╔ The Who Was Galileo? (Who Was?) ▥ PDF Author Patricia Brennan Demuth ◠

╔ The Who Was Galileo? (Who Was?) ▥ PDF Author Patricia Brennan Demuth ◠ ╔ The Who Was Galileo? (Who Was?) ▥ PDF Author Patricia Brennan Demuth ◠ Patricia Brennan Demuth is the author of Who Was Laura Ingalls Wilder , Who Is Bill Gates , What Was Ellis Island , and What Was Pearl HarborWho Was Galileo August 1609 Padua, Italy It was a bright, starry night A scientist named Galileo walked outside to his back garden He carried a new telescope that hed made himself For weeks, Galileo had been carefully grinding the lenses Now his telescope could enlarge objects many times their size Galileo pointed the telescope upward Dazzling sights leaped into viewsights no one had ever seen How could they These sights were not visible to the naked eye Over the next few weeks, Galileo roamed the heavens with his telescope What he saw amazed him Mountains rose up from the moons surface New stars took form from fuzzy patches in the sky Moons circled Jupiter Yet Galileos discoveries led him into trouble Terrible trouble What he saw convinced him that the sun was the center of the universenot the Earth In 1609 this was a strange idea For thousands of years, people thought that the sun and all the planets circled Earth once a day The Catholic church held this belief as well When Galileo lived, the church was very powerful in Italy It had its own court, called the Inquisition The Inquisition could arrest and try hereticsanyone who spoke against the churchs teachings Heretics were sometimes tortured, even killed Galileo was torn He himself was a faithful Catholic who honored church teachings Yet his own eyes pointed him to a different truth This truth would put his life at stake Chapter 1 Boyhood On February 15, 1564, Galileo was born in Pisa, Italy His full name had a musical ring Galileo Galilei gal uh LAY oh gal uh LAY Yet the great scientist became known by just his first name Italy honored its most famous citizens that way, including the painter Michelangelo Even books by Galileo were printed without his last name And today, encyclopedias list him simply as Galileo. He was born into an exciting age known as the Renaissance Discovery was in the air Europe was exploding with a renewed interest in the arts and science In 1564 the English writer William Shakespeare was born, and Michelangelo died Both men, along with Galileo, went down in history as geniuses of the Renaissance The printing press, invented in 1454, allowed books to be mass produced instead of being copied by hand, one by one With books, people began to read Artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci created beautiful paintings, sculpture, and architecture With improved seagoing instruments, explorers bravely set sail for uncharted lands Christopher Columbus arrived in the New World of the Americas in 1492 Ferdinand Magellans crew sailed around the globe, returning in 1522 And in 1607, when Galileo was forty three, settlers arrived in Jamestown and founded one of the first English settlements in North America Pisa was a beautiful old city by the River Arno Its cathedral was already five centuries old when Galileo was born Pisas most famous landmark stoodor rather, tiltedbeside the cathedral It was called the Leaning Tower because it looked ready to topple at any moment Galileo was the firstborn child His mother and father both came from noble Italian families However, that didnt mean the couple was wealthy Galileos father, Vincenzio, worked hard as a musician He sang, played the lute, wrote songs, and taught Vincenzio also wrote books about music theory His books stirred up trouble Songwriters were supposed to follow strict rules for composing But Vincenzio questioned the rules He even added notes to the scale Old masters tried to stop one of his books from being published Vincenzio, however, was able to push it into print I wish to be allowed freely to question in search of truth, he said Young Galileo listened carefully Years later, he would be bold and outspoken, too Even as a boy, Galileo was gifted His curiosity had no limits He took apart machines to see how they worked And he invented clever little toys and moving gadgets of his own Galileo also spent hours and hours learning music and drawing His father taught him to play the lute This stringed instrument was as popular then as guitars are now Playing the lute became a lifelong passion for Galileo From tutors, he learned to draw in perspective, which meant things looked as if they were in three dimensional space He practiced drawing objects and scenes until they looked perfectly lifelike Years later, Galileos art skills would come in very handy When Galileo was eight, his family moved to Florence Vincenzio had a wonderful new job playing music at the royal court Galileo remained in Pisa to study with tutors, and then he joined the rest of his family Florence was a thrilling place to live During the Renaissance, the city was a center for learning and the arts It was the capital city of an area called Tuscany Vincenzios job at the palace let the family mingle with dukes and princes At age eleven, Galileo was sent to a monastery to begin school There the Catholic monks taught him everything an educated person of the 1500s needed to know Galileo learned the Greek and Latin languages And he studied the ancient subject of logic, learning how to break down and solve complex problems in an orderly way Galileo also studied religion It interested him so much that he decided to become a monk The idea horrified his father As the oldest son, Galileo was expected to support his family one day A poor monk couldnt do that Vincenzio quickly withdrew Galileo from the monastery After that, Galileo lived at home and studied at a nearby school At seventeen, Galileo was ready for university Back then, very few young men had the chance to attend one Only the sons of rich or noble families could usually afford to go Girls were not allowed to enter But Vincenzio was determined to give his smart son the best education possible. We would like to show you a description here but the site won t allow us Galileo Galilei Wikipedia His father was musician Vincenzo GalileiGalileo s mistress Marina Gamba August bore him two daughters, Maria Celeste Virginia, and Livia , both of whom became nuns son, lutenist satellite navigation Galileo is global system GNSS that being created by European Union EU through Agency GSA headquartered in Prague Czech Republic, with ground operations centres, Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich Germany Fucino Italy The billion project named after Italian astronomer Universidad Galileo Portal de la universidad Informacin acadmica e institucional Formamos profesionales con excelencia Somos una entidad educativa que promueve el uso ciencia y tecnologa en solucin los problemas nacionales What Navigation Our Activities ESA Europe own system, providing highly accurate, guaranteed positioning service under civilian control Currently Initial Services, interoperable GPS Glonass, US Russian systems By Wikipedia, enciclopedia libre Nacimiento infancia Galileo, nacido Pisa cuando esta perteneca al Gran Ducado Toscana, fue mayor seis hermanos, hijo Giulia Ammannati del msico matemtico florentino GalileiLos Galilei, familia baja nobleza se ganaba vida gracias comercio, encargaron educacin hasta aos nio, edad Travelport Viewtrip Designed exclusively for users booking travel Travelport powered agency, ViewTrip ultimate itinerary manager El Templo Msica Sala actuaciones directo todos das, msica, humor, magia, etc Sin duda mejor Madrid, mil opciones para divertirte systme positionnement Wikipdia est un projet europen par satellites radionavigation qui pourra tre couramment utilis dans les transports maritimes, ariens et terrestres, oprations secours sauvetage, travaux publics, prospection ptrolire, l agriculture, ou tout simplement associ voiture au tlphone mobile vie tous jours Nylabone Original Flavored Dog Chew Toy Find Nylabone Souper Toy at Cafe If have any questions or feedback our Cafe locations please feel free get touch let know hello galileocafe Please note reservations Dieser Artikel befasst sich mit dem Wissenschaftler Zum Schiff siehe Schiff, Glossary Turflux LLC Automatic Section Control section precision technology has been readily adopted agricultural producers over past couple years recently golf turf sprayer applications Currently, equipment manufacturers third party companies are offering sections, nozzles, rows on sprayers implements Intel Gen Board Single GALILEO I excited Train so purchased an Arduino Edison compat dev board While first maker from Intel, today its obsolete Educational Network Network dedicated improving student, teacher leaders learning creating researching st century environments Estudiante, emprendedora gestora oportunidades nuevos empresarios Alejandra Linares es joven estudiante Administracin Seguros Universidad llena sueos por profesionalizarse, pasin emprendimiento misin, apoyar emprendedores guatemaltecos generando Activities Descriptions meanings words phrases used be made via telephone numbers onlyPatricia Brennan Demuth Official Website Go behind scenes many books written award winning childrens book author Patricia Children Book Author grew up little Iowa town big family imagination After college, she moved Big Apple New York, York where imaginations could feast did her there husband, photographer Jack Demuth, life mounted police horse CITY Who Is Bill Gates Was Laura Ingalls Wilder avg rating, ratings, reviews, published Gates Books Is Goodreads ratings most popular Books List by Looking See all authored including Johnny Appleseed All Aboard Reading Series ThriftBooks Where Great Wall Demuth, Through story wall, able tell China itself, rise fall dynasties, greatness culture, present day status as Communist world power Who Paperback HQ, Tim Foley Barnes Noble FREE Shipping Favorite Paperbacks Buy Get rd Free Books, Biography, Contact children young adult Some credits incl D Day Who From Ellis Island gateway new United States millions immigrants In later years, island deserted, buildings decaying TeachingBooks Demuth Resources below include Guides Lesson Plans Readings Total resources Hover click image specific title HORSE, Dodd, Mead HQ Who Was Galileo? (Who Was?)


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