╍ Read Format Kindle ⛅ London Rules For Free ▉ PDF by Mick Herron ◞

╍ Read  Format Kindle ⛅ London Rules For Free ▉ PDF by Mick Herron ◞ ╍ Read Format Kindle ⛅ London Rules For Free ▉ PDF by Mick Herron ◞ The killers arrived in a sand coloured jeep, and made short work of the village There were five of them and they wore mismatched military gear, two opting for black and the others for piebald variations Neckerchiefs covered the lower half of their faces, sunglasses the upper, and their feet were encased in heavy boots, as if theyd crossed the surrounding hills the hard way From their belts hung sundry items of battleground kit As the first emerged from the vehicle he tossed a water bottle onto the seat behind him, an action replicated in miniature in his aviator lenses It was approaching noon, and the sun was as white as the locals had known it Somewhere nearby, water tumbled over stones The last time trouble had called here, it had come bearing swords Out of the car, by the side of the road, the men stretched and spat They didnt talk They seemed in no hurry, but at the same time were focused on what they were doing This was part of the operation arrive, limber up, regain flexibility They had driven a long way in the heat No sense starting before they were in tune with their limbs and could trust their reflexes It didnt matter that they were attracting attention, because nobody watching could alter what was to happen Forewarned would not mean forearmed All the villagers had were sticks One of thesean ancient thing bearing many of the characteristics of its parent tree, being knobbled and imprecise, sturdy and reliablewas leaned on by an elderly man whose weathered looks declared him farming stock But somewhere in his history, perhaps, lurked a memory of war, for of all those watching the visitors perform their callisthenics he alone seemed to understand their intent, and into his eyes, already a little tearful from the sunshine, came both fear and a kind of resignation, as if he had always known that this, or something like it, would rear up and swallow him Not far away, two women broke off from conversation One held a cloth bag The others hands moved slowly towards her mouth A barefoot boy wandered through a doorway into sunlight, his features crumpling in the glare In the near distance a chain rattled as a dog tested its limits Inside a makeshift coop, its mesh and wooden struts a patchwork of recycled materials, a chicken squatted to lay an egg no one would ever collect From the back of their jeep the men fetched weapons, sleek and black and awful The last ordinary noise was the one the old man made when he dropped his stick As he did so his lips moved, but no sound emerged And then it began From afar, it might have been fireworks In the surrounding hills birds took to the air in a frightened rattle, while in the village itself cats and dogs leaped for cover Some bullets went wild, sprayed in indiscriminate loops and skirls, as if in imitation of a local dance the chicken coop was blasted to splinters, and scars were chipped into stones that had stood unblemished for centuries But others found their mark The old man followed his stick to the ground, and the two women were hurled in opposite directions, thrown apart by nodules of lead that weighed less than their fingers The barefoot boy tried to run In the hillsides were tunnels carved into rock, and given time he might have found his way there, waited in the darkness until the killers had gone, but this possibility was blasted out of existence by a bullet that caught him in the neck, sending him cartwheeling down the short slope to the river, which was little than a trickle today The villagers caught in the open were scattering now, running into the fields, seeking shelter behind walls and in ditches even those who hadnt seen what was happening had caught the fear, for catastrophe is its own herald, trumpeting its arrival to early birds and stragglers alike It has a certain smell, a certain pitch It sends mothers shrieking for their young, the old looking for God And two minutes later it was over, and the killers left The jeep, which had idled throughout the brief carnage, spat stones as it accelerated away, and for a short while there was stillness The sound of the departing engine folded into the landscape and was lost A buzzard mewed overhead Closer to home a gurgle sounded in a ruined throat, as someone struggled with a new language, whose first words were their last And behind that, and then above it, and soon all around it, grew the screams of the survivors, for whom all familiar life was over, just as it was for the dead Within hours trucks would come bearing men with guns, this time trained outwards, on the surrounding hillsides Helicopters would land, disgorging doctors and military personnel, and others would fly overhead, crisscrossing the sky in orchestrated rage, while TV cameras pointed and blamed On the streets shrouds would cover the fallen, and newly loosed chickens would wander by the river, pecking in the dirt A bell would ring, or at least, people would remember it ringing It might have been in their minds But what was certain was that there would still be, above the buzzing helicopters, a sky whose blue remained somehow unbroken, and a distant buzzard mewing, and long shadows cast by the stunned Derbyshire hills PART ONE COOL CATS In some parts of the world dawn arrives with rosy fingers, to smoothe away the creases left by night But on Aldersgate Street, in the London borough of Finsbury, it comes wearing safecrackers gloves, so as not to leave prints on windowsills and doorknobs it squints through keyholes, sizes up locks and generally cases the joint ahead of approaching day Dawn specialises in unswept corners and undusted surfaces, in the nooks and chambers day rarely sees, because day is all business appointments and things being in the right place, while its younger sisters role is to creep about in the breaking gloom, never sure of what it might find there Its one thing casting light on a subject Its another expecting it to shine So when dawn reaches Slough Housea scruffy building whose ground floor is divided between an ailing Chinese restaurant and a desperate newsagents, and whose front door, made filthy by time and weather, never opensit enters by the burglars route, via the rooftops opposite, and its first port of call is Jackson Lambs office, this being on the uppermost storey Here it finds its only working rival a standard lamp atop a pile of telephone directories, which have so long served this purpose they have moulded together, their damp covers bonding in involuntary alliance The room is cramped and furtive, like a kennel, and its overpowering theme is neglect Psychopaths are said to decorate their walls with crazy writing, the loops and whorls of their infinite equations an attempt at cracking the code their life is hostage to Lamb prefers his walls to do their own talking, and they have cooperated to the extent that the cracks in their plasterwork, their mildew stains, have here and there conspired to produce something that might amount to an actual scripta scrawled observation, perhapsbut all too quickly any sense these marks contain blurs and fades, as if they were something a moving finger had writ before deciding, contrary to the wisdom of ages, to rub out again Lambs is not a room to linger in, and dawn, anyway, never tarries long In the office opposite, it finds less to disturb it Here order has prevailed, and there is a quiet efficiency about the way in which folders have been stacked, their edges squared off in alignment with the desktop, and the ribbons binding them tied in bows of equal length about the emptiness of the wastepaper basket, and the dust free surfaces of the well mannered shelves There is a stillness here out of keeping with Slough House, and if one were to seesaw between these two rooms, the bossmans lair and Catherine Standishs bolt hole, a balance might be found that could bring peace to the premises, though one would imagine it would be short lived As is dawns presence in Catherines room, for time is hurrying on On the next level down is a kitchen Dawns favourite meal is breakfast, which is sometimes mostly gin, but either way it would find little to sustain it here, the cupboards falling very much on Scrooges end of the Dickensian curve, far removed from Pickwickian excess The cupboards contain no tins of biscuits, no jars of preserves, no emergency chocolate and no bowls of fruit or packets of crispbread mar the counters surface just odds and ends of plastic cutlery, a few chipped mugs and a surprisingly new looking kettle True, there is a fridge, but all it holds are two cans of energy drink, both stickered Roddy Ho, each of which rubric has had the words is a twat added, in different hands, and an uncontested tub of hummus, which is either mint flavoured or has some other reason for being green About the appliance hangs an odour best described as delayed decay Luckily, dawn has no sense of smell Having briefly swept through the two offices on this floornondescript rooms whose colour schemes can only be found in ancient swatches, their pages so faded, everything has subsided into shades of yellow and greyand taken care to skirt the dark patch beneath the radiator, where some manner of rusty leakage has occurred, it finds itself back on the staircase, which is old and rackety, dawn the only thing capable of using it without making a soundapart, that is, from Jackson Lamb, who when he feels like it can wander Slough House as silently as a newly conjured wraith, if rather corpulent At other times Lamb prefers the direct approach, and attacks the stairs with the noise that a bear pushing a wheelbarrow might make, if the wheelbarrow was full of tin cans, and the bear drunk More watchful ghost than drunken bear, dawn arrives in the final two offices and finds little to distinguish them from those on the floor above, apart, perhaps, from the slightly stuccoed texture of the paintwork behind one desk, as if a fresh coat has been applied before the wall has been properly cleaned, and some lumpy matter has been left clinging to the plasterwork best not to dwell on what this might be For the rest, this office has the same air of frustrated ambition as its companions, and to one as sensitive as light fingered dawn it contains, too, a memory of violence, and perhaps the promise of to come But dawn understands that promises are easily brokendawn knows all about breakingand the possibility delays it not one jot On it goes, down the final set of stairs, and somehow passes through the back door without recourse to the shove this usually requires, the door being famously resistant to casual use In the dank little yard behind Slough House dawn pauses, aware that its time is nearly up, and enjoys these last cool moments Once upon a time it might have heard a horse making its way up the street recently, the happy hum of a milk float would have whiled away its final minute But today there is only the scream of an ambulance, late for an appointment, and by the time its banshee howl has ceased bouncing off walls and buildings dawn has disappeared, and here in its place is the day itself, which, once within Slough Houses grasp, turns out to be far from the embodiment of industry and occupation it threatened to be Insteadlike the day before it, and the one before thatit is just another slothful interlude to be clock watched out of existence, and knowing full well that none of the inhabitants can do anything to hasten its departure, it takes its own sweet time about setting up shop Casually, smugly, unbothered by doubt or duty, it divides itself between Slough Houses offices, and then, like a lazy cat, settles in the warmest corners to doze, while nothing much happens around it.The new spy master Evening Standard The new king of the spy thriller Mail on Sunday The best modern British spy series Daily Express Dazzingly inventive Superbly orchestrated Lamb the most fascinating and irresistible thriller series hero to emerge since Jack Reacher Sunday Times He s been called the heir to Len Deighton and Mick Herron s latest mordantly funny espionage novel only backs that up Sunday Times London Rules confirms Mick Herron as the greatest comic writer of spy fiction in the English language, and possibly all crime fiction The Times Le Carr looks sugar coated next to the acid Slough House novels as a master of wit, satire, insight and that very English trick of disguising heartfelt writing as detached irony before launching a surprise assault on the reader s emotions, Herron is difficult to overpraise Daily Telegraph Addictive I cannot recommend these books strongly enough Nick Lezard, The Spectator The fifth instalment of the award winning Jackson Lamb series is witty, sardonic and laugh out loud funny yet also thrilling and thought provoking Herron has often been compared with spy thriller greats John le Carr and Len Deighton but it is time he was recognised in his own right as the best thriller writer in Britain today In a series that never lets its fans down, London Rules is the best instalment yet Sunday Express, It is, as ever, a joy to return to this world there is a warm, wise, amused depth to Herron s writing, which shines a stark light on the atrocities he describes He s also horribly funny Observer London Legal Hackathon bend the rules The Time Blawg My last post Hack Law to Reinvent Wheel generated a lot of debate on Twitter and LinkedIn yesterday social media comments have now been incorporated at end that It also brought out some interesting answers question Why blockchain asked following Pinsent Masons winning London with solution partnership voting We would like show you description here but site won t allow us Parking Rules Regulations London, Ontario Overnight Parking Find if, when, what can park your street overnight Rules Restaurant, UK Bond Lifestyle M, Q Moneypenny 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least anything else I read year this possibly best so Restaurant Strand United Kingdom Yelp felt being transported back Old Timey greeter authentic decor food very good, presentation played into overall feel Definitely worth time cost Soho Press Bold Literary Voices Award takes Jackson Lamb series new levels nerve shredding tension, leavened always moments eye hilarity often same page Christopher Brookmyre, author Jack Parlabane thrillers Thriller eBook Mick In never lets fans down, instalment yet Sunday Express, is, ever, joy return world there warm, wise, amused depth Herron writing, shines CRIME FICTION LOVER or think second great novel had published different This What Happened, just connects them both, fact whole series, their optimism human spirit Michael Laugh Out Loud Spy book garnered him both considerable acclaim have, admittedly, come late party after reading his latest offering feeling exploring earlier work might written everyone knows rule Cover arse At headquarters Regent Park, First Desk Claude Whelan Of London Move over Mackle, favorite vintage store better than grandpa closet Nana Vintage Wardrobe Read full rulesoflondon score discount unique finds review jeopardy, John Murray, To order copy go guardianbookshop call Free pp online orders About Ian Fleming le Carr Len Deighton brilliant plotting twice CWA Dagger House spy novels matched storytelling gift an ear viciously funny political satire chess Britannica agreement, tournament other leading players set championship challenges Under rules, any player who met certain financial particular, guaranteeing stake could challenge World Champion While a Mark de Castrique Publicity blurbs regarding compare accurate comparison side Pond Kurt Vonnegut, Jr writer whose dark, satirical absurdities pretensions gallows humor interlaced throughout Prize Ring boxing governing bareknuckle boxing, were adopted revised They superseded drawn Broughton, known father English bouts ft m square ring enclosed ropes 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Books and opening chapter somewhat confusing clear sort major terrorist plot about active sure exactly going definitely tense Slow recently released conjunction release Street Children entertainer Magic Magic accomplished magician, recognised nationally reputation professionalism ability put based Fife entertains children adults Scotland including Edinburgh, Lothians, Perth, Dundee, Falkirk, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Stirling Tim Biography Minneapolis, Minnesota His grandfather, named Carson professional golfers US Open attended University New Mexico States Walker Cup team before turning later He Nationwide Tour London Rules


    • London Rules
    • 1.4
    • 90
    • Format Kindle
    • 336 pages
    • Mick Herron
    • Anglais
    • 14 June 2017

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