⛄ recommended ‹ The South Beach Diet Dining Guide: Your Reference Guide to Restaurants Across America to read ⛎ By Arthur Agatston ⛺

⛄ recommended ‹ The South Beach Diet Dining Guide: Your Reference Guide to Restaurants Across America to read ⛎ By Arthur Agatston ⛺ ⛄ recommended ‹ The South Beach Diet Dining Guide: Your Reference Guide to Restaurants Across America to read ⛎ By Arthur Agatston ⛺ DINING OUTON THE SOUTH BEACH DIETYou have a busy life Chances are that work and family keep you on the go, and preparing home cooked meals may be difficult because of time constraints Finding a healthy lunch in the middle of a hectic day is often just as hard, and eating a good breakfast at home may be a rare event In fact, if you re like most Americans, you purchase at least one meal a day at some sort of restaurant.And that s just on an ordinary day What about weekends, holidays, special occasions, travel days, business dinners, and all the other times you re away from your own kitchen Does this mean putting your South Beach Diet on hold Not at all.One of the best things about the South Beach Diet is that it s easy to dine out and still eat well while following the principles of the program No matter what phase you re on, you can continue to lose weight and improve your health, whether you re grabbing a take out order or enjoying dinner with family, friends, or business associates at a fine restaurant.The first, and most important, step in sticking to the South Beach Diet when eating out is to keep the following ground rules in mind Choose unprocessed, unrefined carbohydrates, such as whole grains, whole fruits, and fresh vegetables.Enjoy plenty of lean protein, such as chicken, fish, certain cuts of meat, low fat dairy, and reduced fat cheese.Choose foods that are high in good fats, such as fish, avocados, and nuts, and make sure your foods are prepared with healthy oils such as olive oil or canola.Avoid foods that are high in saturated fat, such as fatty cuts of beef, bacon, processed meats such as salami, and full fat cheese.Eat plenty of fiber it s found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, seeds, and whole grains.Avoid refined carbohydrates such as white bread, cake, candy, white rice, and other processed foods that are high in sugar and often high in fat as well.Avoid added sugar Choose diet soft drinks, for instance, and watch out for hidden sugars in salad dressings and sauces.Once you have the ground rules down, you ll also need to master some proven strategies that will help you enjoy your restaurant meals even .Key Strategies for Restaurant DiningDining out is one of life s pleasures, but it s also a challenge when you re trying to maintain a healthy diet At home you can control what you put on your plate, but when you eat out, you re bound to come up against some common pitfalls oversized portions, tempting refined carbs, extra ingredients that add bad fat and bad carbs, and of course menus that don t offer many South Beach Diet friendly options The following tips will help you stick to your healthy eating plan.Have a protein snack before you leave the house.By eating something with protein a hard boiled egg or a piece of reduced fat cheese, for example about 15 minutes before you arrive at the restaurant, you ll take the edge off your appetite If you re not ravenous while you re reading the menu, you ll be able to make better food choices.Banish the bread basket.And the tortilla chips basket And the crispy noodle basket They re all filled with bad refined carbs, such as rolls made from white flour or deep fried tortilla chips Eating these carbs will give you a glucose jolt that could raise your blood sugar, and you might end up feeling hungrier If it s okay with your fellow diners, ask your server to remove the basket before you even have a chance to nibble If not, wait until everyone has taken some and then ask the server to remove the basket If that s not appropriate for the group you re with, at least position the basket as far from yourself as possible Once you re on Phase 2 or 3, you can indulge in a slice from the bread basket as long as it is made from whole grains To prevent a rapid rise in blood sugar, dip the bread into olive oil or even spread a little butter on it The added calories are offset by the feeling of fullness that the fat adds.Order soup.If possible, order a cup of soup the dieter s friend as soon as you re seated Look for soups that are rich in vegetables and that aren t cream based, or order clear broth or consomme The beauty of soup is that it fills you up, so you re not so hungry when it comes time to order from the rest of the menu It also sends a message to your brain that you re eating and will be full soon Since it takes about 20 minutes for that message to travel from your stomach to your brain, by the time your main course arrives, you ll already be on the way to feeling satiated.Ask for extra veggies instead of starches.Main courses usually come with starchy side dishes, such as white rice or mashed potatoes, which are undesirable foods for South Beach dieters on Phase 1 and 2 Ask instead for extra green vegetables, such as broccoli or string beans, or for a small green salad Today, this is a routine request in many restaurants and your server should be happy to help.Pick healthy cooking methods.Stay away from anything on the menu that appears to be coated or battered and fried If the dish comes with a rich butter or cheese sauce, ask for it on the side Stick to cooking methods such as roasting, broiling, baking, grilling, steaming, and even sauteing that don t add bad fats.Have a nonalcoholic drink or two.When your server asks if you want something from the bar, order a glass of water or diet soda Sip it instead of a mixed drink or beer, and order another to go with your meal Beyond Phase 1, have a glass of red or white wine along with your food this is a form of alcohol that s not only acceptable but good for you.Enjoy dessert within reason.The South Beach Diet is a lifestyle, and life without dessert would be no fun at all But you have to make the right choices Skip high fat, high sugar desserts After Phase 1, if the menu offers fresh fruit, like berries or melon, that s your best choice If you decide to indulge in something decadent, use common sense Ask the server to bring extra forks, limit yourself to three bites, and then share the rest with your fellow diners After you ve been on the South Beach Diet for a while, you may well find that your sweet tooth is than satisfied with a small portion.Casual DiningThe average American eats in a chain restaurant specializing in fast food at least once a week What s wrong with the food at these casual quick serve restaurants A lot Let s start with the fact that the emphasis at most chains is on big, sweet, fat, and fast There s no denying that most fast food is typically high in calories, saturated fats from the meats and cooking oil , trans fats, and refined carbohydrates from all those buns, pizza crusts, and french fries and low in fiber think pickle slice That means you re getting a faster rise in blood sugar from the bad carbs one that s not offset by any fiber The overall effect of this can leave you feeling unsatisfied by your meal So, while you re still in the restaurant, you end up ordering food usually a dessert high in refined carbs and fat just to feel full And even if you do feel full, the sensation probably won t last, and you ll be on the lookout for a snack just an hour or two later.Estimating Portion SizePortions in restaurants have ballooned over the past couple of decades Though on the South Beach Diet you should eat until you feel satiated, eating two or three times a normal serving of food means you could be getting a lot calories, fat, and carbohydrates from your restaurant meal than you realize and you may keep eating even after you re full simply because it s there Use these simple tricks to eyeball your portions and get an idea of how oversized they really are 3 1 2 ounces of meat, fish, or poultry is about the size of a deck of cards or a computer mouse.8 ounces of meat, fish, or poultry is roughly the size of a thin paperback book.1 cup of brown rice or whole wheat pasta is about the size of a tennis ball.A small roll is about the size of a small pack of tissues.2 tablespoons of salad dressing is 1 ounce, or 1 8 of a cup enough to fill one compartment in an ice cube tray.As a South Beach dieter, you obviously know that it s best to avoid quick serve restaurants whenever possible We do live in a fast food world, however, and realistically speaking, you re going to end up in one of these places now and then Luckily, there are South Beach Diet solutions that will still let you make good choices among the menu options at most chain and family restaurants, whether it s a hamburger, chicken, or pizza restaurant, a cafeteria, or a Mexican eatery.Hamburger RestaurantsThere are than 12,000 McDonald s restaurants in the United States, over 8,000 Burger Kings, and over 6,000 Wendy s, to say nothing of all the other burger chains They re every where and that makes them hard to avoid, especially when you re in a hurry The good news is that today just about all hamburger restaurants have made an effort to accommodate people who are trying to follow a healthy eating plan Instead of a cheeseburger on a bun with special sauce, you can now easily ask for a bunless burger on a plate, without the sauce and the ketchup You can even get a side salad instead of those tempting high fat fries.What s in Your Fast Food Almost all fast food chain restaurants now provide detailed nutritional information about their food on their Web sites, including calorie counts, amounts of fat and saturated fat, carbohydrates, and fiber some chains will soon be providing the nutritionals on the packaging You can usually find out exactly what s in the standard menu items, although limited time and seasonal offerings aren t always there In addition, many of the chain Web sites now offer nutrition calculators that let you put together an imaginary meal and see precisely what it comes out to in terms of nutrients The next time you get a hankering for a late night fast food meal, try using the nutritional calculator first It will help you make the wisest decision about what to eat when you arrive at the restaurant.But keep in mind that even a bunless burger is still potentially high in saturated fat and should be avoided if there are better choices available Fortunately, many burger restaurants now offer meal size salads topped with grilled chicken or shrimp If you order one of these, be sure to skip the croutons or Parmesan toasts, and take care with the salad dressings many are loaded with added sugar As far as drinks go, avoid the supersized shakes and sugary sodas choose diet soda, coffee, or water instead.Chicken ChainsAt most quick serve chicken restaurants, fried chicken is the main attraction Watch out for all the ways this type of restaurant can try to sell you fried chicken by calling it something else, like crispy, crunchy, coated, nugget, or popcorn And that s not all that s fried The chicken is generally accompanied by your choice of french fries, fried onion rings, fried zucchini sticks, or fried mozzarella sticks.Luckily, at just about all the chicken chains, grilled chicken breasts are now on the menu in one way or another And some places, like Boston Market, are adding rotisserie chicken to their offerings You can usually get a grilled chicken Caesar salad or ask for a green salad to go under or with your grilled or rotisserie chicken At some franchises you can even get a green vegetable such as string beans to round out your meal.There may be times, however, when you re just stuck with the fried chicken In that case, simply pull off and discard as much of the coating as you can.Pizza PlacesAccording to pizza industry sources, the average American eats 46 slices of pizza a year As a South Beach dieter, you re not in this camp, but you can still occasionally enjoy your pizza if you re on Phase 2 or 3 Just do it the healthier way Almost all chain pizza restaurants now offer a thin crust option, which cuts back on the amount of refined carbs you get from a slice Most also make a veggie pizza, which means you get good vegetables like green peppers and mushrooms while avoiding the saturated fats from pep peroni, sausage, and other full fat meat toppings although you could add some grilled chicken if the chain offers it Keep in mind that even thin crust pizza has its drawbacks the high fat content of the mozzarella cheese you can ask for less cheese on your order and the sugar that s sometimes added to the tomato sauce Some upscale pizza chains like Uno Chicago Grill now offer sirloin steak and steamed or roasted veggies as menu options.So order a slice of thin crust veggie pizza and ask for a side salad most pizza chains offer them now But stay away from all the other side offerings, such as chicken wings, breadsticks, cheese sticks, cinnamon sticks, and anything that comes with a dipping sauce.Mexican Fast FoodMexican food is perhaps the fastest growing area of fast food chains While Mexican dishes do offer a change from hamburgers, when they re prepared American style which means an abundance of bad fats , they can still be a challenge to South Beach dieters.A lot of the newer quick serve Mexican chains are sit down, and you ll have to immediately pass up the deep fried tortilla chips that arrive at your table even before you order At these places and at others like Taco Bell and Del Taco that offer drive thru, you ll have to resist ordering the tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and chimichangas deep fried flour tortillas filled with meat and cheese That s unless you can get them bare or naked, which means ordering the filling without the flour or corn tortilla If you re on Phase 2, a whole wheat tortilla is allowed Best to stick to the grilled items, such as chicken, shrimp, or steak You can also enjoy the pinto beans and black beans, but skip the fat laden refried beans and the rice.The good news is that fresh salsa is a highly acceptable SBD condiment, and guacamole is a great source of good fat from the avocados Enchilada and tomatillo sauces are also usually okay if they re freshly made and don t have added sugar, but try to stay away from full fat sour cream and full fat cheese.Cafeteria ChainsAmericans spend 440 billion eating out at restaurants each year, and as the American culture is increasingly on the go, we let diets fall by the wayside as we fuel up on fast food and convenience foods Now, with The South Beach Diet Dining Guide, Dr.Arthur Agatston will give dieters a trusted resource to keep them on track wherever they go.The first part of the book features listings of over 75 of the most popular chain and family restaurants in America, including mall and airport listings For each entry, the book provides an editorial overview and specific menu recommendations and nutritional information The South Beach Diet Dining Guide focuses on what you can eat, not what you should avoid The second part of the book covers suggestions on what to eat from different ethnic food categories, such as French, Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Indian, and Japanese.A bonus section for travelers includes an editorial overview and menu suggestions from South Beach friendly restaurants in 15 of the most well traveled cities New York Los Angeles San Francisco Boston Chicago Atlanta Dallas Cleveland New Orleans Kansas City Minneapolis Miami Washington, DC St Louis and Las Vegas. 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