⇃ Format Kindle Download [ ᠐ How To Be Right: The Art of Being Persuasively Correct ] ↬ Book Author Greg Gutfeld ∁

⇃  Format Kindle Download [ ᠐ How To Be Right: The Art of Being Persuasively Correct ] ↬ Book Author Greg Gutfeld ∁ ⇃ Format Kindle Download [ ᠐ How To Be Right: The Art of Being Persuasively Correct ] ↬ Book Author Greg Gutfeld ∁ 1 Why Were EvilHow to Explain Your Conservative Stance, When Youre Inevitably AttackedThis is the chapter you should read now Especially if youve read the preceding sixteen pages.As you know, this book is about being persuasively right, but before you can be persuasively right you must be persuasive, above all, about being Right Because if you cant explain why you are you then youre lost You might as well pack up and join the circus Address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Just look for the big tent and the guy in the clown suit You will be asked why youre a conservative or a libertarian often than Tom Cruise is asked why hes in Scientology You need to explain yourself in the clearest manner possible Im tired of saying conservative and libertarian, so from here on in, were just gonna say Right Right Okay Good Here is the simple answer to why you are Right It is a practical, generous, and compassionate way to live.Now, Im not saying liberals are impractical, selfish, or lacking in compassion I could say that, but I wont Because it helps no one I believe and have evidence that as a member of the right, you can achieve better results in bringing happiness and clarity to this ball of fury we call the world.Who doesnt want that Once you have stated your reason for your belief system and the laughter subsides you now have to prove that in fact your belief system is the correct path to achieve that goal.So, why do righties accomplish these goals in a practical, compassionate manner Very simply conservatism, enacted correctly, encompasses liberalism The act of conserving in fact acts as the back door to the liberal heart.Conservatism is the two trees that support the hammock of liberalism.A liberal heart can be controlled only by the impulses of a right wing brain.The left can never lead, it can only pull.And please note this relationship cannot be done in reverse Liberalism cannot contain conservatism Here are the reasons why.Conservatism is a set of free market beliefs that helps create wealth a mass of stuff that then gets shared by those who cannot create it Conservatism is the baker who bakes the cake that gets paid for by the parents but gets eaten by the kids the cake, not the baker.Translation for a liberal to get the assistance he desires to pay for programs and education, that wealth must be created by people who cannot afford to think liberally The engine that creates that wealth is fundamentally Right The principles of liberalism have no place in such matters In fact, even in predominantly liberal bastions like the film industry and academia, profit still rules Actors and professors still ask for , not less, for their work All films have budgets All colleges have tuitions Were all evil right wingers on payday And when were not See Soviet Union falling of.You do not want a liberal accountant You do not want a liberal financial advisor You do not even want a liberal babysitter In fact, especially you do not want a liberal babysitter even liberals will rarely hire these In arenas where safety and preservation are paramount, and vital to your future liberalism is never the option When there is disease, or war, there is no liberal response.The fluffiness of liberal utopianism fails in the realm of foreign policy Affirmative action, social programs, welfare such inclinations do not win wars Conservatism, folks, is where the rubber hits the road.Liberalism is a hobby when things are going good Liberalism is putting a puzzle together on a rainy day It does nothing about the rain Heres how it works ProblemLiberal solutionConservative solutionFloodsBlaming global warmingFilling sandbagsPovertyGiving your money to othersEarning money so you can helpDiseaseGiving sympathyHealingInjusticeGiving sympathyReading the lawAgingPlastic surgeryFamily careEducationMoneyBetter teachers administratorsLiberalism can exist only in periods of calm In a country as vast in wealth and innovation as ours, liberalismcan latch on like a conservatives groupie a member of an entourage that finds a place to sleep in a movie stars sprawling mansion, largely unnoticed As our country continues to invent amazing things that make lives easier, and longer, we can afford to shovel money into pointless projects, simply because we can An entire political philosophy exists, and its assortment of useless overpaid, perk grifting bureaucrats owes its entire existence to the benevolence of the free market and the competitive motivations unleashed by capitalism Winning a few big wars also helps shooting predators allows commerce to continue.In short, conservatism doesnt compete with liberalism, it sustains it Without conservatism, there is no liberalism.Win in Three1 Liberalism is a hobby when things are going good Liberalism is putting a puzzle together on a rainy day.2 Conservatism is piling the sandbags when the rain turns to hurricanes.3 Liberalism can exist only in periods of calm.Liberalism needs conservatism to survive but conservatism does not need liberalism to thrive Without liberalism, conservatism thrives, beautifully However, liberalism is necessary as a reminder that you dont need to think about terror and Ebola all the time Once in a while you need to enjoy yourself a little.A Math Problem Solving for BToday, most young liberals think A C Not A B C They dont know what B is B is for Business.And we know business We know that while a minimum wage hike sounds good, we understand its consequences That if you have a pie of eight slices for eight people, and you make the slices larger, then you have fewer slices, for fewer people Suddenly a pie with eight slices becomes a pie with six slices Two people get pink slips instead of pie Note a pie slice is an analogy for job, in case Michael Moore is reading this, and thinks Im actually talking about a real pie So, for liberals to get their minimum wage hike, first we need conservatives to build businesses, to think like businessmen, to sacrifice their own salaries to pay others to sleep on floors in order to break even.Then when they make a profit, and things are going great when the calm sets in liberalism can appear and say, How dare you not pay these people a living wage Once the tables are full of diners, and bills are being paid, and youre thinking about opening a second joint liberalism arrives to demand its cut Really, its a protection racket Sort of like the Gambino family, but without loyalty, job prospects, and track suits.You think Im slinging bull droppings There is science behind these simple facts.Much study has been done on the conservative and liberal minds The research is pretty clear The right tends to be averse to risk, worried or concerned about external threats like terror and disease Conservatives get this tend to be conservative They are less likely to play with fire, in just about every sense financially, artistically, sexually Libertarians are inclined to legalize matches for all They are cautious in changing traditions sometimes to a fault , which is why they cling bitterly to their guns, their religion, and that crazy Constitution they like so much as a brilliant teenager once put it.You may think there is one flaw in this theory if the right are all about future threats, how come they arent leading the charge against global warming Its because we think, quite accurately and based on predictions from the past, that the threat is exaggerated However, its also because we righties target what we can fix, and accept what we cannot At least with ISIS we know what the threat is, and that its slightly worse than a missing polar bear.Liberals are generally outgoing, risk loving, likely to try new stuff They are open to new ideas, and less likely to feel threatened by unfamiliar things This is why, in general, they seem to have fun They are likely to try drugs, for example which is fine, as long as they dont end up throwing up in my toaster In short, liberals are pretty liberal about their own security, their own adventures, their own willingness to experiment They arent looking for commies under their beds perhaps because theyre in the bathtub Libs take risks that the risk averse usually pay for, over and over Which explains the necessity for conservatism We are the clean up crew.Libs may seem to have fun and many do , but whether theyre happier is an open question Temporary happiness doesnt translate into long term satisfaction The angriest people Ive encountered in my life have been liberals usually after Ive urinated on their sandals dont ever do this to David Brooks he makes the strangest sound.The difference between conservatives and liberals explains why one is effective than the other in securing long term satisfaction One lives for now the other for later One lives for the desire to be liked the other lives for the love of those they hold dear The liberal son survives off the conservative pop.If a conservative is risk averse, he is likely to save money He is likely to protect his investments He is likely to protect property, and advocate for rule of law and preservation of individual protections, as well as agreed upon authority like, say, the role of the police and National Guard He doesnt create a context that excuses looting.These folks are the people Asian, Arab, black who start businesses routinely torched in cities where the leftist reflex endorses such action as a response to injustice.Of course, conservatives arent risk averse in everything Its conservatives who have risked much to build businesses That risk, however, is rooted in fact based belief not faith in the free market Success is not a hypothetical model created on a computer by a bureaucratic elite Its predicated on a perceived need, and seeing if demand embraces what youre supplying.Over time, their risk taking creates a civilization, an infectious equation that leads to building families, businesses, and nations Which creates wealth And it is that wealth that can then be used to help those in need You need money to make money, but you also need money to give money.Conservatism makes what liberalism takes And so when a liberal asks you, Why are you a conservative , simply state, So you can be a liberal.So, Why Are You a Conservative It beats pretending you care about hypothetical injustice. Its the only reliable thing going. The alternatives exist only at the pleasure of conservatism. The women put up with your compliments. When the chips are down, its the only ism that works for everyone, liberals included. The chips are always down, and its the conservatives who know it.It s not enough to be right, these daysespecially when you re not left To survive, the right must learn how to express nonliberal principles as effectively as possible, and persuade others of their point of view It is an art that demands patience, research, humor, understanding, creative thinking, learning from your opponent and even mimicking their tactics In How to Be Right the Art of Being Persuasively Correct, Gutfeld reveals the strategies that have helped him keep a steady job for almost three decades From Discard Your Outrage and Outcompassion Them To Find the Rights Obama and Use your Mom, Gutfeld gives readers the tools theyll need to argue, influence, and convince their friends, family and foes throughout the 2016 election cycle From the Hardcover edition. 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talking Official Page Author Host EVENTS Gutfeld questions crowd signings meet greets AND after Buy Tickets Latest Posts Shillue Joins Monologues Tour October The Dec Watch Saturdays follow guests parody current events, talk discuss week biggest stories actor, rather political satirist, humorist, news opinion Originally staff writer Prevention magazine, later became editor chief Health Tobin Center Performing Arts, San TICKETS VIP Meet Greet Packages SOLD OUT NYT Free TV tvtaping Aside obligation Show, personality GregGutfeld greggutfeld Twitter had Watching actually respond minor criticism hysterical proved suspected Time pm Age restrictions Ages Box office Address Auditorium Circle Venue phone Red Eye w panelists realgreggutfeld Instagram photos videos k Followers, Following, See joined guest, signing greet Video Ingraham Angle Journal Editorial Report Next Revolution Steve Hilton Property Man Story MacCallum Tucker Carlson Tonight War Stories Watters Business Latino Go Radio Nation Insider Zinger Triggers Kerry Response, Look got Twitter spat former Secretary State weekend ended dig past began using criticize President Trump canceling Saturday scheduled trip cemetery near Belleau Wood FOX Radio latest edition One, comedian Joe Machi, Dr Drew, newly minted hosts, Tyrus Timpf recent survey students Commonwealth Club best selling provocative opinionsHe Prior joining magazineHe Stuff, helmed Maxim Kingdom contributor How To Be Right: The Art of Being Persuasively Correct


    • How To Be Right: The Art of Being Persuasively Correct
    • 2.4
    • 180
    • Format Kindle
    • 230 pages
    • Greg Gutfeld
    • Anglais
    • 21 October 2016

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