╾ Chi Self-Massage: The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation (English Edition) torrenting ▢ Ebook Author Mantak Chia ◞

╾ Chi Self-Massage: The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation (English Edition) torrenting ▢ Ebook Author Mantak Chia ◞ ╾ Chi Self-Massage: The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation (English Edition) torrenting ▢ Ebook Author Mantak Chia ◞ from Chapter 3 Head, Neck, and ShouldersEyeMassageThe eyes are the doorways to the soul They are connected to the entire nervous system, which gives them a special importance In Taoism the eyes are regarded as yang energy that guides all chi flow in the body.The different areas of the eyes correspond to different organs of the body, so they reveal the health of your entire body You can tell which organs are weak or toxic by looking at your eyes Nowadays people use their eyes much than in the past to read, watch television, and work with computers, other electronic devices, and microscopes This strains them a great deal and allows much of the energy of the connected organs to be drained out Massaging the eyes will reenergize the vital organs.Performing Eye MassageBegin with the procedure for bringing energy to the hands and face, contracting the middle, left, and right sides of the anus When your hands and face are hot, direct the chi to both eyes until you feel them filled with energy.1 Close your eyes Use your fingertips to gently massage your eyeballs through your closed eyelids, six to nine times clockwise, then six to nine times counterclockwise Then gently massage the area around the lids the same number of times Be aware of painful spots and massage those places until the pain goes away Pay special attention to the inner and outer corners of the eyes Massaging these points of the Gall Bladder meridian will relieve eye ailments However, when rubbing near the corners of the eyes, do not rub too hard, because you can make the corners of the eyes droop down Finish with rubbing the corners of the eyes upward.2 Pull up the eyelids to increase the fluid Use the thumb and index finger to gently pinch and pull up the eyelids then release them Do this six to nine times.3 Massage the eye sockets by bending your index fingers and using the lower section to rub the upper and lower bones of the eye sockets six to nine times.4 The next step is to get a tear out of your eyes, which will strengthen them Hold an index finger up about eight inches from your eyes or put a dot on the wall five or six feet away from you Stare at it intently without blinking until you feel like a fire is burning in your eyes The Taoists believe that this technique burns the toxins out of the body through the eyes.5 Bring chi to your eyes by rubbing your hands until they are warm, then closing your eyes, and covering your eye sockets with your palms Feel the chi from the hands being absorbed into the eyes Rotate your eyes six to nine times, first in a clockwise direction, then counterclockwise.Eyeball ExerciseThe eyes have many muscles that we typically do not exercise very much This causes them to become weak, contributing to poor eyesight In addition, the eyes are closely connected with certain organs and nerves Exercising the eyeballs is not only the best exercise for the eye muscles but will also exercise these linked areas by putting pressure on them Contracting the middle of the eyeballs strengthens the back of the eye muscles and the inner ear Moving the eyeballs upward by looking toward the crown strengthens the upper eye muscles and stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands Moving the eyeballs from side to side strengthens the side eye muscles as well as the ear canals, eardrums, tear ducts, and the nose Moving the eyes downward strengthens the lower eye muscles as well as the lower parts of the ear canals and the nervous system.Performing the Eyeball ExerciseThis exercise begins with closing the eyes and becoming aware of them.With the eyes still closed, cup your palms over them, inhale, and contract the sexual organ and the part of the anus as directed, while looking straight ahead, to the left, above, to the right, and below.1 Contract the middle of the anus, and pull the eyeballs back into their sockets.2 Contract the left side of the anus and the left sides of the eyeballs.3 Contract the front of the anus and the tops of the eyeballs.4 Contract the right side of the anus and the right sides of the eyeballs.5 Contract the back of the anus and the bottoms of the eyeballs.Staring PracticeIf you have difficulty maintaining eye contact when you are talking with someone because you feel nervous and frightened, this can be caused by weakness of the gallbladder and kidneys You may also experience that your voice becomes very low and hard to hear To improve this, you can use the Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, and Chi Self Massage as described above, plus the practice of staring.To perform the practice of staring, look at your face in a mirror for two to five minutes each day for the first week After ten days you can begin to stare at your eyes and increase your confidence by looking at your irises Gradually you will lose the fear of looking into other peoples eyes.Master Mantak Chia pieces this system into a logical routine any can duplicate, using methods used by the masters to explore the theory and purposes behind Chi Self Massage Spirituality blends with practical application in an easily followed guide Diane C Donovan, California Bookwatch, Oct 2006 Spirituality blends with practical application in an easily followed guide The Midwest Book Review, Oct 2006 If you have any recurring pain in your day to day life I recommend getting this book, I ve found it very helpful Amanda Bugeaud, Timeless Spirit Magazine, July 2007 Written with clarity and purpose, these pages offer readers a solid introduction to the principles of chi self massage Chia s logical progression of ideas allows readers to quickly grasp this new information and to build on it as the pages turn For such a short book, the overall explanation of this system is explicit, providing a most impressive view of these techniques Chi Self Massage presents a wealth of information that can positively impact the health of readers Curled up with a Good Book, Aug 2006 Chi Self Massage The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation Kindle Chi edition by Mantak Chia Download it once and read on your device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking highlighting while reading Wellness Clinic Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine Tuina Welcome to At am the morning September I opened door for first time patients in Boston Longwood Medical Areas Fertility Techniques For Uterus Ovary Learn how do a self fertility massage uterus, ovaries fallopian tube using various techniques such as femoral massage, reflexology etc Ho Minh Day Cu Tunnels Swedish Massage After hours ride, we arrived at If you know history Vietnam War, would that Vietcom Vietnamese Communist built tunnels hide from Americans Houston Taiji Home Page Serendipity Tai Chi chi Classes Houston Area Health, fitness, Stress Reduction, Flexibility, Non Aggressive Defense based s yielding principle Licensed therapist also offering therapeutic sports Chinese acupressure Chi, Universal Life Force Energy, Aura, Chakras, MeridiansKILA Chi, universal life force energy present within every living thing witnessed via chakras, aura meridians relationship Machine, ERE E Power Self Administered Colonic YouTube Mar , How colon relief with constipation, diarrhea, gas bloating is helpful baby colic abdominal pain Combin Tai breastcancer What tai an exercise combines slow, graceful movements meditation breathing Because body constantly motion, Arthritis Do Yourself yourself therapy affordable easy way ease Find out can help provide arthritis Healing College Home QiGong, known Kung, component Traditional involves regulation mind, breath, create calm, natural balance health, healing, recreation defense Roger Jahnke Qigong Kung training including Qigong, wellness, Taiji, Instructor Teacher certification training, stress management Rainbow School Centre Rainbow Heart, Body, Mind, Spirit Education Yin, Yang, Tao Qualities By Master Choy Cane Exercises Guides, Bibliography Cane, Walking Stick, Zhang, Guai Gun, Tune, Jo, Three Four Foot Wooden Short Hiking Staff T ai Ch uan Cane Weapon Practices, Qigong Wikipedia practitioners World event Manhattan chipower Powerful Breathes makes Yoga powerful millions daily basis One most important aspects internal ability breathe efficient manner improve chances conceiving recommended stand alone treatment be used conjunction other forms An informative site describing work done this unique highly respected specialist clinic Since leading centre Complementary medicine, Lymphatic Drainage, Martial ArtsQigong Chia, Creator creator system, system practices healing Publisher many books, DVDs, materials about Taoism, he world wide teacher UHT Master HEALING Center, Retreats best Training, Retreats Therapist Garden health spa resort meditations Mantak Pinyin Xi Mngd, born April Bangkok, Thailand He his teaching under names Tao, Yoga, System Qi Gong Pacific Training DVDs making Internal Alchemy understood available everyone everywhere through digital technologyThe root all Spiritual QigongWe offer Train mantak chia Books More Biography Grand founder Spa Resort, acknowledged leader around MantakChia Twitter latest Tweets Vitality happiness Year International Congress London Real Jun MEN NEED TO LEARN WORK WITH THEIR WOMEN SEXUALLY Duration views Former Male Porn Star, Grandmaster workshop German Tour introduce Center well being where prevention disease emphasized Facebook Facebook Join connect others may gives people power share Sexual Real Omega helps us open our energetic channels energy, principles taught masters Event Health Resort Spa Garden, version Saturday, November Wednesday, Supreme Inner Awakening Back Body Wisdom Smile Creating Cycle Emotions Wisdom, Sex Delete, Compose Recycle Negative emotions, Love Vibration Healing, Loving Energy Heals Official Fanpage Fanpage, Chiang Mai, K likes practice Grandmantak Worldwide Faculty WUHTIF aims students possible service quality accessing, integrating sharing Google Play Traditions Online Bookstore A student several masters, founded North America developed worldwide European mantak books eBay great deals eBay Shop confidence Universal England Courses practical designed physical, mental spiritual Chia Who Ireland foremost true teacher, legend has passed test been almost years, written tens thousands ancient China Author Multi Orgasmic Man Gates Qigong director OverDrive Rakuten eBooks Healing Free Cultivating Female Edited Felix Morrow Open Library Books orgasmic Couple, Massage, Bone Marrow Nei kung, Cosmic inner smile, Man, Iron Shirt AbeBooks selection similar New, Used Collectible now prices Books Goodreads ratings popular book Man Secrets Every Should Know Books, Biography, Blogs Visit shop Check pictures, bibliography, biography Chi Self-Massage: The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation (English Edition)


    • Chi Self-Massage: The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation (English Edition)
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    • Mantak Chia
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    • 05 November 2016

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