ᘣ digital What Is the Women's Rights Movement? ᙐ ePUB By Deborah Hopkinson ᚪ

ᘣ digital What Is the Women's Rights Movement? ᙐ ePUB By Deborah Hopkinson ᚪ ᘣ digital What Is the Women's Rights Movement? ᙐ ePUB By Deborah Hopkinson ᚪ What Is the Womens Rights Movement November 8, 2016 You might not expect an old cemetery to be a busy place on Election Day in the United States But 2016 was different For the first time, a woman was running for US president from one of the two major political parties It was Democrat Hillary Clinton Her nomination was a milestone in the struggle of American women to achieve equality with men To celebrate, visitors streamed to Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York They wanted to honor the memory of Susan B Anthony She was an early womens rights leader People lined up to place flowers and flags on the grass Soon, I Voted stickers covered the simple gravestone Susan would have been delighted She devoted her life to the cause of womens suffragethe right to vote Once, in 1872, Susan voted in a presidential election It was illegal back then, and she was arrested One newspaper published an illustration of her with the title The Woman Who Dared A judge sentenced her to pay a hundred dollars Susan told him shed never pay a dollar of your unjust penalty She never did Susan B Anthony didnt live to see her dream come true American women didnt win the right to vote until 1920 That was fourteen years after she passed away And although Hillary Clintons campaign in 2016 made history, she didnt win the election No woman has ever been elected president or vice president of the United States at least not yet As Susan once said, Failure is impossible Chapter 1 Early America On March 31, 1776, Abigail Adams picked up a quill pen to write to her husband, John It was a dangerous time The thirteen colonies in America wanted to separate from England to form their own country John Adams was often away at the Continental Congress in Philadelphia John was there to help write the Declaration of Independence and discuss how the government of the new United States of America would work Abigail stayed home in Massachusetts to care for their children and farm Still, Abigail had a keen interest in plans for the new nation And she often shared her ideas with John For one thing, Abigail believed slavery was wrong By 1810, the number of enslaved people in the United Statesalmost all living in the Southtotaled than a million Abigail also spoke out for women At the time, women in America had few rights When a woman married, she suffered something called a civil death This wasnt a real death, of course But the law didnt recognize her as a separate person any It meant that a married woman couldnt own property She had to turn any money she earned over to her husband Divorce was rare However, if a couple did separate, in most cases fathers gained custody of their children Abigail didnt like any of these rules She hoped John and the other Founders would make different laws for the new nation And so she wrote, urging John to remember the ladies, and be generous and favorable to them than your ancestors Abigail added, Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of husbands John wrote back, half joking, Depend on it, we know better than to repeal our masculine systems In other words, even loving husbands like John Adams wanted to keep society the way it was The Founders were bold men But perhaps Abigail Adams was bolder For she also told John she thought women would start a rebellion someday against laws in which we have no voice or representation Abigail Adams was right In 1848, only thirty years after her death, the womens rights movement began And it was another busy wife and mother who set things in motion Chapter 2 The Seneca Falls Convention Elizabeth Cady married Henry Stanton on May 1, 1840 Even as a twenty four year old bride, Elizabeth was already questioning her role as a woman She left out the word obey from her wedding vows She also kept using her name, becoming known as Elizabeth Cady Stanton Her husband, Henry, was a well known abolitionist That means a person working to abolishto endslavery in America However, even at an abolitionist convention they attended, the men refused to allow women to take part Elizabeth felt outraged So did another woman named Lucretia Mott Shouldnt women be treated as equal partners in the fight against slavery Elizabeth and Lucretia decided to do something for womens rights It was eight years before they were able to begin By then, Elizabeth was a busy mother The family lived in Seneca Falls, a town in upstate New York On Sunday, July 9, 1848, Elizabeth, Lucretia, and three friends gathered together Elizabeth poured out her frustrations about the unfair treatment of women She proposed a public meeting for protest and discussion Her friend Lucretia and the others felt the same Right away, they got started They wrote a notice for the newspaper announcing a Womens Rights Convention for July 19 and 20the very next week There wasnt much time to plan What should they say Elizabeth decided to use the Declaration of Independence as a model She called her version the Declaration of Sentiments She wrote We hold these truths to be self evident that all men and women are created equal Elizabeths Declaration of Sentiments included eleven demands for action One was for suffrage This was a shocking idea at the time Women couldnt vote anywhere in the world The demand was so bold, her husband refused to attend the womens first meeting Elizabeth held firm Her father was a judge, and shed grown up reading his law books Elizabeth understood that the best way to change society was to change its laws Without the legal right to vote, women could never be full citizens Even on such short notice, than three hundred people, including about forty men, flocked to the Wesleyan Chapel in Seneca Falls It was July 20, 1848 Elizabeth read aloud the Declaration of Sentiments When she got to the part about women voting, she declared, The right is ours Have it, we must Use it, we will At first, this idea didnt go over well Then one man spoke up in support the great African American leader Frederick Douglass In his abolitionist newspaper, The North Star, Douglass wrote that there can be no reason in the world to deny women the vote In the end, one hundred people at the Seneca Falls Conventionsixty eight women and thirty two mensupported the right to womens suffrage Years later, Frederick Douglass reflected that it had taken women a lot of moral courage to demand the vote It was not easy to start such a campaign, he said, with one half the whole world against you, as these women did Frederick Douglass was right Many people were against womens rights After the Seneca Falls Convention, one newspaper said the changes women wanted were impractical, uncalled for, and unnecessary Another declared, A woman is nobody A wife is everything In other words, women belonged at home But Elizabeth soon found another friend who shared her dedication to womens rights Her name was Susan B Anthony.The story of Girl Power Learn about the remarkable women who changed US history.From Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton to Gloria Steinem and Hillary Clinton, women throughout US history have fought for equality Author Deborah Hopkinson chronicles the beginning of the movement in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when women were demanding the right to vote She explores the 1960s, which pushed equal rights and opportunities for women both at home and in the workplace even further, and then moves toward present day events, including the Women s March that took place all across the United States in 2017 Celebrate how far women have come with this inspiring read What is DACA and what does the Trump administration The administration dismantling an Obama era program that, in part, allows for hundreds of thousands young undocumented immigrants to remain country The AR Is Different What I Learned Treating Parkland reaction emergency room 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