≩ Read Hardcover [ Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln ] For Free ⋀ Kindle Ebook Author Doris Kearns Goodwin ⋆

≩ Read Hardcover [ Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln ] For Free ⋀ Kindle Ebook Author Doris Kearns Goodwin ⋆ ≩ Read Hardcover [ Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln ] For Free ⋀ Kindle Ebook Author Doris Kearns Goodwin ⋆ The life and times of Abraham Lincoln have been analyzed and dissected in countless books Do we need another Lincoln biography In Team of Rivals, esteemed historian Doris Kearns Goodwin proves that we do Though she can t help but cover some familiar territory, her perspective is focused enough to offer fresh insights into Lincoln s leadership style and his deep understanding of human behavior and motivation Goodwin makes the case for Lincoln s political genius by examining his relationships with three men he selected for his cabinet, all of whom were opponents for the Republican nomination in 1860 William H Seward, Salmon P Chase, and Edward Bates These men, all accomplished, nationally known, and presidential, originally disdained Lincoln for his backwoods upbringing and lack of experience, and were shocked and humiliated at losing to this relatively obscure Illinois lawyer Yet Lincoln not only convinced them to join his administration Seward as secretary of state, Chase as secretary of the treasury, and Bates as attorney general he ultimately gained their admiration and respect as well How he soothed egos, turned rivals into allies, and dealt with many challenges to his leadership, all for the sake of the greater good, is largely what Goodwin s fine book is about Had he not possessed the wisdom and confidence to select and work with the best people, she argues, he could not have led the nation through one of its darkest periods Ten years in the making, this engaging work reveals why Lincoln s road to success was longer, tortuous, and far less likely than the other men, and why, when opportunity beckoned, Lincoln was the best prepared to answer the call This multiple biography further provides valuable background and insights into the contributions and talents of Seward, Chase, and Bates Lincoln may have been the indispensable ingredient of the Civil War, but these three men were invaluable to Lincoln and they played key roles in keeping the nation intact Shawn Carkonen The Team of Rivals Team of Rivals doesn t just tell the story of Abraham Lincoln It is a multiple biography of the entire team of personal and political competitors that he put together to lead the country through its greatest crisis Here, Doris Kearns Goodwin profiles five of the key players in her book, four of whom contended for the 1860 Republican presidential nomination and all of whom later worked together in Lincoln s cabinet 1 Edwin M Stanton Stanton treated Lincoln with utter contempt at their initial acquaintance when the two men were involved in a celebrated law case in the summer of 1855 Unimaginable as it might seem after Stanton s demeaning behavior, Lincoln offered him the most powerful civilian post within his gift the post of secretary of war at their next encounter six years later On his first day in office as Simon Cameron s replacement, the energetic, hardworking Stanton instituted an entirely new regime in the War Department After nearly a year of disappointment with Cameron, Lincoln had found in Stanton the leader the War Department desperately needed Lincoln s choice of Stanton revealed his singular ability to transcend personal vendetta, humiliation, or bitterness As for Stanton, despite his initial contempt for the man he once described as a long armed Ape, he not only accepted the offer but came to respect and love Lincoln than any person outside of his immediate family He was beside himself with grief for weeks after the president s death. 2 Salmon P Chase Chase, an Ohioan, had been both senator and governor, had played a central role in the formation of the national Republican Party, and had shown an unflagging commitment to the cause of the black man No individual felt he deserved the presidency as a natural result of his past contributions than Chase himself, but he refused to engage in the practical methods by which nominations are won He had virtually no campaign and he failed to conciliate his many enemies in Ohio itself As a result, he alone among the candidates came to the convention without the united support of his own state Chase never ceased to underestimate Lincoln, nor to resent the fact that he had lost the presidency to a man he considered his inferior His frustration with his position as secretary of the treasury was alleviated only by his his dogged hope that he, rather than Lincoln, would be the Republican nominee in 1864, and he steadfastly worked to that end The president put up with Chase s machinations and haughty yet fundamentally insecure nature because he recognized his superlative accomplishments at treasury Eventually, however, Chase threatened to split the Republican Party by continuing to fill key positions with partisans who supported his presidential hopes When Lincoln stepped in, Chase tendered his resignation as he had three times before, but this time Lincoln stunned Chase by calling his bluff and accepting the offer. 3 Abraham Lincoln When Lincoln won the Republican presidential nomination in 1860 he seemed to have come from nowhere a backwoods lawyer who had served one undistinguished term in the House of Representatives and lost two consecutive contests for the U.S Senate Contemporaries attributed his surprising nomination to chance, to his moderate position on slavery, and to the fact that he hailed from the battleground state of Illinois But Lincoln s triumph, particularly when viewed against the efforts of his rivals, owed much to a remarkable, unsuspected political acuity and an emotional strength forged in the crucible of hardship and defeat That Lincoln, after winning the presidency, made the unprecedented decision to incorporate his eminent rivals into his political family, the cabinet, was evidence of an uncanny self confidence and an indication of what would prove to others a most unexpected greatness. 4 William H Seward A celebrated senator from New York for than a decade and governor of his state for two terms before going to Washington, Seward was certain he was going to receive his party s nomination for president in 1860 The weekend before the convention in Chicago opened he had already composed a first draft of the valedictory speech he expected to make to the Senate, assuming that he would resign his position as soon as the decision in Chicago was made His mortification at not having received the nomination never fully abated, and when he was offered his cabinet post as secretary of state he intended to have a major role in choosing the remaining cabinet members, conferring upon himself a position in the new government commanding than that of Lincoln himself He quickly realized the futility of his plan to relegate the president to a figurehead role Though the feisty New Yorker would continue to debate numerous issues with Lincoln in the years ahead, exactly as Lincoln had hoped and needed him to do, Seward would become his closest friend, advisor, and ally in the administration More than any other cabinet member Seward appreciated Lincoln s peerless skill in balancing factions both within his administration and in the country at large. 5 Edward Bates A widely respected elder statesman, a delegate to the convention that framed the Missouri Constitution, and a former Missouri congressman whose opinions on national matters were still widely sought, Bates s ambitions for political success were gradually displaced by love for his wife and large family, and he withdrew from public life in the late 1840s For the next 20 years he was asked repeatedly to run or once again accept high government posts but he consistently declined However in early 1860, with letters and newspaper editorials advocating his candidacy crowding in upon him, he decided to try for the highest office in the land After losing to Lincoln he vowed, in his diary, to decline a cabinet position if one were to be offered, but with the country in trouble and danger he felt it was his duty to accept when Lincoln asked him to be attorney general Though Bates initially viewed Lincoln as a well meaning but incompetent administrator, he eventually concluded that the president was an unmatched leader, very near being a perfect man The Essential Doris Kearns Goodwin Wait Till Next Year A Memoir No Ordinary Time Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt The Home Front in World War II Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream More New Reading on the Civil War Lincoln s Melancholy How Depression Challenged a President and Fueled His Greatness by Joshua Wolf Shenk Grant and Sherman The Friendship That Won the Civil War by Charles Bracelen Flood The March A Novel by E.L Doctorow Pulitzer Prizewinner Goodwin No Ordinary Time seeks to illuminate what she interprets as a miraculous event Lincoln s smooth and, in her view, rather sudden transition from underwhelming one term congressman and prairie lawyer to robust chief executive during a time of crisis Goodwin marvels at Lincoln s ability to co opt three better born, better educated rivalseach of whom had challenged Lincoln for the 1860 Republican nomination The three were New York senator William H Seward, who became secretary of state Ohio senator Salmon P Chase, who signed on as secretary of the treasury and later was nominated by Lincoln to be chief justice of the Supreme Court and Missouri s distinguished elder statesman Edward Bates, who served as attorney general This is the team of rivals Goodwin s title refers to.The problem with this interpretation is that the metamorphosis of Lincoln to Machiavellian master of men that Goodwin presupposes did not in fact occur overnight only as he approached the grim reality of his presidency The press had labeled candidate Lincoln a fourth rate lecturer, who cannot speak good grammar But East Coast railroad executives, who had long employed Lincoln at huge prices to defend their interests as attorney and lobbyist, knew better Lincoln was a shrewd political operator and insider long before he entered the White Housea fact Goodwin underplays On another front, Goodwin s spotlighting of the president s three former rivals tends to undercut that Lincoln s most essential Cabinet level contacts were not with Seward, Chase and Bates, but rather with secretaries of war Simon Cameron and Edwin Stanton, and Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles These criticisms aside, Goodwin supplies capable biographies of the gentlemen on whom she has chosen to focus, and ably highlights the sometimes tangled dynamics of their team within the larger assemblage of Lincoln s full war cabinet Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserved. Doris Kearns Goodwin Doris America s WEB SERVICES BY DAVID COSGROVE LOS ANGELES DESIGN Start typing and press Enter to search Wikipedia Richard had a son, also named Richard, from previous marriage, who was nine years old at the time he married Goodwin, lived in Concord, Massachusetts, two sons together, Michael Joseph Her husband died on May after brief battle with cancer About Goodwin is world renowned presidential historian, public speaker Pulitzer Prize winning, New York Times best selling author seventh book, Leadership Turbulent , published September critical acclaim became an instant bestseller DorisKGoodwin Twitter Verified account winning author, speaker, whose new In Times, IMDb born January Rockville Centre, Long Island, York, USA as Helen She known for her work Lincoln The Bully Pulpit American Horror Story Leadership An Best Book of demonstrates how leaders are made, not born, she thoughtfully explores highs lows four US presidents faced moments horrific national crisis Lessons past TED Historian talks about what we can learn presidents, including Abraham Lyndon Johnson Then shares moving memory own father, their shared love baseball Educator, Journalist Biography historian highly regarded studies A meeting B resulted first Trump doesn t measure up won prize Team Rivals, book cabinet Photograph Steven Senne AP Nelson Mandela dead Barack Obama out office Strongmen whether living worst says be overcome if aroused citizens join together toward moral purpose Weekend picks lovers Sep Weekend lovers, Spend your weekend reading by Strength, Resilience Presidency When began working five ago newest didn know apropos it would today political Review That question recent talk among chief executive officers Lincoln, Remarkable EQ several biographies No Ordinary Time, Pulpit, key After decades magisterial output, matching quality appeal, leads league Seattle Arts Lectures will speak forthcoming which explore leadership throughout history Music Hall presentation followed onstage interview Lauren Chooljian, Hampshire Public Radio Politics Policy Reporter reporting focuses impact politics policy residents beyond Dallas Museum Art Bestselling winner culmination polarized world, stories authentic times apprehension fracture take singular urgency has prepared marvelous banquet lives provide lessons all us Pull chair Warren Buffett Carnegie Medal draws scholarship this strong resonant addition PhD Academy Achievement met President White House dance At time, Fellow, but recently article sharply conduct Vietnam War Official days agoDORIS KEARNS GOODWIN interest than half century professor HarvardHer experiences LBJ later assisting him his memoirs led bestselling Dream Historian It comforting that eminent, lore such stickler precise abundant detail Persuade People To Dislike Trump DORIS GOODWIN, HISTORIAN I ll tell you don think need go direction right now Mueller investigation show whatever going come forth National Press Club c span shown signing copies Rivals User Created Clips This Video November Presidential Qualities Crisis What thinks could Nov giant biography shelves, books some most iconic Times left, Political Genius Richard speechwriter home Massachusetts According wife, bout The True Grit Four Presidents LEADERSHIP By Illustrated pp Simon Schuster story Theodore Roosevelt Team Acclaimed illuminates genius original work, one term congressman prairie lawyer rises obscurity prevail over three gifted rivals reputation become president N speech writer noted drew upon exposure disagreement specifically, Robert Kennedy butting heads Writer provides case junctures administrations exemplifies transformational expanded North war aims union emancipation through issuance Emancipation Proclamation Home Facebook likes talking Sandra Leverant until death They Kearns, whom children complications These Are Essential Traits Needs, Says when Harvard University TED Talk Watch videoHistorian While disunity dire, potentially deeply damaging warned rock democracy founder regions, classes, races parties Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln


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