⊈ my Format Kindle The Importance of Being Earnest [with Biographical Introduction] eBook: Oscar Wilde: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. ⊵ Ebook Author Oscar Wilde ⋈

⊈ my  Format Kindle The Importance of Being Earnest [with Biographical Introduction] eBook: Oscar Wilde: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU  S.à r.l. ⊵ Ebook Author Oscar Wilde ⋈ ⊈ my Format Kindle The Importance of Being Earnest [with Biographical Introduction] eBook: Oscar Wilde: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. ⊵ Ebook Author Oscar Wilde ⋈ The young Robert Louis Stevenson suffered from repeated nightmares of living a double life, in which by day he worked as a respectable doctor and by night he roamed the back alleys of old town Edinburgh.In three days of furious writing, he produced a story about his dream existence His wife found it too gruesome, so he promptly burned the manuscript In another three days, he wrote it again The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was published as a shilling shocker in 1886, and became an instant classic In the first six months, 40,000 copies were sold Queen Victoria read it Sermons and editorials were written about it When Stevenson and his family visited America a year later, they were mobbed by reporters at the dock in New York City Compulsively readable from its opening pages, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is still one of the best tales ever written about the divided self This University of Nebraska Press edition is a small, exquisitely produced paperback The book design, based on the original first edition of 1886, includes wide margins, decorative capitals on the title page and first page of each chapter, and a clean, readable font that is 19th century in style Joyce Carol Oates contributes a foreword in which she calls Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde a mythopoetic figure like Frankenstein, Dracula, and Alice in Wonderland, and compares Stevenson s creation to doubled selves in the works of Plato, Poe, Wilde, and Dickens This edition also features 12 full page wood engravings by renowned illustrator Barry Moser Moser is a skillful reader and interpreter as well as artist, and his afterword to the book, in which he explains the process by which he chose a self portrait motif for the suite of engravings, is fascinating For the image of Edward Hyde, he writes, I went so far as to have my dentist fit me out with a carefully sculpted prosthetic of evil looking teeth But in the final moments I had to abandon the idea as being inappropriate It was important to stay in keeping with the text and, like Stevenson, not show Hyde s face Also recommended the edition of Frankenstein illustrated by Barry Moser Fiona WebsterFirst ActSceneMorning room of Lord Windermeres house in Carlton House Terrace.Doors C and R Bureau with books and papers R Sofa with small tea table L Window opening on to terrace L Table R Lady Windermere is at table R., arranging roses in a blue bowl Enter Parker.Parker Is your ladyship at home this afternoon Lady Windermere Yeswho has called Parker Lord Darlington, my lady.Lady Windermere Hesitates for a moment Show him upand Im at home to any one who calls Parker Yes, my lady Exit C.Lady Windermere Its best for me to see him before to night Im glad hes come Enter Parker C.Parker Lord Darlington Enter Lord Darlington C Exit Parker.Lord Darlington How do you do, Lady Windermere Lady Windermere How do you do, Lord Darlington No, I cant shake hands with you My hands are all wet with these roses Arent they lovely They came up from Selby this morning.Lord Darlington They are quite perfect Sees a fan lying on the table And what a wonderful fan May I look at it Lady Windermere Do Pretty, isnt it Its got my name on it, and everything I have only just seen it myself Its my husbands birthday present to me You know to day is my birthday Lord Darlington No Is it really Lady Windermere Yes, Im of age to day Quite an important day in my life, isnt it That is why I am giving this party to night Do sit down Still arranging flowers Lord Darlington Sitting down I wish I had known it was your birthday, Lady Windermere I would have covered the whole street in front of your house with flowers for you to walk on They are made for you A short pause Lady Windermere Lord Darlington, you annoyed me last night at the Foreign Office I am afraid you are going to annoy me again.Lord Darlington I, Lady Windermere Enter Parker and Footman C., with tray and tea things.Lady Windermere Put it there, Parker That will do Wipes her hands with her pocket handkerchief, goes to tea table L., and sits down Wont you come over, Lord Darlington Exit Parker C.Lord Darlington Takes chair and goes across L.C I am quite miserable, Lady Windermere You must tell me what I did Sits down at table L Lady Windermere Well, you kept paying me elaborate compliments the whole evening.Lord Darlington Smiling Ah, now a days we are all of us so hard up, that the only pleasant things to pay are compliments Theyre the only things we can pay.Lady Windermere Shaking her head No, I am talking very seriously You mustnt laugh, I am quite serious I dont like compliments, and I dont see why a man should think he is pleasing a woman enormously when he says to her a whole heap of things that he doesnt mean.Lord Darlington Ah, but I did mean them Takes tea which she offers him Lady Windermere Gravely I hope not I should be sorry to have to quarrel with you, Lord Darlington I like you very much, you know that But I shouldnt like you at all if I thought you were what most other men are Believe me, you are better than most other men, and I sometimes think you pretend to be worse.Lord Darlington We all have our little vanities, Lady Windermere.Lady Windermere Why do you make that your special one Still seated at table L Lord Darlington Still seated L.C Oh, now a days so many conceited people go about Society6 pretending to be good, that I think it shows rather a sweet and modest disposition to pretend to be bad Besides, there is this to be said If you pretend to be good, the world takes you very seriously If you pretend to be bad, it doesnt Such is the astounding stupidity of optimism.Lady Windermere Dont you want the world to take you seriously then, Lord Darlington Lord Darlington No, not the world Who are the people the world takes seriously All the dull people one can think of, from the Bishops down to the bores I should like you to take me very seriously, Lady Windermere, you than any one else in life.Lady Windermere Whywhy me Lord Darlington After a slight hesitation Because I think we might be great friends Let us be great friends You may want a friend some day.Lady Windermere Why do you say that Lord Darlington Oh we all want friends at times.Lady Windermere I think were very good friends already, Lord Darlington We can always remain so as long as you dontLord Darlington Dont what Lady Windermere Dont spoil it by saying extravagant silly things to me You think I am a Puritan, I suppose Well, I have something of the Puritan in me I was brought up like that I am glad of it My mother died when I was a mere child I lived always with Lady Julia, my fathers elder sister you know She was stern to me, but she taught me, what the world is forgetting, the difference that there is between what is right and what is wrong She allowed of no compromise I allow of none.Lord Darlington My dear Lady Windermere Lady Windermere Leaning back on the sofa You look on me as being behind the age.Well, I am I should be sorry to be on the same level as an age like this.Lord Darlington You think the age very bad Lady Windermere Yes Now a days people seem to look on life as a speculation.8 It is not a speculation It is a sacrament Its ideal is Love Its purification is sacrifice.Lord Darlington Smiling Oh, anything is better than being sacrificed Lady Windermere Leaning forward Dont say that.Lord Darlington I do say it I feel itI know it Enter Parker C.Parker The men want to know if they are to put the carpets on the terrace for to night, my lady Lady Windermere You dont think it will rain, Lord Darlington, do you Lord Darlington I wont hear of its raining on your birthday Lady Windermere Tell them to do it at once, Parker Exit Parker C.Lord Darlington Still seated Do you think thenof course I am only putting an imaginary instancedo you think that in the case of a young married couple, say about two years married, if the husband suddenly becomes the intimate friend of a woman ofwell, than doubtful character, is always calling upon her, lunching with her, and probably paying her billsdo you think that the wife should not console herself Lady Windermere Frowning Console herself Lord Darlington Yes, I think she shouldI think she has the right.Lady Windermere Because the husband is vileshould the wife be vile also Lord Darlington Vileness is a terrible word, Lady Windermere.Lady Windermere It is a terrible thing, Lord Darlington.Lord Darlington Do you know I am afraid that good people do a great deal of harm in this world Certainly the greatest harm they do is that they make badness of such extraordinary importance It is absurd to divide people into good and bad People are either charming or tedious I take the side of the charming, and you, Lady Windermere, cant help belonging to them.Lady Windermere Now, Lord Darlington Rising and crossing R., front of him Dont stir, I am merely going to finish my flowers Goes to table R.C Lord Darlington Rising and moving chair And I must say I think you are very hard on modern life, Lady Windermere Of course there is much against it, I admit Most women, for instance, now a days, are rather mercenary.Lady Windermere Dont talk about such people.Lord Darlington Well then, setting mercenary people aside, who, of course, are dreadful, do you think seriously that women who have committed what the world calls a fault should never be forgiven Lady Windermere Standing at table I think they should never be forgiven.Lord Darlington And men Do you think that there should be the same laws for men as there are for women Lady Windermere Certainly Lord Darlington I think life too complex a thing to be settled by these hard and fast rules.Lady Windermere If we had these hard and fast rules, we should find life much simple.Lord Darlington You allow of no exceptions Lady Windermere None Lord Darlington Ah, what a fascinating Puritan you are, Lady Windermere Lady Windermere The adjective was unnecessary, Lord Darlington.Lord Darlington I couldnt help it I can resist everything except temptation.Lady Windermere You have the modern affectation of weakness.Lord Darlington Looking at her Its only an affectation, Lady Windermere Enter Parker C.Parker The Duchess of Berwick and Lady Agatha Carlisle Enter the Duchess of Berwick and Lady Agatha Carlisle C Exit Parker C Duchess of Berwick Coming down C., and shaking hands Dear Margaret, I am so pleased to see you You remember Agatha, dont you Crossing L.C How do you do, Lord Darlington I wont let you know my daughter, you are far too wicked.Lord Darlington Dont say that, Duchess As a wicked man I am a complete failure Why, there are lots of people who say I have never really done anything wrong in the whole course of my life Of course they only say it behind my back.Duchess of Berwick Isnt he dreadful Agatha, this is Lord Darlington Mind you dont believe a word he says Lord Darlington crosses R.C No, no tea, thank you, dear Crosses and sits on sofa We have just had tea at Lady Markbys Such bad tea, too It was quite undrinkable I wasnt at all surprised Her own son in law supplies it Agatha is looking forward so much to your ball to night, dear Margaret.Lady Windermere Seated L.C Oh, you mustnt think it is going to be a ball, Duchess It is only a dance in honour of my birthday A small and early.Lord Darlington Standing L.C Very small, very early, and very select, Duchess.Duchess of Berwick On sofa L Of course its going to be select But we know that, dear Margaret, about your house It is really one of the few houses in London where I can take Agatha, and where I feel perfectly secure about dear Berwick I dont know what society is coming to The most dreadful people seem to go everywhere They certainly come to my partiesthe men get quite furious if one doesnt ask them Really, some one should make a stand against it.Lady Windermere I will, Duchess I will have no one in my house about whom there is any scandal. 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ArticlesNG Taxation earliest trace any form direct taxation even before British Administration was Northern NigeriaThe North favored had organized central administration under Emirs unlike south except places west not Oscar Wikipedia Oscar Fingal O Flahertie Wills October November Irish poet playwright After writing different forms throughout s, he became one London most popular playwrights early Writer Biography Author known his acclaimed works including Picture Dorian Gray Earnest, brilliant wit, flamboyant style infamous official website Wilde Welcome contact us today information Biography, Books, Facts Britannica born professional literary His father, Sir William Wilde, Ireland leading ear eye surgeon, who published books archaeology, folklore, satirist Jonathan Swift Gray playwright, poet, author numerous short stories, novel Known biting plentitude TOP QUOTES BY OSCAR WILDE Z Quotes There moments when choose living fully, entirely, completely dragging out false, shallow, degrading existence its hypocrisy demands Quotes BrainyQuote Enjoy at BrainyQuote Quotations Dramatist, Born Share friends Poetry Foundation name inextricably bound aesthetic movement England This connection results much lurid details life considerable contributions English literature quotes Be yourself everyone else already taken Always forgive enemies nothing annoys them To live rarest thing oscarwildenyc Instagram photos videos Followers, Following, Posts See videos IMDb gifted phenomenon th century He illustrious preaching art, attacking Victorian narrow mindedness Poems Poem Hunter Dublin, son surgeon hostess writer pseudonym Speranza Article Free Dictionary b Dublin famous sophisticated, brilliantly plays, were first since comedies Sheridan Goldsmith dramatic merit Photos Reviews Cocktail Bars W reviews good spot grab drinks creative, beautiful cocktails menu interesting unusual Pricing par Manhattan Uncyclopedia FANDOM powered Wikia Biography Early Anglo family father Jack scientist contribution LSD whilst mother Gaynor made entertainer little note Home Facebook THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY enduringly story corrupt man portrait reveals secrets Fingall educated Trinity College, Magdalen Oxford where, disciple Pater, founded cult Those fortunate enough stay touch news, updates Food Drink menus NYC West Street New York, NY MON SUN AM now open lunch York Times Dec News commentary archival articles Times Brilliant QuotesNSmiles experimenting writing, writers Today remembered words quoted below compilation Wittiest Mental Floss On would go prolific writers, dabbling everything EARLY YEARS rich portrayals came during height prosperity swept Era late Page proof my poems morning, took comma afternoon put back again Wikiquote Disobedience, eyes read history, original virtueIt disobedience progress made, rebellion Rupert Everett Happy Prince Interview For star Rupert Everett, seemed perfect try paint him fascinating, inspiring patron saint kind figure, almost film biographical Vantage Films released Century Fox Works Search Texts, Read Online Ireland, second three Jane Francesca Agnes ne Elgee Robert oscarwildeofficial Instagram k The Importance of Being Earnest [with Biographical Introduction] eBook: Oscar Wilde: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.


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