צּ reading Blood Hollow: A Novel online ᐻ Kindle Author William Kent Krueger ᓷ

צּ reading Blood Hollow: A Novel online ᐻ Kindle Author William Kent Krueger ᓷ צּ reading Blood Hollow: A Novel online ᐻ Kindle Author William Kent Krueger ᓷ Chapter 1January, as usual, was meat locker cold, and the girl had already been missing for nearly two days Corcoran O Connor couldn t ignore the first circumstance The second he tried not to think about.He stood in snow up to his ass, than two feet of drifted powder blinding white in the afternoon sun He lifted his tinted goggles and glanced at the sky, a blue ceiling held up by green walls of pine He stood on a ridge that overlooked a small oval of ice called Needle Lake, five miles from the nearest maintained road Aside from the track his snowmobile had pressed into the powder, there was no sign of human life A rugged vista lay before him an uplifted ridge, a jagged shoreline, a bare granite pinnacle that jutted from the ice and gave the lake its name but the recent snowfall had softened the look of the land In his time, Cork had seen nearly fifty winters come and go Sometimes the snow fell softly, sometimes it came in a rage Always it changed the face of whatever it touched Cork couldn t help thinking that in this respect, snow was a little like death Except that death, when it changed a thing, changed it forever.He took off his mittens, deerskin lined with fleece He turned back to the Polaris snowmobile that Search and Rescue had provided for him, and he pulled a radio transmitter from the compartment behind the seat When he spoke through the mouth hole of his ski mask, his words ghosted against the radio in a cloud of white vapor.Unit Three to base Over.This is base Go ahead, Cork.I m at Needle Lake No sign of her I m going to head up to Hat Lake That ll finish this section.I copy that Have you seen Bledsoe That s a negative.He completed the North Arm trail and was going to swing over to give you a hand Also, be advised that the National Weather Service has issued a severe weather warning A blizzard s coming our way Sheriff s thinking of pulling everybody in.Cork O Connor had lived in the Northwoods of Minnesota most of his life Although at the moment there was only a dark cloud bank building in the western sky, he knew that in no time at all the weather could turn Ten four, Patsy I ll stay in touch Unit Three out.He d been out since first light, and despite the deerskin mittens, the Sorel boots and thick socks, the quilted snowmobile suit, the down parka, and the ski mask, he was cold to the bone He put the radio back, lifted a Thermos from the compartment under the seat of the Polaris, and poured a cup of coffee It was only lukewarm, but it felt great going down his throat As he sipped, he heard the sound of another machine cutting through the pines to his right In a minute, a snowmobile broke through a gap in the trees, and shot onto the trail where Cork s own machine sat idle Oliver Bledsoe buzzed up beside Cork and killed the engine He dismounted and pulled off his ski mask.Heard you on the radio with Patsy, Bledsoe said Knew I d catch you here He cast a longing look at Cork s coffee Got any left Couple swallows, Cork said He poured the last of the coffee into the cup and offered it to Bledsoe All yours.Thanks Bledsoe was true blood Iron Lake Ojibwe He was large, muscular, a hair past fifty, with a wide, honest face and warm almond eyes Although he was now an attorney and headed the legal affairs office for the tribal council, in his early years he d worked as a logger and he knew this area well Cork was glad to have him there.Bledsoe stripped off his gloves and wrapped his hands around the warm cup He closed his eyes to savor the coffee as it coursed down his throat Anything he asked.Nothing, Cork said.Lot of ground to cover Bledsoe handed the cup back and glanced north where the wilderness stretched all the way to Canada It s a shame, nice girl like her, something like this He dug beneath his parka and brought out a pack of Chesterfields and Zippo lighter He offered a cigarette to Cork, who declined He lit up, took a deep breath, and exhaled a great white cloud of smoke and wet breath He put his gloves back on and let the cigarette dangle from the corner of his mouth Nodding toward the sky in the west, he said, You hear what s coming in If that girl didn t have bad luck, she d have no luck at all.Cork heard the squawk of his radio and picked it up.Base to all units It s official We ve got us a blizzard on the doorstep A real ass kicker, looks like Come on in Sheriff says he doesn t want anyone else lost out there.Cork listened as one by one the other units acknowledged.Unit Three Unit Four Did you copy Over.This is Unit Three Bledsoe s with me We copy, Patsy But listen I still haven t checked Hat Lake I d like to have a quick look before I head back.Negative, Cork Sheriff says turn around now He s pulling in the dogs and air search, too Weather service says it s not a storm to mess with.Is Wally there He won t tell you anything different.Put him on.Cork waited.Schanno, here This better be good.Cork could see him, Sheriff Wally Schanno Grim, harried With a missing girl, a whale of a blizzard, and a recalcitrant ex sheriff on his hands.I m just shy of Hat Lake, Wally I m going to check it out before I turn back.The hell you are Have you taken a good look behind you Glancing back to the west, toward the cloud bank that was now looming high above the tree line, Cork knew time was short.It would be a shame to come this far and not make it that last mile.Bring yourself in That s an order.What are you going to do if I don t Fire me I m a volunteer.You want to stay on Search and Rescue, you ll come back now You read me, Unit Three Loud and clear, Sheriff.Good I expect to see you shortly Base out.Schanno sounded weary deep down in his soul Cork knew that the sheriff would turn away from the radio to face the family of the missing girl, having just reduced significantly the chances of finding her alive For Cork, being out there in the cold and the snow with a blizzard at his back was infinitely preferable to what Sheriff Wally Schanno had to deal with Once again, he was exceedingly glad that the badge he himself had once worn was now pinned to the chest of another man.Guess that about does it, Oliver Bledsoe said.I m going to check Hat Lake.You heard the sheriff.I ve got to know, Ollie.Bledsoe nodded You want a hand No You go on back I won t be than half an hour behind you.Schanno ll skin you alive.I ll take my chances with Wally.Cork climbed onto the seat, kicked the engine over, and shot east in a roar of sparkling powder.He hated snowmobiles Hated the noise, a desecration of the silence of the deep woods that was to him a beauty so profound it felt sacred Hated the kind of people snowmobiling brought, people who looked at the woods as they would an amusement park, just another diversion in the never ending battle against boredom Hated the ease with which the machines allowed access to a wilderness that could swallow the ignorant and unwary without a trace The only value he could see in a snowmobile was that it allowed him, in a situation like this, to cover a large area quickly.By the time he reached Hat Lake, the dark wall of cloud behind him stretched north and south from horizon to horizon, completely blotting out the late afternoon sun The sight gave Cork chills that had nothing to do with the temperature He found no sign of a snowmobile on the trail that circled the lake Exactly what he d suspected, but he wanted to be certain The wind rose at his back He watched ghosts of snow swirl up and pirouette across the lake ice Except for the dancing snow and the trees as they bent to the rising wind, nothing moved Not one flicker of life across the whole, frigid face of that land.Copyright 2004 by William Kent KruegerIn his fourth Cork O Connor mystery after 2001 s Purgatory Ridge , Krueger tells a chilling story with a warm heart O Connor, the prickly ex sheriff of the small town of Aurora, Minn., finds himself in conflict with the new, politically motivated sheriff, Arne Soderberg, when Charlotte Kane, a beautiful but reckless teen, disappears on a drunken snowmobile ride during a New Year s Eve party A Minnesota blizzard thwarts the search, and decidedly unspiritual O Connor returns to civilization troubled by supernatural visions in the blinding snowfall Kane s body doesn t surface until the spring thaw, and then questions about her death arise the autopsy and evidence at the scene point to murder, and the most likely suspect is Solemn Winter Moon, her brooding, rebellious ex boyfriend, a lothario from the Ojibwe reservation who has a bad reputation with the citizens of Aurora Anti Native prejudice gives way to spiritual controversy when Winter Moon turns himself in after claiming to have seen Christ while seeking a vision from Kitchimanidoo, the Great Spirit Skeptical of Winter Moon s religious claims but determined to prove his innocence, O Connor uncovers twisted family drama, frightening religious fervor and suspicious infidelities Krueger skillfully crafts enough plot twists to keep everybody guessing through the bloody climax to the thrilling end Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserved. 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manifested Kurosaki inner He Signs, in PA by FANDOM resurrected pulled two half centuries time unravel mystery dates way back founding fathersWilliam Kent Krueger Times Bestselling Official website bestselling novelist William Krueger, author Ordinary Grace Cork O Connor crime writer, best novels featuring Connor, set mainly Minnesota won Anthony Awards novel stand alone book Edgar Award Best Novel Books Krueger books order, including Raised Cascade Mountains Oregon, briefly attended Stanford kicked radical activities Ordinary FREE shipping qualifying offers NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER WINNER OF EDGAR AWARD FOR BEST NOVEL DILYS SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL BOOK That was grace so Review Grace, FICTION man looks boyhood summer everything changed Barnes From comes brilliant young man, small town, murder ordinary reason remember Yet never forty years KruegerBooks Signed Edition Books, Books Bookstore signed collectible edition authors collection unique books, print st covers made wood, burlap, metal etc collecting information, appraisal service, Blood Hollow: A Novel


    • Blood Hollow: A Novel
    • 4.5
    • 849
    • Format Kindle
    • 544 pages
    • William Kent Krueger
    • Anglais
    • 24 October 2017

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