◪ Download full ❑ Internal Body Mechanics for Tai Chi, Bagua and Xingyi: The Key to High-Quality Internal Structure and Movement for free ⢘ Kindle Ebook Author Ken Gullette ⢿

◪ Download full  ❑ Internal Body Mechanics for Tai Chi, Bagua and Xingyi: The Key to High-Quality Internal Structure and Movement for free ⢘ Kindle Ebook Author Ken Gullette ⢿ ◪ Download full ❑ Internal Body Mechanics for Tai Chi, Bagua and Xingyi: The Key to High-Quality Internal Structure and Movement for free ⢘ Kindle Ebook Author Ken Gullette ⢿ This is the book Ken Gullette wishes he had been able to read when he first began studying Tai Chi, Bagua and Xingyi in 1987 It gets to the point, stripping the mystical mumbo jumbo away, leaving detailed, real world explanations of the six fundamental body mechanics that everyone should know when they study Tai Chi Taiji , Bagua and Xingyi For the first time, these body mechanics are organized and discussed clearly, with than 250 images and highly detailed but simple language If you are a student or even a teacher of these arts, you should be able to learn something here that will deepen your own insight into the arts Ken has studied with some top internal arts masters, and during the first ten years he was teaching, he boiled down the body mechanics he learned into six key concepts In this book, he explains them in the same step by step detail that he uses in teaching his students, building on each of the concepts until you have a clear roadmap of what you need to practice for high quality internal structure and movement As Ken explains it, The true intent of the internal arts is self defense The body mechanics in this book are the starting point you need to develop the structure and internal strength that is required for the relaxed power, the iron wrapped in cotton, that the internal arts are known for This is the starting point upon which all other skill is built Ken has studied these arts since 1987, is a tournament champion, winning in empty hand and weapons forms, no contact, light contact and full contact matches, and he has students worldwide who have studied his DVDs and his website, www.internalfightingarts.com Concepts covered in these pages include the ground path, peng jin, whole body movement, silk reeling energy, Dantien rotation, and opening closing the kua From the explosiveness of Xingyi to the relaxed power of Tai Chi and Bagua, the road to internal skill is long and difficult, but very satisfying There is nothing soft about these arts They are powerful arts of self defense And it all starts here.Ken Gullette began studying martial arts in 1973 He found the internal arts in 1987 and has studied them ever since, winning a gold medal in Tai Chi forms performing the Yang 24 form at the 1990 AAU Kung Fu National Championships He has won dozens of other tournament competitions in forms, weapons, and sparring, both non contact, light contact and full contact In 1998, Ken began studying Chen Taiji, and has learned from some of the top Chen family masters, including Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing, Chen Bing, Chen Ziqiang, Chen Huixian, and their students and disciples Ken has thousands of students worldwide who have studied his DVDs and the videos on his membership website at InternalFightingArts.com As a former award winning radio and TV journalist, and a PR and communications specialist, Ken writes books, blog posts, and creates videos that are in plain English, straight forward, without the mystical mumbo jumbo and fantasy that he believes have weakened the internal arts, which are actually powerful arts of self defense He lives in Moline, Illinois the Quad Cities with his wife, Nancy, and continues to teach there. 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    • Internal Body Mechanics for Tai Chi, Bagua and Xingyi: The Key to High-Quality Internal Structure and Movement
    • 1.2
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    • 194 pages
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    • Ken Gullette
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    • 03 February 2017

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