⋸ Download Format Kindle [ 駱 My American Dream: A Life of Love, Family, and Food ] ਆ E-Pub Author Lidia Bastianich ᠀

⋸ Download  Format Kindle [ 駱 My American Dream: A Life of Love, Family, and Food ] ਆ E-Pub Author Lidia Bastianich ᠀ ⋸ Download Format Kindle [ 駱 My American Dream: A Life of Love, Family, and Food ] ਆ E-Pub Author Lidia Bastianich ᠀ Chapter 1GiulianaFew people outside of my immediate family know this, but for the first five years of my life, my name was not Lidia, it was Giuliana My mother had chosen this name for me as a way to remember her homeland, which was then part of the FriuliVenezia Giulia region of northern Italy The Second World War had ended, and communism was coming to Pola, the small city on the southern tip of the Istrian Peninsula, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, where my family lived The Yugoslav Partisans, who were communist led, had fought as guerrillas against the Nazis and Fascists and had taken over the government of Yugoslavia when the Germans were defeated As part of the 1947 Treaty of Paris, our city, and most of the Istrian Peninsula, which had become part of Italy after World War I, was given to communist Yugoslavia.The redrawing of borders sparked a mass exodus from the area, with than three hundred thousand people fleeing to Italy to reclaim their Italian citizenship Many of them had deep Italian roots they spoke Italian, and their families were Italian Many of them migrated on to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States My parents planned to join the migration, but my mother was pregnant with me, and they knew that travel would be difficult There was also the question of where to go once we crossed the border Refugees were being placed in camps, and my father was not comfortable with theidea of my mothers giving birth and caring for an infant in such a place They also had my three year old brother, Franco, to consider The war was still raging when my mother gave birth to him in July 1944 With the collapse of Fascist Italy in 1943, the Germans occupied the city and used it as a U boat base, making it a target for Allied bombardments The family had no money for clothing or food, much less furniture, so my mother fashioned a cassetta, a wooden cradle, for little Franco from a spaghetti box marked with the word fragile on two sides, and she fitted it with a mattress of corn leaves When he was five months old, two bombs were dropped on Pola The minute the siren sounded, alerting residents to the bombardment, my father left the house to assume his role as driver of the fire truck for the Pola town arsenal, Cantiere Navale di Scoglio Olivi My mother awoke to see pieces of the ceiling falling onto her babys cradle, and she hurried to his side, grabbed the spaghetti boxwith Franco inside, and ran to the bomb shelter.At the end of the war, Pola was under the Allied forces when my mother became pregnant with me The exodus of the Italian Istrians was still open, and many of my mothers friends and relatives were moving to Italy, because Istria was soon to be under the Yugoslavian rule Food was scarce, and jobs were scarcer.Still, my mother was an Italian school teacher and had the possibility of finding a good job somewhere in Italy Her supervisor had requested a teaching position for her in Brescia, a city at the foot of the Alps, between Milan and Venice The position supposedly included housing, so my father loaded all of the familys furniture onto his truck and traveled there to set up what was going to be our new home He was lucky he had a truck Many of the optantiopters, people who had opted to leave Istrialoaded their belongings, packed in crates and boxes, onto trains Some would go toward Trieste, Italy, the Free Territory, their horse drawn carts with piles of pots, pans, chairs, tables, and furniture as high as the carts could handle I recall the stories that my grandmother Nonna Rosa would tell me about how some of those optanti had even dug up the bones of their deceased from the cemeteries and took them along in boxes They could not bear to leave their loved ones behind When my father got to Brescia, he found that the promised apartment was nothing than a single room, much too small to accommodate our growing family, and a search of the area for available housing turned up nothing suitable or affordable My father could not bring his pregnant wife and small son there, so he returned home after one week he still had all of our furniture loaded in the back of the truck He told my mother the family would remain in Pola until after she gave birth.That January, my parents went to the pier in Pola to bid farewell to friends boarding the Toscana, a ship full of optanti, for the short voyage to Italy across the Adriatic, headed for Venice and Ravenna my mother, now eight months pregnant, was teary eyed and shivering in a coat that barely covered her belly One month later, on February 21, 1947, she gave birth to me at the hospital in Pola, and seven months after that, on the 15th of September, the day the provisions of the Treaty of Paris were put into place, the border between Italy and Yugoslavia was officially closed My parentsand Franco and Iwere now stuck in Yugoslavia.Change came to Pola Pula in Croatian almost immediately under communism The names of streets, towns, and monuments were changed to reflect the areas new official language Everybodys last name was changed as the new documents and identification cards were issued Ours was changed from the Italian Matticchio to the Slavic Motika Churches across the peninsula were ordered closed Suddenly, people werent allowed to go to church or even practice religion openly It was a sharp blow to manyboth Italian and Croatianwho lived in the city and had practiced Catholicism for generations My mother wanted to have me baptized, but now even that seemed out of the question.I was only a few days old when my mothers younger sister, Lidia, and her husband, Emilio, walked quietly into my mothers hospital room one evening Lidia had secretly arranged to have me baptized, and the priest was waiting for her at the small stone church adjacent to the elementary school where my mother taught second grade To prevent the authorities from discovering the baptism ceremony, my aunt intended to sneak me out of the hospital, meet with the priest who would perform the baptism, and then sneak me back into the hospital, all without arousing suspicion among any of the doctors, nurses, or other staff.Of course, I was way too young to remember anything from that night But, according to my mother, Aunt Lidia wrapped me in a blanket and then tucked me inside a small sack shed brought with her to the hospital No doubt, everyone prayed that I was quiet as she walked me out of my mothers hospital room and out into the cold night air I can only imagine the anguish my mother felt, waiting for our return, and the joy she felt upon hearing her sisters voice declare, Here is your Giuliana Lidia told my mother that everything had gone off according to plan the priest was at the church waiting when she arrived, and he performed the baptism without incident There was just one small detail my aunt kept secretshe had ignored my mothers wish to name me after her homeland, Venezia Giulia, and instead directed the priest to christen me with her own name, Lidia, and Giuliana as my middle name On the way out of the hospital, my aunt even stopped by the records desk to list Lidia officially as my first name She told the clerk she was there at the request of her sister Erminia, the mother of the child, and the woman happily obliged.It wasnt until my mother went to the city hall in Pola to obtain a copy of my birth certificate so she could register me for the first grade that she learned the truth A clerk told her that there was no record of a Giuliana Matticchio born on February 21, 1947 I have another baby girl Matticchio born to Vittorio and Erminia Matticchio Motika on that date, but her name is Lidia Giuliana.Giuliana had a deep meaning for my mother FriuliVenezia Giulia is still a region of Italy, and Istria before the war was part of that region Istria was in the Giulia part of the region, and we were Giuliani, as the emigrants from this area were referred to.In one of my lifes unusual twists, the switch to communist rule allowed my aunt to change my name For the first five years of my life, I was known as Giuliana by everyone who knew mefriends, family, and everyone in town I was Giuliana Then, suddenly, I wasnt Suddenly, I was Lidia.In school, I had to go by the name shown on my birth certificateLidia My teachers and fellow students all called me Lidia, a name that I associated with my aunt, but certainly not with me.It was as if I was being asked to play two roles in life Giuliana at home and Lidia at school At first, I didnt even respond to the name Lidia and wondered whom people were calling Eventually, I got used to responding to both names, much like some people respond to both their given name and a nickname.My grandmother never really embraced my new name, and to this day, my mother and my brother still jump back and forth between the two, sometimes calling me Lidia but most of the time Giuliana No matter what name people used, I remained true to myself Deep down inside, I was still Giuliana from Pola, even if people called me Lidia Over time, I learned to embrace both It wouldnt be the last time that I had to find a way to embrace than one me Life in Yugoslavia under the rule of Marshal Josip Broz Tito was not easy for the ethnic Italians who remained, my family included My parents were watched closely by UDBA, the secret police My mother was tutored and forced to teach all of her classes in Croatian she was also expected to indoctrinate all of the young and impressionable children in her classes on the new communist order From a rather prosperous lifestyle under Italian rule, everything shifted to stringent living conditions under communist rule.My time as a young child was divided between two very different settings One was in the city of Pola, where I lived with my parents and brother in a beautiful house with parquet floors, a tiled kitchen, and a bathroom with its own water heater, a luxury back then, and a claw foot tub The other was Grandmother Rosas home, three kilometers or about two miles away, in sleepy Busoler, a tiny village with just thirty homes along one narrow white stone road Most of the people in Busoler were farmers, and my grandmother tended goats, pigs, and rabbits She also labored over a large garden, which provided much of the food for my family.In Pola, my parents owned half of a two family house in a fashionable area of the city It was spacious, with a living room, dining room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom, with long hallways connecting some of the rooms.The entire family was careful to protect the parquet wood floors from nicks and scuffs Wed make le pattine, sliders, that allowed us to moveslide, actuallyfrom room to room without worrying They were sewn together in the shape of a large sole from pieces of old blankets or tattered clothes Wed step on them and slide with the fabric under our shoes to prevent scuffing As an extra benefit, they helped shine the floors, too.My brother and I always had fun stepping on the sliders and racing down the long hallway leading into the kitchen Wed get a running start, then slide the rest of the way and sometimes fall Once, things didnt go quite as planned, and both of us wound up in trouble for the broken door glass in our wake.My family shared the yard behind the house with the family that rented the other apartment in our house My mother tended a small garden there, though she didnt grow muchat least not in comparison with my grandmothers garden I remember two apricot trees, a walnut tree, a large fig tree, a small peach tree, and a loquat tree I had a pet turtle I called la mia tartaruga, my little turtle, who would resurface every spring She loved the apricotsand, yes, it was a she, because she laid eggs every season and would bury them underground But there was no male turtle to fertilize them, and year after year she would resurface alone I also had a black and white cat named Micia I played with my pets during the school days, when I was not with Grandma Rosa in Busoler We also had a cantina, or cellar, where my father stored his tools, and a laundry room with a cauldron that we filled with water and heated to wash our clothes The windows at the back of the house overlooked the playground of my nursery school, which I attended when I was four Sometimes Id get homesick at school and miss my mother During recess, Id stand in the playground and stare up at the windows of our house and cry, wishing she would come pick me up Today the two story building sports a fresh coat of deep burgundy paint and a new number 7 by the front door But otherwise the building looks unchanged.Restaurateur, cookbook author, and TV host Bastianich offers an ebullient, nostalgic memoir of her journey to success A warm story of a life buoyed by resilience, determination, love of family, and food KirkusChef and restaurateur Bastianich offers a look into her culinary background in this charming memoir Through her lyrical prose, she also encourages readers to find the bright side of any situation This is a welcome addition to any food lovers library Publishers WeeklyIn this memoir, restaurateur, television star, and cookbook author Bastianich personifies the American dream the grande dame of Italian cooking in America Bastianichs story holds even significance for her triumph in a male dominated industry Starred Booklist Reviewit is a touching and timely read.New York Journal of BooksIt paints a loving and often mouth watering picture of her culinary adventures.Pittsburgh Post Gazette End Of The American Dream Life As You Have Known It Will shaking in Alaska still hasn t stopped, and that has many residents wondering if the worst is yet to come Friday s magnitude earthquake could be felt miles away 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Instagram, Facebook Watch Twitter all funniest moments won make TV My as Undocumented Immigrant Times Jun reporter talks illegal Credit Ryan Pfluger There are believed million undocumented immigrants Love, Family, Food Hardcover My Lidia Matticchio Bastianich Barnes Noble Shipping Shop Holiday Gift Review Ugly is, this tic unlikely change anytime soon Making jokes endorsed indulged British literary political classes over years now coverage News, interviews, critics picks Heartwarming, deeply personal, powerfully inspiring, story close knit her dedication endless passion food About For decades, beloved chef introduced Italian through cookbooks, shows, restaurants Essays Dream important country especially generation take seriously reach goals one sets themselves having your job life always fantasized Neal E Boyd Music Since receiving listen Neal nonstop favorites Nessom Dorma God Bless USA followed closely Mama Amazing Grace Ave Maria rendition better than Lee Greenwood original version An Interpretation essays Looking perspective sex, saw things whole new light thoughts went totally different direction Woman successful businesswoman not restricted sex manage career raise high values morals Becoming US Citizen This morning, am did wanted do long remember became first applied visa early then slowly worked How parents endured centuries turmoil Yet inarguably just ago find out ideas Gabbie June Not Dope Remix Sep Gabbie Spotify Snapchat cldkid iTunes Hoge Songs, Reviews, Credits Arriving year after Anchors, certainly carries sense urgency That intentional designed mini LP impassioned liberal cry election making each eight songs including revival title track, originally cut rallying specific theme troubling Trump New Memoir Lidia released April rd, Everyone knows chef, host, restaurateur author, says also refugee lived grew up behind Iron Curtain Pola, small southern tip Will album review Singer songwriter timely protest mid terms view confronting mass shootings, gun control, politics modern society Lidia best cookbook Emmy award winning television She held true roots culture, she proudly warmly invites fans experience Favorite Recipes Foolproof Dishes Dishes, Basic Sauces Irresistible Entrees Bastianich, Tanya Manuali One chefs authors presents accessible affordable date About restaurateur, owner flourishing entertainment business nata febbraio una cuoca, scrittrice e personaggio televisivo italiana naturalizzata statunitense Lasagna Recipe Net Worth lidia bastianich lasagna recipe Worth Million net earned specializes cuisine regular Best Yummly Yummly Oregano Eggs, Baked Ziti Wikipedija rodno ime Motika Pula, velja ameri ka kuharica, autorica i restoraterica Specijalizirav se u talijanskoj kuhinji, redovito je gostovala javnoj televizijskoj kulinarskoj emisiji od godine Penne alla Vodka Epicurious Penne found myself innovative dish, charmed customers, quite bit Salmon With Prosecco Sauce, Spaghetti Clams Zucchini, Kitchen Show Videos, Full Episodes Join conjures simple, seasonal, economical dishes grace, confidence, love, teaching viewers draw pasta ricotta mushrooms BOIL large pot salted waterCook penne according package directions HEAT frying pan mediumAdd oil, garlic, cook until sizzling, sec Stir rosemary Chicken Saltimbocca Wine chicken saltimbocca quick, streamlined busy cooks simply seared breasts prosciutto white Recipes World Trade Center, Liberty Street, Floor York, NY Chefs PBS Food renowned host famous cooking show Italy Find recipes various programs YouTube Welcome Tutto Lidia, YouTube channel share everything life, family, course, We working brand conte IMDb born Croatia, Yugoslavia producer, known LidiaBastianich Twitter latest Tweets married two passions Television Personality, Chef Biography wining focus via shows array books Her Bio Home Facebook Celebrate holiday season Felidia On Thursday, December th, hosting Feast Thirteen Fishes dinner, feature traditional lidiabastianich Instagram photos k Followers, Following Posts See videos Who Is Restaurants Here need know culinary giant Though raised Yugoslavia, sent Husband, Married, Divorce, Hair, Cancer info husband, married, divorce, hair, cancer, son etc Pula Paula but when favorite TODAY videoLidia shares potatoes, broccoli rabe, baked ziti, seafood gratin wiki, affair, Lesbian age loved television, dozen published date, Easy Meatloaf Ricotta Today Recipes Easy kidding meatloaf ever madeIt probably weekend meal bake My American Dream: A Life of Love, Family, and Food


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