of demonic opposition And, you will also weep as the anemic and tepid Christianity of the American Church is exposed for the shameful counterfeit it too often is I was literally undone by this book I will not be the same for reading it Be warned neither will you Daniel L AkinPresident, Southeastern Baptist Theological SeminaryWhat can I possibly say about this book It completely and utterly wrecked me Half the time I found myself sitting in heartbreaking silence on the verge of tears, and the other half I found myself wanting to shout and dance over some of the stories No one will read this book and be the same person after the last page If you want a front row seat to the raw, potent, heart transforming power of Jesus, this book is a must read.Jeff BethkeAuthor, Why I Hate Religion, But Love JesusThis is a book that every well meaning Christian ought to read It gives the most comprehensive overview of what life is like for the true followers of Jesus who are willing to pay the whole price for following Him Extremely touching at times It makes you cry and it makes you laugh But remember they are your brothers and mine Therefore we have a responsibility of standing with them as part of the body of Christ worldwide.Brother AndrewFounder, Open Doors InternationalAuthor, Gods Smuggler and Secret Believers The Insanity of God is a compelling, convicting and life changing book This true story grips you from the introduction and keeps you reading page after page You will weep as you read about persecution around the world You will fall under conviction as you read about the commitment of Christians in dark places who risk their own lives to share the good news of Jesus You will be encouraged as you realize that the power of the gospel supersedes evil and the malevolent intentions of men In the end you will come away with a renewed sense of faith in God who truly is enough, even in the face of extreme persecution.Dr Mac BrunsonPastor, First Baptist Church Jacksonville, FLIn his book, The Insanity of God, Nik Ripkin takes us on a journey of extreme emotional highs and lows to demonstrate that our limited understanding of events in our lives is only one piece of Gods larger puzzle of fulfillment and salvation This book puts our daily struggles into perspective and leaves us inspired and ready for the next challenge.Dr Ben Carson Benjamin S Carson, Sr., M.D and Dr Evelyn Spiro, R.N Professor of Pediatric Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins School of MedicinePresident and Cofounder, The Carson Scholars FundAuthor, Gifted Hands Not only was Jesus persecuted, so are his followers to this day around the world This is a heart breaking, faith stretching, insiders look at what it means to pick up your cross and follow Jesus.Mark DriscollFounding Preaching Pastor of Mars Hill ChurchFounder of ResurgenceCofounder of Acts 29 NY Times 1 Best selling AuthorThe story is gripping the crisis is universal.John EldredgeAuthor, Wild At Heart and Beautiful OutlawWe are in danger of rapidly losing what it means to feel compassion for those held in the grip of sin on this broken planet After glancing at a few fleeting photos and hearing the usual review of todays tragedies on each evenings network news, we casually top off the evening with a little weather and sports before plodding off to an undisturbed sleep But for Jesus, the very sight of those crushed beneath the boot of the Adversary was nothing short of gut wrenching He was compelled to do something about it Now Nik Ripken takes you on a personal, real life journey with Jesus into the dark, back alleys of human depravity where only Christs love can overcome With remarkable clarity, this gifted writer transports you into a world where, through the blood stained glass of persecution, the light of Christ shines brightly.Tom ElliffPresident, International Mission BoardIn The Insanity of God we are reminded of the power of the gospel to save using biographical sketches that most of us in the American church will struggle to comprehend Deeply moving, intensely powerful and challenging describes the stories contained in these pages I cannot recommend it strongly enough This book will help you walk closely with Jesus and challenge you to take great risks for the sake of His name.Micah FriesLead Pastor, Frederick Boulevard, St Joseph, MONik and Ruth Ripken have long been heroes of mine as I have watched and admired them from afar, drawing personal inspiration from their passion, faith, and resilience that comes from the Resurrection Lord they serve More than once I have been encouraged to keep going, because they kept going, overcoming challenges that would crush lesser souls In this, I am not alone Around the world, I have met countless young missionaries who trace their pilgrimage back to the influence of Nik and Ruth The Insanity of God merges the Ripkens story with those of hundreds of other heroes of the faith who did not consider their present sufferings worth comparing to the glory that will one day be revealed in them These stories bear telling, and hearing, and reproducing You need to hear these stories that the Ripkins have rescued from this worlds prisons, gulags and shadows I pray that they will do for you what they have done for me encourage you to shake off your slumber and press on to the high calling that is ours in Christ Jesus.David GarrisonAuthor, Church Planting MovementsA touching, deeply stirring book about the seriousness of the Great Commission This book rekindled my passion to do all that God is leading me to do for the nations, to expect and attempt great things I am grateful for the grace that drips off every page of this great work.J.D GreearLead Pastor, The Summit ChurchIf theres one thing many desire, its going deeper and knowing the God of the Bible intimately When one takes the trip of following Jesus to the ends of the earth, having previously counted the cost, died to self, surrendered fully to His call, they may then know the reality of 2 Timothy 3 12, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution The Insanity of God will stretch you to new places of trusting God for the impossible in reaching the nations, at any cost.Johnny HuntPastor, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GAIn this life changing book, Nik Ripken recounts his adventures as one who walked in faith, hoping against hope, obeying Gods call regardless of its costs in hardships, pains, and bewilderments To the list of the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11, we may add our contemporaries who took Gods Word seriously, and at any cost I heartily recommend this epic story as a necessary vitamin to help Christians live out their faith in this terribly secular age, demonstrating that we walk by faith, and not by sight.Bassam Michael Madany Middle East ResourcesNik Ripken has told a great story, and in doing so he has made it clear that the question every believer must answer is whether we have the courage to bear the consequences of obediently exercising our freedom to be salt and light to all peoples, wherever they live Perhaps Nik has put it best when he says, Perhaps the question should not be, Why are others persecuted Perhaps the better question is, Why are we not John Maxwell New York Times Best selling AuthorThis is not a book Its a soul earthquake You dont read it as much as you experience it, and when its done with you, youll never be the same Ripkens story is one of those that shows up once in a generation, and everyone I know needs to read it The Insanity of God may very well be the book of the century.Johnnie MooreVice President, Liberty UniversityAuthor, Dirty God Jesus in the TrenchesOnce I picked up The Insanity of God I literally could not put it down After multiple occasions of participating in the Ripkens persecution workshops with our team at East West Ministries, I thought I was prepared for what I was about to encounter in The Insanity of God I was wrong Nik Ripken is truly one of the best, most captivating story tellers that I have ever met In The Insanity of God, these stories literally come to life, carrying the reader on a dramatic, life changing missionary journey with Nik and Ruthacross Africa and eventually around the world But these are not simply their stories, these are Gods stories Reading The Insanity of God led me to a wonderful, fresh encounter with Jesusand with His calling upon my life to go and make disciples of ALL nations, especially those in greatest spiritual darkness where persecution of witness for Jesus is most intense As I read these compelling stories of resurrected faith, I laughed out loud and I wept aloud as well I felt as though I was right thereliterally witnessing each miraculous story unfold right before my eyes These are Gods stories, powerful stories, like those recorded in the Book of Acts, played out in the lives of real, every day men and women all around the world Men and women whose extraordinary faith in the resurrected Jesus enabled them to endure unspeakable persecution and yet not lose heart Most of all, these faithful believers did not allow their tormentors to silence their witness for Jesus and for His gospel The Insanity of God ushers one into a fresh encounter with the Jesus and with the power of His resurrection, with the joy of being called to suffer for His Name, and with a compelling call to Find Jesus Find the gospel and then to follow Him and serve Him with resurrection faith and resurrection obedience anywhere He leads.Kurt NelsonPresident and CEOEast West Ministries International The Insanity of God is an incredible testimony to Gods power to overcome all forms of darkness No matter your circumstances, you cannot help but be both impressed and overwhelmed with the view Nik Ripken gives us into the circumstances in which believers in persecution live Yet, this is also a book that is immensely personal as it challenges us all to consider the cost of complacency as compared to the reward of sacrifice Read and be changed.Frank S PagePresident, SBC Executive CommitteeIf you think being a God follower will make life safe and secure, buckle your seat belt The Insanity of God will jolt you into a new reality and change your lifefor the better Discover the thrill and adventure of following Jesus like you never have before This book will awaken a new boldness in your spirit Dont miss out on this amazing message Drs Les Parrott and Leslie ParrottAuthors, Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts The Insanity of God tells an incredible story of faith lived out in the most difficult of circumstances It showcases the power and glory of God no matter the context, challenge, or opposition The Ripkens havent just lived this story, they have been students at each step of the way, learning from those who have suffered most and sharing those lessons with all of us As a result, you will not be the same person on the last page of this book as you were on the first You will be struck anew with the unquenchable power of a great God to build His kingdom and bring glory to His name May we read, may we learn, and may we go forward in the power of Him who brings light to the darkest of places Thom S RainerPresident, LifeWay Christian ResourcesPriorities Survive or thrive Peace or freedom Death or life Where can one find that Jesus is really enough Read The Insanity of God and youll be surprised how your worldview might change You might even pray for the persecution of the church by praying that believers in persecution will never stop loving and sharing Jesus Insane .Steve RidgwayCEO, Open Doors USAA captivating spiritual diary Join a journey of discovery how God is spreading his kingdom in the midst of adversity, suffering and even the most atrocious persecution It shares the experiences made in gathering the wisdom of 700 followers of Christ in 72 countries who are walking with Jesus in hard places A challenge to radical discipleship And a helpful source on how to cope with persecution.Prof Dr Christof SauerInternational Institute for Religious FreedomEditor, Suffering, Persecution, and MartyrdomIts true Gods thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways Isa 55 8 The Insanity of God is an account of Nik Ripkens life long and very personal journey of discovery into the ways of God related to persecution and suffering Youve heard that fish are not aware of the water they swim in Nik chronicles how God has revealed to him the water we all swim in related to persecution in our sojourn in the Kingdom of God on this earth All who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted 2 Tim 3 12 This book explains why Just as a pearl is formed from a simple grain of sand with layer upon layer of deposits until it becomes a large and lustrous thing of beauty, God has worked in Niks life to reveal the beauty of His ways and thoughts which are different from our own Inspiring Engaging Insightful.Curtis SergeantInternational Mission BoardDirector of Church Planting, Saddleback ChurchJesus call to discipleship is to come and die Few Christians take the call literally, but its not outside the realm of possibility given the current state of the persecuted church Insanity of God is not for safe Christians, or those interested in pursuing comfort over the cross Be warned, this book is a threat to mediocre, cautious, lukewarm faith.Ed StetzerPresident, LifeWay ResearchAuthor, Subversive Kingdom The Insanity of God is one of those rare books youll want to give to everyone you know But you may feel the need to apologize to those you give it to, knowing it will shake their world Give it to them anyway Its message is one every believer needs to hear, and for those who are looking for evidence that God still loves this world, youll find it here.Jeff TaylorCEO, Open Doors InternationalThe Ripkens simple faith and willingness to follow Jesus wherever He said to Go led them to wrestle with and discover some of the deepest truths of the faith In some of the darkest places on earth members of the persecuted church experience a fellowship with Christ and life in abundance that few of us have known As a follower of Christ, a husband, a father, and a missionary I was alternately encouraged and convicted by what I read I am humbled to call the people in the pages of this book my brothers and sisters This is a book I will read again and again and share with others.Ryan WilliamsExecutive Director, Leadership Development, Campus Ministry, CRUNik Ripken is the world s leading expert on the persecuted church in Muslim contexts He is a missions veteran of 30 years, having served primarily in North Africa and the Middle East He is the author ofThe Insanity of Godand the newbookThe Insanity of Obedience He and his wife have done extensive research on the persecuted church, and on Muslim background believers, in approximately 72 countries. The Insanity of God IMDb Based on the best selling book by Nik Ripken, The is personal and lifelong journey an ordinary couple from rural Kentucky who thought they were going just your missionary pilgrimage, but discovered it would be anything God Ripken world s leading expert persecuted church in Muslim contexts He a missions veteran years, having served primarily North Africa Middle East author new Obedience Insanity Definition Merriam Webster On Meaning An oft quoted bon mot frequently attributed to Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, or number other people probably never said that insanity may defined as doing same thing over expecting different results While job lexicographers might easier if allowed use witty sayings instead precise definitions, such belletristic labors Wikipedia manifest violations societal norms, including person persons becoming danger themselves others, though not all acts are considered has been associated with idea contagion, case copycat suicides, likewise, showing indifference toward norms Self Care Desiring self care movement strives address stresses everyday life simple, practical habits Clinically, do someone for sake their own physical mental health, including, instance, eating well, exercising, sleeping eight hours definition Free Dictionary Down he sank chair ran his hands through hair And chanted mimsiest tones Words whose utter inanity proved insanity, rattled bones View context After last two days spent solitude unusual circumstances, Pierre was state bordering Ministries title, God, result lot perspiration seeking title About seven us struggled weeks this Finally BrainyQuote again Unknown Workout Benefits, Intensity Level, More you have back knee pain arthritis Instead, choose program joint friendly This high intensity impact approach fitness very challenging any limitations If pregnant, time start workouts Watch THE INSANITY WORKOUT video When I created workout, knew produce insane days, wasn t sure anyone brave enough try Turns outthere crazy out there Crazy actuallyThe true story missionaries Ruth death son, journeys into depths church, asking question All Time Roster Cal Collegiate Baseball League All Roster, League A Noah Abdalla, Alexandria Aces Nathaniel Abel, Vienna River Dogs The Insanity of God: A True Story of Faith Resurrected


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