⌢ 兩 Where Is the Bermuda Triangle? (Where Is?) list ៳ Kindle Author Megan Stine ᠇

⌢  兩 Where Is the Bermuda Triangle? (Where Is?) list ៳ Kindle Author Megan Stine ᠇ ⌢ 兩 Where Is the Bermuda Triangle? (Where Is?) list ៳ Kindle Author Megan Stine ᠇ Megan Stine has written several books for young readers, including Where Is the White House , Who Was Marie Curie , Who Was Ulysses S Grant , Who Is Michelle Obama , and Where Is Machu Picchu She lives in Clinton, Connecticut.Where Is the Bermuda Triangle On a beautiful sunny afternoon in 1945, five airplanes took off from a runway in Fort Lauderdale, Florida The planes were US Navy bombers, but they werent going to drop bombs They were just out on a training run The pilots were supposed to fly east, over the ocean, and then go north for a while before heading back home The whole flight was supposed to last only two hours The trip was called Flight 19 But somehow, the pilots got lost and confused They didnt know which way to go The officer in charge had two compasses to show him directions But both stopped working He tried to contact the control tower for help, but his radio wasnt working well Then another pilot flying nearby heard they were lost He offered to come help, but the officer told him not to Before the day was over, all five planes had disappeared without a trace The navy quickly sent another plane out to search for themand it vanished, too How could this possibly happen How could six planes and twenty seven men vanish into thin air, never having sent an emergency signal All the planes had life rafts on board If the pilots had to land their planes in the ocean, wouldnt at least some of the pilots have survived For weeks, the navy searched a wide area of the sea They never found a single thingnot even a piece of a broken plane floating in the water Even now, than seventy years later, the story makes people wonder whether there is something strange and unusual about the area the planes were flying through In fact, it is just one of the stories about the Bermuda Trianglethe name given to a triangular area in the ocean, off the coast of Florida, where dozens of ships and planes have disappeared Some stories say the Bermuda Triangle sucks ships into the sea Others say that planes can enter the Bermuda Triangle but never escape Over the years, ships have been found floating in the waterabandoned ships in perfect condition, with food still cooking on the stove, but no people on board Huge oceangoing ships have been said to break in half in the treacherous seas One year, at Christmastime, two men went out on a boat only a mile from the Florida coast They wanted to gaze at the Christmas lights back on shore They hit something in the water and called the Coast Guard for help But when the Coast Guard arrived twenty minutes later, they had vanished They were never seen or heard from again To add to the spookiness of this story, their boat was called the Witchcraft This is the story of the mysterious area known as the Bermuda Trianglewho vanished, how they disappeared, and why Chapter 1 The Deadly Triangle Where, exactly, is the dangerous area of water thataccording to storieshas been the cause of so much tragedy Draw three lines on a map connecting Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Miami, Florida The lines will make a triangle in the ocean Thats the location of the Bermuda Triangle The ocean is unusually deep in the Bermuda Triangle Its three miles deep in many places and over five miles deep in one spot Hundreds of different species of small sea creatures live miles below the surface The first person ever known to sail near the Bermuda Triangle was Christopher Columbus In 1492, he sailed west from Spain, hoping to find a new route to Asia Instead, he wound up on an island off the coast of Floridaan island called San Salvador, thats now part of the Bahamas But before he reached the Bahamas, Columbus experienced something very strange aboard his ship, the Santa Maria He sailed into a vast area where the ocean was covered with a thick carpet of weeds The huge mat of weeds was rotating clockwise It was like a slow moving whirlpool Creatures crawled all over the weedsturtles, crabs, and eels The air was strangely still Columbus thought he must be near land Why else would there be so many plants growing on the water Plants didnt grow in the middle of the oceanonly near shore But for days and days, he couldnt find land The crew was alarmed They wanted Columbus to turn back and sail home to Spain Then something else happened to frighten the crew even Columbuss compass wasnt pointing toward the North Star, the way it usually did Why wasnt it working What was happening in this strange part of the ocean Columbus didnt know it, but he had sailed into whats now called the Sargasso Seaa huge area of the Atlantic Ocean It overlaps about half of the Bermuda Triangle For hundreds of years after that, sailors passing through these waters told tales about the Sargasso Sea They called it the graveyard of ships or the sea of doom According to the stories, ships could sail into it, but often they couldnt escape Ghost ships supposedly sailed there forever, with skeletons on board as crews Columbuss crew was terrified when they heard about his compass pointing the wrong way They were afraid that theyd never find land But Columbus calmed them down He said that maybe his compass wasnt supposed to point to the North Star Maybe it was supposed to point to something else, although he didnt know what Was he right Years later, scientists learned about how compasses work and found out that Columbus was right None of the stories about the Bermuda Triangle existed in Columbuss time If they had, the crew would have been even frightened on their voyage Luckily for them, the wind picked up in the Sargasso Sea and less than a month later, Columbus found land Many other ships that sailed into the waters of the Bermuda Triangle were not nearly so fortunate. 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(Where Is?)


    • Where Is the Bermuda Triangle? (Where Is?)
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