എ recommended 蠎 One Minute to Midnight: Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War to read ඐ Book By Michael Dobbs ඳ

എ recommended 蠎 One Minute to Midnight: Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War to read ඐ Book By Michael Dobbs ඳ എ recommended 蠎 One Minute to Midnight: Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War to read ඐ Book By Michael Dobbs ඳ Americans Tuesday, October 16, 1962, 11 50 a.m The Central Intelligence Agencys chief photo interpreter hovered over the presidents shoulder Arthur Lundahl held a pointer in his hand, ready to reveal a secret that would bring the world to the edge of nuclear war The secret was buried in three black and white photographs pasted to briefing boards hidden in a large black case The photographs had been shot from directly overhead, evidently from a considerable distance, with the aid of a very powerful zoom lens On superficial inspection, the grainy images of fields, forests, and winding country roads seemed innocuous, almost bucolic One of the fields contained tubelike objects, others oval shaped white dots neatly lined up next to one another John F Kennedy would later remark that the site could be mistaken for a football field After examining the photographs earlier that morning, his brother Bobby had been unable to make out anything than the clearing of a field for a farm or the basement of a house To help the president understand the significance of the photos, Lundahl had labeled them with arrows pointing to the dots and blotches, along with captions reading ERECTOR LAUNCHER EQUIPMENT, MISSILE TRAILERS, and TENT AREAS He was about to display the briefing boards when there was a commotion outside the door A four year old girl burst into one of the most heavily guarded rooms in the White House The heads of the fourteen most powerful men in the United States swiveled to the doorway as Caroline Kennedy ran toward her father, babbling excitedly Daddy, daddy, they wont let my friend in The somber looking men in dark suits were used to such intrusions Their frowns dissolved into smiles as the president got up from his leather upholstered seat and led his daughter back toward the door of the Cabinet Room Caroline, have you been eating candy No reply The president smiled Answer me Yes, no, or maybe Father and daughter disappeared for a few seconds, his arm draped around her shoulders When Kennedy returned, his expression had again become grave He took his place at the center of the long table beneath the presidential seal, his back to the Rose Garden He was flanked on either side by his secretary of state and secretary of defense Facing him across the table were his brother, his vice president, and his national security adviser Behind them stood a small bronze bust of Abraham Lincoln, flanked by some model sailing ships Above the fireplace to the right was the celebrated Gilbert Stuart portrait of a powdered and bewigged George Washington The thirty fifth president of the United States called the meeting to order Kennedy seemed preternaturally calm to the other men in the room as he listened to the evidence of Kremlin duplicity In secrecy, while insisting they would never contemplate such a thing, the Soviet leaders had installed surface to surface nuclear missiles on Cuba, less than a hundred miles from American shores According to the CIA, the missiles had a range of 1,174 miles and were capable of hitting much of the eastern seaboard Once armed and ready to fire, they could explode over Washington in thirteen minutes, turning the capital into a scorched wasteland Lundahl took the briefing boards out of his bag and laid them on the table He used his pointer to direct the presidents attention to a canvas covered missile trailer next to a launcher erector Seven missile trailers were parked in a nearby field How do you know this is a medium range ballistic missile asked the president His voice was clipped and tense, betraying a boiling anger beneath the calm The length, sir The what The length The length of it, yes CIA experts had spent the last thirty six hours poring over thousands of reconnaissance photographs of the hills and valleys of western Cuba They had discovered telltale cables connecting one of the tubelike objects to the nearby oval shaped splotch, and had used a revolutionary new computer device that filled up half a roomthe Mann Model 621 comparatorto measure its length The tubes turned out to be sixty seven feet long Missiles of identical length had been photographed at military parades in Red Square in Moscow The president asked the obvious question when would the missiles be ready to fire The experts were unsure That would depend on how soon the missiles could be mated with their nuclear warheads Once mated, they could be fired in a couple of hours So far, there was no evidence to suggest that the Soviets had moved the warheads to the missile sites If the warheads were present, one would expect to see some kind of secure storage facility at the missile sites, but nothing was visible.There is some reason to believe the warheads arent present and hence they are not ready to fire, said Defense Secretary Robert S McNamara The computerlike brain of the former head of the Ford Motor Company clicked away furiously, calculating the chances of a surprise attack He believed the president still had some time The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff disagreed General Maxwell Taylor had parachuted into Normandy during World War II, and had commanded Allied forces in Berlin and Korea It fell to him to point out the risks of delay The Soviets could be in a position to fire their missiles very quickly Most of the infrastructure was already in place Its not a question of waiting for extensive concrete pads and that sort of thing The presidents advisers were already dividing into doves and hawks Kennedy had received an initial intelligence briefing earlier that morning His national security adviser, McGeorge Bundy, had knocked on the door of his bedroom, on the second floor of the White House, shortly after 8 00 a.m The president was propped up in bed, in pajamas and dressing gown, reading the morning newspapers As often happened, he was annoyed by a page one headline in The New York Times On this particular morning, his exasperation was directed at his predecessor, Dwight D Eisenhower, who had broken the unwritten convention of former presidents refraining from publicly criticizing the current occupant of the Oval Office EISENHOWER CALLS PRESIDENT WEAK ON FOREIGN POLICY Denounces Dreary Record, Challenging Statements by Kennedy on Achievements HE SEES SETBACK TO U.S As Bundy described the latest U 2 mission over Cuba, Kennedys irritation with Ike was replaced by a burning anger toward his Cold War nemesis Over the past two years, he and Nikita Khrushchev had been engaged in a very public game of nuclear oneupmanship But Kennedy thought he had an understanding with the mercurial Soviet premier Khrushchev had sent word through intermediaries that he would do nothing to embarrass the U.S president politically before the midterm congressional elections, which were exactly three weeks away News that the Soviets were constructing missile bases on Cuba could hardly have come at a worse time During the 1960 presidential election, Kennedy had used Cuba as a stick to beat the Republicans, accusing the Eisenhower government of doing nothing to prevent Fidel Castro from transforming the island into a hostile and militant Communist satellite Now that the Democrats were in power, the political roles were reversed Republican politicians were seizing on reports of a Soviet military buildup on Cuba to denounce Kennedy for weakness and fecklessness Just two days earlier, Kennedy had sent Bundy out on nationwide television to knock down a claim by the Republican senator from New York, Kenneth B Keating, that the Soviets would soon be able to hurl rockets into the American heartland from their Caribbean outpost.Kennedys immediate reaction on learning from Bundy that Khrushchev had double crossed him was to sputter, He cant do this to me An hour later, he walked into the office of his appointments secretary, Kenny ODonnell, and announced glumly, Ken Keating will probably be the next president of the United States Determined to keep the information secret as long as possible, Kennedy decided to stick to his regular schedule, acting as if nothing was amiss He showed off Carolines pony Macaroni to the family of a returning astronaut, chatted amiably for half an hour with a Democratic congressman, and presided over a conference on mental retardation It was not until nearly noon that he managed to break away from his ceremonial duties and meet with his top foreign policy advisers Kennedy conceded that he was mystified by Khrushchev Alternately ingratiating and boorish, friendly and intimidating, the metalworker turned superpower leader was unlike any other politician he had ever encountered Their single summit meetingin Vienna, in June 1961had been a brutal experience for Kennedy Khrushchev had treated him like a little boy, lecturing him on American misdeeds, threatening to take over West Berlin, and boasting about the inevitable triumph of communism Most shocking of all, Khrushchev did not seem to share his alarm about the risks of nuclear war, and how it could be triggered by miscalculations on either side He spoke about nuclear weapons in a casual, offhand kind of way, as simply one element in the superpower competition If the United States wants war, he blustered, let it begin now Roughest thing in my life, Kennedy had told James Reston of The New York Times, after it was all over He just beat the hell out of me Vice President Lyndon B Johnson was contemptuous of his bosss performance Khrushchev scared the poor little fellow dead, he told his cronies British prime minister Harold Macmillan, who met with Kennedy shortly after he left Vienna, was only slightly sympathetic He thought that the president had been completely overwhelmed by the ruthlessness and barbarity of the Russian Chairman For the first time in his life Kennedy had met a man who was impervious to his charm, Macmillan noted later It reminded me in a way of Lord Halifax or Neville Chamberlain trying to hold a conversation with Herr Hitler Part of the problem lay in Kennedys own miscalculations as president The biggest mistake of all was the Bay of Pigs In April 1961, four months after taking office, he had authorized an invasion of Cuba by fifteen hundred CIA trained Cuban exiles But the operation was disastrously planned and executed Castro mounted a vigorous counterattack, trapping the exiles in an isolated beachhead Anxious to conceal official American involvement as much as possible, Kennedy refused to order U.S ships and planes stationed just offshore to come to the rescue of the outnumbered invaders, most of whom ended up in Castros jails As Kennedy later confessed to Reston, his superpower rival had no doubt concluded that Im inexperienced Probably thinks Im stupid Maybe most important, he thinks that I had no guts The perception of an inexperienced leader with no guts was one that he had been struggling to reverse ever since The news from Cuba reinforced Kennedys impression of Khrushchev as a fucking liar He complained to his brother that the Soviet leader had behaved like an immoral gangster not as a statesman, not as a person with a sense of responsibility The question was how to respond They would definitely step up U 2 reconnaissance of the island Military options ranged from an air strike targeted on the missile sites alone to an all out invasion General Taylor warned that it would probably be impossible to destroy all the missiles in a single strike Itll never be a hundred per cent, Mr President Any military action was likely to escalate quickly to an invasion The invasion plan called for as many as a hundred and fifty thousand men to land in Cuba a week after the initial air strikes In the meantime, the Soviets might be able to launch one or two nuclear missiles against the United States Were certainly going to do option number one, Kennedy told his aides grimly, referring to the air strike Were going to take out those missiles Tuesday, October 16, 2 30 p.m Robert Kennedy still had an angry glint in his eye later that afternoon when he met the men in charge of Americas secret war against Fidel Castro in his cavernous Justice Department office He was determined to make clear the presidents dissatisfaction with Operation Mongoose, which had been under way for a year, achieving virtually nothing Countless acts of sabotage had been planned, but none had been carried out successfully Fidel and his bearded revolutionaries were still in power, inflicting daily humiliations on the United States Officials from the CIA, the Pentagon, and the State Department were arrayed in a semicircle in front of the attorney general A fresh assortment of his childrens watercolors decorated the walls, along with standard issue government art One of the documents on the untidy, paper littered desk was a two page memorandum captioned secret mongoose with the latest ideas for fomenting an insurrection inside Cuba It had been put together by the CIA in response to prodding from the Kennedy brothers to be much aggressive RFK nodded approvingly as he glanced through the list Demolition of a railroad bridge in Pinar del Ro province Grenade attack on the Chinese Communist embassy in Havana Mine the approaches to major Cuban harbors Set an oil tanker afire outside Havana or Matanzas Incendiary attacks against oil refineries in Havana and Santiago The attorney general title masked Bobbys true role in government, which was closer to that of deputy president His extracurricular responsibilities included heading a secret committee known as the Special Group Augmented , whose goal was to get rid of Castro and liberate Cuba from Communist domination The addition of the presidents brother to the groupsignified by the cryptic word Augmentedwas a way of emphasizing its importance to the rest of the bureaucracy Soon after taking personal control of Operation Mongoose in November 1961, Bobby had decreed that the Cuban problem carries top priority in the U.S government No time, money, effort, or manpower is to be spared By coincidence, he had arranged a long scheduled review of covert action plans against Cuba the very day that Soviet missiles were discovered on the island Bobby chose his words carefully as he addressed the Special Group Half the officials in the room were unaware of the latest developments, and the president had stressed the need for total secrecy But it was difficult for him to conceal his anger as he talked about the change in atmosphere in the United States government during the last twenty four hours Frustrated by the lack of push in getting on with acts of sabotage, he announced that he planned to devote personal attention to Mongoose To accomplish this, he would meet with the Mongoose operational team every morning at 0930 until further notice For Bobby, the appearance of Soviet missiles in the western hemisphere was not simply a political affront it was a personal affront He was the emotional member of the family, as rough and intense as his brother was smooth and calm JFK had been humiliated once again by Castro and Khrushchev, and RFK was determined to redress the insult He was extraordinarily competitiveeven by the intensely competitive standards of the Kennedy clanand the longest to nurse a grudge Everybody in my family forgives, the family patriarch, Joseph Kennedy, Sr., had once remarked Except Bobby From the Hardcover edition. Extraordinary As gripping as any fiction Dobbs is an impeccable researcher and reporter The Christian Science Monitor A book with sobering new information about the world s only superpower nuclear confrontationas well as contemporary relevance Filled with insights that will change the views of experts and help inform a new generation Richard Holbrooke, The New York Times Book Review Riveting and highly informative, One Minute to Midnight portrays the intense human drama of mankind on the brink of an unthinkable war The Philadelphia Inquirer Gripping A significant contribution to our understanding of that perilous autumn Bloomberg News Dobbs succeeds brilliantly, marshaling diverse sources to relate an intensely human story of Americans, Russians and Cubans caught up in what the late historian Arthur M Schlesinger Jr termed the most dangerous moment in human history Filled with memorable characters in extraordinary circumstances and exotic settings One Minute to Midnight evokes novelists like Alan Furst, John le Carr or Graham Greene James G Hershberg, The Washington Post Book World Dobbs writes it up like a thriller The New York Post With new info and angles, this hair raising analysis traces the trail of mishaps and miscalculations that nearly ended life on earth American History Magazine One Minute to Midnight is nothing less than a tour de force, a dramatic, nail biting page turner that is also an important work of scholarship Michael Dobbs combines the skills of an experienced investigative journalist, a talented writer and an intelligent historical analyst His research is stunning No other history of the Cuban missile crisis matches this achievement Martin Sherwin, coauthor of American Prometheus At a time of danger for a nation it is important for political leaders first to think, then to think and try avoid shooting This book gives a day by day perspective on how two world leaders, John Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev, showed their ability to manage a crisis Thanks to them, humanity survived and we are able to read this book Sergei Khrushchev Is there anything new left to be said about the 1962 missile crisis As it turns out, there is This book puts forward the first reports I ve seen of Soviet Cuban plans to wipe out the Guantanamo Naval Base That an American U 2 strayed over the Soviet Union during the crisis has been known all along, but Dobbs gives us the first full account of what happened There were so many inadvertent steps and so many miscalculations involved in the crisis that we were lucky to come through it with the world in one piece Wayne Smith, Director of the Cuban Program, Center for International Policy Did we need another book on the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 Anyone reading One Minute to Midnight will quickly realize that we did need anotherand that this is it This is unquestionably the most complete and accurate account of the crisis that we have, and will no doubt long remain so Michael Dobbs has managed to combine the careful and thorough research of a scholar into the ability of an able journalist to bring his findings to life in a dramatic story that illuminates the historical events it examines with lively characterization of the people who made up the cast of the drama It is first rate great history and a great read Ambassador Raymond Garthoff, former intelligence analyst and author of Reflections on the Cuban Missile Crisis Dobbss hour to hour chronology of those tormenting days when the world stood on the verge of nuclear holocaust is riveting To enhance his knowledge of these events and installations, he studied the photographs taken during the crisis Dobbs is the first historian to use these important images Dino Brugioni, author of Eyeball to Eyeball Dobbs is a master densely packed, fast paced, suspenseful Publishers Weekly A vivid account of just how close to the brink the world truly came A welcome introduction to that perilous time Kirkus Reviews Dobbs presents new and often 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