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⫷ Free  ☆ MEG: Primal Waters online ✴ ePUB By Steve Alten ⇼ ⫷ Free ☆ MEG: Primal Waters online ✴ ePUB By Steve Alten ⇼ The giant prehistoric shark, carcharadon Megalodon, that put Alten on bestseller lists with his debut novel, Meg 1997 , and its follow up, The Trench, returns in a messy, exuberant, potboiling action thriller It s 18 years since Angel, spawn of the meg in Meg, chomped her way through many humans as well as through most critics sensibilities her nemesis, Jonas Taylor, is now 63and in financial trouble For money and perhaps a retaste of youth, Jonas agrees to star in a top rated reality series, Daredevils, unaware that a meg lover who s envious of Jonas s fame plans to feed Jonas to a meg lured to the middle of the ocean Meanwhile, Angel returns to her California hunting grounds and another meg creates havoc on the coast of Washington State The narrative runs in overdrive from start to finish, as Alten munches on the reality show phenomenon, ocean ecology and family issues tensions among Jonas, his kids and his wife , but all those are merely the fibers connecting the novel s powerful muscle the shark attack scenes, which are numerous and exciting and, toward the end, intercut as frantically as an MTV video This title probably won t sell as well as Alten s first two Meg novels, but the novelty of an aging action hero adds general interest, and the author s many devoted fans should devour it Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserved.This latest novel in Alten s MEG adventure thriller series concerns a 57 foot, 64,000 pound prehistoric shark loose in the South Pacific The most fearsome creature in the sea, the Megalodon shark has ruled the planet s oceans for millions of years, surviving the cataclysms that wiped out the dinosaurs and adapting to climate changes that devastated other prehistoric marine species Alten begins with an informative description of the Pacific Ocean and its inhabitants, the Monterey Bay off California, and the islands of New Guinea and its surrounding waters He also offers a brief history of the Ice Age, setting the tone for the fictional narrative that follows Now enter Jonas Taylor, who joins the crew in filming a TV survival series called Daredevils aboard a replica of a Spanish galleon Taylor eventually comes face to face with this monster which, of course, comes as no surprise to readers Who wins this violent struggle probably won t come as a surprise either, but Alten s imaginative tale will keep readers turning the pages to make certain their guess, intuition, or readerly instinct is correct George Cohen Copyright American Library Association All rights reserved Mr has done it again This book continues the MEG series with and wow is amazing Tons excitement, adventure, horror, a little romance, blood some really fantastic prehistoric sea creatures, s, Lio are so detailed MEG: Primal Waters


    • MEG: Primal Waters
    • 4.5
    • 822
    • $0.00
    • 366 pages
    • Steve Alten
    • English
    • 10 January 2017

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