ጘ Free Hardcover [ Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War ] ⢗ Kindle Author Robin Yassin Kassab ⤀

ጘ Free Hardcover [ Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War ] ⢗ Kindle Author Robin Yassin Kassab ⤀ ጘ Free Hardcover [ Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War ] ⢗ Kindle Author Robin Yassin Kassab ⤀ Those in search of perspective on Syrias devastation should turn toBurning Country, by the reporter Yassin Kassab and the activist al Shami Their book offers a knowledgeable, empathetic, morally lucid account of the revolt against the Assad regime and an explanation of whyto the horror of many of its supportersit became a civil war.Burning Countryavoids the easy indulgence of indignation instead, it elicits the voices of many different Syrians involved in the uprising, acknowledging their suffering as well as their courage, intelligence, and humanity, while explaining the terrible choices that have been forced on them The Nation Burning Country is both exposition and record of the people behind the Syrian uprising.Yassin Kassab and Al Shami work to undo the narrative traps that define popular perceptions of Syria, giving color to the individuals who have mounted alternatives for the country and whose stories are little known What distinguishes the book from other reporting on Syria is its deep look at how cultural and intellectual production has evolved alongside the conflict Guernica Yassin Kassab and Al Shami want to keep faith with the original impulse of the Syrian revolutiontheir book is full of fascinating details about the early protest movementsand they also stress the importance of letting Syrians speak The chief interest of Burning Countryis its inclusion of voices from the front lines Burning Country lets us listen to many voices we arent likely to hear on the news New York Review of Books A number of gripping new books have recently been published that evocatively describe the grim trajectory of Syrias uprising and war Burning Country explores how Syrias peaceful uprising gave way to armed insurgency and sectarian jihad They offer a sympathetic portrait of a heroic uprising gone wrong, describing in all too painful detail the transformations wrought by armed groups and Assads brutality This is an important, honest and insightful book, well worth anyones time Washington Post Provides a comprehensive account of the Syrian revolution from its inception in 2011 to the present Through interviews with Syrians from across the spectrum of society, the book charts the trajectory of the uprising from the grassroots civil society initiatives that lie at the core of the uprising to its militarization and sectarian polarization The Brooklyn Rail Judging from the news coverage, youd think the Syrian conflict was about everyone but the Syrian people Syrian perspectives have been almost entirely absent from conversations about the refugee crisis, ISIS and the fate of the Assad regime Burning Country offers a compelling counter narrative, rich with the voices of the Syrian people Equal parts history and analysis, Al Shami and Yassin Kassab foreground the grassroots organizations and culture that have flowered in Syria since the revolution began, despite the Assad regime and ISISs attacks Most illuminating is the authors discussion of the local councils that oversee the functioning of public services primarily in rebel controlled territory, of which there are than 400 In These Times In their new bookBurning Country, journalist Yassin Kassab and human rights activist Al Shami provide a bracing and timely reminder that no matter how long the war rages or how unreachable a political settlement may appear, the world owes it to the Syrian peopl especially the peaceful revolutionariesto listen to their stories and support their cause.Burning Countryis a portrait of the opposition, a movement of protest against Bashar al Assads brutal regime, which has been nearly forgotten amid the humanitarian strife,factionalism, and power politics surrounding and driving the conflict Boston Review This book provides an emotionally restrained history of the Syrian peoples struggle against the Assad regime.Yassin Kassab and Al Shami describe a bloody war between two enemies both claiming the soul of a nation With the Syrian civil war as context, the reader is also presented with instructive and absorbing discussions of the struggles for power and over ideas within the forces claiming the revolutionary mantle Although the account written in these pages is of a tragedy beyond most readers comprehension, it is a tragedy that will continue to be felt around the world, as refugees leave their ruined lives behind in search of some kind of living peace Burning Country should be read by as many people as possible Counterpunch A work that gives a voice to the Syrian revolutionaries who are the political and moral descendants of the brigades that took up arms against Franco in the name of democracy and social justice New Politics As well as a non orthodox telling of the conflict from the point of view of the activists and fighters who took part in the revolution, the book also speaks to the confusion and reluctance of western progressives to engage in the reality of Syria Middle East EyeRobin Yassin Kassab is a regular media commentator on Syria and the Middle East and the author of the novel The Road From Damascus and contributor to Syria Speaks. Burning Country Syrians in Revolution and War by Burning In And is a short read, packed full of invaluable facts, data, interviews from wide range the key players Despite its brevity, I took notes for this book than any other recent memory There terrible amount disinformation written about Syria Robin Yassin Kassab, Leila Al Shami on FREE shipping qualifying offers , many to streets Damascus demand overthrow government Bashar al Assad Pluto Press She co author founding member Tahrir ICN, network that aimed connect anti authoritarian struggles across Middle East, North Africa Europe Review and isn t just story Syrian revolution way saw it, but testament efforts dreams generation Book by Kassab The Conflict one great open wounds our time It has ground five years devastated, with once cities such as Homs reduced rubble Book Review Revolution adds necessary refreshing activist voice discussions war JSTOR explores horrific complicated reality life present day unprecedented detail sophistication, drawing new first hand testimonies opposition fighters, exiles lost an archipelago refugee camps, courageous human rights activists among others About Qunfuz Kassab Arabic word hedgehog or porcupine am born west London Except six months Beirut, grew up England Scotland Robin Twitter latest Tweets Road From novel Co We ve detected JavaScript disabled your browser Qunfuz was honour write foreword Haj Saleh s indispensable collection essays Impossible Author at Critical Muslim only Revolutionary Culture slogans borders called schools taught rote intimidation Country He English around Arab world well Turkey, been journalist P U L S E Hi Robin, watching master class presentation which you made Karachi As aspiring writer, found it absolutely inspiring encouraging latter because expressed similar ideas my own writing creative process, particularly concerning creation plot out character Twitter Every so often conversation Verified account Protected Suggested users Who knows what going Ailean Beaton novelist who, along Shami, authored widely considered definitive books crisis pp, Hamish Hamilton, Unbelief itself religion, says epigraph ambitious topical debut International Socialist Review By Press pages remarkable complex increasingly violent conflict The best Israel Palestine Five political blogger argues Palestinians have strange stateless existence very like Jews had past Democratic Confederalism Counter revolution author, War, Damascus, Books he contributed include Speaks Shifting Sands Beta Life Stories Critical Muslim Hurst Publishers editor Muslim, acclaimed novel, Penguin Born London, lived worked France, Pakistan, Syria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia Oman Mauritania news bab Bride Amman Fadi Zaghmout A hugely controversial when originally published powerful social critique sharp eyed look intersecting lives four women gay man Jordan historic capital, city deeply imbued traditions taboos Bloomsbury Institute events Bloomsbury hosts unmissable talks lovers, academics writers stunning central premises All writings PULSE can be read here robin yassin kassab Books Online shopping selection Store Discover books, find related products, More chooses compares diaspora land disappears under their feet, identity grows stronger words th Pakistan His Dinosaur Denial Guernica QunfuzCom Until recently seemed wealthy Arabia, state least likely fall revolutionary turmoil sweeping region Mirror disturbed start, hear people inside fence until speech parliament presented his conspiracy theories, giggles, Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War


    • Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War
    • 4.5
    • 875
    • Hardcover
    • 282 pages
    • Robin Yassin Kassab
    • English
    • 26 April 2016

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